And that’s it for January!

Jan 19th-
Playing 7th Circle somehow solicits a unique experience every time.
Playing with 5 other bands on a single bill can be a little daunting, but when you’re amongst such wonderful company it’s a welcome task. Free Throw, Young and Heartless, Sinai Vessel, Use the Sun, and Foxtrot are some of the absolute best bands around. We were so lucky to have the opportunity to play with them. The energy in the room was tangible that night.

Jan 22nd-
We broke new ground at Moe’s BBQ with Silver & Gold and Lightning Rodney on the 22nd. It’s easy to lose track of incredible local bands, but these two bands are hard to forget. We played an extended (45 minute) set and we played every song we knew how to play. Loads of fun, and many new friends were made.

February appears to be a bit of a slow month, so we’re taking some time to work on new material.

Thanks for listening, stay tuned.

This photo was taken by Shayna Milton Photography.