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Those who are Broken | Chapter Three

Everyone has a soulmate. Except the Broken.

Word count: 2046

While looking up Jimin’s airport fashion, I got lost looking at him in general.

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Silence hung in the air around your table. You were practically sending death glares at Taehyung, but he seemed oblivious. He smiled at you. “Shall we play some games, cupcake?” He got up from his seat, making his way towards the arcade.

You let out a small, awkward laugh. “Excuse me,” you whispered, getting up from your seat and following him. You quickly caught up to him as he inserted some coins in an arcade machine. “What the hell was that?” you asked in a harsh whisper.

“What was what?” he asked, eyes focused on the game that was beginning.

“You could have just said something a lot different.” You placed yourself in front of his line of sight. “Hey, this is my friend Y/N.” You crossed your arms over your chest. “That would have been better then telling them that I’m your ex.”

He briefly glanced at you. “They know who you are, cupcake. Just reminding them that we had a thing will help us in the long run,” he told you, his boxlike grin gracing you with its presence.

“So you’re the ex Tae has been talking about,” Namjoon said, leaning against the machine across from you. “You’re also the one Jimin mentioned in the fight with Seohyun.” He smirked.

“Ah, yeah, that would be me,” you said, unfolding your arms. “Do you guys go to Cross Academy, too?”

Namjoon shook his head, his blond hair glistening under the light. “Hoseok and I know how to avoid trouble.”

You laughed. “I could avoid trouble, but someone ratted me out.” You stole a glance at Taehyung.

“Taehyung mentioned having to make it up to a friend,” Hoseok said, coming up next to Namjoon. “I guess you’re the person he owes big time.”

“So how long have you known Tae?” Namjoon asked, changing the subject slightly as Jungkook walked up to your little group.

You thought for a second, taping your foot lightly. “A couple of years. I’m not sure how long, but it’s been a while.”

“You’re the only person hyung talks about. He never really talks about his soulmate,” Jungkook added, a sigh following after.

You stole a glance at the name inked on his skin peaking from behind his sleeve. “Huh,” you began, turning your attention back towards the three, “Taehyung ever mention that I’m Broken?”

“First thing he mentioned when he talked about you,” Hoseok said, giving a small shrug.

“So you guys don’t mind?”

Jungkook laughed. “You’re no different from us. There are some things that are different, but nothing that would make you different.”

You were silent, taking in what Jungkook had just said. They didn’t see you as what the rest of the world saw you. They didn’t see you as Broken. They saw you as a normal human being. It was strange, to be honest. No one has ever looked at you the way they looked at you. No one at the orphanage looked at you like you were normal. Your parents never looked at you like you were their child. No one at the academy even bothered to look at you. And those who are Broken as well, they looked at one another as if they were waiting. Every single one of them looked at each other expectantly. You were all just waiting for one of them to die. Waiting for your own turn.

“Cupcake.” Taehyung pinched your cheek.

You placed your hand over your sore cheek. Frowning, you said, “Ow, what the hell Taehyung?”

He chuckled. “I said I’ll be back,” he informed you, making his way towards the exit with Jimin.

“Where’s he going?” you asked the others, watching the door close behind him.

“Chat with Jimin since the two have been distant from one another,” Hoseok said, shaking his head. “Took them long enough.”

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New Hope City was cut into three distinct sections: Upperhills, Midreach, and Downtown – where the rich, the middle class, and the poor lived respectively – and each section housed a prominent district that served as its heart. Upperhills had the Shopping District, a lavish slice of the city filled with designer names and boutiques, where a luncheon at one of its cafes could ring up the same cost as someone’s monthly rent. The Financial District sat nestled on the edge of Midreach, serving as a border between it and Upperhills. Every major corporate office, financial bureau, and law firm called the Financial District home, and along with the rural farms and desalination plants around the city, it kept New Hope’s economy level in otherwise chaotic times.

If you’d ask them outright, any Downtown resident would say with pride that the Market District was the heart of their division. It was a lively place, filled with open stalls displaying all sorts of locally-sourced foods, clothes, and consumer entertainment. It functioned on a twenty-four hour basis as market vendors set their own times and rotated accordingly, but it didn’t truly come to life until the sun set and darkness covered the city. Thousands upon thousands of stringed lights filled in for the stars that hid behind a blanket of light pollution, and there was nary a road in the market that wasn’t draped with blinking bulbs or colorful lanterns. Almost every building had some sort of screen attached to it, displaying advertisements or TV channels above the market stalls for all to see. The quiet noise of their programming was often drowned out by rowdy banter and music that swelled upwards from the crowded streets.

The Market District seemed to be a non-stop party of colors, sounds, and delicious food – a sight that clawed desperately at your senses to keep you distracted from the rotting heart that lied just beyond. Anyone would tell you the Market District was the defining feature of Downtown, but everyone knew the true anchor was the decrepit monstrosity that towered over them all, visible from any location in the concrete jungle. Everyone knew it was the Slum District.

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Germen Crew and the government of Mexico joined forces to rehabilitate and beautify the district of Palmitas in Pachuca, Mexico. This project englobes 20 thousand square meters of painted surfaces over 209 houses which will directly benefit 452 families and 1808 people! On top of beautifying the neighborhood, the project has been a tool of social transformation as during the process, the violence amongst youth has been almost entirely eradicated and several jobs created.

Marauders Era High School AU

Outspoken Feminist/Amateur Photographer Lily Evans

James | Sirius | Remus | Peter | Lily | Regulus | Alice | Frank

Although the janitor tried to pin several instances of feminist graffiti on her, nothing was ever proved, and Lily thankfully still qualified to be president of both the Photography Club and the Student Council (alongside irritating heartthrob James Potter)


Cy Twombly

Quattro Stagioni (A Painting in Four Parts),1993–5, Tate

Description and images via:  The Tate                                                                                                                              

“Quattro Stagioni celebrates the annual cycle of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and Twombly’s use of the four seasons to evoke the natural rhythms of death and rebirth is common in classical poetry and painting. Twombly uses strong colours to suggest the brilliant Mediterranean light and the essence of the different seasons, from vivid red and yellow in spring to deep greens and purples in autumn, combining these smears and drips of paint with scrawled poetic fragments, reminiscent of ancient graffiti, from several sources. While the lush, tactile qualities of the paint evoke bodily sensations, the poetry grounds these feelings in the broader context of classical culture. The curved forms that are visible in Primavera and Estate evoke traditional Egyptian rowing boats, imagery that appeared in Twombly’s work after he spent several months in Egypt during the mid 1980s.

Quattro Stagioni: Primavera

In this work, representing spring, a resurgence of energy after winter is depicted in a vertical arrangement of red curves and splashes of yellow. The curves relate to traditional Egyptian boats, which appear in a number of Twombly’s works, including a sculpture in this display. Primavera, the Italian word for spring, appears alongside passages of text that evoke happiness and hope.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Quattro Stagioni: Estate

Twombly’s depiction of summer combines vivid splashes of liquid yellow on white with passages of lyrical poetry that emerge only to disappear again under layers of paint. The text is drawn from a poem by the Greek poet George Seferis. Although the poem is difficult to decipher, references to youth and the passage of time can be picked out. The painting also includes references to the Latin poet Catullus and to the shores of Asia Minor. Baia di Gaeta, towards the top of the, refers to Twombly’s home in Italy.

Quattro Stagioni: Autunno                                                            

Deep reds and greens punctuated by vivid yellow evoke the turning point of the year which is also hinted at in the foliage, stems and berries that appear down the left-hand side of the canvas. The passages of text are harder to distinguish, although the words ‘your blood’ can be read at two points on the canvas.The artist’s red handprint appears near the centre, as if marking his physical presence in the work. Twombly’s vigorous approach turns the  canvas into an arena for action: paint is pooled and dripped, encrusted, brushed in thin washes, and pushed about by bare

Quattro Stagioni: Inverno

Inverno, or winter, represents the fourth season of the year. In this painting, the jagged forms made up of horizontal and vertical strokes which produced curved ‘boats’ in parts I and II of the cycle…”  (via: Tate)

Hhmmm… For those of us who don’t speak Italian ‘Frocio’ means fag**t… This has been graffitied across several Mika posters in Florence and instead of ignoring it, Mika has decided to make the photo his twitter header and profile. It doesn’t only speaks volumes about Mika as a person but also about issues we still have as a society. Not only in Italy is homophobia still a huge problem. We often think that these things are behind us and people are accepting towards everyone regardless of sexual orientation, race, gender etc. It may hurt Mika but realistically he won’t suffer on the long term because we all know he is stronger than that and the fact that he has gone public also shows that he is not afraid of these bigots. However, there are many young LGBT+ people for whom this is a dangerous reality and something they experience in their everyday lives. Please stand with Mika using #rompiamoilsilenzio (break the silence) after all, as he says on twitter “Love does what it wants”

Can you imagine HP parent-teacher conferences with Muggle Parents?

“Now Mr. And Mrs Terridan, we’ve had a few problems with Jamie…”

“Oh no, is he failing Transformigation?”

“Dear, it’s ‘Transfiguration’”

“That’s the turning things switcheroo class right?”

“Well in the classroom we use spells to change the shape and structure of objects to-”

“Exactly! The switcheroo!”

“Well your son has an E in the class right now-”

“An E??? How is that possible?”

“Honey, please sit down, E means-”

“Don’t 'honey’ me, I know what it means! We were quizzing him at home and he was getting O’s on all the practices lessons…”

“Well I’m afraid we had to dock some points for his behavior the other month.”

“What’d he do?”

“Well, we apprehended him jinxing the soap in the first year bathrooms to scream piteously whenever they’re exposed to water. And none of the first years know enough magic to undo the curse, and were choosing to go without bathing rather than report the incident.”

“Sarah I warned you about getting him that book of Jinxes for his birthday-”


“I just wanted to get him that Cleansweep-”

“Dennis you don’t have to be a wizard to know that Cleansweep was horseshit-”

“That’s not the point Sarah-”

“DENNIS. It’s a book. A book that affords our son the ability to jinx soap, glue your tongue to the roof of your mouth, and curse teacups to bite people in the face. Do you remember how long we laughed when we pulled that one on Grandmother?”

“Well yes, it was hysterical, but-”

“I looked through the book Dennis. There was nothing remotely close to threatening. But you know what they had in there? A spell to block our number from telemarketers. Did you really think I was going to pass that up?”

“…I hate it when you’re right dear.”

“Ahem, moving back to Jaime?”

“Oh yes, I’m so sorry. Was there more?”

“Well he’s also been caught placing graffiti on several of the portraits, who have registered complaints that they cannot see properly.

"Has the graffiti been crude?”

“No ma'am, it’s mostly been broken wording, and we can’t make heads or tails of it. There’s always a little shitzu puppy that seems to be saying "such magic,” and “much learning” followed by numerous “wow’s”

“Oh…we’ll have… to talk to him about that!”