sevens clash


A couple of beers at Right Proper in DC. On the left, Sevens Clash (a 3 of 4), and on the right, Know Your Conjurer (a 3 of 4). Sevens Clash is a light, bright pale ale with quite a lot of citrus hop notes. Nice sticky lacing and some more powerful resinous hop notes in the body, but nothing too aggressive. Quite drinkable, and nicely juicy qualities in the body with a dry finish. Know Your Conjurer is a lighter farmhouse beer with quite a bit of weirdness going on. Corn and oats are both in the mash, and the brettanomyces and lacto add just a bit of tartness and funk. Neither is a home run, but both are quite good.

Mazette music-list

I was asked by nuretmen few days ago to make the “exercise”, here is my alphabetic-music-list …some are in my short list every day, others could be companions for a while : 

TThe Bottle, Gil Scott Heron (

H : Hotel California, Gipsy King (

E : Early morning blues, Willy deVille (

M : Miss Argentina, Iggy Pop (

A: Amsterdam, David Bowie (

Z : Zebda , Bella Ciao (

E : El Carretero, Guillermo Partabaldes (

T : Till the morning comes, Neil Young (

T: The Magnificent seven, Clash (

E: Et patati Et patata, Philippe Katherine (

But to be ended this list need more than my letters : a special duo Johnny Cash & Joe Strummer with Redemption Song (, and my final wish : Stand by me , John Lennon - (

So, time to ask friendly some Tumbloritos and Tumbloritas to join this game :

silver-frog , unsisypheheureux, claudiojudkevitch, schauerli, lalalovey radekrogus, slak, shashikiran, xayachrome, un-polaki-traine-des-doutes, une-valse-pour-rien, tonyherzog, brunomax-photography., doortjehannig. cinqminutesdepause , tumblekai., amysbubble., carolinedattnerblankstein….If you wish to be added, feel free… and enjoy! ( some still have done the exercise…)

Joyeux dimanche!