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SVT Cute Jobs; Junhui !!

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look at him saving minghao i think so yeah this is a thing. accept it

also i put in a lot of research to this damn thank you wikipedia 


-first of all



-okay so Jun recently moved from Shenzhen to sunny California to work as a lifeguard

-because his friend Joshua (who is a guitar teacher) has a free room and is letting him stay there 


-so in the time before becoming a lifeguard he had to take a course which was tiring but paid in the end cause he got the job !!

-he’s the youngest on the team and the least experienced when it comes to saving lives and stuff

-so he just sits up in the tower alerting his fellow lifeguards of anyone who’s drowning

-when it’s not too crowded on the beach Junhui would normally help the kids in the shallow ends of the water and play with them awwww

-and when the beach is super desolate his friends come by and pretend to drown in really shallow water so he gets fed up 

-takes the lifesaving buoy

-puts it around the necks

-and drags them back to shore

-(im sure he would be fired for that but oh well)

-but i can tell you they mean well i sweaR

-the first time there’s an emergency 

-there was a person out to sea and they were being dragged out pretty far


-Jun got shook out of his life because he didn’t know what the hell to do 

-so he took in the advice that he got from Joshua 

-which was to keep calm

-and so he was calm from there on out

-radioed his captain

-and people were sent out to get them 

-and was able to get that person to safety 

-from the comfort of the tower

-good kid

-ah the beach

-you and your friend haven’t been to the beach in ages

-and both decided this was the year that you two get a summer romance



-you two had a bet 

-kind of

-whoever got a number off someone by the end of the day then the other person would buy them ice cream

-your swimsuit was chosen by the help of your mother


-it was sweet but it was a two piece

-two pieces weren’t exactly your thing


-so you just wore a baggy t-shirt over it

-luckily it wasn’t super packed like always

-you two chose a place close to the shore so that you could keep an eye out for your stuff

-”y/n put sunscreen on!!”

-you heard your friend but your attention was somewhere else

-a lifeguard was watching you two as you placed your things down and sat on your towels

-”y/n?? oh, the lifeguard, huh~?”

-”wait what do you mean??”

-”the lifeguard. right there. y/n i know you’re not blind just look over there. hes caught your eye hasn’t he??”

-”oh him yeah i guess…”

-your friend kept on teasing you but she meant well 

-you snap out of it laughing a little

-the lifeguard in question however

-he was taken by your beauty 

-he was like bruuuuuUUUUUUUH

-damn he thought you looked really good

-”y/n!! come into the sea with me!”

-”not yet, i’ll just sit here for the time being!”

-the lifeguard you recently got the hots for noticed you sitting alone while your friend was in the sea

-you looked kinda down

-so he comes over to cheer you up!!

-at first you’re nervous as heck cause who is this and why are you near me you’re too hot to be near me 

-he asks if you’re feeling alright and if you needed company

-you werent going to lie

-if a cute lifeguard came up to you and asked if you wanted some company then hell yes you would say yes

-so you take him up on that offer

-”you’re a new lifeguard, right??”

-”yeah…wait how do you know?”

-wait fuck how did you know

-”i-i just notice…i’ve been going to this beach ever since i was little..”

-”wow seeing this view every time must be pretty right??”

-“i guess…”

-”what’s your name?”

-and just like that somehow he asked your name and you didn’t cry or run

-”y/n. whats yours?”

-”Jun. your name is really pretty.”

-o h   s  hi t 

-”wow thank you !!”


-god damn it

-out of the corner of your eye

-you could see your friend struggling in the water

-you couldn’t really let Jun the really hot lifeguard get her

-you really wanted him to sit down since you’ve seen him walk about today

-so fuck it

-”hey could you excuse me for like one moment??”

you stood up 

-took your shirt off

-ran toward the water

-pulling your friend out of the water

-saving her god damn life

-and in the midsts of all of it

-Wen Junhui was #shook™

-there was blushin too oh my god

-”what did i say about going in the deep part?? stop giving me heart attacks pls this is a nice day don’t scare me you little shit”

-”im sorry y/n…wait is that the lifeguard?”

-”oh yeah thats Jun hes pretty cool”

-he stood up to see if your friend was okay but he also wanted to praise you on that good rescue

-”that was so cool wtf !!”

-”huh? oh she normally does that just ask any lifeguard in the tower about her and they’ll say she had to be saved like 20 times”

-”not my fault…if you would only give me the inner tube”

-”but then it’s going to be drifted away in the sea because of the current”


-jun was kind of amazed at how much you knew about sea safety….maybe ene more than him da M N

-but the day also went on as planned

-jun kind of kept on coming back and was asking questions to get to know you like whats your favourite colour and stuff

-every time he came back your heart was screaming but the good screaming

-not the ah oh my god no go away youre annoying scream 

-but the aAAA come back more we can chat more you’re really cool and cute scream

-hes really sweet i swear down

-at the end of the day you two started to pack up your things 

-but then Junhui came back with his lifeguarding jacket on and boi does he look fuckin great in that jacket

-”hey y/n have you considered becoming a life guard??”

-”me?? a life guard?? oh not really but my mum has mentioned it before”

-”why don’t you do it?”

-”yeah why don’t you y/n? you and Jun could be the super cute lifeguarding couple omg that sounds so cutE”

-your friend just had to butt in gdI

-a rather LARGE feckin blush appeared on your cheeks but you ignored it

-kind of

-but jun was blushing and smiling

-w h y    t h e    f u c k   w a s    h e    s m i l i n g    a t    t h a t 

-”oh do you want to be a lone? i’ll leave”

-your friend left you two to talk and you were glad she did tbh cause she can get carried away sm

-”so…if you ever want to join the team, then you can call me or text me or something…”

-”i thought the lifeguard tower already had a phone number??”

-y / n     c o m e     o n      t h i s      i s n ‘ t       r o c k e t      s c i e n c e 

-”ooooooh sure.. yeah, i’ll text you.”

-”or…if not the lifeguarding thing we can always hang out or something…”

-”that would be nice Jun.”

-you both gave your numbers to each other and you both left each other extremely happy

-catching up with your friend you remembered something

-”hey….im really craving ice cream…you paying”

-”no you can– oh fuck- did you?!”

-”got his number~!”

-”f u CK”

Tuesday Boy | Junhui

Summary: Popcorns and a drink weren’t enough to keep the Tuesday Boy company.

If you take the 07.56 train to Seongdong-gu, scurry past its sliding doors and cease before the sun-drenched, spread out streets, you would catch a glimpse of an Aporia hippia with kaleidoscopic wings fluttering no more than a little over your eyelashes. The thick furred German Shepherd now tethered to a post would flash its canines at you before softening its growl. If you turn left after the first green public bin ahead of the entrance, you would come across the hotdog stall where people would both patiently and peevishly line up in front of.

And for the past few years, Junhui had already been taking this route to college.

There is an alternative, though. If he lingers in the bakery and waits until the owner approaches him with a smile, he could ask for one pepperoni pizza bread and please a girl. She would kiss him on the cheek and fly into the doors of the movie theatre she works at. He’d have to agree to forsake the morning butterfly and the sizzling hotdogs prior to taking this route, though. 

Junhui had only discovered this a few months ago, but it had become an established route of his every Tuesday.

You were standing on your toes, pleading for a reduction on your customary breakfast as you’d left your wallet somewhere under the soft quilt at home. Your attempt would’ve been futile if it hadn’t been for that one stranger sticking around.

“I have some money left,” he handed his money in exchange for your favourite bread. He tossed it upwards and passed it to you with a heart fluttering smile. “Here you go.”

The redness on your pallid cheeks started to show, your jaw twitching as you tried to free the words scrambled on the tip of your tongue. “Y-you really didn’t have to!” 

He shrugged, “Breakfast’s the most vital meal of the day.”

You used to think people like him only existed in films. The kind souled and genuine people who greet each other and offer a hand - would it not sound very peculiar if it were to happen in real life? You were so accustomed to studying every particular in a two-hour movie that witnessing the same event materialise before you formed a horripilation on your skin. You swallowed. “C-come by the movie theatre sometime, I’ll give you free snacks. I work there.” 

“A popcorn and a drink?” He lightened up. Considering how he sounded, people near him would’ve guessed he resented diets and would prefer snacking off and on. In all honesty, the pink tinge outspread across your cheeks and the shimmer that flickered within your amber orbs had been the only ones bringing about this behaviour. 

“Sure,” you bobbed your head. After what he had done, you weren’t letting him go in possession of nothing. “Your name..?”

“Ah,” he snapped his fingers, “it’s Junhui.”

After seven suns have drowned in the horizon and the sound of hurrying trains continued to resonate in your ears, Junhui has yet to drop by the movie theatre. Did he not want something in return? But he sounded so excited the other day! Although you finally surmised he most likely failed to recall your promise, a part of you agonised over the fact that he might not want to see you again.

But when the doors to the movie theatre opened with an abrupt whirl of wind on an inclement Tuesday afternoon, you knew you shouldn’t have had anything to worry about.

“Woah,” Junhui took in his surroundings - including the uniform you bore. He took giddy steps toward the counter, eyes dilating with incredulity at the variegated refreshments available to purchase. 

“Don’t tell me you’ve never been to a cinema before,” you descried the quick glitter somewhere within his eyes. Junhui glanced at you before quietly deciding on a popcorn flavour. 

“I’ve been to several, but that’s a couple of years ago. Oh, caramel, please.” 

You grinned to yourself, stunned for a second at how surprisingly pure this boy was. You began filling the empty popcorn bucket before realising you weren’t aware of his desired size. “Large, medium, or small?”

Junhui returned his gaze at you. “I’ll take small.”

And then you offered him a drink, but he refused, saying he thought about it the other day and he didn’t pay you this much. But you insisted that he accepted your offer, telling him “breakfast’s the most vital meal of the day”, and if you had missed it, it would feel worse than losing a couple of dollars. 

The amount of people in the cinema was too little to be considered a crowd, each room being occupied by roughly ten, if not, less. You told Junhui he could watch something if he wanted to - and that he still had to pay - which he agreed to. The movie would only start an hour later though, so Junhui had enough time to keep himself busy - which he finally determined to get to know you better.

The movie - horror, he previously picked - began, and while Jun relished his two hours inside theatre four, you had theatre three free of mess. Once in a while, you would sit down on one of the seats in the back row and think about Jun and his irresistible appeals, your heart thumping an unnecessary amount of times. You were being ridiculous; you had only met Junhui twice.

As time is extended, you were so sure you had developed feelings for Jun. You realised first you had fallen in love with his eyes. Every time he scanned the menu for something more than a popcorn and a drink, you would sneakily search within them.

Junhui stopped by more than you expected him to.  He had once come with a friend, who insisted they watch the latest comedy film. He came with more friends after - four or five, you couldn’t remember - in which you had given Jun a little price cut instead of a hundred percent discount, so his friends wouldn’t be too envious. They would finish two and a half hours later, your eyes already groggy as you tried to resist the urge to shut them. You didn’t know this, but Jun would look back at you refilling drink dispensers or scrubbing the bar before catching up with his friends who are already outside. On some days your head would be tilted over your crossed arms on the far corner of the counter, as your co-workers did their portion of the job. He would fret over your weary figure, hesitating in his tracks before stepping out of the theatre. With this, Junhui had become aware that he might also be developing feelings for you.

Jun would habitually come on Tuesday afternoons, around two or three. But today, he didn’t show up until the sun had set. He’d asked you earlier if you worked the night shift. You don’t, but your co-worker had a dental appointment so you covered up for her.

He looked a little enervated. His head was hung low, his hair a tad dishevelled, and his smile didn’t stretch until the crinkle beneath his eyes emerged. You asked him why he had come this late, he replied with a quick “I had something to do”. Jun declined your treat of popcorn and a drink - which was weird - although he did pick to watch a movie.

If it hadn’t been for Jun, the theatre would’ve been completely vacant. Still, he chose to sit in the back row with nothing in hand - not a meal, not a phone, not a friend, nothing. Jun looked strange and uneasy today. He picked romance, a genre you knew he wasn’t interested in. You shrugged it off though, Jun was full of surprises.

You didn’t have much cleaning to do, as the movie theatre had been almost empty the entire day. Maybe it was finals week, you thought. 

You glanced at the doors of theatre four - the room Jun was in - and came up with a very risky idea. You pulled off the hairband that fastened your ponytail and let your hair down. You switched into a white pussy bow, paired with a leather look legging. You peeked through the doors of theatre four and made sure no one but Jun was inside before entering.

He squinted his eyes at you climbing up the aisle, trying to figure out if they were functioning well because it couldn’t be you - it shouldn’t be you. 

When you asked Jun if you could sit next to him, he nodded, feeling a lump rising in his throat. His hands were fidgety, you noticed. You stared at the widespread screen in front of you, trying to fight the urge to stop his hands from moving too restlessly. 

You weren’t into romance either, so the movie didn’t do much in piquing your interest. Your eyelids grew heavier every passing second, the view in front of you starting to blur. You were about shut your eyes for good when a hand slipped into yours, your fingers intertwined perfectly with Jun’s.

You stared at your hands impassively, still not believing your fingers were coiled around his soft and slender ones. Now you could really feel the moistness in his hand, the same one that was unsure and fidgety awhile ago. You uttered a giggle, causing Jun to nervously face you and lick his chapped lips. 

“I have a, uh,” he coughed, “a confession to make.”

You chuckled, “I like you too, Junhui.”

He grinned. He grinned with patent bliss. In fact, very widely you swore you heard his cheekbones crack. His ebony eyes returned to glistening again, the radiant joy that he used to bear now visible. 

Junhui was back to Jun, and all it took was a confession from you.

You would be waiting in front of the theatre every Tuesday, he’d be panting, droplets of sweat evident on his shirt by the time he arrived with your favourite pepperoni pizza bread in his grip. He would come back in the afternoon, hair slicked back, his espadrilles intermittently dripping with rainwater, and breath always a little minty. You would kiss him on the lips and head out on a date with your Tuesday boy.

How to learn faster Seventeen members' names : a guide by the one and only missdreamer aka Diana
  • S.Coups : delicious lips, looks like a bad-ass guy, but he's very fragille and innocent.
  • Junghan/Jeonghan : Korea's Jennifer Lopez, his hair will make you jealous as fuck, actual ange.
  • Joshua : cat eyes, prettier than you'll ever be, English speaker.
  • Jun : Heechul's lost son, he looks that gold dog meme.
  • Hoshi : small eyes, hyperactive, he's trying to be sexy but he always fails, cute as fuck.
  • Wonwoo : the guy you always forget his name, deep voice.
  • Woozi : looks like Suga, the small guy that is not that innocent you think he is.
  • DK : "BABY YOU ARE MY ANJIEL", fucking big and beautiful smile.
  • Mingyu : the guy that is always with Wonwoo, tall and dumb, his English is the funniest thing ever "BOHNANA".
  • The8 : big eyes, fucking cute, he doesn't talk too much but when he does a flower came back to life.
  • Seungkwan : chubby face, he's always talking, ALWAYS!, Seventeen's diva.
  • Vernon : the "where is your Korean part?" guy, fucking rapper.
  • Dino : that cute maknae, the boy with a lot of passion and ambition (he'll kill us in the future I can tell this to you from now).
Seventeen as Out of Context Mystic Messenger Quotes
  • S.Coups: I don’t pretend to be cool. I am cool
  • Jeonghan: the only things that i deem are reliable is cats, cash… and that’s pretty much it
  • Joshua: goodbye for meow
  • Jun: God made a mistake when creating me and made me too beautiful and delicate
  • Hoshi: why do we need pizza bread when we have pizza?
  • Wownoo: well it won’t be too bad for all of to die as singles ^^
  • Woozi: I’m gonna work hard and die fast, i have no desire to live long lol
  • DK: it’s like u can’t tell apart the longcat apart from the nyan cat
  • Mingyu: but gay people have their own aura
  • The8: I don’t get fan letters like you. I get checks.
  • Seungkwan: I understand normal people worrying about me getting kidnapped because of my looks
  • Vernon: I’m glad we have a girl now! It was a hopeless sausage fest until now lol
  • Dino: I have to put all my focus onto these small hands