seventh ward

Ben’s Birthday Countdown

Hey everyone! 

In honor of our very handsome, talented and kind Mr. Barnes I am going to post a new story a day (I’ve been working on this since March to make sure it happens ha ha) inspired by Mr. Barnes and the great characters he’s acted on our behalf! I made a point to do ALL of his characters, not just the ones he’s famous for because they deserve love to so I hope you enjoy! 

The story titles are listed below and inspired by a days of the week. 

I will also open up requests that day for small imagines about that character if your heart desires :) 

Sunday - Sinfully Delighted (feat. Logan from Westworld) 

Monday - Madness in the Form of Love (feat. Alejandro from The Big Wedding)

Tuesday - Temptation (feat. Josh from Locked In)

Wednesday - Wishful Thinking (feat. Ryan from Jackie and Ryan)

Thursday - Tango with Trouble (feat. Tom Ward from Seventh Son)

Friday - Freedom from Desire (feat. Caspian from The Chronicles of Narnia)

Saturday - Seriously in Denial (feat. Sirius Black - I made an exception for my dream cast!)

Sunday - Happy Birthday Baby! (feat. our man of the hour)