Please everyone, start talking and posting about #JusticeForAteen.

ATeen is a 10 member KPop boy group which debuted this year. Recently 6 of the members have reported that they were sexually abused by the CEO’s Wife from their Company (DS&A)

Not much information has been released because many of the large sites haven’t posted about this story. The group has taken a hault on all activities to fight for justice, even taking over their instagram and deleting their posts on social media, then posting a photo pleading for help and support in their battle.

(These posts were translated, since I do not speak korean, and were confirmed by many fluent/native speakers)

I also included the more informative post that is attached under the same picture in the comments.

The members age range is from 1992-2001. Majority of members being 1996 and under.

Please spread awareness on this issue. Women aren’t only the victims, and it can happen to anyone in any industry.