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I've always taken the stance with blood donation that I won't donate as long as I have to lie on the form (I'm the partner of a MSM). Do you think I should still donate? I worry about these things.

When my grandmother was in her seventies, a truck driver backed up without looking and hit her.  The impact broke her pelvis and she lost a life-threatening amount of blood.  At the hospital, she received several transfusions and she survived.  It was a long rehabilitation period but a successful one, and thanks to the anonymous strangers who had donated their blood, she recovered fully and lived well into her eighties.

So yeah, I think you should still donate.

I got so many lovely responses for my writing advice post that I wanted to collate them all in one post so it can help someone else! Thank guys, I’m feeling a lot more motivated today. 


Personally, I scream at the void and the void pats me on the shoulder and says ‘I know, I know’

(A little context: I have 17 barely-started fics on my desktop plus the many in my wip folder which is literally named ‘pit of doom’ and the seventy times seven ideas in my head that I have never written down so yeah)

(The only fics I have finished in my life are exactly three 1k/2k ficlets lmao)


I don’t let myself start a new story until I finish the one I’m working on. If I get a new idea, I add it to my To Be Written file. There are currently 36 ideas in there, plus one currently being written, plus one “on deck.” I have that idea in its own tab right next to where I’m writing the current thing, mostly to goad me into finishing the current thing. I’m not allowed to write the new thing, but if I really WANT to write it, I have to finish the one I started first.

It works for me because I can’t stand leaving something unfinished, but that might not work for everyone. :D


If you’re really struggling, this is what I do with screen and comic book writing and it would probably work with general story writing too if you plan on writing something long or serialized. I do this with everything I make but it’s probably not necessary with shorter or more flexible forms. It may help anyway though.

Start with one idea. Pick the one you care about the most or the one with the most stuff you can’t get out of your head, or even just the most recent. Maybe someone sent you a prompt or you pulled it out of a hat. Then get a bunch of index cards and write something you think is important on them. Something you love and want to get down. Maybe you have a finale you gotta get out there but don’t know the build up yet, describe it on a card. Maybe you have some kickass dialogue or a character description you want to write. Get those on cards and place them in front of you where you think they’ll go in the story. Build on those. You can even just start describing scenes or locations, put the cards in front of you. See where they go. Put in debates from characters, what they learn, how they use it. You’ll likely find that eventually some stuff won’t fit, that’s ok, that’s what this is for: Figuring out what fits and where. I color code cards with markers and push pins so I can see relationships and connections but you may be able to see them forming just by looking at what cards you have out.

For me it helps to write with structure in mind but that’s partially because I have very restricted formats. I have a big cork board in my office where I place these cards. It’s split into sections with masking tape for Act 1, Act 2, Act 3 and so on. This may be too restrictive for you but it may help to organize them until you know more about what you want to tell. You don’t really need a big cork board unless you want one. Any decently sized surface will do. I carry my cards around with me everywhere and pull them out in libraries, coffee shops, all kinds of places. People always think I’m writing really long speeches.

If I write something down that ends up fitting a different story better. I pack up that card in it’s own banding so I can expand on it later. I have like 3 different stacks in my purse right now but am primarily focusing on one. Even as I do though, the others sometimes get fleshed out. It’s kind of like the creation of Zelda and Mario: Open world exploration > Zelda. Mario > Linear level based ideas.

I hope this was of some use and good luck :)


I use the same process as @mittensmorgul plus pure, unadulterated stubbornness.  New idea?  I write it down, and then glare it into submission so it’ll stop bugging me while I work on my main project.


One thing I love about Scrivener (writing software) is that I can keep all my fic in one document. There’s a list of subdocuments off to one side, one for each fic, and for longer fics it’s a folder with a subdocument for each chapter (and possibly another one for outlining/notes and one for bits I’ve cut that I might want some other time).

I am super “out of sight, out of mind”, so having ALL my fics there where I can see them goes a long way toward not forgetting about a fic entirely. Because I cannot do the “don’t start a story til you’ve finished the last one” thing. I know, a LOT of people say you gotta do that, but I really, really can’t. If I get a scene in my head, sometimes I literally have trouble thinking about anything else until I write it down and it’s out of my head. Scrivener makes it easy for me to jump between fics, sometimes even during one writing session if one of them just isn’t happening that night.

This is all my ADHD talking, btw - both the jumping between fics and the hyperfocus on a new scene/plot bunny. Sometimes I just have to get down an outline and then it can wait til later, sometimes I bang out a whole damn shorter fic in a few hours.

I agree that challenges are good for the deadlines. Last year’s DCBB and Tropefest this year got me to finish longer fics that I’d started but had languished.

Also, I didn’t really start spending a significant amount of time on writing until I joined an IRC channel where everyone in there is writing and we have word wars where we all see how much we can do in a half hour. I go to @antidiogenes, I know that a group of people like @captainawesomeellie and @unforth-ninawatersrun some similar things on Tumblr, challenges to write 1K in 1 hour. I’m sure there are a lot of other places to find a similar community. Writing, like, has to have a social component for me, apparently? To keep me accountable?

Some people find posting chapters as WIPs motivating, but… I have a couple fics that I’ve posted as WIPs, and with one exception I am never doing that again, tbh. The deadline of a challenge motivates me, but the pressure of having how many hundred??? oh god people waiting on me for that next chapter is bad. It makes writing not fun. Plus, so many times I find that I get far into a fic and really need to go back and edit the beginning. From now on, even longer fics I’m not going to start posting until I’m done. But some people thrive on it.

If you don’t have one already, start a document where you can record all your ideas, maybe jot down outlines for some. Then at least you have a list to look at and pick one to get started on. Also, don’t feel like you must write linearly? Again with the Scrivener (look, I am a walking ad for this software, ok?), I can make a document for a later chapter and put down my ideas for it or even a scene that’s in my head, then go back to where I was.

Does this post count toward my writing total for today? :D


I usually try to do one after another but I also struggle with just putting an idea to the side and write it later because sometimes it just needs to be written NOW. So I usually have around thirty ideas listed on a seperate document and always write down bits that I come up with next to the idea. But I try not to write anything too conherent.

Most times I have around three to five stories that I actively work on at the same time. Sometimes, when I’m a bit deeper into the happening of all, I come up with a way of connecting one of my stories with one of my ideas. I don’t get to use them in their original form (which is sad, sometimes) but I do get to use them and it puts a bit of weight off my back.


Personally I like doing multiple stories at once, just because if I get stuck with one I can jump to another (though I very much appreciate authors who stick to one all the way through).  But that doesn’t work for everyone.

For stories I can’t get to yet, I might jot down a few notes/outline it, or maybe put a one sentence reminder in a file called “ideas.”


I recently decided that if I get struck with an idea I make a new google drive doc and just write until the idea is all out. Whether that’s a new story starting or just some ideas for one. I have a doc with about 12 ideas and 6 WIPs right now, most around 2k but one at 10k and one at 5k. Not sure if I will finish any of them anytime soon, but I just add to whichever one I’m feeling at the time. That does mean sometimes I have to reread them because I legit forgot what’s going on…


I’m just getting started with my writing. It’s hard. I tend to just work on whatever I feel like, to create a writing habit. If my brain decides this writing thing is a chore to add to the other chores no writing will ever happen. There are currently 26 WIPs in my fanfiction folder plus ca 5 on my phone.


I usually have one main one I’m working on, but I also move between fics in other moods, and have a huge list of ones to write, and a load more in my head I just tell myself.

Just keep moving forwards on whichever one is in front of you now.


I have a binder where I write it all down so I can come back to it later

MPU Holiday Event #9: “Inquire”

“Are you out of your mind?”

Clint shrugs. “Maybe?” he answers, and Darcy shoots him a dirty look.  Not the real serious kind, but the one where she wrinkles her nose and huffs.  He rolls his eyes.  "Lemme rephrase:  I can’t answer ‘til I know what you’re talking about.“

"I’m talking about this insane offer,” she replies, thrusting her cell phone at him. “You’ll dismiss three pretty serious infractions if he pleads to the expired driver’s license?  That’s like four hundred dollars of fines.”

“Closer to four-fifty, but yeah.”  Her face turns accusatory in record time, and Clint raises his hands.  "What do you want me to tell you?  I’ve got seventy—"

“Eighty-two,” Judge English’s assistant corrects from her place by the door.

He ignores Darcy’s full-body twitch to continue, “Eighty-two people on today’s traffic docket.  And for every entited college student who’s here to bitch about speeding in a construction zone, I’ve got somebody like your client.”  He shrugs again, reaching for another folder.  "I’m cutting deals to pick up the slack.“

"No, you’re being uncharacteristically reasonable,” Darcy counters, hands on her hips.  "Did you hit your head?  I’ll call Phil.  Help pin you down while he shines a penlight in your eyes.“

Clint grins. "What, you saying I can’t get in the Christmas spirit?”

“I’m saying you got that kitty litter disease from your cat!” she shouts back, and he laughs as he calls the next defendant.

قال الغزالي - رحمه الله -
Al-Ghazaali, may Allaah have mercy upon him, said:

قد وصف الله تعالي الصابرين بأوصاف وذكر الصبر في القران في نيف وسبعين موضعا ، وأضاف اكثر الدرجات و الخيرات الي الصبر و جعلها ثمرة لها

Allaah has described those who are patient with many descriptions, and has mentioned patience. Allaah has mentioned patience in seventy odd instances, and tied most levels and goodness to patience, making those things a result of patience.

{ احياء العلوم الدين ٦١/٤ }
{Ihyaa’ `Uloom Ad-Deen (5/384) }

الثمرات الصبر
The fruits of patience

الفلاح نتيجة الصبر
1_ Success is the result of patience

سبب لعدم الخسران
2_It is a reason for not being at loss

حصول المغفرة والأجر الكبير
3_ Attaining forgiveness and great rewards

الصبر الطريق الجنة
4_ Patience is the path to Paradise

السلام الملائكة علي الصابرين في الجنة
5_ Angels give greetings of peace to the patient in Paradise
بيت الحميد

6_ They will earn the House of Praise

العدم ضياع الأجر

7_ Not losing reward

الحصول علي ثواب الله

8_ Receiving the reward of Allaah the Exalted

مضاعفة اجر الصابرين

9_ The reward of those who are patient is multiplied

نيل الأمامة في الدين
10_ Becoming a leader (Imaam) in the religion

معية الله سبحان وتعالي

11_ Receiving Allaah’s company

حصول الصابر علي العون

12_The patient person receives help

حصول النصر
13_ Attaining victory

نجاة من كيد الأعداء
14_Being saved from the plot of enemies

الصلاة من الله والرحمة والهدية

15_ Blessings from Allaah, mercy, and guidance

نيل محبة الله سبحانه

16_ Receiving the Love of Allaah the Exalted

نيل ثناء الله سبحانه

17_ Receiving Allaah’s Praise

الصبر ضياء

18_ Patience is a luminance

نيل المطلوب والحصول علي الحاجة

19_ Being able to benefit from the signs and verses

إخلاف الله عليه
20_ Allaah the Exalted recompenses them

والصبر سبيل العز في الدنيا

21_ Patience is the path to glory in this life

Imam al-Hassan Al-Basri (Raḥimahullāh) said:

We laugh and yet – who knows? – perhaps Allah has looked at some of our works and said:

“I will not accept anything from you.” Woe to you, son of Adam!

Can you fight Allah?
Whoever disobeys Allah is fighting Him. By Allah! I have met seventy veterans of Badr. Most of their garments were wool.
Had you seen them you would have said they are crazy, and had they seen the best among you they would have said: “Those people will have no part in the Hereafter.”

Had they seen the worst among you they would have said:

“Those people do not believe in the Day of Reckoning.”

I have seen people for whom this world was cheaper than the dust under their feet.
I have seen people the like of whom would come home at night, not finding more than his own portion of food, and yet say:

“I shall not put all of this into my belly.
I shall certainly give some away for Allah’s sake.”

Then he would give away some of his food in charity, even if he were more in need of it than its recipient.

Narrated from `Alqama ibn Marthad by Abu Nu`aym in Hilya al-Awliya’ (1985 ed. 2:134)

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1. biggest problem you run in while writing Sakura? 2. how far are you in the series ( manga and / or anime )? 3. i love u nikki 4. any other characters you've thought about roleplaying as? 5. most memorable experience you've had since you started your blog

Guide to Nikki 101 || @seraphicus

1. People boxing in my muse. Look. I get it. People can interpret canon all the seventy-three different ways they want to and that’s fine and dandy, but leave me and my muse out of it. My Sakura is my Sakura for a reason. She’s not going to fit in your box if you don’t allow her to actually grow. I’m not here to write the 2D characters shown in canon, I’m here to flesh her out and make her stand on her own. Biggest problem has absolutely been fighting against the people that allow their distaste for her in canon dictate how I portray her in RP.

2. Dammit Reina, don’t call me out on this. I haven’t read the manga, but I’m pretty certain that’s going to change after @icebloodedprince forced me to read the Five Kage Summit arc. My heart still hurts for Sakura after her “confession” to Naruto and if I don’t stop talking now, we’ll be here all week. In the anime, I’m actually right before that part! I’m in filler land before the Summit and I’m going to kill someone if I don’t get out soon.

3. I love you, too, Reina. <3<3

4. Shit. Mizuki and Hiruzen, briefly. I have probably a half-assed background thought up for Mizuki and really random hcs, but he’d end up being super dark. I’m not sold on him. Hiruzen would just be a mess, I fear. I’d make him a wonderful mess, but a mess. Considered Kakashi before I made Sakura and I am so happy I didn’t. So happy. Also briefly considered stepping out of the fandom to write Aang, but nope. For right now, I’m perfectly content with Sakura and Jiraiya.

5. Off the top of my head, pitting Sakura against Sasuke within the first month of having her. How @damnedflame put up with me, I won’t ever fucking know, but it’s so deeply engrained in my memory. I learned so much about her during that interaction, it’s forever one of my go-to moments when I think on the growth of my muse.
Quick edit: Also making people curse at me in tags. Favorite fucking thing in the world.