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OMG! I LOVED the headcanon with the MC who got amnesia! I'm not the same anon but I'd like to request a continuation of it in which MC regains her memory. I really hope you do it but you can decide not to. It wouldn't be a problem at all! Hope you have a nice day!

You’re so sweet anonny, thank you so much for the kind words!! I’m so happy that you requested this, I really like the idea of continuing that headcanon! I hope that you have the greatest day ever! Thank you very much for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^

You can find my previous headcanon about MC having no memories of her past where this one continues from: Here


  • After telling your heart-felt story of having no memories of your past, Yoosung dedicated himself to helping you regain them
  • Along with his veterinarian studies, Yoosung started to diligently study neuroscience and while it was tough to learn, he knew that he would do whatever it took to help you with your memories
  • Yoosung had tried multiple methods to help regain your memories, but they all ultimately ended in failure
  • Seeing how much Yoosung would beat himself up about his methods not working made you realize how determined he was, but it broke your heart
  • He would hardly get any sleep and barely touched his food, saying that it would be time wasted instead when he could be helping you
  • One day, Yoosung was trying to get you to calm your mind and think of your past as he talked about his own
  • While Yoosung was talking, a sudden flow of memories came back to you, making you wince and hold your head
  • Yoosung was immediately at your side, terrified that he hurt you but once you calmed down, you smiled at him through teary eyes saying that you remember everything
  • Instant tears welled up in Yoosung’s own eyes as he held you close to him, making you listen to his heartbeat
  • “I’m so incredibly happy for you MC! I promise we’ll make so many happy memories together and I’ll make sure you’ll never forget them. The first memory I want you to have is my heartbeat, so never forget it.”


  • It hurt Zen that the person that he loved most in the world didn’t have her memories of anything before the RFA
  • Even though he had a tough past, Zen couldn’t even begin to imagine what having no memories of his past would be like, so he became determined to help you
  • Zen would ask his co-workers, managers, and even his fans if they had any tips or tricks on how someone could regain their memories
  • While Zen did try a plethora of ideas, none of them helped you with your memories
  • On a particularly bad night, you started crying because of your unknown past, causing Zen to wrap you in his arms and do what he does best: sing
  • Zen picked a random song from his own childhood and started gently singing it to you and soon enough, memories of your past came flooding back
  • Shaking from the whirlwind of emotions, you looked up at Zen, telling him that you had your memories back to which he giggled while crying tears of happiness
  • “This is absolutely incredible MC! But take your time remembering it all, I don’t want you to hurt yourself okay? I’m so happy right now, we’re going to make so many amazing memories together my love.”


  • Never in her life had Jaehee met someone losing all memories of their past until the two of you met
  • She couldn’t understand how tough it would be to live your life with no past memories, so she decided to help you in any way that she could
  • Jaehee worked tirelessly to try and find any type of trick to trigger your past memories and complied a long list
  • It took you and Jaehee about a week to do every single thing that Jaehee had researched but all of the attempts were in vain
  • Close to admitting defeat, Jaehee tried one last option to help you: relaxing yoga
  • At first, Jaehee didn’t think yoga would work but you both took an afternoon clearing your minds and bodies
  • Suddenly, memories of your past came back to you, startling Jaehee until you told her the amazing news that you regained all of your memories
  • Jaehee burst into tears as she wrapped her arms around your neck, holding you close and never wanting to let go
  • “I can’t believe it work, oh MC this is incredible! I’ve never been so happy before, I’m so glad for you dear. Now that you have your past memories, we can work together to make new ones just as good as your old ones.”


  • Jumin was thoroughly concerned that you didn’t have any memories of your past prior to joining the RFA
  • The idea of you being unaware of your past made Jumin’s heart hurt, so he decided to do anything possible to help you
  • So he scoured the globe for any kind of therapist or doctor who could help you
  • He’d come home from work to see the therapist of doctor just shake their head, claiming that there was no way to regain your past memories
  • Jumin would dismiss the medical experts, he knew that there would be some way to help regain your memories
  • But you felt defeated, so Jumin sat down on the couch next to you as you laid your head on his lap and curling up with Jumin soothingly playing with your hair
  • Not knowing what to do, Jumin started talking about his own past in hopes to help you
  • Suddenly, your memories started coming back to you as you sat up holding your head
  • Jumin was ready to call a doctor but you shook your head, smiling through tears as you told him that your memories came back
  • The smile on Jumin’s face was like none you’ve ever seen as he brought you into his chest
  • “This is amazing MC, I knew you’d get your memories back. I’ve never been this happy before, take your time processing everything. I want us to make many happy memories with each other.”


  • Feeling like it was his duty, Seven immediately started looking for some kind of cure for your lost memories
  • He spent days with little to no hours of sleep searching for any kind of information about your past but ended up with nothing
  • It was getting to the point where he wouldn’t even take a break to rest his aching hands or get some food for his rumbling belly
  • So one night you pried Seven away from his computer and led him to the bedroom where you made him sleep
  • But you woke up a few hours later to find Seven still in bed with you but furiously typing away on his phone for answers
  • Seven jumped up with excitement as he found a photo of you when you were younger, excitedly showing it to you
  • Your eyes widened and the memories came rushing back to you with Seven holding you in his arms as he knew the look on your face meant that you knew who were again
  • Seven’s grip around you was strong as he placed kisses all over your face, the happiness evident in both of your eyes
  • “I can’t even describe how happy I am for you MC! Now that you have your memories of your past, I want us to make new, happy memories together as Saeyoung and MC. Maybe even as husband and wife someday too.”