Thursdays are now Gorgeous Guitar Thursdays.

Being one who finds art in guitars, I figured I’d take a thread from SSO and post some of the guitars I find the most attractive, and “artsy”.

Starting off we have a PRS 24 10 Top in one of their new colors, Eriza Verde.

I love the color, and that flame is smexy. This piece of work is for sale from The Axe Palace ( for the cool price of 3 Grand.

On to something a little more classic with a modern twist.

This is the “Kiwicaster” from a Polish luthier. It’s a 7 string take on the classic Telecaster shape with T-o-M bridge. The owner said he got the idea from the ESP Custom shop’s Stephen Carpenter T7, which is now a standard series guitar over seas.

You can find more pics at:

Finally we have another custom guitar, a Vik Fanned Fret Caprice 7 string.

Chambered Black Limba (korina) body with a beautiful Spalted flame maple top.

This guitar is probably one of the best looking I’ve seen in a while, and Vik is known for their craftmanship.

Check out more pictures at

Next week I’m going to try and have pictures of a Sherman 8 string, and a Daemoness, maybe a Ran… I’ll see what I can dig up.


Checking out the SSO server.


Ladytron’s Runaway and Interpol’s PDA for the songs.

Thanks to the new followers, and the guys from SSO


Tomorrow is gonna be something fun, and guitar related.


Game is going well. I can’t find a fucking weapon replacement. I’ve been using the same two swords for 12 levels. I did make it to lvl 22. Did a few neat PvE elements.

And I’ve been going from area to fucking area trying to find a damn sword. I guess I have to find an Endurance sword that doesn’t suck and replace the items to it and make it more Str based.

Managed to get a small party together to down a world boss. Only 1 item dropped, some gloves, which is weird, you’d think there’d be a few things at least. Oh well.

I have a few days off next week, so hopefully I’ll get a lot more done and get to 50 without a problem. I can’t wait for this game to go live, a lot of the testers have enjoyed it, and we have a new build coming out on the 20th, so the server’s going to be down.

Stay tuned tomorrow, Claytheists, I’ll have 3-4 beautiful pieces of art tomorrow afternoon.


I’m going to make another video soon.

Video about a new minecraft seed I made a few days ago, showing it off. I make shitty videos because of rambling, mumbling, shitty mic, and other excuses :D

Gojira’s new single Of Blood and Salt featuring Devin Townsend and Fredrik Thordendal; supposed to be on the Sea Shepard EP whenever that gets released.