August Daily Draw. #7OSTarotChallenges.
August 1, 2015. (Deck used: Joie de Vivre)
”What project should I begin this month?”
Card Drawn: Six of Swords.

A new month, a new challenge! I was looking for a Daily Draw Challenge and then I saw the wonderful one that seven-0f-spirals has made for August. So now here we are!

For today’s question I pulled the Six of Swords. To me it isn’t really a project as much as it is a sign to move on from certain things. Bury some sort of hatchet against myself. This summer had been draining me so much, aswell as putting a very low pit on my passions and aspirations. In turn that caused quite some uncertainty and insecurity, leaving me a little lost in how to move on and where I wanted to go. Right now I feel like I finally can put that behind me and look forward. I figured out what I needed to and accepted what needed to be accepted. It actually feels quite good.

Basically, it’s time to pick up the work again. Do my thing and leave all those past inner-troubles behind me! Looking back upon June and July, I actually wonder why I felt so insecure and it makes me smile. I can get so silly sometimes, to the point where I stress myself out! I guess that’s a project too, in a way.

Anyways, time to pick up where I left off. The little guy above is already working really hard!  ♥

dragonspet asked:

I'm not usually one for dota smut, but by the seven you draw some adorable stuff. The bits with rhasta and medusa in particular had me giggling a fair bit (maybe not quite the intended effect but hey). And if you are still looking for more people to dotes with I'd be glad to join ya. Could always do with more people to play with.

glad ya like them! and ppl just seem to add me in steam and never saying anything, but that’s cool with me!



Some pictures my seven-year-old sort-of-niece drew today of Sup while using my PJ pants as reference - she doesn’t know anything about Cry or where Sup comes from, but she thinks Sup is cute. Though when I first showed her him she said, ‘But what is he’. The great mystery.


the jackim side of my reverb artwork! soma is here and the fanmix is here!

I had a bunch of strange images in my head and I rolled with it and my authors drew from these. it’s directionless and specific at the same time, and it was a whole lot of fun to create! I know it doesn’t really look like fanart, but I hope someone gets a kick out of it! and be sure to check out the fics my authors pulled out of my mess

fic by rainshatteredsky: ffnet | ao3

fic by Peppermint-Poppy: ffnet | tumblr


Random sketches I recently drew. 

Wolfram, Hazel, Ruki and Johari are OCs of MadKakerlaken

Vanniana is my character in World of Warcraft unfortunately, my sub has ended; also, random pony Seven

Yep! Now I am da cute bunny, and Nitro Dusk is Doctor Who. And we play Minecraft Tekkit like this xD Noice!

This lioness with small cub on her paw is my Lion Seven as an adult and as a cub. I just wanted to make a comparison.

Lion Emil is Seven’s mate. She goes around under a nickname of The Matriarch.

anonymous asked:

Where did your name come from?

My name was the only one both my parents could agree on. They didn’t particularly like it, but neither of them hated it, and apparently by that point that was good enough. Or do you mean Heir of Rick? Because that is actually a sort of… play on my real name. I thought it up when I was drawing like seven years ago and thought it was the cleverest thing ever, and decided then and there if I ever created an online persona, that was the name I was going to use. I wonder if I still have that original drawing… Or do you mean “Final Skies?” That’s also something I created back in High School (or maybe earlier?) and it has a special meaning to me… Also “Final Sky” was already taken. I totally wanted “Final Sky” though. But now that I think about it, “Final Skies” is totally cooler. Right?