seventh ward


Logan (Westworld)
Both Are Broken Pt 1
Both Are Broken Pt 2
Pariah- One Shot- SMUT
Partners Pt 1
Partners Pt 2
Partners Pt 3
Partners Pt 4


Fucking on a penthouse balcony
Where he’s your boss
He gets handsy during class
Jealous Logan
You best him in a game of darts
You left a huge hickey on him
He gets handsy during a movie
A very dirty family dinner
PDA at a Delos event
Fluffy morning Logan
Dominant Logan
He’s head over heels for you

Sirius Black
Home for the Holidays- Blurb
Somewhere Only We Know- One Shot- SMUT
Jealousy- One Shot- SMUT
New ‘Do- Blurb- SMUT


He has a crush on a sassy Slytherin
Sirius taking care of you when you’re sleepy
You realize he looks like Logan
Based on Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes
Fairytale AU
You make the first move at the bar
He asks you out but you think he’s joking
Based on One Night by Ed Sheeran
Sirius x INTJ Slytherin reader
He’s eager to see you after summer break

Remus Lupin
Gazing- Blurb
The Day Before- Blurb- SMUT


Cute, flirty Remus
He won’t stop teasing you

Misc. Ben Barnes Characters

10 Years- Prince Caspian
Tom Ward- Seventh Son