seven times table is pretty hard

of pianos and playstations 1/2

A gamer is introduced to a cute musician’s Youtube channel. All the gamer does is send the musician a message, letting him know he likes his videos. After that, the gamer plans to get on with his life; he wouldn’t contact the musician again. Then he receives a reply.

it’s ya girl back with another 2min fic. this time it’s a youtube au, something i’ve always wanted to write. enjoy~

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Good Dream?

She woke up feeling him pressing hard into the curve of her bum, it’s not the first time its happened but this morning she’s still tired from the activities from the night before and really not in the mood to do anything about it. 

Harry’s skin is hot, He’s obviously bothered still caught in a deep sleep. She’s not sure what time it is, leaning over to check her phone but he is wrapped so tightly around her, his body flowing her movements as she reaches for the bedside table. Its only seven, much too early to be up on a Sunday, with a slight groan she shuffles back to her pillow, unintentionally rubbing her ass against his hard on. 

The thin fabric of his boxers rubbing soft against the over sensitive skin, he groans sleepily hips jutting up a but as his arms tighten around her. She pays no mind to the little noises he makes as he rubs against the pretty curve of her bum driving effortlessly back to sleep with no intention of stopping him as his dream becomes more lively.

It feels good, so good and Harry can’t help the sounds that slip from him. He’s desperate and needy he’d probably feel embarrassed if he was fully awake but he was only teetering on the edge his dream started innocent, with the memory of the first night they met, but took a different turn as his brain thought up all the possibilities that could have happened if he snuck into her room instead of staying on the couch. It has his cock growing in his boxers, and when he actually processed the heavy weight in his underwear, a second of embarrassment flashes in his mind. He is 99.9% sure that she could probably feel it, but his cock is presses up against her ass and she’s half asleep same was him. He makes a choked noise as the pressure sends tingles up his spine, his hands gripping her hips a tad tighter and Y/N’s body going ridged for a moment. He’s pressed tighter against her now and the friction feels heavenly.

Instead she melts back into his front, submissive so she can fall back asleep, “S'okay.” its a quiet murmur, but Harry hears it clear as day even in his groggy state. It’s all he needs his desperate mind letting go once sure she’s fine with him rubbing off on her. Experimentally pressing his hips back forward and into her bum and she doesn’t oppose to it. Only making a soft noise, when his fingers dance along the solar system on her hip. Harry moves his hips again, groaning lowly with a slow voice still raspy with sleep, “Fuck me baby” his eyes are fluttering shut now. He’s desperate and that’s precisely how he sounds. “Please baby…” he nearly chokes as he rubs against her again. “I need to cum…fuck I need to.” He’s already considering shamelessly grinding against her and he’s sure the blood in his body stopped circulating properly and flowing only to his cock.

He moves with small jerky little ruts into the swell of her bum, uncoordinated and clumsy with bones still heavy with sleep. Her letting out the pretties of sleepy sighs when Harry tries a very distinct, and diligent roll of his hips. A moan falls from his bitten lips, followed buy a quiet “Sorry” and a kiss to the top of her spine, pleasure coursing though him as his mouth falls open against the bare skin at the back of her shoulder, he grips her hip moving them slightly against him as he his bucks start to get a bit desperate and he’s moving quicker, panting under her ear soft little whines and moans, and he thinks she coos at him, but its impossible to hear over the little noises coming from himself, he wasn’t sure just how sleep she really was. “Sorry,” he whimpers, for the second time.

He feels uncharacteristically close to coming, not too much of a surprise as he always so sensitive in the morning, his blunt fingernails piercing into her hips as he grinds his cock into her, gently rocking her hips still in sync, a bit quicker now. He can’t keep his eyes open, the lids heavy with euphoria as he works himself closer and closer.

He’s dry humped her before but this time it feels like almost a sin, he apologizes for a third time but she only responds with another sleepy, “S’okay”, his hips are rolling almost on their own his breathing quick and uneven, the muscles in his stomach jumping burning as he grows more and more erratic with his movements.

He barely gets a warning out, before he’s coming with a moan cut off by a choking sound, his open mouth pressed into the span between her shoulder blades as his eyes squeeze shut with a deep, slow, long rolls of his hips. He’s breathing heavy, mumbling something she can’t decipher, having just came in his damn boxers, rolling away from her body and huffing out. He doesn’t want to move, his limbs feels like jelly and his mind swimming with thoughts of sleep, head rolling on the pillow to look at Y/N besides him, who rolls to her stomach twisting her head to look at him with tired eyes.

“Good dream?”