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Warnings: Swearing, Blood?

I’m sorry guys, but I had to make the reader female. I try and make my imagines gender neutral. I know, I’m such a disappointment.

They did it. They finally did it. Humanity won the war against the man-eating beasts they called titans. To celebrate you know what they decided to do. Host a stupid ball. 

“I don’t understand. Why a ball? Out of everything they could’ve chosen they choose a ball.” You grumbled to Levi, just hearing the announcement that Erwin made.

“Why are you so upset? You’ll be going with me.” Levi said before turning to talk to Erwin. Why were you so upset? The truth is, you were secretly excited. Your inner 8 year old girl has always longed to attend a ball, see the lights and the decorations, wearing a beautiful ball gown while being swept off your feet by Prince Charming. Dancing the night away and looking into his eyes. Honestly, you were just nervous. This would be the first time Levi would ever see you in a dress. Usually you were wearing your uniform or one of Levi’s shirts. You didn’t want Levi to think that you were unattractive and break up with you. That was your worst nightmare. 

“Hanji for the last time. I don’t want to go dress shopping.” The mentioned woman was tugging your wrist out of your socket, pulling you to the shops. “Well, would you look at that, my wrist is broken. I’m going to have to get it treated and- yeah, bye.” You made a desperate attempt to pull your wrist from Hanji’s firm grip. 

She turned and gave you a chilling look. “You will go. Or I’ll experiment on you.”

“Um. I don’t think you can do that.” You said, sweat forming on your forehead.

Watch me.” 

And with that, Hanji pulled your hand from your body and you bled out on the floor.

…Is what you wished would happen, but alas, you allowed Hanji to drag you over to the dress shop because you were not going to be experimented on. Nuh-uh, not today, Satan. 

You and Hanji walked into the shop and it looked like a nightmare. There were colors and ruffles everywhere. Sure, you were mildly excited for the ball, but some of these dresses were just plain nasty. Hanji squealed. “This is going to be perfect!”

You allowed Hanji to drag you all over the shop, sometimes dropping a dress into your arms. Some of which you stealthily tried to put back on the hanger when she wasn’t looking. However, she always caught you, and let me tell you, being on the receiving end of one of her death glares is not pleasant. By the time you were finished, the dresses in your arms were stacked so high that you couldn’t see over it. The stack had many different varieties of dresses, some were pink, some were orange, ruffles, glitter, sequins, you name it.

Hanji pushed you into the dressing room with an atrocious bright yellow dress with way to many sequins. You didn’t even want to try it on, but then you remembered Hanji’s threats and you promptly undressed and threw on the dress. It looked hideous. You walked outside and Hanji just stared at you for a minute then pushed you back into the dressing room with a dark purple dress. This dress was much better than the yellow one, but it wasn’t you. So you walked back outside and got pushed into the dressing room with another dress. This happened for a while, after trying on what felt like seventy-five dresses, you were ready to give up. But then Hanji handed you one last dress, it was (F/C) and fit your body just right. It was beautiful.

You walked outside the dressing room and Hanji had tears in her eyes, ”MY BABY IS GROWING UP!” Then she squeezed the life out of you. Your eyes widened, and you desperately tried to push her off and regain the ability to breathe. “H-Hanji please stop.” This only caused said woman to wail even louder. Soon, you got her to let go so you can get dressed, but she came back when you got out. You went to the register with a crying ex-squad leader clutching you. 

It was time. You spent hours getting ready with Hanji, and it was finally time to go and see Levi, the love of your life. To say you were nervous would be an understatement. What if he broke up with you? What if he thought you looked revolting in this dress? Pretty soon you started hyperventilating. Hanji glanced over and immediately came to your aid. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

Tears were welling up in your eyes. “W-What if Levi realizes that he doesn’t like me anymore? What if he thinks I look hideous? What if he breaks up with me?”

Hanji’s arms wrapped around you, “If Levi breaks up with you because he doesn’t like the way that you look, then he doesn’t deserve you. If Levi breaks up with you tonight -which he won’t- then you’re going to keep going strong. You don’t need him. Not if he breaks up with you that easily. Besides, you have me.”

“You’re right, Hanji. I don’t need him if he’s going to think I look ugly.” Hanji was always there for you. Even if she happens to be one of the most annoying people in the world, she was your best friend. And nothing can ever change that.

“You bet I am, now let’s go down there and celebrate!”

You walked down the stairs, your head held high. Nothing was going to stop you from having a good time. You’re eyes landed on Levi, as if sensing your presence, he turned and your eyes locked. His eyes, dear God, his eyes. They were expressing hundreds of emotions. Happiness, adoration, love. In that second, all your worries melted away. You were with him now. No titans blocking your path. No fear of losing each other. It was just you. And him.

The minute Levi’s eyes locked with yours, it felt like he was in love all over again. You looked beautiful. The way your hair perfectly framed your face, your eyes shining, the dress you wore. Everything was perfect. You were perfect. He couldn’t help but remember the very first time you met. The first time he really saw you.

He was horribly injured, bleeding out on the floor. His 3DMG was broken, he ankle was twisted. It was an expedition gone wrong. He didn’t know where he was, he didn’t know where the others were. For the first time in what felt like forever, he was afraid. Afraid of death. 

He didn’t want to die.

Faintly, he heard the thundering steps of a titan. Out from the trees, ran the biggest titan he had ever seen. He closed his eyes. There was no way he was getting out of this alive. A singular tear fell down his face. At least now, he could be reunited with those he held close to his heart. His family. Isabelle, Farlan, his mother. He accepted it now. He was going to die. Everybody dies at one point. Today it was just his turn.

He heard the sound of wires being shot out, the slicing of blades against the nape of the beast’s neck, and finally, the bump when the massive titan hit the ground. He opened his eyes. Standing on the head of the titan was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. He recognized her from a few days ago, when Erwin called him into his office to introduce him to the squad leader who had been on a very long expedition, with only her squad to keep her company.  “Levi, this is Captain (Y/N). You will treat her as an equal.”

Blood was everywhere. Matted into her hair, splattered onto her face, dripping from her swords. But somehow, she still looked beautiful. He remembered comparing her to an angel that day, coming to Hell to avenge her home.

“Levi. Come on, we have asses to kick.”

You walked down the stairs, eventually standing right in front of Levi. He wrapped you in his arms, whispering in your ear. 

“You look stunning (Y/N).”

Together, you walked into the ball, where Erwin was giving a speech. “Today, we celebrate winning the war against the monsters who terrorized us for many years. Today, we mourn the deaths of the lost, but they did not die in vain! For now…”

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Issues -Part Thirty Nine


Negan x You

When the saviours turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.

Warning-Swearing- as always. 

Word count- 1,280

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Part Thirty Nine

Negan was pissed.

The whole way, to wherever it was we were going he was mumbling under his breath and throwing me the stink eye. It was beginning to annoy the hell out of me.

Making this truck feel even smaller than it was already. 

We must of been driving for over four hours by now, who knows could of been more or less. Time was hard to track now. The clock on the dash had read 08:45am since the first time I had got in it, back in Alexandria. The second time I had met the man sat besides me. God that feels like more than a couple of months. Fuck.

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