A Dad on Valentines [PART FOUR] - Saeyoung

This is heavily inspired my @myetie 2nd Gen AU/Taemin AU, cause I’m obsessed with that.

Hope you enjoy :3


Being the grown child that he is, no one really doubted that Saeyoung would get along with his child. However, no one really thought that he’d be an overall good dad, because that included being responsible and strict from time to time and Saeyoung was neither.

Frankly, you’d already made peace with it. Saeyoung would be the cool, fun dad who build extravagant toys for their child and let them eat sweets for breakfast and you would be the boring mom who said no to everything but at least kept their child safe.

Saeyoung surprised everyone, including you. No one could have predicted just how invested he would be from the get go, not just with the child itself but even during the pregnancy. He read every book about the process itself as well as to how to be a good first-time father.

He painted the nursery weeks before the due date to air it out properly like the book said, made sure you didn’t eat things that were bad for you but at the same time took care of your craving and baby proofed the entire apartment by himself.

During deliver he stood by your side, holding your hand and wiping the sweat of your forehead the entire time. He only let go when your son, Seojun, was born. He stood there in awe, staring at the tiny human being that the two of you had created.

It was the very moment he first got to hold your son that Saeyoung’s attitude completely changed. At least when it came to parenting. You’d created life, beautiful, extraordinary life, and he would do anything in his power to protect it.

As Seojun grew, his father kept the promise he’d made to himself. He himself was still reckless, driving his expensive cars way too fast and sometimes blowing up his work room with his complicated inventions, but he firmly kept your son away from all of it.

Of course that isn’t to say that the two of them never did get in trouble. In fact, much like his father, Seojun was a silly prankster. Most of the time you were the victim of his jokes and instead of stopping him, Saeyoung always got roped into his son’s plans.

Essentially Saeyoung found the perfect balance between being fun and firm, resulting in Seojun not only loving his father, but deeply respecting and admiring him. So much so, that instead of bed time stories, he demanded to hear the tales of agent 707.

Seojun wanted to be exactly like his father, which resulted in hims gradually adapting all of Saeyoung’s mannerisms, quirks and even some his interests. Once he reached later puberty it was like you were talking to the Saeyoung you first met.

It made raising Seojun easier, because Saeyoung understood exactly how he felt and you knew how to deal with it, because you’d been through it all before. Such was the case when Seojun returned home after school, a mixture between bummed and angry written all over his features

When you asked him about it he told you that no girl had given him anything for White Day. Frankly it surprised you that he even cared and when you asked he simply shrugged and gave you that cocky grin you’d gotten so used to by now.

“I don’t really care, but it would have been nice, you know”, he explained nonchalantly while stuffing his face with chips. 100% his father, ladies and gentlemen. “But I’m clever, funny and good-looking. Why didn’t I get any of those free chocolates?”

You realized then, that this was a case for Saeyoung to solve, because whenever Seojun acted cocky, it meant he was hiding some sort of insecurity. So, you told Saeyoung to talk to your son and left the two of them to it.

“So, what’s really going on? Why does it bother you that you didd’t get anything? Anyone specific you like”, Saeyoung asked, his son merely shaking his head. “So it’s because you feel like a failure, because not even a single girl like you enough to get you something?”

At that Seojun looked up, vulnerable and pained, and nodded. “Listen, you’re still young, son. No girl ever liked me before I somehow wrung down your mother. Just wait and you’ll be rewarded. There’s no use being hurt over someone good not liking you, when there is someone perfect waiting.”

“Just be yourself yourself and if that doesn’t work, you can drive to school in one of my cars. Girls really dig that”, Saeyoung said, causing his son to laugh. “Thanks Dad!” Saeyoung nodded, clapping his son on the shoulder. “And if that doesn’t work I can just build you a robo-girlfriend.”

“Fuck you, dad!”