Again, One Piece colorspread 771

So guys, I know I have fangirled over this colorspread for a lot now and some of you pretty much know it was no little fangirling. 

Zoro and Nami act soo much like Luffy’s guardians here - their hands are both trying to reach their captain, probably in an attempt to stop him. And hey, look at their faces, they are the only ones who are this worried about Luffy here!

Ho~we~ver, that isn’t the only thing there. This is probably the thing that slapped us rather right in the face:

Have we ever seen Zoro and Nami THIS close in colorspreads before? Not just sitting next to each other (and may I say, Nami isn’t sitting next to Sanji, nope, not even a bit, but rather next and only next to Zoro) and Nami even has her hand on Zoro’s face! Maybe she tried to stop him from doing something stupid, or maybe she was trying to steady herself (they were riding a cart that doesn’t seem to be really… erm.. safe) and thus she put her hand on his face? Aaaah either way, it’s still special because there weren’t ZoNa interactions as of lately, right? And heck do I love it.

If Nami was trying to stop Zoro from doing something stupid, maybe she should have shoved him and put her hands on his chest (but I bet, many fans would still go crazy about that xD) and if she tried to steady herself, then the fact her hand landed on his face could have been an accident then … yep, it was pretty much an accident, a VERY NICE accident indeed =.= also, did I say already that:

That hand moment was like..almost in the middle of the colorspread?? What have you done Odachi.. I hope you aren’t going to crush my ZoNa filled heart in the future TT.TT

And I’m sorry, this is the main reason why I’m bringing this colorspread back:

*sigh* am I an idiot or such simple thing like the fact Zoro has his other hand kind of behind Nami makes me soooo goddamn happy? 

And then this:

A perfect title for the best colorspread this year I would say.

I’m probably reading too much into this and Oda might even crush me with these feels in the future but right now hehe..let me live in the seventh heaven pls =^.^=

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