Posessive (Void!Stiles x reader)

I just couldn’t resist this, there are pretty many of these, more imagines than fics, but with the idea of void being obsessed/protective over you and the pack trying to get you two separated.

You were pulling your hair. You scratched the back of your neck, tangling your fingers with the strands of your hair and tugging on them while you paced around Scott’s room. You walked the space between an armchair and Scott’s bed, never fixing your eyes to new objects. You kept your eyes fixed on either to your toes or the window. Every time you gazed the window you walked over to it, taking a long gaze at the surrounding of the house.

You were worried. Not sure what you were waiting for, but it was not good. That you were sure of. It would more likely be Void to be the first one to show up. He could teleport unlike any werewolf or others like them. No one you knew could do the same.

You felt like you had doomed your friends to death. You had told them what the nogitsune wanted. You had told them everything that was enough to build up a nice death scene. Maybe that was why you did it? Or maybe that is why Void told these to you? What he wanted and needed and for why. And of course you had fallen for it, told them, unwillingly though, and now everyone, even you, were in danger.

You had told the pack what you suspected was going on, why had the nogitsune come after you, why was he so offensive towards them. Of course they wanted to know, you then trying to back away from the subject, thinking it was nothing. You didn’t want to look like an attention seeking teenage girl, but Scott didn’t leave it there. He pressured you to tell him. And you did.

You thought the nogitsune was after you, though you didn’t know why, but it still bothered you. You pointed out how he had never made a move on you, a threatening one. He had always circled you, walking pass you, sometimes making eye contact with you while smirking.

Scott didn’t know wether it was point that should be taken seriously, but he did give it a thought. He even thought about testing the fact that were your suspicious true. That was it now. This was the test.

You started to bite your lower lip, your nails. Still moving nervously around in the already so unwell lighted room. If it wasn’t already enough to make you worry and nervous it had to be getting dark sooner than before just today.

You didn’t even know what you were worried for. That Void would kill Scott and the pack, or that Scott would kill Void? Or that you even cared if they would kill the nogitsune!

You knew Scott had a plan that wouldn’t set anyone in danger if it was even worth a try. Still, you were nervous as hell.

Scott had sent you to his house, where you were right now, and he was with the pack at the school waiting for Stiles to show up.

-at the school-

Scott, Isaac and Allison were inside the school building, Lydia was with Aiden and Ethan at the front doors. They knew he would be there at any second.

Scott had his phone close, keeping a track on you. Making sure you were fine and inside, safe. He kept sending you texts where he asked were you alone and were you ok. Of course you were. But you started to get lonely and a bit anxious.

The front door flew open, Aiden and Ethan’s mixed werewolf body flying across the air in front of Scott and others. Stiles had Lydia with him, he had his hand tangled in her hair while he dragged her with him, then he pushed her on the floor, gazing at Scott.

“You think your little banshee and a mutant freak can stop me?” He yelled, the voice echoing in the hallway. “You’re little seven numbered pack is just getting one number smaller.” He smirked.

Scott got ready to attack, he arched his back, his face changing more animal like, his eyes a mixture of red and yellow.

“It already has!” Scott announced.

Stiles looked a second worried, surprised, off guard. He went over the pack letting his eyes wonder on everyone he saw. Yes. There was only six teens present. He gritted his teeth and hissed: “Where is she?”

It was Scott’s turn to smirk. He shrugged and said: “Not here.”

The nogitsune glared warningly at Scott, then the onis appeared from thin air. Everything happened so fast. Suddenly Stiles was all over Scott, he had his hands on the collar of his shirt, he pushed his body against a wall while the onis made sure no one could break the two apart.

“Where is she?” He hissed once again. Scott only gave him a smile and shook his head. Stiles pulled Scott away from the wall, then trowing him back with enough force to break his bones and yelled “WHERE IS (Y/N)?”

-pack at McCall residence-

You had walked round the room for hundreds of times and now started to get dizzy. You felt sick, annoyed, worried and all, not sure could you take it anymore.

Scott had stopped answering to your texts an hour ago, not even picking up on your calls. You had thrown your phone to the end of the room due frustration.

“Knock knock.” You heard from behind. The volume quiet, the voice raspy and dark but delighted. Somehow even thrilled.

You turned to look. The figure now leaning against the doorframe and smiling. The darkness under his eyes so clear to be seen it looked inhuman. And inhuman was the whole situation.

His knuckles were bloody, bruised, you looked at them worriedly, hoping it wasn’t any of the pack members.

It took you off guard how you reacted. You were about to say something, just being able to open your mouth, but not to make anything out. You were not sure even now what you wanted, waited and hoped for. It was so bizarre.

“A fox caught your tongue?” He asked and smirked. It made your blood boil, even though you were not scared to see him there. “A good try from Scott to try to hide you from me, I have to give him that,” he circled closer to you, his hands behind his back, like he was hunting a prey, which was you. “but I can’t say I enjoyed it. That he takes something that belongs to me away from me.”

You felt slightly angered when he preferred you to belong to him. You could feel the heat raising to your face, your hands clutching to fists.

His tone was starting to sound threatening, not purposely for you, but to anyone in the matter. You took an unsteady step back, only because you were being sure not to get too close. You were not sure of what mood he was on.

The second you stepped back, nogitsune stopped. He tilted his head, sensing your unsure body language. He of course did not mean to scare you, but you were never so sure of what went through his head. A trickster he was.

“Don’t be scared, little dove.” He taunted. “I am not that mad at you.” He walked slowly closer to you. “You do understand that I am just starting to get fed up with games. The pack can’t hold you down. They can’t keep you away from me. I will have you. And you know it too.”

“Why are you so interested in me?” You dared to ask. You knew you didn’t feel like you were in control of the situation but you still knew how to talk back.

Nogitsune walked around, not letting you out of his sight, his cold stare on your (e/c) eyes.

“You are more than you appear.” He said, it didn’t mean anything to you so you waited for an explanation.

“There is something in you that calls for me. I feel the undying need to collect you. To own you.” He chuckled when he saw your disgusted and confused expression. “You are like a wild animal that I feel the need to tame. A price, worth of fight. And even the pack fighting for you,” he clicked his tongue. “makes me want you even more.”

“So this is a game to you?” You couldn’t help but mock. “I’m just a symbol of power. A mark of victory?”

Now he was close enough to touch you, he had made you back up so much you were now against a wall, your back pressed firmly in place where you could not escape. Though you didn’t even want to. You wanted to hear him out.

“You shouldn’t underestimate yourself, (Y/n).” He purred. “You are not just a pawn in my game, you have so much more value to me, you can’t even imagine how important you are. This feeling I have for you is more human than a magical bond, though humans do prefer it to be magical, so either way the feeling is strong.”

You swallowed. You hoped you were wrong for what he meant. He couldn’t possibly be..?

“You’re lying…” You mumbled. You could feel the aura around you darken, getting heavy and making the air hard to breathe. You saw Stiles’ body tensing and his teeth gritting.

“I have watched you sleep, I have watched you dream and I have held you due nightmares without you knowing my present. I have made sure no one hurts you, I have made sure you won’t have to face your fears and I have been there for you!” He was now shouting, hitting his fists close to both sides of your head, then softly caressing your cheek and whispering, almost lovingly to your ear: “And I will always be the one to be there for you. No matter what.” He had calmed down, but still felt the need to say the next line.

“So don’t underestimate my love for you, darling.” He smiled.

He then kissed your cheek. Your tense body not relaxing, but all the air that had been caught in your lungs rushing out through your nostrils.

“I’m confused.” You finally got to say. “I didn’t know why any of this was happening and I didn’t think and now, I put everyone in danger so I could know why. I didn’t know-” Void, in the skin of Stiles’ cut you out.

“It’s okay, little dove.” He said softly, no sign of anger in his voice while he talked to you, his lips now tickling your ear while he whispered: “You know now. You don’t have to be confused, they will never try to separate us anymore.” You could feel his lips curve into a smile, then he kissed near your ear.

“And I don’t ever have to be scared of losing you, ever again.” He purred and embraced you.

Bus Driver 17

Six forty-three, stop number one
Robin boards with a wobbly step
This morning he is looking rather low
Though last night his spirits ran high

Six forty-eight, stop number two
Ammo can’t see past her piled homework
She rushes to finish before class starts
After which her meaning is lost

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this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

Kara’s first camera lesson is this: 

You can’t aim the lens at the moon and expect it to come out as bright and big as it looks hung up in the sky.

Kara knows this. She spends an inordinate amount of time staring at the same sky she fell out of through her camera lens and fails miserably at capturing the blue glow of the moon and the stars.

Her bedroom wall is covered in pictures of the empty sky and dozen other images of simple things that Kara’s catalogued. A rock shaped like a heart. The TV set. Alex’s baseball trophies.

Her favorite one hangs directly above her bed, and although her blurry finger ruins the corner of the picture, she thinks she’ll never capture something as pretty as the colors the sun makes as it dances over the water. 

And then she meets a girl with hair as blinding as the sun and hands as delicate as the clouds. 

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"baby i know yours by heart"

A/N: Here is my continuation of punk!Hannah meets vintage!Grace, and the first date shenanigans that occur once Grace gets the courage to dial those numbers. Counting it under Trinity Week: Christmas, even though it’s late?? Hope that’s okay. Also side note: I love AUs - soOoOoOoo much - so if any of you feel like leaving various AU prompts for future Hartbig stories I will write them probably. SFW (some Mamrie curses, I guess) and 2.8k words, not real in the slightest. Have some holiday fluffles and girl kissing. 

P.S. Part i can be found here. Part iii will probably be soon, because I have all the excites about writing that part. 

P.P.S. PLEASE listen to Little Numbers by BOY, it is the anthem to this story and it’s an adorable song ——> cute girl singers SERIOUSLY DO IT. 


Seven little numbers have burned themselves into her brain, and those numbers are staring at her while her finger hovers over her phone, taunting her. 

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BOY - Little Numbers

-this fucking song though, holy shit its amazing,makes me ridiculously happy, love it, and the vid is too cute, brb dancing-  

Seven little numbers, baby, they could be a start
Seven little numbers, baby, I know yours by heart… 


BOY is actually made up of two v. talented women. Like this? Check out their song Little Numbers. 


BOY - Little Numbers (Official Video) (von 

In honor of that awesome pic I just found, here another song for todays number

3. A song that reminds you of summertime


“All the pretty things that we could be, 

I feel you in every heartbeat!

Forever in a dream that could come true.

These numbers could be lucky for you." 

anonymous asked:

Do you have any lashton fluff?

Yesssssss, I apologize if I’ve rec’d any of these already.

Also, I probably have way more in my ficrec tag, these are just fics I found in my saved history on ao3 lol