seven teachings

  • Seven: Ok! My dear brother! It's time to teach you some pick-up lines! Demonstrated by the RFA Members!!
  • Zen: Do you have a name? Or can I call you mine?
  • Jumin: I heard you're good at Algebra. Can you replace my 'x' without asking 'y'?
  • V: Can you touch me? I want to tell my friends I've been touched by an Angel!
  • Yoosung: You sexy! You fine! I wanna make you mine!
  • Saeran: I think I've got it.
  • Seven: Really? Try!
  • Saeran: *takes a deep breath*
  • Saeran: YOU WANNA PUT YOUR MOUTH ON MY MOUTH?!?! Darn it, I'm outta here.
  • Saeran has left the chatroom.
  • Seven: PPPFFFFTTTTTT!!!!!
if you want joy, give joy to others. If you want love, learn to give love. If you want attention and appreciation, learn to give attention and appreciation. If you want material affluence, help others to become materially affluent. in fact, the easiest way to get what you want is to help others get what they want.
—  Deepak Chopra (p.30 of “the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success)

How not to look at your Captain #044

Saeran Headcanons
  • Seven takes Saeran to going trick or treating with him (without telling him its mainy for children) Saeran secretly loves it
  • Saeran only ever eats MCs cooking
  • MC teaches Saeran to bake. On his first attempt he messes up by putting all the dry ingredients in a bowl and putting the mixer on the highest setting
  • Saeran can’t swim, Jumin offers to hire a private tutor to help him learn but he refuses and only allows MC to help him
  • Saeran can’t ride a bike. Seven tries to teach him and he gets so angry he messes up the bike. 
  • He loves it when MC messes with his hair, he plays it off like it annoys him but he gets really upset when she stops and will say something like “my hair is all ruined now, fix it”
  • On his first Christmas he just gets everyone books. Zen gets “How to stop being a narcissist”, Jumin gets “Am I obsessed with my cat?”, Yoosung gets “How to stop my gaming addiction” ,Jaehee gets “How to sue your boss” , Seven gets a lump of coal ,and MC actually gets something extravagant like a necklace or something
  • Saeran has a huge sweet tooth and will constantly sneak candy into the house, his desk is full of wrappers and candy
  • Makes MC go with him to get Ice cream by saying stuff like “You can’t spend all day in here or else you’ll be like Seven or Yoosung” Really he just wants to be alone with her
  • If MC falls asleep next to him he will mess with her hair because he loves the smell and how soft it is
  • He becomes extremely protective of MC when they leave the house, he will give death glares to anyone who checks her out
  • Jumin won’t allow Saeran near Elizabeth the 3rd because she actually really likes him and that makes Jumin jealous. 
  • If someone attempts to flirt with MC then Saeran will first, play it off as if hes her boyfriend and tell them to back off, then he’ll find them online and ruin all of their social media accounts 
  • He has gotten in the middle of Seven and MC when she reaches to kiss him, he clams its because they are too affectionate for an unmarried couple but really hes just jealous and wants MC to kiss me
  • He gets really lonely whenever MC is gone for long periods of time (like seeing family or something) He’ll take something of hers and sleep next to it, he also insists that she call every hour and he’ll track her phone to makes sure shes safe. 
  • Hates it whenever Zen is too friendly with MC, he threatens to ruin his career, of course Zen thinks hes kidding but still backs off (Saeran is never kidding though)
  • When MC is sad Saeran goes on a witch hunt to figure out who upset her. 
  • Saeran has ruined one of Sevens cars because he was too affectionate towards MC and it made him jealous 
  • Seven doesn’t let Saeran have a real gun anymore so he got him an air soft gun. Saeran constantly shoots seven with it
Subcultures To Which The Knights Of Ren Could Conceivably Belong In An AU
  1. Health Goth
  2. Late 1980s Grebo (seriously, they are as grebo as fuck above all else)
  3. 18th century dandies
  4. 19th century romantics
  5. Theorybro Twitter
  6. Mid 2000s snowboard-and-weed-dudes
  7. Victorian Jesuits Maybe I Dunno
  8. A Quite Bad Late 1990s “Street Dance” Posse Who Are Not Actually Much Cop
  9. The KLF And In Particular The Justified Ancients Of MuMu
  10. Some Sort Of BMX Riding Situation
  11. The Rugby Sevens Team Of A Teaching Abbey
  12. A Network Of Bent Coppers Like The One Who Were Involved In The Killing Of That Private Detective
  13. 1950s London Teddy Girls As Per Those Ken Russell Photographs
  14. Some Disreputable Lads Hanging Around Down the Docks (Or Near The Naval Base) And The Other Groups Of Disreputable Lads Are Scared Of Them And Nobody Knows Why
  15. Artisan Sausage Makers
  16. RPG Enthusiasts
  17. Knitters

Concept: Seven teaching Yoosung how to drive. He’s terrible at it and Seven is an awful teacher at best. Yoosung either goes too fast or too slow, and Seven’s instructions always have the worst timing. They hit a fire hydrant. Seven’s pretty much dying with laughter until he notices Yoosung’s eyes filling with tears.
“Hey, it’s okay, I can get the car fixed, don’t worry about it-”
“It’s not that, I just don’t know why I can’t get this!”
And Seven kisses him and tells him that driving is stupid anyway, he can just take the bus, and besides, Yoosung is amazing at other things, which he proceeds to rattle off until Yoosung is a giggling blushing mess. They wait for the car to get picked up and towed before taking a cab back to Seven’s house and playing LOLOL/watching movies together until they fall asleep curled up on the couch

When the twins were born, Molly’s brothers Gideon and Fabian Prewett moved into the Burrow, and stayed to help out with the kids between Order missions. 

They did a lot of reading to two year old Percy, and were the ones to teach seven and five year old Bill and Charlie to fly, freeing Molly up to take care of two tiny babies - both of whom had more powerful innate magic than their brothers. 

The park is absolutely empty at seven o’clock on Sunday morning except for two people: a man and his very young daughter who is no more than six or seven. The man is teaching her a Greek dance. Side by side, arms held high in the air, slowly and carefully they do the formal steps together: leg crossing leg, slapping the knees, jumping in the air and shouting “Hopah!” at the end of the cycle. You can almost hear plinky bouzouki music playing in their background. The girl is very bad at it, very clumsy. She keeps stumbling but father catches her every time just before she falls. Righting herself, she squirms out of his hands and shouts “Again! Again!” Both of them immediately start dancing again, huge smiles on their faces.
How lucky I am to be there right at that moment to witness their joy.
—  Jonathan Carroll
some nice yooseven headcanons~

@emilyjharvy these r for u ;))))

•seven is the big spoon every single night !!
•yoosung wears seven’s hoodie as a comforter and seven loves it
•nightly LOLOL competitions till sunrise
•yoosung sits on seven’s lap while seven teaches him to hack :,)
•yoosung loves giving seven nose kisses and likes when seven gives him forehead kisses
•they have burping contests all the time
•cross dress together!!
•they like to cuddle and watch action movies on the weekend
•own 2 cats who are spoiled to death
•they slow dance in the kitchen at 2 in the morning
•yoosung loves teaching seven how to cook and they cook meals together
•they also eat every single meal together
•seven really likes to hold yoosung after a long day
•pants do not exist in their house
•"yoosung do you like me or like like me?“
•"seven we’re engaged”
•"that didn’t answer my question"
•yoosung snorts when he laughs but seven’s the only one who’s heard it
•their whole house is basically space themed

Day 1: Holiday Cookies

written for #HanniHolidays

Will opens the front door and is immediately overwhelmed by the smell of sugar cookies. For most people–normal people, people who didn’t live in a Gothic Revival home that was heavy on the gothic and not so much on the revival–this would be a wonderful welcome home. Unfortunately, when Will comes home from his volunteer shift at the no-kill shelter and the smell of baking is in the air, he freezes in abject terror.

Perhaps he would feel differently had Hannibal not spent the better part of seven months teaching himself how to construct and decorate remarkably intricate gingerbread houses. Instead, Will has flashbacks every time The Great British Bake-Off comes on.

He toes off his shoes and hangs his scarf on its appointed peg on the wall. “Hannibal?”

“In the kitchen.”

“Yes,” says Will, grabbing the lint roller from the wall organizer. He tries to shed his pants of as much dog hair as possible. “I had gathered.”

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Reaction Masterlist

Hey guys! Here is my masterlist. I’ll list them by number and what the Reaction is about so here we go!

1. MCs First Relationship 

2. MC Falling in the Shower

3. MC Sitting in Their Lap

4. MC is a Long Term Ballet Dancer

5. MC having Cat Ears and a Cat Tail

6. MC Who Swears alot

7. MC Being on a Swim Team

8. MC Accidentaly Admitting she is sex repulsed Asexual

9. MC Sending pictures of her trying on New Clothes

10. Reacting to stressed out MC

11. MC admitting she is a Virgin

12. MC being a Nerd/Video Game Addict

13. Comforting MC while watching a Scary Movie

14. MC who loves Spicy Home Cooked Meals

15. MC loving BDSM On the Submissive Side

16. MC Having Stretch Marks

17. MC Having a Bad Dream

18. Asking MC to Prom. Highschool AU

19. MC Being a Writer

20. MC Loving Meteorology

21. MC Sending the Gang Selfies

22. MC is an Aspiring Voice Actor/Singer

23. Hardcore Otaku MC

24. Super Clingy MC

25. MC Giving Spouse letters they had written

26. Seven teaching MC how to Code

27. Who would cry at the wedding

28. MC Falling asleep on their Lap

29. MC With Amnesia

30. Habits of the RFA

31. Fantasy AU!

32. MC Makes Lover Protag of next game

33. MC Kissing them on the Cheek

34. Lovey Dovey MC x Yoosung

35. Nursing Student MC

36. MCs car breaks down

37. RFA meeting MCs Family

38. MC Wanting to Hold Hands

39. Pet Names for MC

40. MC Working as a Mermaid

41. MC Making them a Cute Lunch Box

42. Chubby Insecure MC

43. MC Singing Heavy Metal on Karaoke

44. MC Who can Draw Really Well

45. Tipsy MC

46. MCs pet names for RFA

47. MC Babysitting Younger Siblings

48. RFA Helping MC with Homework

49. MC is an aspiring artist who always has paint on hands

50. RFA Playing Just Dance with MC

51. Ballad Singer MC

52. Reactions to V being Blind

53. MC Taking RFA to Theme Park. Platonic

54. MC Holiday Themed Panties

55. Jealous MC

56. MC Writing Smut about RFA

57. MC Calling Jumin ‘Daddy’

58. MCs super overprotective friends

59. Tone Deaf MC

60. History Geek MC

61. MC Getting Kidnapped

62. Ballroom Dancer MC

63. Bodyswap!

64. MC Calling RFA Senpai

65. First Relationship Fight

66. Hip hop dancer MC

67. MC Giving RFA Strip tease/Lapdance for Birthday

68. RFA Asking MC about wanting Children

69. MC Too embarrassed to ask for affection

70. MC Being a Police Officer

71. RFA Bed Kinks

72. MC Falling asleep while waiting for RFA to come home

73. Everyone trapped in an elevator

74. MC Being Pregnant

75. Sevens reaction to MC loving Astromony/Astrology

76. Saerans Reaction to MC being like his brother but motherly

77. MC Having Tattoos

78. MCs Sibling angry for them disappearing

79. MC wearing one of their lovers shirts

80. Love in First Sight Reaction

81. MC falling asleep on the couch on Jumins office

82. MC Being ill

83. MC Being shy about affection but making many innuendos

84. short MC in MC x Yoosung x Seven Relationship

85. MC being afraid of the Dark

86. MC and RFAs first dance

87. MC with bad Insomnia

88. First fight with Saeran

89. MC likes sitting in their lap

90. First time MC says I love you

91. First time with Male MC

92. MC in maids outfit

93. MC confessing she isn’t a virgin

94. MC Limping

95. MC likes being Bit

96. MC with really long hair

97. RFA Reacting to MC moving in with them

98. First Valentines day together

99. RFAs Guilty Pleasures

100. Saerans reaction to MC loving K Pop

101. RFA being Protective of MC.

102. Male MC Masochist

103. V and Saeran Reacting to MC liking to be bit

104. MC and Seven pranking everyone

105. MC being into pet play

106. MC not afraid of saying I love you

107. MC being into bondage

108. MC getting into an accident

109. Saeran finding someone as kinky as he was

110. MC high on pain meds

111. MC having frizzy and curly hair

112. MC being a trans guy

113. RFA receives pictures of MC after being kidnapped

114. MC joining RFA in the shower

115. MC singing lullabies

116. Losing MC in a large crowd.

117. MC dancing at RFAs bachelor party

118. RFA finding out that MC is a guy

119. MC sending naughty pics

120. Saeran reacting to MCs tattoos

121. Saeran and Saeyoung having a belly kink

122. MC has no shame

123. MC that grew up poor and is good at budgeting

124. MC is a figure skater

125. MC has really bad pickup lines

126. MC coming home drunk

127. Self concious chubby MC

128. MC being kidnapped

129. Proposing to MC

130. MC is a gaming youtuber

131. Dominant MC

132. Tired MC

133. MC and RFA take dance classes

134. Masochistic and Submissive MC

135. RFA thinking MC was cheating on them

136. MC has a prosthetic leg

137. Official First Dates

138. RFAs turn ons about MC

139. MC Sexting RFA while at work

140. Sleeping Positions

141. MC suffering morning sickness but not knowing she was pregnant

142. Saeran and Saeyoung switching bodies

143. MC getting bashful about compliments

144. Clumsy MC

145. MC has mean and Jealous friend

146. Other guys flirting with MC

147. MC sitting on their lap

148. MC has a big dog

149. RFA startling MC while she is cutting her hair

150. MC getting Injured

151. Childs first day of school

152. Walking in on MC masturbating

153. RFAs favourite Ice Cream Flavours

154. RFA members acting like older brothers/sister

155. Haunted house attraction

156. MC grew up on the streets

157. Painting as a date

158. MC being hypervigilant after the attempted kidnap

159. RFA trying to explain where MC disappeared to. 

160. Lingerie preferences

161. Pokemon Teams

162. Walking in on MC getting ready to go into the shower

163. MC turning down another guy when he flirts with her

164. RFA not allowing anyone to insult MC

165. MC in a K-Pop group

166. Very ticklish MC

167. MC can do magic

168. MC having a bird

169. RFA with superpowers.

170. Attention Starved MC

171. MC that loves shopping

172. MC as part of stage production of a play

173. MC who is afraid of hospitals.

174. MC getting a drastic haircut

175. Meeting Zens family

176. MC who plays loads of sports

177. Jumins reaction to MC liking his overprotectiveness

178. MC getting their hair dyed a shocking colour

179. Jumin getting possessive and trying to keep MC locked in his home in all routes.

180. MC cuddling with RFA

181. MC playfully sticking her tongue out

182. MC is very busty

183. Surprised MC when it comes to physical affection

184. MC in thigh high socks

185. MC sleeping naked

186. MC has high level job alongside RFA party planning

187. MC being a really good cook

188. MC being a terrible cook

189. MC wanting to pet every dog and cat she sees

190. MC walking in on the guys jerking off

191. Deep Voiced MC

192. RFA forgetting MCs birthday

193. Clothes shopping with RFA + Saeran

194. MC playing pranks on Jumin

195. RFA + Saeran taking a bath/shower with MC

196. MC acting childish to an anooyed Saeran

197. Jumin reacting to his dad hitting on MC

198. MC showing RFA her special place

199. MC who is in the Military

200. RFA + V+ Saeran reacting to having a bad dream

201. Writer MC who has one sided coversations with her characters

202. MC writing a song for RFA

203. RFA finding baby pictures of MC

204. MC x 707 finding out that MC likes it rough. NSFW

205. Jumin x MC. Jumin gets antsy at work and calls MC to come to his office. NSFW

206. Zen x MC. MC being dominant in bed. NSFW

207. Saeran x MC. MC being heavily into BDSM

208. MC accidentely puts smutty text/photo onto group chat

209. RFA and MC running into her jerk ex

210. 707 x Male MC NSFW Headcannons

211. RFA + Saeran finding out MC plays the piano


Imagine getting attacked while in jail awaiting court, resulting in nerve damage that forces you to quit NCIS.

**Sequel to “Imagine being framed for murder (and the team losing faith in your innocence).” [x]**

Jail may not have been as bad as prison, but that didn’t mean that law enforcement were any less hated. Even law enforcement accused of murder.

You had barely been there for two hours before seven inmates decided to teach you a lesson. At least, you think there had been seven. For all you knew, there had been three times that. You had been unconscious when the guards found you.

The doctors said it was a miracle that you’d survived such a brutal attack.

Three stab wounds, one of which punctured your lung and another which damaged your spinal cord. Compared to those two, the final stab hadn’t done much damage and hadn’t been very deep either. While those were the worst of your injuries, they didn’t begin to cover the concussion, blunt trauma and defensive wounds you had sustained. Your arms particularly had taken some abuse as you tried to protect yourself from the knife and endless blows.

If the guards hadn’t arrived when they did, you would most certainly have died.

You weren’t sure how long you had been in the hospital. You knew they had put you in a coma to allow your body to heal somewhat. A police officer had been stationed outside of your room for the first few weeks but they’d stopped watching you a few days ago. No one had come to tell you why.

And then Gibbs walked in one day.

He had flowers with him and, for the first time, he couldn’t seem to look you in the eye.

“Hey.” Your voice was like gravel from lack of use and all the hours you had had a tube shoved down your throat.

The silence stretched on for a long time. Gibbs had to turn his back to you before he could seem to will himself to talk. “We caught the guy.”

It took another long stretch for his words to sink in. You weren’t sure why you weren’t angry. Maybe you were just too tired to feel anything other than exhaustion anymore. Well, you knew you could still feel pain. You thought you had gotten used to it by now, but the hurt was suddenly a whole lot worse. You wanted to cry. You closed your eyes, wishing a nurse would come by and turn up your morphine.

“They tell me you can’t come back.”

You felt like you were going to be sick as you nodded. Your voice was flat as you poked at your now-useless legs, “NCIS generally likes agents who can walk.” You couldn’t quite keep the bitterness out of your tone.

His grip on the chair tightened. “They can do some amazing things with therapy, I’ve heard.”

You almost laughed. “I’m never going to be NCIS again, Gibbs.” You weren’t sure where what you said next came from. Maybe you were angry after all. “You made sure of that.”

If you weren’t mistaken, Gibbs actually flinched. “I know. It’s on me,” he muttered, glancing briefly to you, still not meeting your gaze. His entire body was tense. “This is my fault.”

Tears blurred your vision, leaking down your cheeks, “Yeah, it is, Gibbs.”

He finally turned, his eyes begging forgiveness, “I’m sorry, [f/n]-”

“Just… just leave. Please just leave.”

Gif Credit: Gibbs

Kind Eyes, Kind Smiles, Kind Understanding

Part One || Part Two || Part Three || Part Four || Part Five || Part Six || Part Seven || Part Eight

Summary: You teach Credence a spell, and his comfort with you blossoms. Part 9/14

Warnings: None!!

Word Count: 1,182

You and Credence had mutually decided that learning about the obscurus inside of him was necessary before attempting any spells. Unfortunately, as you both discovered, very little was actually known about the obscurus, so after a week of research with little to show for it, you had decided that you’d done what you could and knew what there was to know. And when you’d seen that Credence was nearly double the age of the oldest known obscurial, your stomach had dropped, and you’d had to fight becoming ill right there. Instead of dwelling on the fact that there was nothing more to learn and getting Credence’s hopes down, you’d decided to teach him a little bit of magic. “Let’s start with lumos!” Not only was it an easier spell to learn, but also you were sure that learning something that emitted light would help Credence feel less darkness, or at least help him feel like he could combat and overpower what he feared was all dark inside. He had nodded enthusiastically, so here you were, standing in the middle of your cleared living room holding your wand next to Credence, who was very proudly holding his.

“Okay, so. I’ve never really…taught any magic, so you’ll have to bear with me and patient.” You smiled up at him, and he didn’t tell you he could be as patient with you as you needed, after everything you had done for him these last three weeks. “So, the way I learned it is like this: you picture something bright, like a star, and focus on that and just…imagine it going out your arm, through your fingertips, and out the end of your wand. Saying ‘Lumos’ out loud often helps you focus it, if you feel like you need the extra help.” He was looking at you intently, and you felt like he could dissect you under his gaze if he wanted; something you had noticed in his time with you was the way the mind behind his eyes shone through in increasing increments. He had been all shy glances and purposefully dulled presence in the beginning, trying to take up as little space and attention as possible, and now you could feel the weight and presence of his stare everywhere you went. You cleared your throat a little self-consciously before saying, “Here, I’ll show you.”

You thought about a flickering camp fire in front of you, focusing on its gentle light and radiating warmth, and at the flick of your wand, a soft light was glowing in front of you gently. Credence smiled, all teeth and brimming with excitement, at you, and you were breathless at the sight of him. You tried to refocus, since this was about teaching him and not how infatuated you were with him and how happy you were to see him happy. So instead of telling him he was beautiful, or that you wanted to kiss him, or that you couldn’t believe he was real, you said, “The trick is to imagine a softer light, if you can. If that makes sense at all. If you focus too bright or explosive, you can damage your wand. Which is why you should never think of the sun, which our instructor failed to tell us. A kid in our class blew her wand right up.” You chuckled softly at the memory and noticed Credence smiling along. “So. Think soft. If that makes sense.”

It did make sense, and the first thing that came to Credence’s mind was your smile, or maybe your eyes. He thought the kindness in both of those things was the softest thing he had ever encountered. He settled on your eyes, focusing on the soft warmth they always emitted and the light that they always reflected back. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply, imagining that glow trailing down his arms and through the tip of his wand, a gentle, radiating glow that hazed around but didn’t overpower. He uttered a soft “Lumos” to try and focus the light a little extra, since he didn’t want to damage his wand, and at your soft gasp, he let his eyes flutter open to see—a glowing light dancing at the tip of his wand. He couldn’t believe it even as he was staring intently at the light he had created, and though his excitement caused the light to sputter and die, he was still wrapped up in his disbelief.

He turned, beaming, to you and saw you mirroring his own smile. “Your first try! That’s so impressive, Credence. You’ll get the hang of this in no time, you’re a natural!” Credence ducked his head at that, appreciative for the praise but suddenly aware of his own comfort. It felt foreign and…absolutely wonderful. He wanted to stay, trapped in this bubble of light, forever. As fate would have it though, you were always the curious sort and couldn’t help but ask, “What kind of light did you picture to help you? I always thought of campfires. I’ve never been, but… I think it’s the perfect kind of light. But, what did you think of? I’m so curious because you got it on the first try! Was it the light, or am I just that great a teacher?”

You were beaming, all bright smiles and bright eyes, and he noticed you talked more when you were excited. The comfort of the moment gave him the confidence to tell you the truth. “Y-Your eyes. From the very beginning, I thought you’ve had all this…soft kindness in them, and I—It’s part of why I knew I could trust you from the beginning.” He had never been allowed to talk so long on his own, and a part of him felt the ghost of fear tingling along his spine.

But you didn’t scold him for talking or for his boldness. Instead, your entire face kind of…glowed, like the light that came from his wand. Your eyes were shiny with tears, or maybe that’s what happiness looked like, and your mouth had turned up into the most glorious smile Credence had ever seen. He had a hard time believing he could have caused that smile, but he must have because you were smiling up at him and leaning onto your tip-toes to kiss him square on the mouth, unrepentant. “Your eyes are brighter than mine, Credence. I wish you could see you now, compared to before. You were always beautiful and always had this…strength in you, always brimming at the surface, but now… You let it show. And it is so beautiful, Credence. You’re so beautiful.”

Credence let himself smile then, unrepressed and bright, down at you. He liked the feeling that being around you brought, the comfort and understanding that seemed to spark between the two of you at any given time. He knew then that he was in love with you, that this was the emotion everyone seemed to pine after and that he never thought he could understand. He didn’t say anything though, just kept smiling even as you kissed him.


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