seventies toys

Seventy-five Cents

Put your makeup on,
But not too much
Don’t be caked, look natural
But have the perfect body
Seventy five cents

Close your legs
Shut your mouth, go get married
But don’t be a gold digger,
Just make me a sandwhich.
Seventy five cents

Stay at home, raise your kids
The choice isn’t yours-
It’s my body.
Murder is murder
I was rap- murder is murder.
No uterus no opinion
You still fight for basic human rights
But no matter how many months you bleed
You will be forced to accept
That it is a man’s world
And your decision is not your decision

There’s no such thing as victim blaming.
You were asking for it.
No means no!
close your lids.
Seventy five cents

It was ninety minutes of action.
It was your fault.
Don’t drink too much,
don’t put yourself in that position
Don’t be vulnerable,
because you’ll be the first to be blamed
to say no-
but denied the simple right of justice,
Because Brock is a white man.
And you are Eve,
Seventy five cents

Watch what you wear, At school and the workplace Don’t you dare distract the males from their work because all you are is a pretty face Seventy five cents
You are overly sexualized at a young age and because of this screwed up system, to every boy, you are seen as nothing but a toy. “grab her by the-” Yes Mr. President.
What’s on your shoulders doesn’t really matter, “as long as you have a nice piece of ass” and if you’re upset and tired or simply opinionated, it is going to be assumed that there is “blood coming out of your eyes- or blood coming from wherever-” and if you respond with a different tone in your voice, you’re a “bitch”. Seventy five cents
Get new boobs, plump your lips Seventy five cents
Your success will be undermined, It will be implied that you did whatever it took to get the job, every bull you intimidate will call you every name in the book, but that’s to be expected
Because there’s no way you got to the place you are based off of your intelligence. Seventy five cents
Degrade yourself Parade in mini skirts and roll around in singles Be a piece of meat, Entertain me, slut. Seventy five cents.
(Seventy five cents, unless you’re hispanic then it’s fifty four cents, and if you’re Black
it’s even less.)
We are worth way more than

Seventy Five Cents.