I am A Seventh-Day Adventist.

There are a list full of things we can’t do. Things that we want to do, but can’t because it goes against God’s will. So we either have to choose, the world or God. What could be a harmless decision is actually a big one, that does effect you  later on. 

It’s Hard to be a SDA. I can’t lie. And some may say, being in a religion should NEVER be hard. But look at it this way, God never said It would be easy. To me getting close to God is the HARDEST THING TO DO, if you aren’t locked in a BOX. Because EVERYTHING is temptation and temptation is SIN. 

I love my religion. I honestly do. I know that this is what I think is right, not because I WAS RAISED in it, but because it was PROVEN to me as to why I should be apart of this religion. 

This is LIFE to me. The Parties, the movies, the piercing and tattoos mean nothing to me, if I can’t fill that hole in my heart. And that hole can only be filled with Gods love. 

Happy Sabbath. Good Night :D

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Idea 💡!!! READ ME please ❤❤

Hey wanted to ask you guys something. Well, I “made” a conference line (its number you call and you can host meetings with about 25-30 people) a few weeks ago and i dont know what exactly i should do with it. I wanted to know if any of you guys had suggestions on how to use. For example: we can study the lessons together, prayer session, etc. But i dont want it to go to waste and leave it there to collect dust. Think of some ideas and come together to work for Christ. Have a wonderful Sabbath my brothers and sisters!!

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Happy Sabbath! - August 1, 2015

Happy Sabbath guys!!! FORGIVE ME!!!!! Ive been a bit M.I.A. (missing in action). The reason for this was because i moved. I moved from Boston to Houston, TX. I moved here on July 18th. It was an intense move! Im trying to adjust and find church to call home and/or Adventist youth program where I can help with. I went to this church called Cypress SDA . Let me tell you if you live near the church then pass by. I had a spirit filled day!!! If any of you guys live in Tx and/or Houston; let me know!!! If there is an event thats going to happen at your church/conference; let a fellow sister know!!! Please, also its nice if we all share some programs that are going on at our church. Dont forget to add tags!! (#adventist #SDA, etc we need to get these tags popping!!!) Have a wonderful Sabbath and fellowship with one another! May God’s be with you all!!!