Something that’s plagued me for the longest time is whether Shiro would be Steve or Bucky in a marvel au and friends I think I just cracked it

Takashi “Shiro” Shirogane joins Project Rebirth so he can follow his twin brother, Ryou, into battle

Shiro becomes the famed Captain

Ryou falls from a train

Shiro crashes a plane into the ice, and is found seventy years later

Two years after that a mysterious assassin with a familiar face appears

And Shiro drops his shield because he refuses to fight his brother

Shiro: Ryou?

Kuron: Who the hell is Ryou?

Photographic evidence:

Takashi “Captain America” Shirogane and his band of Howling Commandos

Ryou “The Winter Soldier” Shirogane, finally escaped from Hydra


i love zutara & i hold a special place in my heart for my favourite zutara fics. i’m usually very picky when it comes to fanfiction - i love fics where the language flows beautifully and where the gaang is all in character. there are more, but here are just some of my favourites:


once around the sun || (my favourite)

Later, Katara can see how it all fell apart. Azula in her cell, growing roses; Zuko surrounded by enemies, slowly dying; their friends in the Earth Kingdom, safely escaping. And herself at the centre of it, saving lives and breaking promises. Set after finale, eventual Zutara.

tempest in a teacup || 

Fate puts Katara in the Fire Nation to grow up in the company of a Dragon, a prince, and a lot of good tea. AU Zutara…of a sort.

the black games || 

Once bound by ice, now bound by fire. 12 provinces. 24 tributes. 1 winner. Let the games begin.

begin the end ||

The moment the chains are secure around Azula’s wrists, Katara breaks out into a run. Her boots slap against the stones and each step echoes mockingly in the empty plaza: too late, too late. Panic squeezes her heart as she sees him lying crumpled on the ground, and she wishes for just that moment that she were an airbender so that she might get to him faster…

clothe me in seasons, dress me in snow ||

“It is not the memorial she deserves, nor the one she would want. But it can’t be helped. He owns no property in the other nations, and he needed to keep her close. Closer than she was in life, anyway.” Zuko’s reflections on a life lived and a life that could have been. Told in four arcs: melancholy, slow dancing, unrequited, and cobalt blue/vigil.


sokka’s field guide series || 

Sokka schools Zuko on the ladies.

through the looking glass and unrequited || 

A collection of Zutara drabbles and story arcs.

and other fairly stupid tales || 

A collection of humorous and crack-tastic oneshots corresponding to the days of Zutara Month.

we hold our hearts in silence ||

Seventy years later, Korra tries to figure out Zuko and Katara. — zutara, canon compliant.

falling || 

The ceiling collapsed, and he sprinted to push her away. Suki was safe, but Katara just stood there. And then she was gone. He hadn’t been fast enough. An AU from the beginning of TSR through just after EIP. 

as time passes by || 

“The dawn of your new nation will come as quickly as the sun has set on your father’s empire.” Zuko’s first year as Fire Lord does not go as he expects.

tremors || 

She’s free to choose- if she goes back to the Poles, if she travels, if she stays in the Fire Nation just a little bit longer. She can choose to go back to the life she would have led if she’d never revived the Avatar, or she can choose to forge a new path. And she chooses him.

beyond lost ||

It’s the end, isn’t it? — Zutara. Pre-Season III.

as if death itself was undone ||

Z/K Finale AU “‘It’s not right to linger like this,’ says the Death Spirit. 'I don’t want to leave her,’ Zuko says. 'They never do.’” After being struck by Azula’s lighting, Zuko rejects death.

death by a thousand cuts ||

All these moments and memories are cracks, fractures that run and creep through Zuko’s mind. The finishing blow was having her smile to him on her wedding day. He broke then.

Carrie Fisher quotes from Wishful Drinking

“[My mother] was actually pregnant with me when she filmed Tammy. So if you look very carefully, there’s a scene where […] I am the bulge in the side of her abdomen. It’s some of my best screen work; I urge you to see it.”

“It was then that I knew with the profound certainty of a ten year old that I would not be, and was in no way now, the beauty that my mother was. I decided then that I’d better develop something else — if I wasn’t going to be pretty, maybe I could be funny or smart — someone past caring. Someone so far past caring that you couldn’t even see it with a telescope.”

“Seventy-two years later, people are still asking me if I knew Star Wars was going to be that big of a hit. Yes, of course I knew. We all knew. The only one who didn’t know was George Lucas. We kept it from him, because we wanted to see what his face looked like when it changed expression — and he fooled us even then. He got Industrial Light and Magic to change his facial expression for him and THX sounds to make the noise of a face-changing expression.”

“Mark had to grin like a motherfucker in [the medal scene in New Hope] in order to conceal his [burst blood vessel]. Because, ultimately, who’s going to give a medal to someone with a big, stupid red dot in their eye? I don’t care how much force is with him.”

Happy Birthday, jbsaucy!

Today, we wish a very Happy Birthday to @jbsaucy! We hope you’re having a wonderful day full of treats and adventures! To top off the birthday cheer, the lovely @mega-aulover has written a story just for you!

For: jbsaucy

Request: I would love some soulmate/soulmark Everlark

AN: Happy Birthday @jbsaucy I hope you enjoyed your day. Special thanks to @norbertsmon who beta’d helped me come up with M.O.M….heart U.

Premis: A what if Thirteen unleashed a Nuclear weapon at the Capitol after it was bombed. Almost one hundred years later this is what my little brain came up with. Hope you enjoy and Happy Birthday. AU HUNGER GAMES

Rated: G

Name: Belive in Magic

“KATNISS EVERDEEN” the machine flashed her name on the screen.  She chewed nervously on the inside of her cheek.

Today was ‘Match’ day. The day she would find out who her spouse was. Everyone born in Panem was tattooed with a number that indicated their genetic markers.

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tofu-pofu  asked:


“…of course, people have found this very confusing in light of your relationship with Agent Carter during the war. Tricking a woman into a fake relationship to hide your-”

“It wasn’t a fake relationship.” Steve looks at the journalist like she’s crazy, on purpose. He’s just about sick of people’s wilful misunderstanding of his sexuality, so his new strategy is to treat stupid questions like he can’t possibly comprehend why they’re being asked. 

It sort of works. Nobody likes to look stupid in front of a national icon. 

“But you’re in a relationship with Bucky Barnes.” She ploughs on, slightly perturbed and shooting a glance to someone behind the camera. Steve wouldn’t have to deal with all this bullshit if he hadn’t very publicly yelled at and then kissed his boyfriend for almost getting himself killed (again), but well. Shit tends to happen to him. He’s had worse.

“Yeah. It’s seventy years later, I don’t think Peggy’s mad I moved on.” He smiles tightly like she’s making a joke. If only.

“So you realised you were gay after you were defrosted?”

“I realised I was bisexual at around twelve.” Heavy emphasis on the word, because this is supposed to be the fucking future and he’s getting really tired of how people still can’t seem to grasp the concept. “I was queer when Peggy and I were together and I’m still queer now. It’s not something you do, it’s something you are.”

Well, he probably could’ve held back from saying that. But he’s just about hit the limits of his patience and why can’t he be open about himself now? Everyone keeps telling him all the ways this century is wonderful because people are supposedly allowed to be themselves, why can’t it put its money where its mouth is?

“Commander, I don’t think that’s appropriate language for-”

“I tend to be inappropriate, it gets stuff done.” He smiles politely and stands up to start unhooking his microphones, because this interview is definitely over. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and - still being queer whatever I’m doing with my dick - get back to my job. Pardon my French, ma’am.”

That’s what you call a mic drop, right? he texts Sam on his way out, bracing himself for the absolute bollocking SHIELD PR is no doubt about to rain down on him. They should have studied history harder if they thought he was going to sit pretty and behave, though, so he doesn’t feel too guilty about the shitstorm that’s about to ensue. 

THAT’S WHAT YOU CALL A MIC DROP Sam texts back, along with a bunch of emojis that Steve’s pretty sure mean his friend is proud of him. 

Bucky just texts him a heart. Steve tries not to blush on the subway. 

Steve/Tony Fic Recs: Hogwarts AU + Magical Realism

This one’s for the anon who asked for Hogwarts AU fics, I’m glad you’re enjoying the lists! I also included a few magical realism fics, if that’s your thing :)

Remember to leave kudos and comments for your hardworking authors!

If I could conjure worth a damn (I wouldn’t have friends like these) by lyra_wing: The Avengers are at Hogwarts. Tony’s building non-regulation broomsticks, Steve’s dealing with a mysterious Time Turner accident, Loki’s sneering at the Muggles, Thor’s wielding a Beater’s bat, Darcy’s commentating at Quidditch matches, Fury’s teaching DADA, everyone loves a drink at the Three Broomsticks, and Bruce has a secret.

drunk on you (and also other things) by theappleppielifestyle (@theappleppielifestyle): Steve accidentally gets dosed with love potion. He then stands shirtless outside of the entrance to the Ravenclaw common room and yells for Tony to come and talk to him, and that’s not even the worst part.

making up memories by theappleppielifestyle (@theappleppielifestyle​): 

Steve offers to help Tony produce a Patronus.

grow some (yule) balls by theappleppielifestyle (@theappleppielifestyle​): 

“Can I just say, from the entire student body of Hogwarts and several of the professors: one of you needs to do something before both of you miss your chance. High school doesn’t last forever, Tony. You won’t always have Charms class as an excuse to hold his hand to show him the proper wandwork.” 

(Or, the Avengers go to the Yule Ball and there is some kissing.)

hogwarts!au with amorentia and confessions by (@theappleppielifestyle): Sometimes Steve wishes the wizarding world would wisen up and start using technology already. He doesn’t bring it up much in the group, because then Tony gets into one of his fervent rant and starts screaming at innocent first years, but privately, Steve has always thought that wizards should give muggle inventions a second thought.

what amorentia smells like to steve and tony by (@theappleppielifestyle​)

Aparecium by runningondreams (@imaginaryelle): Tony cares too much. He’s clutching at his coat like it can shield him from some unknown horror. It’s mortifying, and silly, and he fervently wishes for a time-turner so he could just go back an hour, maybe two, and avoid the incredibly painful awkwardness that this conversation is likely to turn into.

Leviosa by runningondreams (@imaginaryelle​): Tony Stark and Steve Rogers attempt to found a School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the American Colonies. The rest of the staff just tries to stay out of the way of the flirting and arguments.

Every Little Thing He Does Is by a_sparrows_fall (@asparrowsfall):  Steve Rogers, an auror recently resurrected from a grim fate, is having trouble adjusting to life in twenty-first century New York. When did everything become so… unmagical?

He finds an unlikely companion in Tony Cerrera, a scientist working at Rhodes Industries.Steve’s feelings for Tony are blossoming into something deeper than friendship, but there’s more to Tony than meets the eye.

A modern-day Wizarding World fusion story based in Earth 57289.

Journey To Remember by XtaticPearl (@xtaticpearl): Hogwarts is magical, both literally and otherwise, and is home to those who find family in friends. It is also a place of mysteries and legends though, something a bunch of students will learn about them when they begin their Hogwarts journey - nineteen years after a war that many think was truly won. (WIP)

The Unspecificity of Fears (As Shown By Boggarts) by TheCityLightShow (@thecitylightshow): Tony hated boggarts with a passion. They were a nuisance and had no regard for people’s personal thoughts. At least when the mirror delved into his head, it only showed him the findings.

Steve Rogers and the Pureblood Heir by Lenalena: Prompt: "Hogwarts AU; Tony and Steve are in rival houses and have always butted heads. Then one Christmas they find themselves at Hogwarts together during the Holidays while the rest of their friends go home.”

take to the skies by callingthequits: "Uh,“ Steve said, and laughed nervously. "I, um, have to tell you something actually. It’s pretty important.”

“If you dragged me here to complain about your paints getting mixed up,” Tony said, raising an eyebrow, “I’m going to assure you that it happens all the time, nothing to worry about, and Steve, do you have any sense of personal space?”

Because the few seconds that it took for Tony to say that, were the few seconds that took for Steve to get in his face.

What If You’re What I Need by YohKoBennington: Steve and Tony don’t get alone, or so it seems. But after getting in trouble and having to spend some time together, things change for the best.

Magical Realism 

The Scars of Your Love by blue_jack: On the day Peggy moved out, Steve stood naked in front of the mirror and looked at all the ragged lines running over his body. He felt like someone had taken a knife to him, slicing every inch open, and he didn’t understand how there wasn’t any blood. He traced one particularly thick scar on his stomach, gritting his teeth against the pain, the memory of the first time he’d brought Peggy over to meet his family and all the teasing that had accompanied it burning through his mind. 

He couldn’t imagine her marks ever disappearing, and in that moment, he didn’t want them to, didn’t want to ever expose himself to that much hurt again. Once in a lifetime was enough.

An’ Harm Ye None by LinneaKou“…do as ye will.”

Toni Stark, small-town witch, has served as the head of the Cravenswood town coven for a decade all the while assisting the police in occult-related crime. Between her and Detective Steve Rogers, nothing that happens in Cravenwood is too big to handle - not even the reappearance of her estranged brother… that is, until someone starts ritually murdering townspeople.

As the death toll climbs and a conservative religious group begins to cast blame upon the town witches, something monstrous begins to stir up Craven’s Woods. Faced with an unknown Craft and drawing the suspicions of the citizens she swore to protect, Toni must put an end to the killings before whatever is haunting the woods comes out into the light.

Fear lives in a small town. (series)

PIÈce de Résistance by shetlandowl (@shetlandowl): On an afternoon when Tony is being particularly stubborn about finishing his work and avoiding healthy habits like sleep, nutrition, and sleep, Rhodey does Pepper a solid and takes him to this little bakery in Manhattan that most people don’t know about. 

It’s not a place you wander into unless you need to, and it isn’t a place you find without help or purpose. But once you’ve found it, it’s a wonder how you ever managed without it.

Per ardua ad astra by Missy_dee811 (@viudanegraaa): Antonius is the first-born son of a Roman senator. His father ruled with an iron fist.

For Antonius, the best day of his life is the day he meets Stephanos, a slave born in Roman-occupied Britain, who would, one day, become the best gladiator of his age. (Ults Roman AU)

Moss by antigrav_vector: Technomancers are considered mages, though they aren’t, truly. True mages have weak, usually offensive, powers. Tony’s only ever had technomagery at his fingertips, until after the misadventures that gave him Iron Man.

Seventy years ago, a big fight went down in northern Europe between Steve and Red Skull, getting more intense with each encounter. It caused a series of barren circles in the landscape: scars left upon the very ground by the conflict between the two highly skilled mages. Both of the combatants have become the stuff of legend, since neither body was ever found. And, frankly, with the force of the last explosion, there was no reasonable way they could have survived.

And that’s where things get interesting; now, seventy years later, Tony develops the Iron Man armour and confronts his enemies with it. But strange things happen when he goes looking for some solitude in a remote region of the north sea, afterward, hovering high above the ice and waves. He starts hearing a voice whisper and seeing flickers of movement that resolve into thin air. And they get more frequent as he nears the source: a man frozen solid in a block of ice…

(EDITED to include @sabrecmc‘s additional rec, thank you!)

If anyone wants a themed rec list, hit me up in my inbox! Previous rec lists are here

i can’t count the number of people who have said “oh I never knit, except during the war, of course”

i spent a goodish part of last night (I mean when I wasn’t finally dragged down to my doom by Candy Crush) looking up World War II knitting and sewing propaganda posters and let me tell you son don’t do the thing.

anyway my actual reason was a joke I’m slowly working about about Captain America being in propaganda about E V E R Y T H I N G and Steve Rogers being unable to know where to put his face seventy years later. So far I have:

EVERY STITCH COUNTS [picture of Cap earnestly and awkwardly bent over a woolly thing bristling with needles, NOT SHOWN: Steve Rogers arguing for hours that that isn’t even how you make a sock, Steve Rogers’ fancy afghan square contributed toward Myra’s wedding afghan by the girls, Steve Rogers mailing a package of socks to James Barnes, who is currently undergoing torture and does not receive them]

TIME TO SIT? TIME TO KNIT [picture of Cap, arms folded disapprovingly, gazing sternly at two ladies sitting and having coffee, smoking cigarettes in their idle hands, NOT SHOWN, Steve Rogers on train to Billings, Montana, where he’ll be second fiddle to a pig’s squeal being auctioned off (yes it happened, look it up), two showgirls cuddled up on either side of him, moving his hands in small, careful motions so June and Ruby don’t get disturbed even if he can’t sleep, needles clicking away on a hat that he’ll eventually throw at a man named Jim Morita, saying, “Just shut up and wear a damn hat, Jim, we all know you’re a delicate fucking hothouse California blossom”, also not shown, Peggy Carter, years later, pulling on much darned woolen gloves while her daughter says, “mummy why don’t you throw those old things away?”]

MENDING HELPS THE MEN [picture of Cap, allowing a girl to sew a rip on his uniform as he looks paternal and amused by her efforts, NOT SHOWN, Steve Rogers saying “Aww, Ginny, don’t worry, it’s gonnal take two seconds to fix, I ain’t gonna tell Bossman you ripped it if you ain’t”, taking a cheap satin skirt from one of the girls and fixing a tear on it with quick hands, also not shown, Steve Rogers looking down at a sweater that James Barnes wore for months of hell and carefully darning, reknitting, until finally he can hide it away where Bucky can’t see it but Steve knows he fixed something, even if he can’t fix Bucky—]

and I’ve run out of ideas and also I think I’m going to have to sit down in a corner and stare at nothing until I stop having feelings, ugh. 

A day such as this, 15th of October of 1940, the president of Catalonia Lluís Companys was shot by fascist dictator Franco’s orders. He was tortured and sentenced to death for being president of Catalonia and having declared it an independent country. His death was one more of the many repressions the fascist regime led against the Catalan people, meant to show that the Francoists would have no mercy.

Companys is the only democratically elected president in European history to have been executed by a fascist dictatorship, and seventy-five years later the council of war which sentenced him is still in force.

This week, the current Catalan government declared the 15th of October the National day in memoriam of the victims of Francoism.

this crown of thorns.


She never knew Jughead Jones. She would never know the man in that video, happy and carefree amidst all the death and war around them.

She knew Winter; a man who was fearless, feared. A man who was quiet and cold, almost a statue of a human being. She knew a man with enough demons and monsters to echo her own. She knew a man that stayed up all night, thoughts plagued with nightmares of deaths he wished he could forget. She didn’t know the war hero, she knew the asset; the man who brought war with him. She loved Winter. She didn’t love Jughead.

MARVEL AU. Some events were taken from CA:TWS. Betty = Black Widow. Archie = Captain America. Jughead = The Winter Soldier. Veronica is Hawkeye, Reggie is Iron Man, and Cheryl is Scarlet Witch although they’re only really mentioned, not key characters in the story. 

As of right now, this story is just a one shot. I could consider adding another part if anyone wants it, though.

Thank you to @bettydooper and @itstenafterfour for cheering me on with this fic. And thank you to @jaded-youth for helping me with the ending. You guys are too good to me. 

Jug speaks Russian in this fic so a few translations are (and don’t blame me if they aren’t entirely correct. I used Google, lol.):

Не стесняйтесь - Do not hesitate. 

мое сердце - My heart.

Вы мое сердце - You are my heart. 


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Reality Shifter *Avengers x Reader*

Originally posted by thesoldierchildren

Summary: Tony has created a Stark Shifter. He’s able to jump from reality to reality looking for Steve, only he has to do it with Bucky, plus you and Sam. Meaning they have to work together if they want to bring Steve back, only each reality is a little more strange than the last one.
Warnings: Swearing
Admins Note: The long awaited sequel to Alternate “You”niverse.

Julianne Hough- As Female Steve
Lauren Cohan - As Female Bucky
Charlize Theron- As Female Thor
Damian Lewis- As Male Natasha
Keke Palmer- As Female Sam
Leighton Meester- As Female Tony
Jared Padalecki- As Male Wanda

Alternate “You”niverse Master List.

Chapter One

“Look there’s someone,” Sam pointed as they walked the silent corridors of what you all assume is the Avengers tower, “hello, excuse me?” Sam yells and the woman stops and turns with raised eyebrows.

Originally posted by thequeenaavalon

She was medium height and build, black long hair and her skin a russet brown. A denim jacket hung carelessly on her body, along with a grey v-neck paired with black jeans, hands shoved deep into her jacket pockets. She waited patiently for you and the others to catch up, quirking an eyebrow at all of you. This must be some alternate reality because you had never seen her before, you were certain if you had you’d remember her. She’s also strolling around the Avengers floors, must be important. You’d know her for sure.

“Can I help you?” Her voice was smooth, held hardness and an edge of wit at the end, “I have somewhere to be? Are you here for a meeting with Stark or something?” She asked pulling a hand out and scratching it through her hair.

Tony was the one to speak up, “I never take meetings!” You chuckled at the truth behind that, the woman chuckled awkwardly.

“Okay, sir but who even are you?” You all became silent and you glanced at Bucky who was blankly staring at the woman, “I’m Samantha, nice to meet you all! How do you all even get up to this floor? You need a code.”

Sam chuckled, “No way, I’m called Sam.” He held a big grin as he looked from her to Nat, who sighed lightly and looked at Stark; you frowned as those two had a whole conversation with just their eyes.

“You don’t think?” Tony pointed at the woman named Sam, Natasha nodded, “you mean she’s?” She nodded once more, “so this took us to this reality?” he held up the Reality shifter and you all stared at it, admittedly yourself, Sam and Bucky looked at it dumbly.

Samantha looked at the weird contraption also before looking at you. “Okay, weirdo’s I’m gonna have to ask you to follow me and that better not be a bomb, I’m fed up of stuff blowin’ up!” You all follow Samantha, Tony whispering to you how he thinks this reality is where you’re all the opposite genders.

“You mean that hot girl is him?” Bucky asked in disbelief, you frowned but chuckled.

“I am a beautiful man and woman, deal with it, Terminator.” Sam quipped with a grin, Tony and yourself rolled your eyes at the same time as Natasha smacked Sam upside the head.

You followed Samantha through the tower, which looked the same to yours. Nothing seemed really out of the ordinary, apart from the fact female Sam Wilson was leading you through it. You had to admit she looked great, she had the confidence plus witty edge about her, that your Sam has. She also had his sense of calm; his caring nature that was obviously on high alert due to you guys being here. She glanced back to you all, connecting eyes with Bucky before the brown pools drifted to his left arm.

“Huh, I know a girl with a metal arm too,” she commented and looked ahead; you looked at Bucky who let out a long sigh. “She also has the same broody expression, sure you’ll two will get along just fine.” Sam and Natasha let slip light chuckles as Bucky glared, you smiled nudging him lightly.

Samantha comes to a halt at a door; you glance at Tony as he recognises Steve’s office. You could see through the glass, definitely not Steve sat inside. Not even a girl remotely looking like Steve was inside, the door was pushed open and you all stepped in.

The usual white, neat looking office was slightly different. It had deep grey carpets and an elegant desk in the middle, in front of big glass windows. Very spacious, a house plant sat in the corner looking full of life. A few photos dangled up on the wall, remotely looking like Steve’s back in your universe. Yet, these held photos of a blonde bombshell, smiling at the camera or her friends.

“Becky, do you know any of these guys?” Samantha crossed her arms over her chest, nodding her head to your group.

You all glanced at the woman who was stood by the window, she turned and her dark brown hair shaped her face. Clear, concerned eyes all sizing you up with a small frown; she shakes her head once before looking at Samantha.

“Am I meant to know who they are?” Her voice cool, like her eyes and you looked over her as she had a silent conversation with Samantha.

Becky was tall, her face nicely shaped and pale skin. A leather jacket was zipped up, plus a grey fingerless glove covered her left hand. Allowing the smooth, metallic metal fingers to glimmer in the natural light of the office, they were slender than Bucky’s but still looked like his. You watched as the first clenched, drawing you back to the conversation that was going on in front of you.

“They were aimlessly walking around,” Samantha shrugged and Becky rolled her eyes.

“So, showing them around is a good idea, huh?” Becky crossed her arms also, giving the same challenging look that Bucky gives to Sam; you looked at Natasha who looked kind of stunned at the event before her. “And you’re an Avenger how? I don’t know, you got your ass kicked by an ant!”

It’s silent for a beat, “Bitch, I’m about to slap you so hard your tampon’s gon pop out!”

That caused Sam, you and Tony to burst into laughter and stop the mini argument. You held onto Natasha’s arm as you bent over, clutching your stomach as wheezed with laughter. Sam and Tony were cackling; the only ones that remained passive were Bucky and Nat, although Nat had a little smirk of her own.

“Only one way to sort this,” Becky sighed and turned to you, mostly Bucky. “Who gave you the metal arm?” You all became quiet and looked at Bucky; he didn’t make any acknowledgement to her question, so she pulled out a pistol. “Don’t make me ask again, did Hydra give you that? Who sent you?”

Instead of Bucky answering, Tony stepped forward and instantly the gun was on him causing Natasha to aim her weapon in a flash. Tony held his hands up, “What I am about to say is kind of crazy! But I need you to listen; I’m Anthony Stark, Ironman. I live in Avengers Tower with my team,” he gestured to you guys. “You HAVE to take me to the female me.”

Becky raised her eyebrows and chuckled, looking at Samantha who shrugged. “You’re buying this bullshit?”

“That guy is called Sam, plus goatee has a weird metal thingy and that guy there,” Samantha pointed to Bucky, “has a metal arm like you, honestly, this isn’t the weirdest thing I’ve heard today.”

“I don’t believe it, Hydra had a Winter Soldier programme, and it could just be a trap!” Becky tightened her hand on the gun, clenching the trigger with a warning.

Bucky gave a little exhale, “We’re not Hydra, trust me. I got the arm from Hydra, like you. I am you, I think. Alternate universes; portals and stuff, science jargon. I fell from a train whilst following my best friend, Steve Rogers into war. Hydra found me and made me a machine, seventy years later I am here now trying to save him.” Becky remained fixated on Bucky as he talked; Bucky gave a little nod and smile before she lowered her gun.

“I still do not trust you but,” Becky sighed, “I too followed my best friend into war, so it’s possible. I do not believe it till Stark says so, so let’s go get her say.” She nodded to the door; Samantha rolled her eyes before ushering you all out first.

*Toni Evil Lab*

Originally posted by billionsdaily

“Nathanial,” Becky nods, “Where’s Stark?”

You hear Nat give a little sigh, already knowing this is her version.  You all walk up beside Becky and Samantha, causing Nathanial from a chair behind a desk to look up. Feet up on the white desk just outside the lab, red hair combed neatly and green eyes looking over everyone with curiosity. Becky just shakes her head at him, only Nathanial was still questioning who you all were.

“Is it a tour?” He asked with raised eyebrows.

“No, this is the Avengers from an alternate reality.” Samantha answers, “That one is me.” She points to Sam who waves at Nathanial, he let out a little chuckle taking in everyone before glancing at Becky to Bucky, “yeah, two of them. Great.”

Nathanial laughs, “Well, that sounds insane.” Becky nods in agreement, “Toni is in there with Thora, waiting for Wendel and Sylvia to return.” Samantha and Becky nod, waiting for Nathanial to open the door, which he does but stands up also. “I want to see this go down.”

Becky pushes the glass door open, holding it as everyone walked in. It looked the same as Tony’s, a mess. Computer screens on; various equations and cups of coffees left on desks. Tools, pieces of paper and drawings stacked. On a table sat Steve’s shield, it looked exactly like his own- modification’s looking the same as your Stark’s.

Then you hear two voices talking to one another, more like one talking at the other.

You turn and see a very tall, beautiful woman. Long blonde hair, light blue eyes, she was lean and staring at the other women stoically. Arms crossed over her chest, posture clearly fed-up with the conversation that’s going on, her eyes cast to your group and looks mildly stunned.

Originally posted by therondaily

“Stark, we have an issue,” Nathanial called out.

The other woman snapped her mouth closed and locked eyes with Nathanial, eyebrows furrowing at a number of bodies walking into the lab. Long, dark hair and brown eyes scanned everyone over, she was small. Smaller than the blonde woman beside her, her left hand was holding a pen and was using it to point around the room; a very Stark habit.

“I said no visitors or guests,” her voice deadpanned at Nathanial, clearly unamused by the sudden interruption. “Who are they and why are they all looking at me as if they’ve seen a ghost?”

Samantha smiled, “Antonia, that is a male you!” She points to Tony, the woman; Antonia frowns at Samantha weirdly and glances over to Tony. “They’re from some alternate universe or whatever used that weird device-thingy.”

Becky sighs and rolls her eyes, crossing her arms and waiting for Antonia’s reaction. It’s silent as she stares straight at everyone, looking over you to Natasha, then Sam and Bucky. Her furrowed eyebrows ease gently, and then she’s off walking to the back of the lab and digging through an old box.

“I have something-“ Antonia is tipping the contents of the box onto a nearby workbench, “that’s oddly like that device too, I threw it because it was twitchy. Never went to the universe I wanted it to, plus the portal plans I had was stupid.” You all glanced at Tony who gave a sheepish smile. “AH-HA!” She pulls out an exact replica of the reality shifter.

“So, you believe us?” You asked with a small, hopeful smile and the woman gave a thoughtful face before shrugging. “We’re trying to get to a specific universe; our Steve- Captain America- went into the portal and couldn’t come back through. Now we’re on this mission to get him back,” you explain hoping to make them all believe and hopefully, help.

Antonia frowned, “Who the hell allowed him to go through? Everyone knows if you get stuck on the other side for more than one-hundred-and-seventy-two hours then you’re deleted from existence, balance it out.” Everyone looked at the floor or away, “Oh, yeah, that sounds exactly like Sylvia.”

“You aren’t seriously believing this, are you?” Becky asked with raised eyebrows.

“It’s a possibility,” Thora shrugged, “realms and alternate universes all correspond with one another, we’re linked in a way because what doesn’t happen this universe may happen in another, it’s possible that Stark could find a hole and link them all together.” It was super odd to see Thor as a woman, yet she had the same intelligence and slightly above, average voice level. “If another version is stuck not in their universe, as a way… to create balance they’ll be deleted, so it’s suggested.”

Becky frowns but scoffs, “I refuse to believe that, that guy is me.” Bucky frowned back looking slightly offended, “no offence.”

“Enough.” Natasha glared at Becky then to Bucky, who bite back his retort and slumped against you as you gave a sympathetic smile. “We obviously need help, are you going to help us?”

“I say we wait until Sylvia is back,” Nathanial crossed his arms, Natasha followed and gave a cold glare, he sent the back before then glanced at Antonia. “She’ll be back in ten minutes, in the meantime keep them down here with Thora.”


“What do you mean there’s two Becky’s and one is a male?” A voice is heard outside of the door, it was relatively calm and collected, although held a sweet lit to it. “Is this one of Stark’s pranks? Or worse an experiment?”

The door opened and the girl from the frames in the office entered. Golden hair pulled into a ponytail, bright, blue eyes looking at everyone in the room. Her small hands rested on her tiny waist, legs apart as she frowned and the bottom half of her clothing screamed Captain America stealth suit. Whilst she simply wore a pink, tank top above and didn’t look amused by the situation.

“Before you point fingers, I had nothing to do with this,” Antonia yelled from a stool and Tony beside her, each toying with the reality shifters. “They just showed up!” She shrugged.

Sylvia scoffed, “Really? I’m meant to believe that this doesn’t have Stark-branded across it?” this time crossed her arms and looking at Samantha or Becky for answers.

“Wait,” Bucky said loudly and everyone looked at him, “please, tell me that isn’t who it’s meant to be!” He looked at Sam, who was also just gawking on Sylvia. “Okay, if that was my Steve, I’d be okay with the Stucky shipping; just saying.” You and Natasha rolled your eyes at them.

Sylvia frowned, “Wait why does he have a metal arm like you?”

“Cause it’s a fashion statement nowadays,” Becky replied cooly but received a glare. “They seem to think they’re from an alternate universe and that’s meant to be a male me, stupid I know. Tell them, Sly.” She nudged her best friend.

Sylvia chuckled but looks at Thora who just shrugs, “Honestly, not the weirdest thing I’ve heard today.”

“I told you,” Samantha said to Becky who all but rolled her eyes in response.

Sylvia nods and walks up, leaning her palms against a table and looking at who she guesses is the male Stark, “So… why are you here then?”

“Because of you, actually,” he responds and Sylvia frowns. “The male you, Steve, I made a portal and he went through. We need to get him back to our universe before well, he dies or we die.” She nods slowly, “the more accurately we can get to the universe with him in it, the better off of a chance.”

It’s silent for a beat, “How do we do that?”

“Where’s your male Wanda?”

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“Fuck off,” Bucky laughed as the male Wanda walks in.

Long, shaggy hair, round innocent eyes and incredibly tall. Stupidly tall almost. It’s funny in the sense; Wanda is a short female but a tall-ass male. You tried not to laugh but Bucky’s reaction had you fighting back giggles, he looked down at you with amused eyes, shaking his head.

“I actually cannot believe it, he’s a giant.” You snorted and pushed him away, trying to listen as they filled in Wendel.

His twin sister, Piper, had passed away during a battle. He was still mostly silent, taking in life without her still. He sat mostly in the corner of the room, talking or helping the two Starks as everyone stood around… mingling. Trying to.

“Where’s Hawkeye?” Natasha asked, “Clint?”

Nathanial frowned but chuckled from beside Sylvia, “She’s on a recon mission, Clare Barton, is currently doing her job.” Sylvia chuckled and nodded, “went out with Scotia, a good team.”

“Sam?” Antonia called.

“Yeah?” Both Sam’s turn in the direction of the voice, giving one another a glance and slight chuckle as both Stark’s roll their eyes, “think they mean you.” Sam nodded to Samantha who nodded and walked over.

You sighed and slumped in the chair, any universe you go in, you never the meet the alternate you. It’s infuriating, especially since you wanted to know what male you looked like, it’d be kinda funny to see that. You looked up as Bucky sat on the desk beside you, resting his left hand on your shoulder in a comforting manner.

“I still can’t get over how female Sam is good looking,” Bucky muttered to you and you chuckled. “And Steve, this is so weird. I don’t like it at all; I’d rather have Sebastian back than… her scowling around.”  

You laughed. “She has the scowl down better than you, I feel.” He narrowed his eyes at you, you smiled lightly with a small amused shrug, “it’s kinda creepy, I’m peeved that I never meet myself, twice now.” Bucky laughed this time.

“Becky?” Bucky called, you frowned as the woman turned and raised an eyebrow. “Where’s the male Y/N? We wanna meet him?” He asked, Bucky couldn’t explain it but it was easier to talk to this girl than you. Probably, because Becky is him and both knew one another’s expectations.

Becky looked at you before smiling softly, “He’s up in his room, I’ll tell him to come down.” You noticed the faint blush coming across her cheeks, it made you smile and look at Bucky who was leaning against the bench.

“I think male me and female Steve have a thing,” Natasha muttered to you and Bucky, both your eyes shot up and to the two leering over the Starks’. “It’s a lot friendlier than me and Steve.” Bucky scoffed causing Natasha to glare at him.

Bucky just chuckles, “That’s called Romanogers, me and Clint have delved into every ship.” Bucky announced as you frowned at him, “We get bored being in the vents, the internet is surprisingly good in there. I think it’s cute, I approve.” Natasha rolled her green eyes; you chuckled as Bucky just looked stupidly smug.

After almost an hour, still, nothing had changed. Except the fact Vision came down… looking like Vision. It shouldn’t surprise you so much, he’s an android and he doesn’t really have a set ‘gender’ just Jarvis voice, it was a nice piece of normality amongst the weirdness.

You don’t know what it was but Thor as a woman was slightly menacing. She stood straight, eyes glancing around the room but yet, she had this air of calm. In many ways, she was completely different to your Thor, yet, not at the same time. She talked of her sister, obviously Loki to you.

“DONE,” Tony shouted and stands up; grinning from ear-to-ear, gesturing you all over and you gave a gentle sigh as Bucky grabbed your hand and pulled you to your feet. “Okay, it should be focusing more on the universes closest to where Steve is, maybe with luck it will take us straight there!” Sam scoffed, “I said with luck, not that I believe in that.”

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Antonia smiled and looked at Stark, “I look forward to never seeing you again.” He rolled his eyes and nodded with a sarcastic smile, it’s a good idea that he never had siblings because having to deal with more than one of him was a challenge.

Steve better be fucking grateful.

“Okay, we all ready?” He asked as you all stood in a circle again, you were slightly miffed that you didn’t get to meet your male self. You nodded holding onto Bucky and Natasha, you glanced to where Nathanial had an arm over Sylvia’s shoulders and they waved. Samantha did a little salute, Sam sighed.

“Damn, I’m gonna miss my hot ass,” Sam sighed from beside Bucky who rolled his eyes. “And Thora, she’s great.”

Everyone waved before turning back to Stark who was clicking around on the device before huffing, glancing around everyone to make sure they were all here. Then you heard a deep, male voice calling Becky’s name, you turned as she grinned and yelled a name that sounded all too similar to your own. You were finally gonna see your male version, this was it.

Then you felt that weird feeling of being pulled again. The feeling of being pulled in every direction, making your gut sink in on itself. Then as soon as you felt it, it was gone again. You groaned and looked up; you weren’t in the lab, actually in the common room of the Avengers tower? Maybe.

“Goddammit, Tony,” you sighed and he was too busy on his knees holding his head. “I almost saw the male me, fuck sake.”

Bucky choked out a laugh and tried to stand up straight, he wobbled and fell to the floor but grabbed Sam’s belt and making him tumble also, both men groaning as they smacked against the wooden floor. Wooden floor? The Avengers tower didn’t have wood floors; it doesn’t go with Tony’s aesthetic.

“Where are we?” Natasha asked from beside you as she furrowed her eyebrows.

“Who decided a lilac door was a good idea?” Tony asked looking at the lilac door to the incredibly small space, it looked like an apartment.

[Don’t worry, I am going to be visiting this reality again, this is kind of a kick-starter into the sequel. I didn’t want to go over board.]
(I know that this universe could have been two chapters but honestly, all the others I have planned are much more detailed than this one. So, I hope the lack of will be made up later on. Also, guesses on what the next universe is? I gave a big hint tbh. - Rosalee)

Tagged! All of you will be tagged in the sequel, if you do not wish to be, let me know. If you want to be tagged for the last part and for when the sequel is up, let me know: @kattykaylaiskatty @gillibean9 @sergeantjamesbarnes107th @avengerswitch @juliagolia87 @buckywinterss @one-secondof-thevamps @civilwarkilledme @wintersdoll  @marvelousmimi-blog @mine-is@1d-janoskians-5sosfam @queennerd12 @usannika @itsmymanyobsessionsblog @an-abundance-of-marvel @blueberries-are-great-mate @sheepoverlord5ever  @nosemeoccurrenada77 @we-were-young-and-beautiful  @firewolfkelly @xx-thefandomssavedme-xx @christiannawinchester

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Long fics with heavy plot?!

I actually just did a long fic rec here:

For extra on the plotty side, I’d add:

The Silence in Between by winterstar:  Steve Rogers put the Red Skull’s plane filled with bombs that could end civilization into the Arctic Ocean at the cost of his life. Over seventy years later, he wakes up imprisoned and under the control of the State, a tyrannical government based on the legacy of Johann Schmidt and Hydra. With a neural net implanted in his brain to control his every move, his every thought, Steve Rogers, once Captain America, is assigned as Primary Designate for one of the Ruling Families. His duties as Primary Designate include the protection of the sole remaining heir to Stark Industries, Tony Stark. As bodyguard, Steve learns that the world is a very different place; not all is as it seems, and no one can be trusted. His introduction to the 21st century has just begun but the war against Hydra is everlasting.

Blue Lips, Blue Veins by romanoff:  Tony Stark is Iron Man.Before that, he was an man with bigger heart than brain. Before that, he was an asshole with a bigger mouth than sense. And before that, he was was a scared little boy. Not that it matters. Stark’s always have had iron in their backbone.

To the Victor by @thegraytigress:  Nightmares are real. Tony is living one. It’s awful, unending, torturous. It’s driving him mad. It’s killing him. He just wants to wake up and go back to his life with Steve, a life filled with love and happiness. Yet every day the hell of reality presses down, because Steve went on a mission. Steve made the ultimate sacrifice. Steve is never coming home.And Tony can’t let himself believe it.

Counterpart by sara_holmes: coun•ter•part [koun-ter-pahrt] [noun] 1. a person or thing closely resembling another, especially in function. 2. a copy; duplicate. 3. one of two parts that fit, complete, or complement one another.Just because Hydra used the DNA of a Captain America from another dimension to create a lab-grown, six-year-old super-soldier, it doesn’t mean that said six-year old super-soldier is biologically Steve’s, right?(Where Steve wants to ban Clint from bringing things home from alternative dimensions, until he doesn’t.)

Deep in the Heart of Me by finely-honed: There were days when the realization that he was someone’s father made Steve’s head hurt, but mostly he was grateful that he could trust his instincts, because apparently Peter was what had been missing from his life. Yes, he still had lingering, unresolved issues from his time in the Army, and sure, he had what Bucky annoyingly referred to as a criminally untapped ass, and no life outside of work and Peter, but Steve was okay with how his life had turned out because of trusting his instincts.Unfortunately, those same instincts had straight up betrayed him by going absolutely haywire upon being exposed to Tony Stark.Veteran single dad Steve runs a tattoo shop. For his 40th birthday, Pepper arranges for Tony to get that tattoo he always wanted, and he winds up with the mother of all crushes instead. Jumping out of airplanes is one thing, but falling in love is something else entirely. Steve struggles with the idea of actually letting someone into his life. Tony is left trying to keep his heart from being broken while Steve figures things out.

Data is King by @everybodyilovedies (Amuly): In a cyberpunk dystopia, all the wealth is concentrated in New Versailles and the majority live in impoverished ghettos outside. Prosthetics are strictly prohibited, though many of the poor have body modifications to help them live. Steve Rogers is an idealistic young man who raids the storerooms of New Versailles with his best friend Bucky Barnes, to bring food and medicine to the poor. But when tragedy strikes, Steve is inspired by Dr. Erskine to go seek out the notorious slumlord/black market trader Tony Stark. Rumor has it that Tony used to be a member of New Versailles, but left to make his fortune off the backs of the working man… or was he kicked out? Although they don’t hit it off at first, Steve and Tony must work together.They have some help. The Three Fates are women who control information. Steve’s friends from his old life are good people on the fringes of society because of their prosthetic enhancements. And there’s Tony’s network of resources and connections, not to mention his brilliant engineering mind that helped him build his empire.But when Steve and Tony finally manage to put their differences aside and rise up against New Versailles… not everything is as simple as it seemed.

and of course, 

Resurrection Verse by elspethdixon and seanchai:  Doom brings Steve back from the dead. Hijinks ensue, some of which might vaguely be considered plot.

Darcy/Steve, Isolated

for @littleplebe

18.  Isolated/Trapped

Darcy opened her eyes, blinking into the sun.  “What the…” she sat straight up.  “Oh my god…” she looked around the beach, the smoldering remains of the quinjet jutting out of it.  Smoke rose up into the sky and she realized that she didn’t know where Steve was.

Steve, her sullen copilot, who hadn’t spoken four words to her the entire time they’d been in the air.  Steve, who’d crashed a plane in the 40s and woken up seventy years later.  

She got up, her sodden and sand covered clothes rubbed her in all the wrong places, and her ankle felt like it was probably sprained, if the shooting pain was any indication.  “STEVE!” she called as she hobbled.  “STEVE!”  


She turned, whipping her head around until she saw Steve, over on the far end of the beach.  His tactical gear was ripped, like hers probably was.  But he was running towards her.  

And he was alive and he was another human being.  And she was so happy to see him.  

When he grabbed her arm and yanked her in the other direction, she was confused at first, but when Captain America tells you to run, you run dammit.  

So she ran, trying to ignore the pain in her ankle, or maybe it was the adrenaline of the whole thing keeping it from hurting.  Whatever it was, she was well aware she shouldn’t be able to do what she was doing.

But when the quinjet exploded, she knew the reason for all the running, and she didn’t care if she was destroying her ankle.  A destroyed ankle was better than being dead.  

Steve pulled her behind some ginormous boulder stuck in the middle of the beach.  And he covered them both with the shield as debris fell around them.  Stuff bounced off the vibranium and Darcy was just glad that it wasn’t their heads, to be honest.  

It finally died down and they were left with a blazing inferno of a quinjet mess and Steve was throwing the shield aside to spread out and take deep breaths. 

“You okay?” Darcy asked.  

He turned to face her for a moment, frowning as if he didn’t understand what she was saying.  “Yes.  Are you?”  


Red Strings and Violent Things

A Stucky Big Bang / @thestuckylibrary-bigbang collaboration

WRITTEN BY @urban–constellations

ART BY @sorrowingsoldier


There is an old Chinese myth about a red string of Fate, that is intertwined around two souls by the gods. The cord may stretch, or tangle, but never break. 

Two boys fall in love in Brooklyn, slowly and full of promise. As they fall, their string unwinds to catch them. Seventy five years later, that string finds its way back home. 

After the Winter Soldier pulls Steve Rogers out of the Potomac, he isn’t quite sure where to begin putting the pieces back together. Steve Rogers is spending his time pulling on threads, while trying to follow his own. Their strings will pull them through memories and doubt, until they wind up on a pier, wound together again.

Seventy five years in fits and starts.

I Never Forgot You *Bucky Barnes x Reader* (1/?)

Originally posted by blackinjustice

(Requested by Anon)  Yooo, I had an idea, so you know the imagine you had w/ 40s Bucky and reader are married (the one with the nicknames) anyway, it’s placed after Buck had fallen from the train and “died” and reader is so distraught that she decides to become a part of shield too. they do the super soldier serum on her too, then that fateful day, both her and Steve get trapped in the ice, fast forward to the winter soldier phase. She and Steve are fighting the winter soldier in DC,  his masks gets knocked off as you know and instead of Steve saying Bucky, reader just whispers “handsome?” And Bucky just has that same look (((GOOD GOD IM HURTING)) then fast forward even more, Steve and her have found Bucky and he realizes who she is and whispers “hey gorgeous”. I’m actually super sorry, this is so elaborate and I feel bad, you guys are amazing writers and I feel as you guys can bring that crazy idea of mine to life
Warning: Super-Mega feels, swearing
Admins Note: Imagine. Its fine, I like it people go into detail for their request, this took me a super long time to write because I wanted it to be just right. I kinda changed it, I didn’t want her to be frozen with Steve, I wanted his death to spur her into SHIELD. Where she helps Howard perfect another Serum and they use it on her. This is also in parts. Sorry. Possibly three, I just see so much potential for this and I wanted it to be good and well written. 

I Never Forgot You Part One
I Never Forgot You Part Two
I Never Forgot You Part Three  
I Never Forgot You Part Four
I Never Forgot You Part Five
I Never Forgot You Part Six

I Never Forgot You Part Seven

I Never Forgot You Part Eight
I Never Forgot You Part Nine

The service was lovely, Mrs. Barnes” Timothy Dugan smiled, a friend of Bucky’s, well a Howling Commando but they all became friends when serving together. Mrs. Barnes, it didn’t feel right, not anymore. 

You were only Mrs. Barnes because you married James Barnes, who had died in action, now you are a widower! The service for Bucky was nice, although you had no body to bury, it was still nice full of people he cared about; you had been avoiding Steve, knowing if you saw him you’d break. 

Steve said a few words, you couldn’t bring yourself to even mutter a single word for your husband, knowing you wouldn’t make it through the speech and you didn’t want people to see you break. 

Deciding that as the service was drawing to a close, you’d thank everyone for coming and supporting you in this time, you tapped the glass of water and everyone looked at you; Howling Commandos, family, friends, and Steve. 

Um, I just wanted to say thank you for coming and supporting me today. I know that this is just as difficult for you as it- well, maybe not that much, a lot of you didn’t have your world ripped from you” people glanced at each other, now knowing the reason why you didn’t say anything earlier, you coughed back the tears 

Anyway, I know that Bucky wouldn’t us to be sad. He’s be grabbing everyone another round, dancing, he loved to dance!” the silence was deafening to you “the hardest bit comes tomorrow when I wake up and realise I now have to start my life again, without him. 

“As a final farewell to Bucky, let’s win the war!” you raise the glass of water, everyone does silently. Steve finally plucking up the courage to see you, no words are spoken as he hugs you tightly, no ‘I am sorry’ or ‘you’ll get through this’. Because Steve knows, Steve knows how hard this will be, he has to go through it also. 

“We’ll win the war, I promise” he pulls away

It doesn’t matter anymore,” You tell him “the one person I wanted to return, is never going to return, so win the war but I won’t be celebrating with you,” you tell him. He nods slowly, pulling you into a hug “come back? I can’t- I can’t go through this again” you tell him.

Well, I promised Bucky when he wasn’t around I’ll look out of you, I’m not going to break my best friends promise now,” he tells you, you hold Steve tightly, there was no way you were going to get through this. 

“Well, I’ll be here… waiting with cookies to hear about Captain America’s victory” you try to smile, he nods with a small laugh, ever since he had become Captain America you and Bucky chose to joke about him…  

    *** 4-year skip ***

Originally posted by newyorkbellco

“Are you sure about this, Mrs. Barnes?” Howard asked, his voice fraying concern and worry “I am like seventy-five percent sure this will work” he tells you finally, a roll of your (E/C) eyes made him slightly chuckle. 

Yourself and Howard had been working on perfecting another Super-Soldier serum, it would never be the exact same as Steve’s, so chances are this could not work just either disfigure you or maybe kill you.

 Steve had crashed landed somewhere in the Arctic, leaving you alone; Howard had spent his own money and time in finding Steve but to avail he couldn’t find him. 

You know yesterday you said it will work” you tell him, crossing arms over your chest, he gave you the same look “I know we planned on finding test subjects but what have I got to lose?” you asked him seriously, he let out a long sigh “my husband is dead, my best friend is nowhere to be found” he nodded slowly. 

I can now see why Barnes married you, you are one hell of women” ,he tells you, a laugh escapes you “Fire this thing up, Stark” you order and he nodded, saluting as he did so. He helped you into the seat, it wasn’t the machine they used last time, Howard had created his own since the military refused anyone to be near the first. Howard looked at you one last time.

Okay, just remain still, this will hurt and you may pass out… or die.” He tells you, you choke on your laughter as he flipped down some glasses, placing some on yourself also and then went over to the control panel. 

Watching as he pressed various buttons, switching different switches and pulling what looks to be some lever, the machine begins and injects some of the serum you both created. 

“(Y/N)” someone was shaking you awake “(Y/N), can you hear me? Are you okay? God, Peggy is going to kill me!” you fluttered your eyes open and see Howard kneeling in front of you, he let out a long sigh, dropping his head onto one of your knee’s and then giving you a stern look, “I thought you fucking died,” he tells you. 

Can’t get rid of me that easily” you murmur, he nods and begins to unstrap you from the chair “did it work?” you asked and he shrugged, you didn’t feel any different, and you certainly didn’t look any different otherwise Howard would have been acting differently also. 

Your vitals seem fine” he mutters, your eyes followed the torch “hmm, maybe it didn’t take,” he says to himself “it should have worked in some form, I knew it wouldn’t be anything like the first but it would have done something… to you” he steps back and looks at you from a distance “I guess my calculations were wrong” he sighed out, shrugging gently to you, you did the same back and stood up wobbling slightly. 

A groan of pain comes from Howard, you turn and see him clutching his hand, blood trickling down “sharp objects everywhere!” he says in a strained voice. You chuckle, grabbing the first aid kit beside you, walking over and taking his hand; wiping the new cut, you place pressure on it yourself as you grab some bandages, needle, and thread from the kit with your left hand. 

Oh. My. God” Howard shouts in shock, your jump back slightly startled by the man, he was looking at his hand and wiping the blood away… no cut! He looked at you, then back to his hand, then back to you; he did this several times over “you have the powers to heal” he shouts with glee 

I knew my calculations were right, I knew it!” he yelled, impressed with himself more so than you right now “this means we have so much more to discover about you, you can really make a difference” he looks at you, a smile started to form on your face, a real smile in the four years Howard had known you… this was your real smile! 

                    *** Seventy or so years later *** 
Seeing Steve Again!

“Agent Barnes” You looked up to see Director Nick Fury. Seventy years after the experiment and you were still knocking around, mainly in the medical unit or with a team who may need medical assistance out during a mission. 

Your powers were more than what they seemed, Howard conducted experiments after experiments to see what else was new about you, not a lot. Except the fact your cells regenerate faster than most humans, meaning you don’t age like others, in fact, you hadn’t aged all that much you still looked like the same girl that fell in love with an idiot all those years ago. 

We found him” your breathing hitched slightly, he couldn’t possibly mean Steve, could he? He was deemed missing, never to be found, forgotten like most heroes… like your husband; forgotten by most but still loved by you. 

You held a bag of cookies in one hand, still remembering the promise you made to him. The excitement you felt to finally have someone back with you was turning into nerves. Everyone you knew died, or become extremely frail and old, Howard was killed along with his wife leaving behind his son who you met various times. 

Peggy was in a nursing home, she never remembered you for long but still the conversations you had for somewhat ten minutes were always nice, but your healing powers could only do so much and unfortunately the illness to the brain can never fully be healed. 

You clutched the bag tighter when he turned the corner into Nick’s office, his eyes looking at Nick and then you, his shoulders slump and his face are priceless as he looks at you. 

He had been unfrozen for almost three weeks, they wanted him to adjust slightly before pushing you back into the picture, and it was torture knowing Steve was finally back but you couldn’t see him.

I said I’d wait to hear the Captain America victory story, I even remembered the cookies” you lightened the mood, he let out a breathy chuckle, almost running to you and hugging you so tightly it hurt but it was good. Good to be with someone that reminded you of home. 

If Seven and MC met in college

-Seven is usually seen at the school cafe, or at the rooftop sometimes, with his headset on and using his laptop. Of course, his canned Dr. Pepper and honey butter chip is always with him.
-MC had 2-3 friends together with her, and MC kind of know him (by face) because she always see him randomly at the campus
-MC’s first impression to Seven was someone who’s very serious, a geek, and talks less
-Her impression to Seven changed a bit when she randomly saw him again at the mall with his blonde-haired acquaintance, who was different from what she thought
-the second semester starts and you were late in class because of sleeping late
-you were shocked when you saw him late at the class too, and he’s your classmate in your minor subject
-you two both seated at the back, since you’re both late
-at first you were shy to have a conversation because he still looks serious and doesn’t want to talk
-there’s a time when you two made an eye contact be he immediately looked away
-What’s with him
-“You’re late, too? I guess we’re both “co-LATErs”
-he was sweating even though the classroom had ac and looked so stressed when he asked you that -you laughed and tried to control it since your professor might see
-Oh boy
-Did she just laughed at my joke?
-it’s so cute
-while trying to control your laugh, you told him “You’re funny”
-he was just surprised
-“Oooh! You’re quite a good one! You get along with my jokes! You’re funny too!”
-unfortunately, your professor saw the two of you laughing and made you both go to the library to do some research and report it next meeting
-“Oh, this guy’s smart after all.”
-he could almost answer all of the questions that you needed that you didn’t really need to open a book
-while the two of you are at the lib, you suddenly asked, “Hey, are you a hacker or something.”
- **broken eyeglass emoji**
-“Hohoho, you want to know about this guy’s secret? I’m the dangerous type, you know~~ you wouldn’t want to mingle with me if I were you~”
-“You dont really look like one.. at least to me. Haha LOLZ! Besides, I like the dangerous type! ..but is that the reason why I often see you alone?”
-“Not really. I have a friend from a different department, and a girlfriend from other place.”
-“Other place?”
-“Yeah, she’s 606. She’s from the world of binary numbers.”
-“Oh! I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Seven. Seven Zero Seven, the defender of justice!”
-you laughed
-“Hahaha! Seriously, what kind of name is that! *laughs you’re so funny!!”
“I’m MC btw. Nice to meet you, defender of justice. Im a leader of a certain “league” btw, wanna join?“
-“Oooh! I think I already know that! It’s Justice League, right?”

-“Yep. And I actually have a secret from that league that only I should know. You wanna know? Promise me you won’t tell it to anyone, okay?”
-“What is it? Tell me! Tell me!!~ I wanna know!”
-you whispered on his ear and said “I’m actually 606.”
-Seven freezes for a moment and blushes
-“Oooh! You totally got me there, babe!”
-“Yeah, Sevenny babe!”
-“Sevenny?” *laughs “You’re so funny.. and *whispers in a very soft voice* and cute.. ”
“I’ve never been called by anyone like that. And you could even get my jokes. You get along with me very well!”

-you didn’t know that he actually has a crush on you ever since he first saw you and had been stalking on you 24/7
-seeing you on the cctv makes him smile like an idiot, and even tries to wave at you (even though you cant see)
-he actually hacked the school system to see which class are you taking so he could be your classmate. Fortunately, both of you were late and made a conversation
-he tried his VERY BEST to talk to you when you first met (at the classroom) He was so nervous when he was sitting beside you -his nervousness began to disappear when you laughed at his joke
-but boy the professor made the two of you go at the library and do some research, now he’s really nervous.. until you asked him if he’s a hacker
-he was happy to know that you often see him at the campus; he thought you didn’t notice him at all.. Specially when you mentioned that you see him at the mall with a blond-haired dude (Yoosung)
*Seventy seven years later*

Saeyoung, to his grandchildren: ..and that’s how I met your lovely grandmother, kiddos.

The 8th of May: A Day of Infamy by Hyperb0rean

   “Liberation”, they say. When the German Wehrmacht unconditionally surrendered (not so the German government that was deposed by the Allies, in violation of international law, a few days later) to the American, British and French armed forces on the 8th of May, and to the Red Army a day later, the German people were “liberated”. The “heinous Nazi regime” was defeated. The world was made “a better place”. That is what they keep saying ever since that fateful year of 1945, and that is why today, seventy years later, they want to remind us all the more so of the alleged “horrors” of the Third Reich and the subsequent “liberation” that was without alternative, or else Adolf Hitler would certainly have “conquered and enslaved the entire world”. They may repeat this propaganda over and over again, but that does not make it any less false on every angle: Because Freedom, Justice and Humanity have not prevailed on the 8th of May; they were vanquished and deliberately destroyed when the last German soldier laid down his arms and walked into captivity.
   Look at the world we live in, seventy years after this “liberation”, and ask yourself what really happened when the enemies of the Reich emerged victorious from the ruins and corpses of the war they have had forced upon Germany in the first place. Who escalated a local conflict into a world war? Britain and France declared war on Germany after the Wehrmacht defended German interests in Poland; certainly not for the sake of the Polish nation (or else they’d have declared war on the Soviet Union too, which invaded Poland from the East at the same time) but to have a pretext for attacking the German Reich. Adolf Hitler always wished to contain the conflict; he even abstained from the invasion of the British Isles but sent a peace envoy, Rudolf Hess, instead. His enemies, who were the sworn enemies of the German Reich, rejected each and every peace proposal from Adolf Hitler. They went to war with the sole intent of vanquishing and dismembering the German Reich for good, something they failed to achieve in 1918. This was not about “liberation” but about extinction. Millions of soldiers and civilians perished in the wake of their crusade against the German Reich; numberless German cities were obliterated and turned into rubble; horrendous crimes were perpetrated against German women, elderly and children who had no safe place to escape to; Germany was ultimately divided and distributed as spoils of war among the victors.  East and central Europe fell under the yoke of Bolshevism, a peril that the National Socialists struggled so hard to fight off, because Churchill and Roosevelt rather groveled to Stalin, the worst dictator and mass murderer of the 20th century, instead of making peace with Adolf Hitler.
   How can anyone dare to say that “freedom” and “democracy” prevailed on the 8th of May when half of Europe suffered under Communist dictatorship for 40 years thereafter? Doesn’t this fact alone reveal all the mockery of this so-called “liberation”? But more so, what did this victory over the German Reich really accomplish for those believed to be victorious? With Germany vanquished and divided and Britain as well as France so severely weakened they would soon loose almost every one of their colonial dominions, the old Europe was becoming a shadow of her former self, a faint memory of grandeur never to return.
   If we compare images from our world before the war and of today, then we can’t help but notice the striking difference in everything from architecture, arts, fashion, lifestyle and attitude. Where once has been beauty, life and light, we now have degeneracy, death and decline. Europe was killed on the 8th of May, 1945, and she keeps decomposing ever since.
National Socialism in the Third Reich once set about ushering humanity into a new age of higher evolution, where man would be reconciled with the divine and thus expand his horizon to the unfathomable, furthermost reaches of the universe. A vision so bold, so grand, so daring! In our day and age, we’ve got none of that. Instead of approaching the illuminating light of the Golden Age, we face an impenetrable darkness that is supposed to smother our senses and turn us into mindless, spineless drones conditioned for incessant consumerism. The “liberation” on the 8th of May was nonexistent: This was the day of infamy when in the fires of war, the enemies of the Reich have forged chains that shall bind us to a world not ours. Seventy years later, and our true liberation has yet to come.