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I asked a friend (more just a school friend) who doesn’t know I have DID if he would be scared to meet someone with DID after seeing split and he said yes. Another friend told me her dad thinks people with DID are violent like how split shows…. so can people stop acting like works of fiction don’t effect how people think. They do. In fact I have heard several times there is scientific data that they do which I will try to find sources for in the morning. (Unless someone has them and can reblog adding them on) I just couldn’t sleep and wanted to make this quick post now.

  • jyn: why did you try to kill my dad after telling me that you were not going to kill my dad
  • cassian: im better at rebelling against stuff than you
  • jyn: yeah you are but but that doesnt answer my question fucker
  • everyone else : *uncomfortable silence*
  • me, crawling out of the ships hatch, a bit disheveled looking but otherwise fine and unharmed: hey so like is anyone gonna -- no dont freak out its fine. yes ive been here the whole time. no im not.... listen. Listen its FINE -- is nobody going to address the fact that jyn's father has killed several people and eaten their flesh on television

“Emma and the heroes never help Belle, Emma is a terrible friend to Belle.” I keep seeing variations of this, but like… when was the last time Belle asked Emma for help, or let her know she needed help? Not in the Underworld. As far as I can recall, Belle went to Zelena for help. Not Emma.

Belle asked for the heroes’ help when Rumple was dying because of the darkness in his heart. And what did they do? They helped. They took it out of him. Which ultimately resulted in Emma taking on the Dark One curse herself, to save everyone else from its effects. All of that stemmed from the fact that they took the Dark One out of Rumple, to help him, at Belle’s request. And yes, it all went very wrong and bad things happened, but the fact remains that if it weren’t for the heroes, Rumple would be dead. He’d have died back in season 4, end of story. If it weren’t for the need to save Rumple’s life, Emma (and by extension Hook) would never have become the Dark One.

Not to mention - why does Belle ever need help? With her baby, with Rumple, with anything ever? Trace it back, and it’s basically always because of Rumple. His deals. His lies. His mistakes.

But no, it’s not Rumple’s fault. It’s not Rumple who’s terrible. It’s Emma’s fault for not fixing everything he broke, because why blame the man when you can find a woman to blame instead, right? Hmmm.

Of course it doesn’t all balance out perfectly. Belle stood by and did nothing while Emma was dying behind the ice wall. Dark!Emma threatened Belle. The heroes were willing to sacrifice Rumple to save the town; Rumple was willing to sacrifice the town to save himself. Hook threatened and shot Belle; Hook saved Belle’s life and protected her, several times. But overall, to act like Emma & Co have never done anything for Belle is just not consistent with canon. They’re friends. They’ve had a rough history, but honestly, all of these characters do. It’s part of the journey.

Fun fact

When you see the same goddamn argument over and over and over and over again it gives you anxiety.

Ugh I’m off again. Talk to you guys in about 3-4 days.
Several Things I Hate About Baz

By Simon Snow

•his hair
-I mean REALLY look at his hair
-it makes me uncomfortable
-look how sOfT it is
-it’s evil

•his eyes
-they’re the color of the sky after a slight drizzle
-the kind of downpour that people die in
-because Baz Pitch kills people
-I think

•the fact that he can speak several languages fluently meanwhile rubbing it in that he can speak Russian, French, Romanian, Swedish, Medieval English, and Mandarin and I can barely speak English
-I mean COME ON

•his smile
-maybe it’s a grimace
-or a sneer
-but I know it involves teeth
-I want to break his mouth so he can’t smile
-that fUcKiNg sMilE

•his presence
-he’s there all. the. fucking. time.
-it’s like he’s invaded my brain
-he’s taken my room
-but can I at least keep my BRAIN, thanks?
-actually, no thanks
-Basilton Pitch doesn’t deserve manners
-I will very forcefully and metaphorically take my brain back

•when he doesn’t talk
-because I know he’s plotting
-to kill me
-in a very maniacal way

•when he talks
-because he’s telling me
-how he’s going to kill me
-it bOiLs mY bLoOd

•his smell
-our room smells like a fucking Yankee Candle store
-this is unacceptable

•his jeans
-they fit him like a glove
-why can’t he just wear suits?
-like a NORMAL muderous snob?
-they look so good
-it’s evil


Based on a true story also late valentine’s post ftw

anonymous asked:

I really made myself laugh today. I was retreading Over Fathoms Deep for the millionth time and I was like "hmm I wonder if there's any fanfiction for this" and I was just about to search and then I realised. Is there fanfiction for fanfiction?? Is that a thing?

Hello dear anon!

lol you are not ridiculous at all for thinking this actually! Because not only is it a real thing but guess what? Some fanfiction for OFD actually does exist and it is AMAZING!!! In fact, there are several amazing things that people have created inspired by OFD. If you look at all of the links that appear at the end of the most recent chapter on ao3 you will find them! But because they are so amazing that they deserve further promotion, I will also describe them here. Ahem.

First, are the gorgeous sonnets written by @fleurdelis221b, which you can read here:

Just to give you a tiny preview of their brilliance- I hope Fleur won’t mind me posting one here (you should go read everything she’s written btw not just this- she’s so so so talented):

Love, you lead me down into the darkness,
And press the blushing sunrise to my cheek,
Keep me in a constant state of undress,
Eyes shouting every word I dare not speak.
I do not think you brittle as the grass,
Well does my mind know that you will bend, dear,
And there is much I pray will come to pass,
I pray for all the time the stars will send here.
I promise you, there is no greater joy
To feel you come apart within my arms,
My blushing, begging, trembling, glowing boy,
My body is imprisoned by your charms.
Do not think I am shielding you from sin,
The woods grow dark the farther we walk in.


Ok, next, you have to read the brilliant @conversationswithjohnlock‘s version of OFD Sherlock and his passionate love for John. Omg it’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever read in my entire life. Just take my word for it and go straight here:

Oh, as well as this other piece of brilliance by her: and its follow-up:

Finally, you absolutely must must read the delightful spin-off story written by my dear friend @truthisademurelady, which details the daily exploits and exasperations of OFD Lestrade:

There’s no obligation to read any of these things of course but I hope you check some of them out because they are all written by extremely talented people and each of these pieces of writing are true gems in their own right. 

Fic of fic, it does exist, and it’s the best thing ever!

Ive had a really long stressful week and a half, with four exams. On top of that for some reason Ive had several people say some really rude and ignorant things about the fact that I am mixed, and have questioned my choices in friends, which kind of hurt. 

At first I was really angry and irritable, but I decided that it wasn’t worth it to get upset but rather focus my energy on the positive things going on in my life. So Ive been able to come away from this week with a smile. I really hope all of your weeks have been good and that they ended on a good note! :) 


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I see a lot of people not wanting a Liv sexuality story because it would be too much like Aaron's story, but I can't see that happening. Liv wouldn't have the self hatred that Aaron had, or believe that the people around her wouldn't approve of her. It would have to be completely different. Also something we rarely see in the media is the fact that there's often several lgbt people in the same family. There's a lot of proof that homosexuality is genetic and two siblings being gay is quite common

I don’t know about that scientific proof or anything but I personally don’t see an issue with more than one kid in a family being non-hetero, as if there’s a quota on how many family members can be LGBT etc!

I agree though, it’d be different. They are mirroring Liv and Aaron to a degree though. Their lives have been similar in a lot of ways and yet Liv has been caught sooner before Aaron was, she is being provided with a loving stable (until now) and albeit dysfunctional home but one with love and commitment and support and plus, she’d have two people in her immediate family who would understand if she WAS uncertain about her sexuality and would be able to help. That’s very different to Aaron. Plus, (and this is just me obviously talking as if this is what is going to happen and the chances of it are slim!) Liv and Gabby would not necessarily be like Adam and Aaron. It may not be unrequited, it may be that Liv is quite open whereas Aaron wasn’t, it may cause Gabby to question her sexuality, it may prompt Gabby to entirely break with the friendship… I mean, I know what I’d rather but there are LOTS of options. Plus, that post I made ages ago where I got all excited about how amazing it would be to have Liv seek Rob out as someone who may be able to understand. I mean, if they did go there, she may identify as bi… as we saw SOME hint at interest in Jacob and I am smitten with the idea of Rob kind of learning through Liv about his own sexuality.

It’s all just wishful thinking but while I see the similarities with Aaron and Liv and the prospect of having feelings about their best friend… isn’t that pretty much common?! I mean, I was smitten with my male best friend as a kid and it doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight or whatever… often as a teenager that happens!

We shall see but regardless of what happens, I’ll always have a soft spot for this version of their future :)

Masters Of Confidence

Part 5

BTS - You

Word Count: 1310

Summary: Be careful who you trust the devil was once an angel

                      and these angels wanted to be remembered…

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 -  Part 7

Ambiguous, eternally bored, dishonest, great at manipulating, emotionless.

What does one think of when they hear these words? A pathological liar? A narcissist or maybe a sociopath.

Well yes. Psychopaths have these characteristics, but so does the world we live in.

It favors the strong to the point where the rest vanishes without achieving anything. It looks for something new, something challenging and something more destructive than ever.

It already saw a lot, thus likes to be surprised. It lies, talking about a better, honest future, for us to feel the burden and still plays the victim.

So why does everyone tell us to be honest from the moment we are born and to the time we are buried under several layers?

Only truth that exists is the fact that people lie.

In various ways.


And art is only a form of it. It shows the people the way they really are by manipulating the world we look at. We look, but don’t see.

Therefore, by Pablo Picassos’ words, art is a lie that tells the truth.

“Society was broken since the beginning.” He said, not separating his eyes from the screen “Why should we be the ones to stay true.”

“That doesn’t answer my question.” I replied.

Yoongi was sitting on the desk, eyes glued on the computer in front of him, his fingers typing something quickly. I sat beside him and put the papers he wanted next to the empty plates that they used a night before.

“I asked why you started doing this. Not why you are doing it now. I am not accusing you of doing something wrong.”

It was a week after our last encounter. They were very polite, considering the situation, only calling me when the sun went down and I was back from one of my many jobs. I was mostly used as a bell boy, bringing this and that, and never spent more than a few minutes with them, until tonight.

“Would you believe me if I told you it was for money?” he asked, smiling slightly.

For the past two weeks, he was the only one to talk to me other than Hoseok, the two being the ones who called when they needed something. They were short calls, starting without an introduction. Others never seemed to stay indoors, as whenever I visited, they would be gone.

“For someone like you, money can only be an outcome, not the reason.” I answered “Why you guys need it to the point you dragged me into this is beyond my understanding.”

He looked upset for a moment just before my name left his lips with a sigh, sounding bothered.

Making him angry was one of the last things I wanted to do. Unlike others, he was unpredictable, and I didn’t know his boundaries. Passing it could result in a lot of things, and none of them seemed friendly.

The crow that didn’t fly, even though it could, was a dangerous one.

He observed and waited for the moment he could catch an opening.

“However,” I started, trying to change the topic “if you sold half of the stuff you have here, you wouldn’t be broke anymore.”

He laughed sheepishly as he met my eyes, finally stopping writing and turned his gaze towards the furniture that rested on the eerie black floor.

“Joon wouldn’t let us.” He replied “This is all we have, and what we call home.”

When I was little, I had a small tree house. You could only fit two people in it and it was at the backyard of the four story building we used to live in. It consisted of a metal piece that was used as the roof; wooden floor that looked like it could break any moment and cloth walls that were ruined whenever it rained. Still it was my secret world.

That’s why I thought their place was something similar. A hiding place, a safe house or even an office…

It never occurred to me that it was their house.

“Yoongi!” a voice shouted from upstairs, cutting the silence between us.

The door busted open a few seconds later, revealing the rest of the group. They looked panicked and angry, other than Taehyung, who looked oddly high.

“What is she doing here?” Jin asked when his eyes immediately landed on me.

“I needed a helping hand.” He answered simply.

“Are you aware of the date?” Hoseok said, holding the bridge of his nose and closing his eyes.

Jimin settled on one of the couches with Jungkook, who was biting his nails nervously.

“I saw them leave their place a few minutes ago.” Namjoon explained as he brought out a box from the bookcase “They will be here any second.”

Yoongi leaned towards me and whispered “Remember when you asked me why we needed money?” he said “You are about to get your answer.”

Someone pounded on the gate upstairs after a few minutes that felt like a decade. Jin went to answer it, after telling me to keep my mouth shut.

A group of people came down, making a huge noise and shaking the house, as they followed a middle aged man. He was wearing a black suit and a white shirt. His eyes were so close to each other to the point they looked like they were on the top of his nose.

He saw me and looked up and down, trying to understand the new member. His attention was short lived however, as he turned to look at the youngest and smirked.

“Hello boys.” He said with a husky voice “Is the package ready?”

Namjoon stepped between the man and Jungkook, and emptied the box on the coffee table.

“Ten thousand.” He replied showing the money “Just like you said.”

The man nodded, satisfied but bored, and turned his head towards the person standing next to him. “Jinyoung get the bag and follow us.” He said before turning around and leaving the room with the rest of his men.

That’s when my gaze lingered on the man who now stood alone in the middle of the room, looking directly at me. I was paying attention to no one but the middle aged man that I didn’t even realize him at first.

But as he stood in front of me, and as I held my breath for a second as the realization hit like a thunder and resurfaced memories that I tried so hard to hide.

“I didn’t think you could get any lower.” He said “You are working with a bunch of underdogs I see.”

He was taller, more muscular and was dressed in a suit that looked brand new and a black shirt that he left the first two buttons open. His face was the same, soft features and boyish looks, aside from the scar under his right eye.

“Better than working for a cyclops gangster.”

I faintly heard Taehyung snorting at the back, but I was too distracted to even comment on it.

“Watch your words.” He replied, hurrying of to take the money. He gave one last dirty look before disappearing on the stairs.

Seven curious eyes turned to me, looking startled.

“You two know each other?” Jimin asked, looking confused.

I debated whether to tell them the answer or not. But I was tired, and after I witnessed what they tried so hard to hide, that they were weak against those men, I felt like sharing my secret as well.

“Remember when I accidently admitted I was behind the bars before?” I replied finally standing up and facing them.

Once I had a tree house. It had a metal roof and wooden floor. But it was enough because I shared it with someone I cared about. A best friend and a partner in crime…


“He was the one to put me there.”

So a lot of you wanted me to use a member of Got7 as the second character so here you go…

Please know that English is not my first language so if you see a mistake you can message me privately.

I would LOVE to hear feedback from you guys!

The story is mine. Do not copy without my permission.

Anyway thank you for reading. Have a nice day!


Okay look

You are free to ship whatever you like, but if the ship is problematic you need to acknowledge that. Do not try to defend or write it off.

When people explain that a ship has abusive dynamics, like the power imbalance caused by a minor and their adult boss, they are not attacking you - it is important not to ignore these things, because treating them as acceptable in fiction has real life consequences.

Likewise, when victims talk out about how a ship reminds them of their experiences and why that is triggering for them, they are not attacking you.

Narumayo is a ship with huge power imbalances, this is a fact. Nick and Maya met when she was a minor and whilst she was on trial for murder.

He became her lawyer and saved her life, and then became her boss. He is in a position of power over her from the moment they meet.

This is a fact, and it is one that makes several people uncomfortable and/or reminds victims of their own experiences.

Normalising relationships like this exposes young fans to it and leads them to believe that dating people several years their senior and/or their bosses is a normal thing to do. It has real life consequences and leads to people being taken advantage of.

So ship it if you like, but acknowledge that it is not without its problems. And absolutely do not try to say that these things are ‘not that bad’, because THAT is what leads to people getting hurt.

Birthday Follow Forever

Hello everyone! Today is my birthday so I decided to do another follow forever. It won’t be exhaustive so please don’t resent me if you’re not on this list, if I follow you it means I love you anyway <3 (I just forgot people because those are hard to make and because some may have changed URLs and I don’t know yet which it is or I don’t see you in my mentions often and this is mainly a list of mutuals I see often in my mentions and like to see there and on my dash, mixed with people I love talking to!)

So I don’t know if I should laugh or cry at the fact that several people on this list have blocked each other. I like people before I like blogs, and even though I disagree with some people’s views about some things, I still like them as persons, I’ve have pleasant chats with them and that’s the most important thing for me. Also, I don’t have to agree 100% with someone to appreciate them, so…

Here we go (my absolute favourites in bold, it’s not meant to hurt people who are not, because I love you all, just to give a little shoutout to my very fav-favs :) ) :

And my girls who bear my chatiness very nicely in our group chats: @nottooldforthisship, @justjazmi, @peterpansthimble, @sinkingwiththelarryship,@thereisnobaby, @mllelilhappy


@17happily28strong , @allegedlymags, @andyouknowitis ,  @bananalarrie, @bethaboolou, @boobearloveshisstyles, @bottomlinsons , @brazilianlouie, @bullshipperx, @call-it-in-the-air, @canucklarrie,  @chickenstuffedwithfeels,  @cinnamoon-nights, @claudiyah,  @compassleedshome,  @compasswithship,  @corpidicarta,  @couldidothis,  @cuddlyxlou,  @cupcakeharrie,  @darklhrry,  @droppingtheveilofmaya,  @ethereallouis,  @explicitzingle,  @fateleedstolove, @fondlouie,  @fookinlou,  @fortheloveofthestyles,  @genuinely-larry,  @getthefuckoutahere,  @harolds-indie-tits,  @harrysgummybear,  @hazloubearr,  @hazzapancakes,  @heavymetal-brokenheart,  @herolarry, @ilove1dalmation, @inkedupspouses,  @iseefire666,  @ithinkimgonnawinthistime,  @jekneebee,  @jimmytfallon,  @jointhelarrycult,  @alwayslatetotheshow,  @just-kikari, @lads-laddylads, @ladsdidas,  @larentsinlove,@lhrry,  @larriemoji,  @larrykisspers,  @larrymcfairy,  @larrystopinson,  @leedsfanfic,  @loaby-cakes,  @lou-the-hedgehog,  @louehnocontrol, @loufondue,  @louis-aesthetics,  @louisgirlire,  @louisgotpappedsnoggingt,  @louisironman,  @louisisadick, @louisthekittycat,  @lourrystrng,  @lousthighs,  @loveroflarry,  @lying-here-i-counting-hours, 


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And others!

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Have a good day/night everyone!

@everyone asking how i lost so many followers so quickly

I was (more or less) one of the “Important” people in on the Undertale VA scene, if not the fandom itself. I kinda feel like a prick calling myself important, but that’s genuinely what people have told me on several occasions.

The fact that I’m detaching myself from the fandom is gonna wind up with the fandom detaching from me.

i mean interactions with the fanbase would be totally fine if it was simple discussions of writing choices and development process and art.

but we’re now at the point of discussing sexuality in the show and pointing out that, apparently, all people who did not see a relationship that was side lined for several heterosexual relationships are wearing “hetero-lenses” IGNORING the fact that this is a mainly-queer fanbase and IGNORING the fact that heterosexuality is pushed for ALL THROUGHOUT both shows (don’t even get me started about the obviously homosexual gestures of probably the most useless character in all of history that needs to spew out “HEY GUESS WHAT I’M S T R A I G H T”), and deliberately ignoring misogyny and racism and adoration of light skin spread throughout the entire fanbase that is now being applicable in the damn show and discussions about a relationship that THEY WROTE that is now being deemed as terrible and supporting the incredibly far-off opinions of people who viewed them as even abusive once again IGNORING the fact that SEVERAL people who enjoyed that relationship and the narrative it was CONSTANTLY PUT IN, ABOVE MOST IF NOT ALL OTHER RELATIONSHIPS, have SUFFERED from abuse.

so no offense but fuck the korra crew honestly. 

As in Champagne, Part the Second (and Final)

Part the First

This was a long time coming, and I’m still a smidge worried about it, but it will never be perfect. In fact, several people who read this will probably think “Uh, what was all the fuss about, Shawna?” And that’s cool, that’s cool. 

A lot of the so-called ‘action’ happens interior to the characters. I find myself writing these man vs. himself plots a lot, getting all up in their brains, and I’m not sure if that’s good, bad or indifferent. But there’s enough here that I don’t hate, so I’m just going to post it and stop the agonizing. The story strayed a little from how I originally thought it might go, but I kind of like where it ended up instead.

Anyway, enough rambling. I’m basically going to copy and paste the tags I used for the last installment on this one, but I’m always of two minds about tags. (As ever, if you want off this crazy train, please let me know. I won’t take offense!) I hope you guys enjoy!!!

Tag list: @ch1darkcy @hohumi @sassy-curmudgeon @slothpaws @adaftmyriad @greenangelheart @old-lady-at-heart @teastaindiary @lametwentysomething @fantasticab @allimidori @robichaux-prefect @llexis @thisissomefreshbullshit @boysweatandckone @someday-youwillfindme @kneekeyta @justagirlnamedkayla @14000romances @darlingdiver @mirandasmadeofstone @how-ardently @icshly @gushington-central @i-love-mmfd @carpe-libris @raernundo @broughttoyoubythelettera @i-dream-of-emus @mallyallyandra @anglophileyoungblood @fuckintentshop @aggressively-lamps @chrryblsms @nipasir @areyousad8118 @milymargot @sharoonroney @sarahlouise88ni @celestev31 @scumothaearff @bitcheslovebeck @magicalgrandma @kerrv0rting-and-sn0rting ililypop @happyfrasers @ilovefinnnelson @sammylbc @anca82 @idontcareifyoudontbelieveme @murderyoursoul @losingpudge @heartnotbrain @jackiewalsh2013 @dairingoriginal @sunflowerdope @omgbananasnailus @bitchy-broken @pigeonfarmrace @rinncincin @mellamoaiko @finnleysraemundo @kristicallahan @musicfreak1 @alyssaloca @girlwithafoxhat @karinskyme @irish-girl-84 @tinakegg @luvs-jade @2muchtosee2littletime @voodoomarie @annemarieted @wandering-soul-7 @arashian-emu @courtkismet @sicklittlejag @fangirlwithoutshame @zero-for-starters

* * * * *

When Rae awakes, it takes her awhile to come around. She’d been having the most delicious dream, and she vaguely knows she didn’t want to leave it. Finn was there. She lingers in that realm between unconscious and conscious, wandering around the remnants of her dreamscape. They had been somewhere together, outside. It had been cold, and she wasn’t wearing a coat. He tried rubbing her arms, and holding her hands, but she couldn’t get any heat in her fingers or toes, her bones felt cold. And then, he’d swooped her into an embrace and kept her there until she felt warmed through.

She smiles in her half-sleep and hums, stretching her arms away from her, concaving like a cat, and startles the real one still curled up next to her who jumps up to the back of the sofa at her unwelcome movement.

When she fell asleep, it was so quiet she could hear the ping of the pipes and the hum of the mini-fridge in Finn’s kitchen. But now there’s a faint strain of music (was that Jarvis Cocker?) and the sound of a spoon gently clinking against the inside of a mug. She sits up rapidly, finally aware that someone else is there. The movement causes her to tangle in a blanket she doesn’t remember pulling over her, and when her vision still clouded by sleep clears a bit, she sees it’s Finn.

Shit, she thinks. Shit shit shit.

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