Seven Day Challenge Chapter 5, a Walking Dead fanfic | FanFiction
The conclusion of my fluff-tastic tale

A chapter preview:

“What are you doing?” Rick stood in the doorway, regarding her curiously.

“Changing into my pajamas,” Michonne laughed lightly, holding her towel in place as she bent down slightly to open their dresser.

Rick shut the door to their bedroom, the lock clicking. “Everyone’s left the house. Carl is holed up in his room and Judith is finally asleep.” He stepped behind her, pressing his chest flush against her backside. Gently, he closed the dresser drawer. “I don’t think you’re going to want pajamas tonight.”

“Is that right?” She asked. A shiver ran down her spine as Rick’s hands brushed her hair, gathering the locs in a fist and sweeping them to the side.

“In fact, I don’t think you’re going to be needing pajamas for the next seven nights,” he pressed kisses into the back of her neck to punctuate his statement, dusting his lips lightly over the sensitive skin.

“You sure you’re up to the challenge?” she teased, rolling her body backwards against him. Rick inhaled sharply, grasping her around the waist.

“It’s been a week,” one hand came up to where her towel was knotted closed. Michonne traced his fingers, pressing them firmly into her. “I know you missed me too.” His low, rumbling tone undid her completely.

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Seven Day Challenge Chapter 3, a walking dead fanfic | FanFiction
It's Day 7 at last and our OTP is eager to reunite

A sneak peek:

“Where are you going?” Rosita questioned. The sun was just beginning to rise over Alexandria, highlighting a layer of frost coating the grass around the wall. Rosita glanced down at Rick from the guard tower, her eyes darting to Carl meandering along just behind him.

“Don’t tell me you forgot,” Rick twirled the keys to the van around his pointer finger whimsically. He could practically hear her resulting eye roll.

“Day 7,” she sighed, pouting just the slightest.

“Might want to get comfortable up there,” Rick grinned up at her, pausing to wait for the gate to be opened.

“I still say you cheated,” her response was half-hearted, her smile poorly concealed.

“You’ve got to be really clear when it comes to my dad,” Carl came to his father’s defense, cracking an identical grin. Rick patted him on the back.

“It’s a hard-learned lesson. Rosita is going to have plenty of time to think about it over the next week,” he waved cheerfully at the woman’s dour expression, climbing into the van behind Carl.

“Whatever,” Rosita stuck her tongue out, waving them off. “Tell Maggie that I say hello.”

“Will do,” Rick agreed, shutting the door behind him. He started the vehicle, the rumbling of the engine breaking the silence of the morning.

“Think she’ll be happy to see us?” Carl asked from the passenger seat.

Rick nodded. “I’m sure.”

“Think she missed us as much as we missed her?” Carl titled his hat back to glance sidelong at Rick.

Rick paused. He hadn’t had a solid night of sleep in the entirety of the week. “Maybe not quite as much as we missed her,” he ventured, chuckling.

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Seven Day Challenge Chapter 4, a walking dead fanfic | FanFiction
Michonne shares her news with her two favorite men... Enjoy!

Chapter Sample:

“So, what’s the surprise?” Carl was practically vibrating, his excitement reverberating around the inside of the van. He was on his knees between the driver’s and front passenger’s seat, gripping Michonne’s armrest expectantly.

Michonne regarded him amusedly, a smile frozen on her lips. “I was planning on waiting until we get home…” she laughed, her eyes flicking to Rick.

“We can wait,” Rick’s tone was firm, a direct contrast to his feelings. Carl was not the only one anxiously awaiting her news.

“Dad,” Carl rolled his eye, looking exasperated. “We’ve waited a whole week.”

Rick chuckled, meeting Michonne’s eye over their son’s head. He raised a brow, silently attempting to coax her.

“All right,” she acquiesced, retrieving her pack from between her knees. “You may want to pull over.”

Rick complied, bringing the van to a stop just inside a crop of trees, shaded from the view on the road. Michonne took a deep breath, holding a small square of paper to her chest. With a long exhale, she handed it to Rick. His thumbs brushed over the waxy surface, flipping over the small black and white photograph. Immediately, his chest contracted.

“What’s that?” Carl stood up, leaning over his father’s shoulder.

“Well, we have to start thinking of names,” Michonne’s voice was quiet. “But for now, I’ve been calling the little guy or gal "Peanut”.“

"A baby?” Carl’s voice cracked around the word.

“A baby,” Michonne confirmed, watching him carefully.

Rick’s mouth had gone dry, his pulse pounding in his ears. He stared at the fuzzy black and white photo in his hands until his vision began to blur.

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Seven Days Challenge

Challenged by my southeastern Pennsylvania neighbor Jeff, aka @woodsong

“Seven days, seven pictures in black and white of your daily life. No explanation, no people. Ask a friend to join in every day. ”

Day: 3/7

Inviting another Pennsylvania neighbor, @mbfollowsherfeets, to do this if you would like.  I’m glad to see that you are posting photos again.


Seven Days Challenge

Challenged by my southeastern Pennsylvania neighbor Jeff, aka @woodsong

“Seven days, seven pictures in black and white of your daily life. No explanation, no people. Ask a friend to join in every day. ”

Day: 7/7

Phew, done.  Thank you all for indulging me.  Looking forward to getting back to my usual programing.  And captions.  I really missed my captions.

If any of my followers want to do this, consider yourself tagged


Have you ever gone vegan for a week for views? (I have)

Dear Future Children,

I cannot wait for the day you enter my life. I’ve dreamed of you all my life, raising you all, dressing you in cute outfits and teaching you life lessons. I don’t expect the road of parenthood to be smooth. I anticipate all the arguments, all our disagreements and everything in between. But I want to teach you that life is more than being the #1 student in class more than being the best at everything; I want to teach you that life is about being a good person and doing good things. I plan on providing well for you and giving you what my parents gave me plus more. I want to GUIDE your life but not dictate it. I want you to try everything so you know what you and what you don’t like. I want to be there to listen. I want to be the one you’re excited to introduce your first boyfriend/girlfriend too. I want to raise you in a household where you learn the value of family, money and hard work. I promise that when you do arrive, I’ll work my hardest to never let you down. Mommy will make mistakes but I can only hope that you learn from them. I don’t expect you to be Valedictorian. I don’t have your career set in concrete. But I want you to make the best fit choices for your own selves. Whether you choose to pursue a career as a journalist. Whether you choose to marry someone of the same gender. Whether you decide that you want to move out at the age of 18. I want to be the one who buys your first published piece. I want to be the one who gives you away. I want to be the one to help cosign for your first apartment. Life is not about making me proud, it is about making yourself proud through your choices. And I can only hope that I am one of your role models to do that.

Love you already,