seventeen october

Being a multifandom trash like me is so hard especially when all your fave groups decided to have a comeback in the same freaking month.

Let me live okay??

I have so many questions:
- what are minghao and seungcheol wearing on their heads? 
- why was chan dressed by nct’s firetruck stylists? 
- when did soonhoon go to france and buy couple berets? 
- why is there a puppy holding a puppy? 
- where is seokmin? and why did they edit in the sun on the far right?
- and most importantly, why are none of them wearing shoes?!

i made a (rough) timeline thing for heathers the musical because i’m trash (& like being organised) 

  • september 1st 1989- first day of senior year, veronica gets taken in by the heathers- beautiful 
  • september 22nd 1989- three weeks since veronica joined the heathers, the note to ram is forged, veronica falls for jd- candy store, fight for me 
  • september 23rd 1989- the night of the party, veronica meets jd in the 7/11 & heather chandler kicks her out of the heathers- candy store (reprise), freeze your brain, big fun 
  • september 24th 1989- at around 2am, veronica breaks into jd’s house & sleeps with him, heather chandler drinks the draino at probably between 9 and 11am that morning- dead girl walking, very & the first part of me inside of me 
  •  september 25th 1989- everyone at school finds out about heather’s death- the rest of me inside of me 
  •  october 1st 1989- most likely when heather mcnamara, heather duke, ram & kurt go on a double date. heather mcnamara calls veronica to get rid of ram and kurt- blue 
  •  october 2nd 1989- When heather duke takes heather chandler’s scrunchie, and spreads the rumour about veronica, kurt and ram. also when jd gets in another fight with kurt and ram. veronica and jd also call ram and kurt at this point- blue (reprise), beautiful (reprise), the first part of our love is god 
  •  october 3rd 1989- veronica and jd murder ram and kurt at dawn- the second part of our love is god 
  •  october 14th 1989- probably when ram and kurt’s funeral is. also when veronica and jd break up- prom or hell, my dead gay son, seventeen
  •  october 16th 1989- ms fleming holds her suicide assembly, heather mcnamara confesses her suicidal thoughts, heather duke makes fun of her and then heather mcnamara attempts suicide, but veronica stops her just in time, also when veronica confesses to killing heather, ram & kurt- shine a light, lifeboat, shine a light (reprise) 
  • october 17th 1989- jd blackmails heather duke into getting all the kids at school to sign a petition. martha probably makes her suicide attempt that day- kindergarten boyfriend 
  • october 18th 1989- heather duke tells veronica and heather mcnamara about the petition and martha, the ghosts taunt veronica, her parents think she wants to kill herself and jd breaks into her house and tells her about his plan to bomb the school. veronica fakes her suicide and runs back to the school to confront jd. after he is shot, when they’re fighting over the gun she takes the bomb to the football field, jd convinces her to let him have it and the bomb goes off, killing only him. veronica takes the scrunchie from heather duke and invites martha and heather mcnamara back to watch a movie with her- westerburg cheer, yo girl, meant to be yours, dead girl walking (reprise), i am damaged, seventeen (reprise)

The Edge of Seventeen - October Wood 

rules: reimagine your founder (or a sim you made as an adult) as a teen! maybe even on prom night? 

October assumed she would get bullied because she had two moms, but they wasn’t the case. She was a little on the chubby side, she was born that way. She was as healthy as a sim could be. October never let her size get in the way, if she wanted to wear a crop top with high waisted leggings, who was going to stop her? The other thin and perfect girls thought of her as a joke. She was called a whale so many times, original right? Sure, this bothered her some, but she continued to love herself more than anyone ever could. 

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don’t forget, it’s Jicheol’s 3rd wedding anniversary tomorrow! ✿


Am I really gonna do this? Mali thought reluctantly to herself.

“Mali?” pressed Luke, eyes full of concern and wonder. “Mali, why was your mother afraid?” 

“Because she was pregnant!” blurted the girl, more force behind her words than she was anticipating. 

For a second, Luke was stunned into silence. But then: “Pregnant?!” he cried. “She was—she was pregnant!? But then why doesn’t—-” And then a pause, a lightning strike of a thought, realisation, and the dawning of something in his mind he’d never considered before, but most definitely should have done, as he stared at the short girl in front of him. 

“Mali…” he began, slow and careful. “How… How old are you?” 

Mali gulped. “I’m sixteen.” she barely whispered. “Seventeen in October.” 

Happy Birthday to Seventeen’s Resident angel, Yoon Junghan! The second oldest and but the oldest maknae who never fails to render me in awe with his amazing performance skills, his ethereal visuals, his beautiful voice, and his even more beautiful smile. Hope you are always smiling and always happy.  사랑해  ❤

Number One Fan (JB Fluff)

Request: Hi. Love the stories. Can you do a scenario of JB to getting jealous when his girl friend is fan girling to a diffrent music group?- @karougirl123

Summary: Jaebum isn’t all that happy that you accidentally stopped being GOT7′s number one fan.

Genre: Fluff, Jealous!JB

Word Count: 1K

Note: Thank you so much for enjoying, I’m sorry this is a little short ):  Please don’t hate me and I hope you enjoy! (If you would like a rewrite, just tell me and i wouldn’t’ mind but give me some time okay (:) 

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You didn’t mean for it to happen the way it did. It started out slow and casual, and suddenly you were in too deep. You accidentally face planted into the Diamond Life. It finally happened, you were a Carat, a fan of Seventeen.

The first time you heard about Seventeen was during October of 2015, Jaebum had randomly called you up to tell you that GOT7 was going to be on Running Man for a special.

“Jagi, you’ll never guess what just happened!” Jaebum exclaimed as you were having a casual day off.

“What is it? Is it good news? Did you guys win another award? But the next live award show is tomorrow night, I checked.” You said.

You were GOT7’s number one fan, how could you not be when your precious boyfriend was the leader of the group. You were slightly confused at what got him so excited since he hadn’t told you anything exciting about his schedule.

“Y/N… We’re gonna be on Running Man! Jongkook sunbaenim just invited us to be on the special episode and we’re heading there now. We’re all super excited!” He informed you, and you could just imagine the cute little smile on his face.

“Oh my god, that’s crazy. Have fun okay! Don’t get hurt! Tell my babies to take care too.” You told him, expecting him to pass the message over to the boys.

You heard a chorus of ‘yes eomma’ flow through the receiver before you were satisfied.

“Tell me all about it later okay!”

That’s how it happened, that was the first time you heard about Seventeen since they were also guests on that same episode of Running Man. Jaebum had told you all about the games they played that day as the both of you were snuggling on your couch.

“There was also this new group I’ve not really seen around. Seventeen. I’ve met them once or twice at the Idol Star Athletics Championships. They were pretty good too.” Jaebum mumbled as he played with your hair.

“Tell me more.” You replied, mindlessly tracing the veins on his toned arms.

And so Jaebum did, he talked to you about the games and the guests until you fell asleep in his arms.

The days following that, you had gone to check out Seventeen, downloading a few of their singles and nothing more. As the days turned into weeks and into months, it snowballed into you having every single song of theirs on your phone, completed with lyrics.

You also had binged watched all the shows they stared on, which included that one episode of Running Man, and for once you hadn’t paid much attention to your boys, occasionally squealing at how cute Jaebum or Youngjae was being, but most of your attention was drawn to the thirteen new people.

Flash forward and it’s been almost a solid year and you were a major Carat, the GOT7 boys had heard enough of their songs and had seen their choreography tons of times, you were a hundred percent sure that they could perform a Seventeen song with no problem.

“Oppa, did you see the choreography, oh my god I’m going to faint.” You squeal, shaking Jaebum’s arm as you showed him the new video for Aju Nice while walking back to the dorm.

“Look oh my god it’s Seungcheol.” You didn’t mean to shriek that loudly, but you couldn’t handle your excitement. You just had a thing for leaders.

Speaking of which, your leader was sulking as he watched you scream other guys’ names. It hadn’t been getting on his nerves, or so he had claimed. The boys clearly knew he was jealous, you were too busy fangirling to see him turn green, and well, Jaebum was in denial.

“I’m not jealous.” Jaebum huffed after Jinyoung cast him a knowing look.

Jaebum had his arm around you as you casually watched a Seventeen Vlive, so you weren’t paying attention to the conversation the boys were having.

“Well, if you’re not jealous, is it weird if I am? Y/N hardly pays attention to us anymore.” Yugyeom pouted as Youngjae nodded in agreement.

“Hyung, please, just face it. You’re jealous.” Jackson stated.

“For the last time, I’m not jealous.”  Jaebum muttered, irritated.

As you all made your way into the dorm, you finally shut off your phone, only to notice that Jaebum wasn’t looking too happy. Had you missed something?

“Jaebum, are you okay?” You asked, concerned.

You could hear the rest of the boys holding back their laughter as Jaebum sighed and nodded before he left to his room. You were worried, that’s for sure. It wasn’t like Jaebum to be so down like that.

“He’s jealous.” Jinyoung informed you as you stood dazed in the living room.

“Jealous? Of what?” You questioned, confused.

“You should go ask him that.” Jinyoung mumbled, pushing you towards his room.

As you entered the room, you spotted Jaebum lying on his bed on his phone.

“Jaebum…” You called out, slowly walking over to him.

He wordlessly makes space for you on his bed as you cuddle up to him.

“What are you jealous of?” You asked, looking up at him as he avoided your gaze.

“I’m not jealous of anything.” He answered simply.

You grabbed onto his cheeks, tilting his head to make him look you in the eye, “Are you sure?”

His stare faltered and he shifted his gaze elsewhere.

“Nope, Jaebum, look at me. What are you jealous of?” You asked again.

He sighed deeply before mumbled something you couldn’t catch.

“What was that?”

“I said I was jealous of Seventeen.”

You were beyond confused as you cast him a look of bewilderment, “What?”

“It’s just that you suddenly stopped becoming GOT7’s number one fan and you seem to always be talking about them. I can’t help but feel that you lost interest in us… And me.”

“Jaebum are you kidding me? I’ll always be GOT7’s number one fan. I’ll never lose interest in you guys? How can I? I’m around all of you so much. Don’t even think for one second I’ll lose interest in you. I love you okay? It’s different when I say it to you than when I’m fangirling.” You tell him, wrapping your arms around his neck as you play with his hair.

“Are you sure?” He questioned, pulling you closer to him.

“Yes I’m sure you idiot, now let me kiss you.” You answered closing the space between the both of you.

“I love you Y/N.”