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Jumin + MC who happens to share the same name as his pet (not necessarily be Elizabeth)? Other RFA members may join in for reactions.

Hello~!! I’m not sure if this is quite what you were asking for, but I went for the humorous side of things :3

– R.I.


Yoosung: Ehh? Are you sure she’s trustworthy?

Seven: Yes yes, I’m already doing a background check on her and so far she seems wait what the- PFFT GYAHAHAHAHA

Seven: be back later omg lolololol what is this…?

Yoosung: what is what?!? Is there a funny photo of her or something? I want to see, I want to see!

Zen: OI!

Zen: Don’t invade her privacy like that! Anyways, what’s your name, mi’lady? I’m sure you have a wonderful name! Must be just as beautiful as yo-

You: Elizabeth the 3rd

Jumin: Oh, how did you know my cat’s name?

MC: What? No… that’s my name…

Yoosung: …


Jumin: …

Jumin: I see. What a wonderful name.

Yoosung: OMG!! So THAT’S what Seven’s laughing about!!

Zen: God. I hope he’s not dead from laughing

Seven: still here let me st o ppp laughinasdfkljsdfj

Yoosung: Seven’s laughing so hard he’s having trouble typing!!

You: …

Zen: Oh! No, we’re not making fun of you, I swear! It’s just… your name is really uhm, unique.

Jumin: ?

Jumin: Why would we ever make fun of her for such an elegant name?

Zen: You, shut up.



  • I’m so shocked!!
  • Her name is the same as Jumin’s cat??
  • Such a coincidence…
  • Should I laugh? But no, I don’t want to be mean, I just met her…
  • But… pfft… oh no, I can’t stop laughing
  • -silently prays to God to forgive him for being a bad kid-


  • This wonderful lady shares the same name as that Trust Fund Kid’s cat?!?
  • This must be a joke or something
  • -exits the chatroom-
  • -re-enters the chatroom-
  • I-I mean… she has a wonderful name but… Trust Fund Kid’s cat…
  • GRRR. It’s all the Trust Fund Kid’s fault for his stupid naming sense!!


  • She shares a name with the most beautiful lady in the world…
  • I wonder if she looks like Elizabeth the 3rd?
  • Hm. I must meet her at once.
  • Would she like to eat lobster…? It’s seafood, after all. Then again, it’s not fish…
  • Wait no, this is a human. Right.


  • -still dying of laughter-
  • Error 707: Reaction Unavailable
  • The Defender of Justice is currently laughing too hard. Please try again later.

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Could you possibly do headcannons of how the RFA members (+ V and Saeran) kiss their s/o's neck? (Love your blog! ♡♡♡)

Thank you! I hope you enjoy this! 
(WARNING: mentions of the sex in Saeyoung’s and small mention of blood in Saeran’s) 


✮ is super shy
✮ little kitten kisses
✮ holds your shoulders gently
✮ loves to press his nose against your pulse
✮ really enjoys smelling your perfume
✮ when things get hotter his hands are groping at your hips to pull you closer
✮ he begins to bite and lick but he’s still gentle
✮ he’s more of a sub 
✮ pants against the skin of your neck while things get heavy
✮ he grazes the edge of his teeth along your skin
✮ doesn’t really leaves marks unless he’s trying to prove something


✎ only kisses your neck after things are a bit heavier
✎ as in
✎ doesn’t casually just kiss your neck
✎ is also really soft
✎ pulls her lips around your skin while pressing her chest to yours
✎ her face in your neck works mostly as a distraction for the both of you
✎ likes the further back parts of your neck
✎ like behind your ear
✎ doesn’t really bite
✎ licks when things are building up during the sexy times
✎ she just really likes feeling your skin 
✎ along with the proof of exertion
✎ also doesn’t leave marks (it’s unprofessional)


✿ is probably obsessed with your neck
✿ loves to watch the muscles tense under his lips
✿ he definitely likes biting you
✿ his licks and nibbles are heavy and full of heat
✿ LOVES leaving marks on you
✿ it’s a turn on for him
✿ so he loves to just tilt your head back
✿ and attack your neck
✿ so that everyone will know you belong to him
✿ likes holding your hair while doing it because he can move your neck however he pleases
✿ likes to gently kiss and nuzzle hickies after he’s made them because he’s a loser  
✿ won’t bite hard enough to break the skin though - you’re too precious 


₩ likes the lower part of your neck more
₩ like around your collarbones
₩ loves the feel of your skin against the bone 
₩ while he kisses it 
₩ and licks in the bow of it when it’s presents 
₩ sometimes he even pulls on your shoulders so that your clavicle becomes prominent 
₩ sometimes bites it but not too hard 
₩ because that shit would probably hurt (it’s b o n e)
₩ he only leaves marks on your upper chest/cleavage 
₩ because only he should be seeing there 
₩ unless he gets really possessive
₩ then he sucks all over your neck and just leaves all the marks 


⌨  boi 
⌨  how things go down with saeyoung really depends on the mood 
⌨  sometimes he just butterfly kisses up your throat 
⌨  but other times your neck is just one big fuckin bruise 
⌨  his favourite area is the end of your jaw 
⌨  between your jawbone and ear 
⌨  he’s kind of obsessed with it tbh 
⌨  sucks on it harshly and presses his tongue down flat 
⌨  after deepthroating him he likes to gently kiss the outside of your throat 
⌨  like a ‘thank you’
⌨  he likes to trail kisses from your neck to your shoulder- where it turns to bites 
⌨  he holds your back so you can’t squirm away from him 


☼ this nugget is so gentle 
☼ he will not bite you unless you specifically ask him and then assure him that’s what you want 
☼ he just really likes kissing you everywhere 
☼ so when he’s spreading kisses over your throat they’re opened mouth and breathy 
☼ it’s really sensual and nice 
☼ kinda hovers his lips over your skin before each kiss
☼ letting out a content sigh against your warm skin 
☼ before admiring it with his mouth 
☼ is really shy with his tongue 
☼ at first you can tell he’s nervous 
☼ because just the tip sneaks out to poke at your neck 
☼ but with your little mewls he gets assured 


⚠︎ this BOI
⚠︎ hoo 
⚠︎ your neck 
⚠︎ it’s basically his property 
⚠︎ hope you like turtlenecks because that’s all you can wear with this boy around 
⚠︎ unless you like people getting worried about all the marks and literal WOUNDS on your neck 
⚠︎ he bites 
⚠︎ like, breaking skin bite 
⚠︎ licks it to make it up to you
⚠︎ also to clean up the blood 
⚠︎ sucks and bites everywhere
⚠︎ he’s less of a kisser 
⚠︎ only when he’s feeling super duper extra affectionate 
⚠︎ will he kiss your neck
⚠︎ when he does kiss it, it’s mostly along your jawbone 
⚠︎ I don’t even know how to describe this damn guy 
⚠︎ honestly, i hope you’re kind of a masochist because ouch

I’m still working on how to write V and Saeran, so I hope this was okay ♡♡

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HC for the reactions of the RFA+Saeran, who found out MC had a really abusive Ex-fiancé, which leads them to be really flinchy/noticeably freaked out around loud noises, screaming, and anything akin to being physically hurt.

thanks for your suggestion! warning: angst ahead!


-He was playing video games (when is he not)

-You had gotten up to get him some snacks

-Just as you walked in he was right about to win the level

-¨yes yes c´mon, NOOOO¨ he screamed out in pure frustration as a big GAME OVER appeared on screen. He heard a clattering behind him

-He looked over to see you had dropped the plate you were holding, the cheese and crackers strewn all over the floor.

-He saw your face, totally frozen in fear, tears threatening to spill down your cheeks. Yoosung immediately panicked

- ¨MC!¨ he stammered.

-Instinctively you started to back away before you felt his arms around you. You both didn´t move, staying like that until you both felt at peace. He didn´t want to push you to talk about why you reacted the way you did

-But needless to say, once he knew what happened he was prepared to kick that persons butt

-(and by that I mean he´s prepared to give them a death glare)


-You were helping him practice his lines for the new show he was in. It just so happened that his character was an asshole.

-He was getting really into the part, and he almost forgot that he was just practicing lines, so he screamed out the insult he was supposed to say with all his might.

-You tried to say the next line but you felt like you couldn’t talk right as memories kept flooding back to you.

-He turned around and was shocked to find you clutching the script with shaking hands, your breath shallow.

-He immediately snapped out of his acting trance and grabbed the script out of your hand

-¨MC let´s stop rehearsing lines for now I think that´s enough.¨

-You looked up at him in shock. His heart broke when he saw your expression.

-¨Whatever is bothering you princess, you can tell me¨

-You looked down sadly and quietly explained that your ex had been… less than kind to you.

-As you continued explaining his face slowly molded into rage.

-¨Don´t worry my darling I´ll make sure that monster never touches you again¨

-He´s much more careful in the roles he accepts now.


-You were in the coffee shop and a customer was being rude to you

-¨Have you ever made a coffee before in your life lady? Hey I´m talking to you!¨

-You immediately put up your hands as a defensive reflex.

-Jaehee walked into the scene and instantly took action

-¨Sir I must ask you to leave¨

-The glare she gave him could only be described as a death glare.

-After he left you two sat and talked a while.

-You explained that he wasn’t really doing anything but yelling but that you were reminded of your ex.

-She didn’t push, the way you said ex gave her a clear enough picture.

-From now on she deals with the angry customers


-You two were sitting on the couch cuddling while Elizabeth was playing on the table in front of you

-Suddenly Elizabeth accidentally pushed a plate off the edge of the table and it broke on the floor with a loud crash.

-All three of you jumped

-After telling off Elizabeth, Jumin turned to you, and noticed that you were still visibly shaken.

-Thinking you were upset about the plate, he assured you that he could easily buy a new one.

-You shook your head frantically and told him you didn’t care about the plate

-So he asked you why you were so upset.

-You looked down and told him that the sound reminded you of the time your ex threw a plate at your head

-Jumin didn’t know what to say, he was just so shocked that anyone would even think to hurt you.

-He slowly brought over Elizabeth and plopped her in your arms and she instantly snuggled up against you

-You smiled and roped him into the hug and sat there with him until you were all asleep

-The next day Jaehee called you to complain that Jumin was now putting all his attention on a new unbreakable plate project


-He was working when you came up to him

-¨Seven I brought you some food¨

-He didn’t respond

-¨Seven come on you’ve been sitting there for hours you need to take a break!¨ You said defiantly. His face contorted into anger

-¨MC can you just SHUT UP?¨

-He hadn’t meant to yell. He was under a lot of stress and he wrongly took it out on you. As soon as he said it, he looked up to apologize and saw you reflexively step back into a defensive position.

-Oh he was very familiar with that stance.

-You barely had time to think before he was hugging you with all his might.


-¨You don’t need to tell me anything if you don’t want to but I am here for you and I would never hurt you¨ He whispered in your ear. You decided to sit down and tell him everything. He had shared all of his pains with you after all.

-He denied having anything to do with the embarrassing photos of your ex that appeared all over the internet.


-You were both dragged by Seven to a concert

-Though you both pretended it was the worst thing to happen, you couldn’t deny that you were starting to enjoy yourselves

-That is, until the audience started screaming with applause

-Terrified, you looked up at Saeran and he looked back at you with the same expression.

-You both instinctively bolted

-Once you were outside you didn’t say anything.

-You just sat there in awkward but comforting silence until the show was over

-He didn’t ask what made you act like that, since he knew if someone did that to him he would hate it.

-Eventually he slowly wraps his arm around you as you wait for the show to finish.

I hope that was what you wanted! Thanks for the suggestion! My first one yay!

The RFA Thinks you like someone else

But the twist is you like them

I know its shocking

I never said its a good twist

gender neutral

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  • Well he is flirting but when he sees that you get so well along with Jaehee
  • He somehow gets the idea that you like her her more then just as friend
  • You just seem so close and she is really a great person too
  • So somehow it makes sense to him that you fell for her
  • He is certain you are dating when you go to Jaehee on a few evenings
  • You just go to watch DVD´s -with Zen in it-
  • Turns out you and Jaehee are both huge musical fans so you become close friends
  • So Zen is happy for you to be with Jaehee but he is sad since its not him – Zen in a nutshell-
  • He does not talk to you over his assumption so its a bit strange that he starts pulling his flirty attitude back.
  • Zen would never hit on you when you are with someone else
  • You get quite sad that he moves back from you but you think you might did something wrong or he just sees you as a friend after all
  • So you ask Jaehee about whats up with that
  • She tells you you defiantly made him not mad but maybe he figured that being to close to you is not good for his carrier after all
  • That makes sense to you but it also breaks your heart since you really fallen for Zen
  • Jaehee actual became such a close friend at this point she knows you would never hurt Zen
  • You genuine care for him so she decides to ask Zen what he really feels for you.
  • In worst case Jaehee will be their for you in best case Zen might has feelings for you too.
  • So she calls Zen and strait out asks him
  • He try’s to avoid a direct answer but then admits that he has feelings but he knows that you like Jaehee so he not wants to get in between of that
  • After Jaehee wonders how he came to that conclusion she tells him that there is nothing but friendship between you two.
  • In fact they became friends because they both like Zen just in different ways
  • Well now Zen feels like an idiot you are not a couple with Jaehee and he really wonders why his mind got so wild about this
  • And wait what Jaehee means with likening him in different ways ?
  • Now he has to stop being an idiot and just ask you
  • So he calls you and tells you that he was quite cold to you lately and that he is sorry he did not mean to hurt you -Jaehee basically yelled at him for that-
  • Of course you forgive him and push it to some stress but he admits it was because h thought that you had feelings for Jaehee
  • It makes you laugh since its impossible to fall in love with someone else
  • Good wait someone else does that mean – Yes Zen
  • So you fell for him , he fell for you and everything works out


  • Since he has no clue about love , I mean he had a crush before but he never had a date
  • So he has no real insight in peoples hearts
  • He is very nervous when he figures that he has all those feeling for you it takes him a bit to sort his feelings out
  • At the time he knows that he has a deep crush on you he notices that you became quite close with 707
  • He thinks you like him more I mean 707 has so much fun with you
  • You always seem to joke with him and laugh you never prank Yoosung but that’s probably because you are so nice to everyone
  • To him you are so awesome and perfect -He gets sidetracked to easy-
  • It looks like you are flirting with 707 to him and he is no one to steal someone away so he keeps his feelings to him
  • Its clear  that Yoosung is unexperienced and shy so he never really flirted that much with you
  • He was very nice to you of course but at this rate it would go no where
  • You wanted to take action and decided to invite him to a gaming session
  • If Yoosung liked you it could turn in a date but if he doesn´t it would not be too awkward
  • Plus being with Yoosung sounded like fun anyways
  • So he came over but since he felt like he should be not alone with you and he wanted to help you to get closer to seven he brought seven along with him
  • 707 thought he was just playing wing man for Yoosung and that is why he agreed on this
  • To him it was clear that you liked each other you both just did not notice it yet
  • You thought he brought Seven along because he was more comfortable that way and you figured it might had been better to go to have a coffee instead
  • Still you have fun with both of them so its not that bad you feel like you getting closer with Yoosung too
  • Its quite strange how he avoids being alone with you , maybe he is embarrassed or maybe he does not like you at all?
  • The truth of course is that he is trying to bring you closer with 707 but you not really want to be alone with him
  • Its all quite wired for everyone at some point seven takes pity on you two and takes a opportunity while Yoosung is making you snacks.
  • He first asks you what you think about Yoosung and it is as he thought you like Yoosung a lot
  • Then he pretends to help Yoosung and drops some hints at him but Yoosung does not get it
  • So he changes plans and tells him that you like Yoosung
  • Yoosungs thinks as a friend and lowkey tells seven that he thinks you  have a crush on seven
  • He laughs so hard at that and tells him you are only friends you mostly just joke around and if not you end up talking about Yoosung
  • But of course he should not just believe Seven and just go and ask you what you think
  • Then he makes a cheap excuse up and leaves the two of you alone to figure it out
  • What you then do since its quite obvious to you what Seven does and you half hate him and half thank him
  • So you gather your courage and tell Yoosung what you feel about him
  • After the surprise on Yoosungs end -insert embarrassed Yoosung reactions here-
  • He confesses that he feels the same way and you both agree on having a real date next time


  • You started working at Jumins place since the payment was great and you could work with Jaehee
  • She might hates the work under Jumin but the payment is great and you are a hard worker but also not take sh** from Jumin
  • So its not really surprising that you get good along with the other coworkers and Jumin actual appreciates your honesty
  • Jaehee would never dare to speak up to Jumin as directly as you do you are able to tell Jumin off without offending him
  • Its like magic, she is impressed
  • Slowly but surely her feelings for you deepen you have a lot in common after all
  • You are also a Zen fan but you not have any deeper feelings for him so you can understand her position quite well
  • You also actual like taking care of the cat you like cars a lot and somehow you get along really well with Elizabeth
  • She is really thankful you take her but then she notices that you are actual quite close with Jumin
  • Could it be that you are interested in him?
  • I mean why would you to Jaehee he is a Robot but somehow Jumin seems to be more loose around you
  • Maybe you could see something in Jumin that other people didn´t
  • Jaehee had no idea you only made him smile with the countless pictures of his cat that you took for him
  • You had no feelings for Jumin but you really had fallen for Jaehee
  • Jaehee was of course a very slow going person and you respect that so you not pursue her
  • At some point its kind of frustrating Jaehee after all there is finally a person she feels like opening up to and maybe even someone she could get even closer too
  • Your friendship is really important to her she not wants to ruin it and she realizes she maybe took to long
  • Maybe you just never had deeper feelings for her what was okay even when it hurts her
  • She gives you all the support she can regardless
  • Your happiness is what matters most to her and even when she can not understand how you fell for Jumin if that is how you feel its fully fine for her
  • But then one evening it was after a business party you had to both dress really nice and you looked really great
  • Jumin was extra nice to you too you pretty much talked the whole evening just with Jumin and  it frustrated Jaehee so much she ended drinking too much
  • Later when she was home she logged in the messenger and let her frustration out on Zen
  • Zen tried to make her calm down but she really was upset over it.
  • You saw the whole think the next morning and called her wondering why she thinks you are liking Jumin.
  • Jaehee had a hangover and regrets saying those thinks you not want rumors and explain to her that Jumin was only talking about his cat the entire time
  • You have no feelings for Jumin whatsoever and on a whim you tell Jaehee you actual like her and that you know that she needs time
  • Jaehee is relived and happy and also really grateful she is happy that you understand her so well


  • Everyone sees him as a cold person you somehow don´t you think he is funny person and you love his cat.
  • You defend him and you tell everyone that he is a nice person he thinks you are just really kind.
  • You are a very open and warm parson to him so he does not think you could like him more
  • It seems a bit strange to him that he thinks on you a lot and he always wants to call all the time.
  • He wants to know everything about you and then it hits him a bit later -like a week or two-
  • He really likes you in a romantic way
  • But then he sees that you talk to Yoosung -of all people- you are looking close to him
  • You help him with his gaming addiction and he reminds you of your younger brother – even when you might never had one- or maybe he wakes parental feelings in you who knows
  • You think that Yoosung needs someone to guide him the right path and since no one else seems to care you do it.
  • Jumin thinks Yoosung is younger then you are but maybe he is your type
  • He had that happen to him before so he just closes himself away from you
  • Jumins calls get more rare and he does not try to make jokes everyone thinks he is broken again
  • They already thought so after he started to open up to you so now he is either more broken or fixed again.
  • You think somethings bad happened so you not mention it too much even when it makes you sad
  • Maybe you imaged him making advances towards you, maybe you bored him in the end.
  • You not wanted to get hurt since you thought he maybe would be a bit brutal when he would not feel the same way
  • So you not told him what you feel and he not told you anything
  • He was extremely cold to you it quite hurt even the other told him he is mean
  • You just brushed it off and continued to help Yoosung with his studys
  • Even he noticed how the whole thing affected you but he could not really do much
  • He even asked Zen for advice for that only made thinks worth for you since now even Zen thought that Yoosung had feelings for you
  • His denying only made seven troll Yoosung hard for having a secret crush on you what kinda made you defend the poor boy
  • That only feeded Jumins thoughts of you being actual a couple with Yoosung a true mess
  • A while later  Jaehee needed some extra helpers for one of Jumins projects
  • So you agreed on helping you could use some extra cash
  • Jaehee actual never thought the rumor about you and Yoosung was true it was so clear that you where only helping him and you did
  • She also thought that it was the same for Jumin
  • You liked working with Jaehee you said how good it feel to be with an actual adult for a change
  • The rumors kind of affected you it was quite annoying and then you also where still puzzled why Jumin was so cold to you
  • Jaehee asked you if you actual like Jumin she never knew why you do but she felt that you have a interest in him
  • You don´t want to lie and admit you do have a crush on Jumin but he has no interest in you since he is so cold
  • Its a bit odd to her that you like Jumin but she is not judging you
  • She is a really nice person so she decides to call Jumin out on being so mean to you
  • He says he is not mean he just keeps his distance from you
  • After a bit back and forth he drops that you are dating Yoosung
  • -and Jaehee almost smacks her head against the wall-
  • She tells him no you are not liking Yoosung in a romantic way
  • its just something that everyone makes fun about since Yoosung asked for advice for you
  • Jaehee thought it was obvious to him too but apparently it was not
  • So then the one having a crush on someone but was not able to say anything was you ?
  • Who do you like then ?
  • Jaehee tells Jumin to just ask you if he really wants to know
  • So he excuses himself right away and does just that after telling you how sorry he is you agree to talk with him during a dinner
  • You not even need to tell Jumin that its him he figures it out now where he is actual seeing you


  • Yeah with him it can go either way
  • So you think he maybe likes you sometimes but then when you actual get close to him he pushes you away
  • So you are confused and you not want to push something when you don´t know what Luciel wants
  • You not tell him what you feel and maybe does not really know either
  • He knows you like him but he has no idea how much and he thinks its best for you to stay out of his life
  • So he is secretly a bit happy when you get along with the others they would be all much better with you then him
  • All you do is distract him anyways
  • He even tells you you should date someone you have no interest it looks like
  • But after a while it brothers him a bit when he sees you getting closer to Zen
  • Its good for you to find someone else and Zen is handsome and he is a good guy
  • So Zen is much better for you then he ever would be
  • You help the others so much it makes him happy
  • He is mostly nice to you but he keeps his distance and when you need help with something he is always their but he does not want to be involved with you more then that
  • He even trys to get Zen more involved with you since you look like you really like Zen
  • Zen is a honest guy and Seven is sure he developed some feelings for you too
  • He pretty much sets you up with  Zen to prepare the Party just so you could spend more time with him
  • It hurts him more then he likes to admit he images all kinds of thinks but he is telling himself its for the best
  • He is happy in the chat like ever even if you point out that you sense something he brushes it up with jokes
  • Zen of course likes helping you but he knows that you are not into him at all
  • He sets on being your big brother and as such he protects you from the stupidness of seven
  • Who is hurting you with his back and forth attitude
  • You try hard to not let it get to you but it does
  • Why do you have to fall for someone who is not into you at all ?
  • It sometimes just hurts and it hurts Zen that you are hurt
  • You work hard for the party regardless and your efforts really pay off
  • Its quite a great Party even when 707 had some urgent matters to handle
  • -aka he not wanted to see you with Zen-
  • In his head you two where already a couple and it was good even when it really hurt
  • He was sure he would get over it at least when you are happy then he could be happy about that
  • But the next day all just complaint how 707 was not their you sounded really upset too
  • After all he promised he would come and you worked so hard even when you where most understanding since you really thought it was a imported matter
  • But still you really had hoped to see him you thought that maybe then you could figure him out.
  • You where actual more sad anything what surprised Seven
  • After all you had Zen so you should be happy
  • You where of course grateful for Zens help but that was all you really wanted to see Seven
  • He had no idea why since again you could be with someone else then him after all you where so close with Zen
  • You where jokingly asking him if he is jealous he was a bit too strongly denying that
  • He was the one that made you work with Zen in the first place
  • You knew seven had so much other thinks to do Zen was nice but you rather had spend time with Seven
  • Zen is a good friend but nothing else after all.
  • You got quite angry at 707
  • Then he realizes how wrong he was you not like Zen in a romantic way
  • It is surprising to him relived about it so now he has to face the truth that he is actual really liking you
  • You notice how he is not as much pushing you back for some reason and so you decide its time take action
  • So you invite him over and he actual comes and finally thinks are moving foreward
  • it will take some time but eventualy he tells you how he feels

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*sweats profusely* I know nothing about beat boxing and I am a Fool


- What. What are you doing, why are you making those kinds of-

- Oh. My god.

- He doesn’t know how to react. He forgot beat boxing even existed, he hardly listens to that kind of music.

- “So, uh…Mc…Where did you learn to do that?”

- He’d be sweet enough not to tease your or anything negative, and try to ask questions and support you

- But he’s still confused on it on a whole.


- Hell the fuck yes, teach him this shit.

- He’d be one to goof off right next to you, trying and poorly beat boxing with you

- Joking competitions against each other? Hilarious dance moves to go with it?

- He will never stop

- But at least the two of you have fun


- What are you doing

- Why are you doing this

- He wouldn’t be negative about it, he’d just think it was strange. He wasn’t used to seeing people beatbox, but he’d be supportive as possible.

- Trying to give critiques.

- “Wow, that was faster than your last one! You’re improving so much!!!”

- That’s… Not what you were trying to do but thanks Zen you tried.


- Mc please stop beat boxing to Zen’s songs.

- Please.

- You’re killing her.

- She would think it’s weird, but sometimes you do cute little ones to make her laugh

- Otherwise she wouldn’t do anything to make you stop, she’d just take it as another hobby of yours


- ????????????

- Help him. What are those noises??? You’re making Elizabeth 3rd look at you weirdly, are you upsetting her? 

- Even after an explanation and a few examples, he’s still hopelessly lost. 

- You can tell he doesn’t like it, but he wouldn’t tell you that. 

- He’d just ask you’d keep an eye on Elizabeth 3rd and stop if she looked uncomfortable.

Self Esteem

It’s been a while since I’ve had something really important to say. Um…
I don’t know how to go about it without sounding strange. 😰
I’ve noticed you’ve been down lately.
I think you’re so cool and really pretty. you’re also always helping us when we’re down. But it’s our turn, now.
I don’t think you realize how amazing you are. Your looks aren’t everything. Yeah, you’re beautiful and cute, and all of the above, but you’re also kind and intelligent. Much better than most people!
All of us in the RFA love you. You need to start looking from our perspective, then maybe you’ll understand why we think the way we do…
Doesn’t that seem fair?


anonymous asked:

How would the RFA react to MC going to get her hair cut but it ends up way too short and looks weird? Thank you 💕

i feel this on a spiritual level….


• he will shower them in hugs and kisses because bad hair days are The Worst and having a bad hair cute is even worse

• will use his actor connections to get hold on some hair stylist that fixes the hair problem 


• when his love suffer so does he, will try his best to try to cheer them up in some way, even offers to help them fix it 

• i mean he probably bleaches his own goddamn hair and should know some hair tips, because keeping it bleached like that? He just gotta know or rip both his and MC’s hair


• she’ll tell them that they can always go back to another hair dresser who can cut it again and make it look not bad 

• much hugs and cuddles because she knows, she knows. She’s been through it too


• it’s just hair? it’ll grow out eventually? He shuts up before he says it though because he sees that they are really upset so he makes it his mission to make them feel better

• need a hair stylist? a wig? Name it and he’ll get it for them, anything to make his love feel better 


• he did say that he don’t go to a hair dresser, so assumed he cut his own damn hair- he has bound to have royally fucked up once or twice with his hair so

• will reassure them as much as he can and offers them that they are free to use any of his many many disguise wigs, like Yoosung he offers the help to fix their hair. Seven has learned the hard way to properly cut hair 

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I wanna draw something warm and fluffy this Christmas so here you go /// u \\ Merry Christmas everyone!

[This contain spoiler of the 707 X-mas DLC read it at your own risk]

Love that alien guy who will take all those risks just to see you ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Base on the last chatroom in his xmas route. (tho i know he drove the car there but running is much cuter lol)


You’re so stubborn sometimes, you know that? T_T
I’m just saying, it would be easier if you told me where you were at all times rather than me having to track you down.
Me? Overprotective? No, I’m proactive!!! I’m preventing kidnappings before they happen!


Things the Mystic Messenger fandom needs to talk about

-The lizard that Seven apparently lost in his house

-The fact that Jumin knows the exact number of spoons V has in his house (exactly 20, apparently)

-He also calculated the average amount of hair Elizabeth the 3rd sheds (3-28 strands per ten minutes) (???)

-The voice actor for Saeran Choi also dubbed Mickey Mouse, Aladdin, and Tamaki Suoh in the Korean versions of their shows

-Jaehee keeps a photo of Zen underneath her mousepad

-Seven canonically wrote Yoosung a love letter


-Zen wants to dye his hair pink

to be updated