seven's art

Fairy 707~ Flying in the sky at the speed of light~!! *sparkles,sparkles*

..I have to admit, I completely lost it at that fairy Seven CG. I am WEAK

Side note, I think I should change the way I draw hair again. I’m still not satisfied.


Day 7/100 Days of Productivity - 20/09/2017
Got my English essay back corrected yesterday, and I did really well! I’ve got another one due for tomorrow though (-_-;)
On the bright side, came across this super-cute illustration in my French book today!! They’re so cute!

sisters that go through traumatizing shit together stay together


this started as a joke BUT HERE WE ARE,,,

rfa gets drunk. yoosung ends up pole dancing as a dare, seven throws money at him and records everything to show it to him in the morning (yoosung wants to die), zen is having a crisis because does he really think this is attractive ?????, yoosung throws his shirt on jumin and jaehee is 100% done and drinking wine straight out of the bottle (please let her rest)