[PHOTO] 2014.01.21 Zico

@ZICO92: “@KYUNGPARK1992: 이와중에 트위터안하는 우리막내 사태의심각성 모르고 막 보내는중“ rest in peace …

(Translation: @ZICO92: “@KYUNGPARK1992: Meanwhile, our maknae who doesn’t use twitter doesn’t know the seriousness of this situation and keeps on sending selcas” rest in peace …)

[PHOTO] 2014.01.21 Zico

@ZICO92: “@KYUNGPARK1992: 태일이형도 십분전 단체톡방에 간.지. 라고 본인이 제목정해서 보내온사진^^
.. 스스로흡족해함

(Translation: @ZICO92: “@KYUNGPARK1992: Taeil hyung also sent this photo 10 minutes ago and he titled it “looking good” ^^
.. He’s pleased with himself)

[PHOTO] 2014.01.11 Taeil

@BB_taeil: 음악중심 피오 다들 본방사수하셨나요!!??저두 보고 이동중이에요~!!역시 우리 피오는 멋쪄 히힛

(Translation: Did everyone watch P.O on Music Core!!?? I’m also watching on the move too~!! Our P.O is definitely cool hehe)


[VIDEO] 2014.04.06 B-Bomb, Kyung, Taeil, Jaehyo, U-Kwon & Zico

@BlockB2011: #개판5분전 공약!!

(Translation: #5minutesbeforechaos Pledge!!)

@KYUNGPARK1992: #개판5분전

(Translation: #5minutesbeforechaos)

@BB_Taeil:#개판오분전 (GONGYAK):

Translation: #5minutesbeforechaos (PLEDGE)

@blockbhyo:@BB_taeil: #개판오분전 (GONGYAK):” 우왕

(Translation: Wow)

@ondal44: Wow

#개판오분전 (GONGYAK):

Translation: Wow #5minutesbeforechaos (PLEDGE)

@ZICO92: 오

(Translation: Five)


[FANCAM] 130907 지코 @ZICO92 - 느낌 So Young : 원힙합페스티벌 (by HotMC ZICO)