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Seven for Sunday

1. I’d like to offer up my standard apology for not being around. 😏 I’ve been working crazy hours (15.5 one day), my kids are home for the summer (yay!!!!!), Nick and I are heading up the girls basketball booster club, which is a lot of work, and I haven’t been feeling well.

2. I finally went to the Electrophysiologist (specializes in cardiac electrical disorders), and they’re going to schedule an EP study soon-“a minimally invasive procedure that tests the electrical conduction system of the heart to assess the electrical activity and conduction pathways of the heart.” If it’s WPW again, they may be able to ablate extra fiber path(s) then. That would be ideal.

3. Not exercising, not sleeping well (tachycardia at night, despite all my meds) and a lot of stress eating have all added up, and I’m almost the heaviest I’ve ever been. I hardly recognize myself and feel so uncomfortable. I’m not fat shaming, but this is not healthy for me. I have to figure out how to fit better eating into my life.

4. I did get out of the house this weekend, which is good. We went to a send off party for a friend who is joining the marine corps and visited my in-laws. Yesterday, my niece played in two all-star softball games. My parents were there as well. It was good to see my mom and have a benign interaction with family. It’s important to me to support my niece. She’s been through too much trauma in her life.

5. It’s hard fighting depression without exercise-the go-to weapon in my arsenal. I’m feeling very frustrated and helpless about quite a few things, and I need to turn that around.

6. I have a pinched nerve in my neck that is giving me back and chest pain and sending shooting pains down my arm. Because of the blood thinners I’m on, I can’t take much for pain, and all I have in the house is Tylenol. Luckily my sister is something of an amateur pharmacist. She gave me some muscle relaxers and hydrocodone, which is one of the few pain medications I can take. I took one of each about an hour ago, and now my entire body is tingly, and sleep is seducing me into its depths. I’m going doooownnnn.

7. This all sounds so negative, but I’m hopeful they can zap my heart back into shape, which would end a lot of discomfort and allow me to exercise again. Please cross your fingers for me. Also, my boss is hiring me an assistant at work, which will make a huge difference. She starts tomorrow. Last, I am so happy to have my kids home!!

Miss you most of all, scarecrow. The drugs are definitely kicking in. Have a good Sunday, friends!

Monday Seven

“You need me to take a look at that hand. I don’t care if you’re not talking to me at the moment. Just let me fucking look at it.”

John’s voice is strained, holding back all the things he thinks will make Sherlock retreat.

Sherlock retreats anyway, heading into his room to assemble a few things for the trip.

There’s a loud bang as John’s own fist hits the side table. The beige, khaki and bright, pale green becomes almost nauseating even as Sherlock has his back to John.

It’s a relief to note that John’s colours are too diluted to stick with him through the veil of Alprazolam as Sherlock closes the door behind himself.


(From chapter 18 of Patterns of Silver Birds -


0 my God, I ask of You full backing from Your Subjugating
Names, that You may thereby strengthen all my faculties of
heart and soul, so that no possessor of a heart comes into direct
contact with me without being turned back upon their heels [and
rendered] powerless.

I ask of You, O my God, an eloquent tongue and truthful
speech; appropriate understanding and an innermost centre
of taste; a truly receptive heart and a discerning mind; radiant
thought and insatiable yearning; eyes that are lowered [before
You] and a burning desire. Grant me a hand of [total] empower-
ment and a strength that brooks no resistance; a soul at peace
and supple limbs for obeying You. Purify me that I may come
to You, and grant that I may be brought before You.

O my God, gift me with a heart by which I may be devoted to
You in utter poverty, led by yearning and driven by desire, [a
heart] whose provision is fear [of You] and whose companion is
restlessness, whose aim is [Your] closeness and acceptance! In
Your Nearness lies the consummation of those who aim, and
the fulfilment of the desire of those who search.

O my God, bestow upon me the presence of tranquillity and
dignity. Keep me from self-aggrandisement and haughtiness.
Let me stand in the station of being accepted as Your delegate,
and may my words meet with positive response.

O my Lord, bring me close to You with the closeness of those
who truly know [You] . Purify me from the attachments of the
natural constitution. Eliminate the blood-clot of blamewor-
thiness from my heart, that I may be one of the completely
purified ones.

May God’s blessing be upon our master Muhammad, and upon
all his family and companions. And praise be to God, Lord of the

—  Ibn al Arabi

The first time was when he woke up, the sun streaming in through a crack between the curtains, Derek’s breathing soft and even next to him. 

This can’t be real, Stiles thought. This life, this happiness, it can’t be real.

He started panicking. Derek woke up and pulled Stiles against his chest. Together they counted, first Stiles’ fingers, then Derek’s. Derek smiled and shook his head when Stiles told him it was because he couldn’t believe how happy he was.

Sometimes he still needs that reassurance, that after all the shit they’ve gone through, after all the shit he’s done, he gets to be happy. And over time, it even becomes a small gesture, for both him and Derek, to show the other how happy they are. So he counts his fingers when he slides under the covers next to Derek, counts them when they’re watching television, counts them any time he realizes he’s truly, ridiculously happy.

He’s sitting at the kitchen counter, willing the coffee machine to go faster, at seven am on a Sunday morning. It would be terrible if not for Derek’s humming drifting through the house as he makes the bed, and the pitter-patter of small feet racing towards the kitchen.

Lily climbs into his lap, and he leans back to accommodate her. 

‘Are we counting?’ she asks, pointing at his hands, lying palms down on the kitchen counter.

‘You want to count together?’ he asks.

Lily nods and bends over his left hand. She press her little pointer finger against his pinkie and says, ‘One.’

When they get to ten, she turns to him with a brilliant smile, presses a kiss against his cheek, and slides off his lap.

‘Love you, daddy!’ she yells, disappearing into the hallway. You’d think it was a small elephant and not a five year-old pounding up the stairs.

‘Love you, too!’ he shouts after her.

The coffee is finally done and he pours himself and Derek cup. As he sets out breakfast, he privately counts his fingers again, a smile on his face.

4) First Night Together- Or, Dread and The Starfish

She sleeps spread-eagled, as if a great hand had dropped her from above.

Sherlock Holmes muses on this as he stares at Molly’s silhouette in the darkness. Just beyond her, he can see her alarm clock, the electric green numbers counting down the hours until Mycroft and his boys arrive and he is spirited away to begin his work dismantling Moriarty’s network.

The thought fills him with a restless sort of energy that teeters on the brink of dread.

With a huff Molly frowns and restlessly changes position, flinging herself facedown onto her bed, retaining her starfish position while managing to waggle her bottom in what Sherlock refuses to acknowledge is an entirely adorable manner. She frowns in her sleep and murmurs his name worriedly and despite himself, Holmes smiles. Leans over and kisses her forehead.  

Her snores are soft and her skin is pale and in that moment- just that moment- he finds his dread abates.


Let’s celebrate our beloved Flash heroine before the show returns from hiatus with Iris West Week!

From April 17th to April 24th, we will celebrate all things Iris West just in time for “The Once and Future Flash” on Tuesday, April 25th.

For each day, you may gif or draw your submission, or else write a fic or headcanon that falls under the theme. Use the #IrisWestWeek in the first five tags of all your posts so that we can find them in the same place. The themes of each day will be as follows:

Day One - Monday, April 17th
Iris + the Wests (your favorite West family dynamic or scene)

Day Two - Tuesday, April 18th
Iris + Barry (doesn’t have to be romantic, but he’s her most important onscreen dynamic)

Day Three - Wednesday, April 19th
Iris + the rest (favorite Iris dynamic from STAR Labs, CCPN, or one you dreamed up)

Day Four - Thursday, April 20th
Iris + journalism (your favorite moment of Iris as a reporter, or being otherwise badass)

Day Five - Friday, April 21st
Iris + fashion & style (favorite outfits and hairstyles, or some you’d like to see her in)

Day Six - Saturday, April 22nd
Iris + parallels (flash loves echoing moments, what are some you love?)

Day Seven - Sunday, April 23rd
Iris + storyline or au (which has been your favorite? or which would you like to see for her?)

Day Eight - Monday, April 24th
Iris + freedom (FREE DAY! Do what you like and share it with the rest of us!)

Magical Realism Fic Rec

for a friend!

burning bright (oikuro)- M, 43k

The tale of how Kuroo Tetsurou invades and subsequently ruins Oikawa Tooru’s life with his larger-than-life fire magic and his terrible hair.

i put my hand out, unfolded, into the sunlight (bokuaka) - G, 3.k

In which Bokuto Kotarou is woefully inept at conveying his feelings, and Akaashi Keiji has a sort-of superpower. Sort of.

hang out and fall in love (matsuhana) - T, 5.6k

In which Hanamaki’s humble medical practice is threatened by an intractable asshole a witch doctor who’s just moved into the shop down the street. Medical/Witchcraft AU.

And flowers bloom in his wake (kurodai) - G, 10k

Magical gifts AU. The first thing Kuroo notices about Sawamura Daichi is that wherever he goes, there are flowers. 

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семь на воскресенье
  1. Reviewed the bills I have to pay this week, including our property taxes, which is by far the biggest check I write every year.
  2. Then I wrote a bunch of thank-you notes for people who made donations at Mom’s memorial service.
  3. Then I looked at some videos from Devin’s birthday party last year.
  4. Then I considered just how much our freedom eroded in the last five days.
  5. Then I had a couple of beers.
  6. Then watched the last sunlight fade from above the clouds while thinking about what I need to get done at work tomorrow.
  7. Currently eyeballing the Buffalo Trace, but that’s the wrong direction from here, I think.
On Silent

Based on this prompt by @mad-the-swine

“so I like to think that every Sunday when Ronan goes to church, he thinks about stopping by to see adam but never does because maybe sundays are the only days the garage is closed and he can get some sleep for once, and then one day as the organist is playing in mass he realizes that adam must be able to hear everything, there’s no way he could sleep through it. So one day he dreams some noiseless headphones and leaves them outside adam’s door, and well-rested adam starts smiling more after that”

Thank you so much for submitting i looveeed this idea, you’re so creative!!

This is 1,714 words, pre relationship

He was so close.

Just for fun, Ronan tried to calculate the distance in feet between him and Adam during mass. The distance in yards, inches, meters.

Shuffling brought him out of his daydreams. The service was over, people were getting up to leave. A certain distinct part of Ronan became thrilled.

Maybe he could do it today. Maybe he’d casually stop by Adam’s scrappy appartement on this bright Sunday, he was in the area anyway, right?

As Ronan walked out of the old church building, he looked up to where he knew Adam lived and sighed. He wouldn’t go to Adams, he never would on a Sunday morning- the only day Boyd’s was closed and Adam could even attempt to sleep in. Adam needed the rest.

With a deep breath and a considerable amount of restraint, Ronan walked by the door of Saint Agnes’, saying a simple prayer to whoever would listen on behalf of Adam’s well-being.

Thinking about seeing Adam tomorrow made Ronan excited about the start of the school week. The fact that someone could do that to him was more than uncomfortable but also more than thrilling. Just twelve hours more.

In deliberate nonchalance the next morning, Ronan flopped down into the chair beside Adam’s, hardly sparing a glance his was. Hardly holding himself back from looking more.

Adam’s eyes were sunken it and glazed, not in the classroom or aware. Disheveled hair and sustained blinks were all the clues Ronan needed.

“Sleep much Parrish?” He pried with carefully disguised concern.

“Hm?” Adam looked to Ronan for the first time that morning, revealing the full vacancy of his expression.

Ronan found himself struck with an unfounded feeling of anger. Of course a few hours extra of sleep wouldn’t really change much. He just wanted better for Adam. How dare sleep in Sundays not help this boy more?

Ronan had been staring and Adam hadn’t been awake enough to realize, when Gansey arrived in class wearing some horrible new boat shoes that disgustingly matched his Aglionby uniform.

Ronan cracked a joke that Adam didn’t catch and Gansey reprimanded Ronan for his lack of preparation for class. Ronan didn’t care. He had one reason for coming to school this morning, and that reason was currently a sleepy dead man walking.

A bell rung, class began and Ronan couldn’t stop think about Adam. Wondering about the dark rings under his eyes and how to change their existence. Why didn’t thoes few extra hours of sleep make any difference for Adam? Ronan avoided him after church just so he could catch up on sleep-


Church. Maybe that was it. Of course. It had to be. The church’s organ was scarcely well played, never well receive and always incredibly loud. And at seven thirty every Sunday morning, it began blaring some underrehearsed hymnal right below Adam’s room.

No wonder the extra hours asleep did nothing for Adam- he wasn’t getting them. Ronan couldn’t blame him; who could sleep through those atrocious sounds?

Fuck the organ. Fuck the organ player. But this was good. At least Ronan knew the problem, that meant he could dream away to stop it.

Ronan dreamed without sound.It was disorienting to be cut off from the senses within his own head.

He saw Adam. They were, both of them in the forest, but Adam was laying down on that shitty mistress from his apartment. He was tossing around, holding hands to his ears.

Ronan sat in the edge of the bed, next to the restless Dream Adam. Still, Ronan couldn’t hear a thing. Adam sat up and looked st Ronan- his eyes glassy with this dream world. Reaching his hands out, Dream Adam brushed his fingers by Ronan’s ears.

Shivering unwillingly, Ronan watched as Dream Adam pulled solidly black earbuds from Ronan’s ears. Sound came back at once.

“Oh,” Ronan mused, “I get it.”

Ronan took the headphones from Adam, savoring the way their fingers brushed in the exchange.

Following the thin headphone cord to his pocket, Ronan found them connected to a solid black cube, printed with simple white letters, reading:



It was Saturday night before Ronan finally found the guts to bring the noise eliminating gift to Adam. He had to bring them tonight so the church organ wouldn’t wake Adam in the morning.

He pulled up into the gravely parking area of St. Agnes’s, noted the absence of Adam’s shitbox and opted to wait in the hallway outside Adam’s door.

Ronan stretched his legs out strait in front of him, back against a wall of peeling paint. He put the dream buds into his ears and closed his eyes.

Almost, Ronan thought, he could dream like this. This particular brand of silence was like a blanket, protecting whoever experienced it from whatever pain and noise existed outside of it.

Ronan started when he felt a gentle kick to the side of his knee. Ripping the soundless ear buds from his ears, he looked up to see Adam Parrish, messing with the apartment key before unlocking his door.

“Sleep much, Lynch?” He smirked. Adam had the sleeves of his blue coveralls tied around his waist, white tee shirt hugging his chest in a way that forced blush to Ronan’s cheeks. He got up and followed Adam inside, deciding to have some fun.

“Listen to this new song I found Parrish?” Ronan said, meeting Adam at his desk where he already stood looking over the weekend’s homework.

“Ronan I swear, if you’re talking about the Murder Squash song-” Ronan cut Adam off by bringing the headphones to the boy’s ears.

Ronan held his hands over Adams ears, thumbs along his jaw bone. Ronan told himself this action was necessary in order to ensure Adam didn’t rip the buds away, but in actuality, Ronan wished he could hold Adam’s face like that all day.

“I don’t hear anything!” Adam said, a bit too loudly. Ronan hesitantly removed his hands from Adams face in order to dangle the connected ABSOLUTE SILENCE CUBE by Adams face.

Ronan smirked and Adam laughed. This reactions supercharged Ronan’s state of being. His stomach felt light and his eyes felt on fire.

Ronan reached to take the ear buds from Adam, wishing to make some snide comment he hadn’t thought of yet. Ronan was saved the trouble of figuring out some witty remark when Adam grabbed his hand.

It seemed like maybe he would swat it away, but Adam just kept his fingers on Ronan’s palm, thumb on the back of his hand

“I like you better on silent.” Adam joked, adjusting his voice to what he probably thought was a normal volume but just came out low and undeniably sexy. Adam still held Ronan’s hand in his own.

Touch was electric.

Breathing shallow and heart thoroughly wrecked, Ronan stumbled away from Adam in an awkward tornado of too long limbs. Adam caught Ronan by his left arm, took out the ear buds and laughed.

“So, standing? Were you skipping school the day that was covered?” Adam quipped.

“Fuck off Parrish.” Ronan snapped, but he made no move to leave Adam’s grasp. Standing was one thing, standing in the presence of Adam Parrish was another.

They both smirked. Adam headed to the shower leaving Ronan with the soundless headphones and the dimming light in the room.

If he stayed, Ronan knew what would happen. He’d try to kiss Adam, he knew he would. It was just one of those nights where Adam was extra irresistible. The firework touches didn’t help.

Ronan resolved to go home. He left the soundless earbuds on Adam’s pillow and quietly left.

Sunday was torcher. All through mass, Ronan could only hope Adam was getting the extra sleep he needed. What if he didn’t notice Rona had left the headphones, or just disregarded them all together? Adam was used to Ronan’s accidental dream creations, maybe he thought nothing of the ABSOLUTE SILENCE creation.

The urge to stop in at Adam’s was stronger than ever but Ronan tore himself away from the church apartment buildings and prayed for a well rested Adam.

When Ronan entered his first period class the next morning his eyes went strait to Adam as they always did. He looked slightly more at ease and aware of his surroundings. Adam jerked his head in greeting as Ronan walked in, even smiled at him for the seconds before obnoxious classmates began to fill the room.

This time, when Ronan commented on Gansey’s strange style choices, Adam laughed and ignited the electricity in Ronan from that weekend. He felt on top of the world, like he was finally doing something worth any amount of time put into it.

Adam seemed better during class, he smiled more, his notes were more organized. Ronan was sure he was imagining it but it seemed like Adam kept stealing glances his way. Even the possibility made Ronan soar.

After class, Adam held back until Ronan was ready to leave. They walked out of the room together into the already emptied out hallways. Adam stopped before heading out of the building to his next class.

“You’re gonna be late Parrish, the entire faculty with shit their pants if-”

Ronan couldn’t continue, not with Adam’s mouth pressed against his own, Adam’s fingers gripping his uniform tie.

Adam leaned against Ronan with his whole body and Ronan felt he would melt into the wood paneling behind him if he didn’t hold onto something. He gripped Adam around the waist and closed his eyes.

Ronan couldn’t be sure if this was real or not. He needed to remember it forever, he needed to understand what was happening in his brain.

“Adam,” was all he could manage to say.

Adam pressed one more kiss onto Ronan’s mouth.

“For the record,” Adam began simply, “I don’t like you better on silent.”

Ronan laughed even though he didn’t have the breath for it.

“Even when you’re being and asshole.”

Ronan smiled against Adam’s check and kissed him there without thinking before bringing their lips back together.

Really, if all Adam need was a few extra hours of sleep to be interested in this, in him of all people, Ronan figured silent headphones were a small price to pay.

Seven Nights at the Sky View Inn

[ao3] [ff]

Thanks to @joe-the-lion, @momentary-ecstasy, @confusedanon

Part 1 | Sunday

The drop of sweat started at her hairline, gathered momentum and volume as it coursed down the center of her nose, and hung at the end for a moment before dropping two stories—

—onto the doctor’s forehead.

“Is—this—the Sky View Inn?” Abby asked, wiping their mingled sweat off her face.

“It will be,” called Raven, kicking her feet out and using her gloved hands to slide down the ladder. She turned, removing one glove and extending her hand. “Hi,” she said, “I’m Raven.”

“Abby, Dr. Griffin. I have a reservation?”

Raven smiled.

“But call me Abby.” Between the heat and the breeze, the unexpected un-done-ness of the hotel and Raven’s smile, her worn jeans and dirty white v-neck with rolled up sleeves, Abby found her mouth unusually dry. “Can I buy a bottle of water?”

“Nope, but I’ll buy you one,” said Raven, “Come inside.”

“There’s an inside?”

“Yeah, I started on the far corner. Follow me.”

They crossed through the concrete skeleton of what once was—or once was intended to be—a two-story courtyard hotel—or apartment building, it wasn’t complete enough to be clear. They stepped inside the finished part.

Inside, at the far corner, stood a tiny bell desk on one side of a partition and a tiny bar on the other. A ceiling fan vaguely stirred the potted palm fronds.

“This is temporary,” Raven said, indicating the makeshift reception area. “But my unit is just there, and the unit above is the one on AirBnB. One bottle of water, ma’am. Nice and cold.”

The bottle frosted, and as the doctor held it, sweat rolled down its side, as her own beaded and flowed. She downed the water, eyes closed, and opened them on Raven’s smiling appraisal.

“Raven, what is this place?”

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Sunday Seven

1. It’s Mother’s Day. Someone remind me to call my mother. 

2. I bought a new car yesterday. Film at 11. (Does anyone even use film anymore?)

3. I’ve been battling allergies more than ever before. Well, not that I;m battling more, just that they’re affecting me more. My normal sinus solutions weren’t working, so I starting using that Flonase stuff (you know, the ones with the condescending commercials that remind you that 6 is more than 1?) at the recommendation of Kimmy @morethananaveragebitch. Well, she was right. There, I said it. It’s working wonderfully (although it is drying my throat out a bit too much so now I’m coughing, but I own stock in Halls, so all’s good). The bottom line, again, is that Kimmy was right. 

4. School is winding down. Another month and we’ll be done. Need to grade papers, but procrastinating. Of course. 

5. The more I watch Ancient Aliens, the more I understand the Trump Administration. Not that their policies are right or anything, but there’s similar “logic’ in both sets of arguments. 

6. I went to Trader Joe’s today and got home by 9:30. That has been the extent of my productivity this weekend, unless you count buying a new car (see above). 

7. Maybe the rest of the day will provide something else for me to put here, but I doubt it. Although, another nap might happen. 


1. Eight hours of sleep, uninterrupted last night. Glob thank you, I really needed that. 

2. SO happy fence post holes all got dug at FarmUp. SO grateful to Cary, Robin, Dawn, John and Jude for text/talking me through a terrifying situation. I had some kind of a neuro event while two hours into the drive to FarmUp on Friday. Full body dizzy waves, pinpoint tunnel vision, all while driving in a 1 lane construction zone with high walls and nowhere to pull over for another ten miles. Straight up thought I was going to die. I got myself to a med center and was told go to ER, but suspected possible migraine so stopped at the drug store for Excedrin and a rest while it took hold. Drove secondary roads home. Disappointed doesn’t even begin to cover it. I’ll make an appointment with my primary, but feel ok now. Just super sad to miss it. 

3. This is such an incredibly lush spring here in Ohio. We’ve had the perfect balance of sun and rain, and the green almost hurts my eyes. 

4. My peas are already 6″ tall. Cannot wait for fresh peas in my salads!

5. I’m not wired for casual, but lort I might need to give it a try. Mama needs a friend with bennies. 

6. Making sauteed zucchini noodles with garlic tomato sauce, roasted broccoli, and meatballs for supper. 

7. I don’t have to travel again until May 15 when I’m headed to Chicago for an all-week software training and to hopefully see a few of you in the evenings. Two whole weeks to find my work/life rhythm with the new commute to the Canton office and hopefully get some new garden beds built in the evenings. Also walking. Must walk and often. 

Headcanon: What is Math???

Originally posted by anime-amazingness

@tinychubbybird girl i feel you; math is the bane of my academic career. everytime i’m in math class i feel like a piece of sanity is slowly crumbling and i want to fight my math teacher oOPS. 

707 has entered the chatroom


707: …I said: RAIN DROP

707: MC? I know you’re here~ Why aren’t you answering my mating call?

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•I’ve been feeling off, I think it’s due to everything that’s gone on lately.
•I got an updated phone number for my birthmom. I called it yesterday but the lady that answered said it wasn’t her. My bro is still trying to see what info he can get.
•The boy has his first communion next weekend.
•I was kidless last night. Someone came over, we had a few drinks ordered burgers and watched movies. Good times. I’m seeing them again Tuesday for lunch.
•I’ve been saving to do an addition on my house, if everything goes as planned, hopefully next year will be the year. I love my house but it’s a tad small for the 3 of us. I’ll only be adding a bigger family room, but it will give us all more room to spread out.
•I haven’t tracked WW and I need to get back on track.
•I got the new Mario cart for the kids, the boy doesn’t want to play. That was something him and the Philly ex did long distance together, something we did every weekend. I hate how much that breakup hurt the boy, sometimes I think that was the closest he’d ever have to a dad.
•It’s been storming all weekend, I’m over it and have a little headache.

[ARTICLE] GOT7, Monsta X & BTOB Debut on Billboard + Twitter Top Tracks Chart

Two K-pop acts pull a one-two punch in the top five of the Billboard + Twitter Top Tracks chart (dated Apr. 22), as GOT7 and Monsta X arrive with “Never Ever” and “Beautiful,” respectively. Meanwhile, further down the list, another K-pop act, BTOB, reaches the list for the first time, with “Movie.”

Billboard + Twitter Top Tracks is a weekly ranking of the most shared and/or mentioned songs on Twitter in the U.S., ranked by the volume of shares over a seven-day period (Monday-Sunday). The latest chart’s reflects data collected in the week ending April 9.

[Also] in the top five, Monsta X’s “Beautiful” enters at No. 4, granting the act its first visit to the list. The song’s arrival is spurred by the release of an official acoustic performance of the song, posted to the group’s YouTube channel on April 3, which has earned 833,000 global views on YouTube.

“Beautiful” raced to No. 4 on the World Digital Song Sales chart, the group’s highest showing among six charted titles. The track features on the group’s The Clan, Pt. 2.5 [Beautiful] album, which reached No. 1 on the World Albums chart and gave the band its best sales week in the United States to date, and also climbed to No. 10 on the Heatseekers Albums chart.

Source: Billboard

High Tensions - Eight

Spencer Reid x Reader

Glancing around Spencer made sure the office door was locked and the blinds drawn before walking over to where Y/N was bent over the desk, her skirt rucked up around her waist and her black lace panties pulled down. 

That ass, fuuuck. He just wanted to slam himself against it, it looked so pert and firm. 

She wriggled slightly, turning her head to look at him, cocking her eyebrow at him. “Hurry the fuck up Spencer please. I’m desperate here.”

Standing behind her and parting her legs, he could feel that she was. Warm silky fluid coated his fingers as he felt between her legs, making sure she was ready for him. 

“Say it Y/N, say it first,” he fumbled with the buckle on his trousers, pushing them down and taking his dick into his hand, stroking it; just waiting for her to say the words he’d been dying to hear from her for weeks now. 

She wriggled again, pushing her butt back towards him and looking back at him. “Spencer Reid, You win. I want you in me, now. Fuck me, and do it hard and do it fast. ”

He grinned and slowly started to push himself inside her slick entrance, knowing he wouldn’t last long this time but that he’d make up for it later. He began to thrust, her sweet gasps filling his ears as she clenched around him. He gripped her hips, using them as leverage as he drove himself in and out of her, feeling ready to explode almost instantly. 

“Y/N, I’m gonna come,” he groaned, knowing he’d barely lasted two minutes inside her warm center. His orgasm racked through his body, spilling free inside her. 


Spencer shot up in bed, reaching for his alarm clock and hitting the off button. 


He could already feel the warm sticky fluid inside his boxers. 

That didn’t count right? He couldn’t control his dreams right? 

He rummaged in his bedside drawer for some baby wipes. He didn’t want to get out of bed just yet, so he’d make do until he showered. 

Lying there his mind drifted back to last night. He had genuinely been so close to giving in, he wanted her so badly. That kiss with Emily had completely shredded any coherent thoughts and he’d had to dash outside to avoid grabbing Y/N and fucking her right then and there on the table whilst the whole bar watched. 

She knew what she was doing, but whereas most girls would play the lesbian kiss card as a joke, Spencer could tell that she’d very much enjoyed it herself.

Y/N had made comments in the past about finding girls attractive and having had girlfriends but it wasn’t until she’d openly said that she liked both that Spencer had realised that she was actually serious. And the blonde girl she’d been talking to was beautiful, so knowing that their bodies had been naked together, sharing intimacy had completely redirected the flow of Spencer’s blood. 

And then when she’d alluded to the offer of a threesome, with either her friend or Prentiss…..Spencer had literally been gobsmacked. Every bone in his body had been saying yes and even Derek was telling him to give in. He’d let down his fellow man by managing to turn them down, although he was wondering if that offer would still stand once he had actually managed to take Y/N to bed. 

Which he’d been intending to do last night. When she’d asked if he wanted to go back to hers and he’d found himself nodding, he’d just about accepted that he’d lost. It wasn’t until he’d been standing in front of her apartment door watching her search for her keys that he remembered that he hadn’t actually said the magic words. So he still technically had an out. And then he’d had a flash back to the elevator and how turned on she’d left him, talking about her lips wrapped around his dick. So he decided to have his own fun. 

The little moans and whimpers Y/N had been making would be a constant fixture in his mind now until he heard them again, and he knew this. But the look on her face when he’d walked away had been worth it. And her strangled shout after him had made him literally feel like he could walk into any bar, point at any girl and have her there and then. Not that he wanted to. Y/N was consuming all of his thoughts currently and he hoped she would be for a very long time. 

His phone buzzed, a text from Derek. 


He text back a simple, “Nope.”

“Seriously man! I can’t believe you turned that shit down.”

“Believe it Morgan. The bet is still on.”

Pulling himself out of bed, he made his way to his shower. Time to get on with his day. 

You’d spent the last four hours in the gym working out some accumulated frustrations on the exercise equipment, earphones in and your eyes averted from any attractive bodies that passed by you. 

Your credit card had also taken hit this morning, you needing some retail therapy to help get you through this. 

You hated Spencer right now, yet still completely wanted to bang him seven ways from Sunday. You’d been so sure, and so turned on, firstly by the kiss with Prentiss and then by Spencer’s mouth on your skin. 

Ugh. Stop thinking Y/N. 

You exited the gym, the image of him still filling your mind and you could swear you could actually see him two yards ahead of you, seated on a bench, his head immersed in a book. Was it really that bad that you were hallucinating about him now? 

Walking to your car you realised it was actually him, the bench was in front of a bookstore he visited regularly and you spotted a carrier bag on the seat next to him. 

Creeping up behind him you lowered your lips to his ear. 


He jumped, a girlish squeal leaving his mouth and causing you to giggle at him. He turned to glare at you and you dropped into the seat next to him. 

“Fancy seeing you here. Come here often?” The oldest line in the book, but you couldn’t cope with being witty today. 

He looked at you confused, “You know I do Y/N. That place is my favourite bookstore. So really I should be asking you what you’re doing here. So…… do you come here often?“ 

“Not overly…. But the gym was calling me this morning. I seemed to have built up a lot of tension some how that needed to punched out. So I punched it out. Quite literally.” You made a little boxing motion making little “Pow, Pow” noises as you undercut the air in front of you and mimed a duck. 

Reid laughed at you, “That’s so cute.”

You punched him lightly in the arm, “Cute! I’m not cute, I’m deadly.”

You joked with him for a few more minutes, just falling into casual conversation and then sitting with him, watching the cars pass you by on the road before you. 

“Spence, I’ve missed this.”

“Missed what?”

“Just hanging out with you. Without constantly trying to think of ways to get you fired up.”

He closed his book and placed it back into his bag, “You know what, I do too. What are your plans for the rest of the day?“ 

“Erm, I was gonna head home, have a hot bath and then veg in front of the TV for pretty much the whole evening. My live is so glamorous and all.”

“Okay, so go home and have your bath but then meet me at the cinema on Main Street at 6pm. They’re showing all three Jurassic Park films back to back in preparation for the release of the new one.”

You considered his offer. “One condition?" 

He nodded. 

"This little game thingy, is suspended. We go back to being normal Spencer and Y/N for the night. Because I genuinely can’t deal with another night of being turned on and then abruptly turned off again. And I don’t really fancy having to bring plastic sheeting with me to sit on.”

The chuckle that left his chest then and the grin on his face was so deliciously catching that you couldn’t help but join in. 

“It’s a deal Y/N. We’ll just hang out as a normal friends. No trying to convince you to sit on my face. ”

You burst out laughing before clarifying timings and headed home to get bathed and ready, actually looking forward to your evening now.  

Your evening was spent relaxing with best friend Spencer rather than fuck me now Spencer and you thoroughly enjoyed yourself. 

It was nice, just spending time with him and you’d forgotten how much you enjoyed just sitting with him, listening to him talk.  

He’d insisted on buying your ticket and popcorn for the movies and you’d accepted, telling him it was the least he could do after last night. 

For the first forty minutes or so of the film, you’d been on edge, thinking that he was going to use being in a darkly lit theatre to his advantage. Eventually you relaxed though, seeing how engrossed he was in the film, even though you knew he’d reel off the inaccuracies on the way home. 

Around the midpoint of the second film, he shifted in his seat; throwing his arm over the back of your seat.

Hmmm. Maybe he was just stretching. He left his arm there and you relaxed again until you felt an arm nudging you. 

Balls, you’d fallen asleep. The lights were slowly coming on and the credits rolling. 

“Come on sleepy head I’ll walk you home.”

Both of you lived pretty close to the cinema so you’d walked, meeting up outside the entrance. 

As predicted, Spencer gave you a list of the scientific inaccuracies as you strolled through the darkened streets together. You let him talk, enjoying the sound of his voice. He always sounded so sweet when he rambled, especially when he was talking about something he was passionate about. 

You stopped outside of your apartment building. 

“Thanks Spence. I had a good time tonight. Sorry for falling asleep, I just feel exhausted for some reason.”

“That’s okay Y/N. Three films is a lot to sit through, especially if you’ve spent four hours already at the gym. Maybe we can do this again sometime? Like actually hang out again?”

You nodded at him, “Yeah I’d like that. It almost felt like we were on a date though with you insisting on paying for everything.” You were teasing him but his eyes flickered slightly. 

You reached up to give him a quick hug good bye, and he surprised you by giving you a kiss on your cheek.

You lingered in the hug longer than necessary, your cheek burning from where his lips had been. 

Spencer pulled away first, “Well I’ll see you then. I guess we’re business as usual from tomorrow again?" 

You nodded and he smirked.

As he turned to walk away a thought a occurred to you. 

"Spencer,” you called. He stopped in his tracks. 

“Was this a date?" 

He shrugged, "I don’t know, was it?" 

"Did you want it to be?”

“Again Y/N…..I don’t know. I don’t really know what to call what we do when we spend time with each other anymore….And I don’t wanna mess anything up by calling this a date.”

Neither did you, but…. 

“Well we’re two friends who share a mutual attraction for each other and have spent the last few weeks actively trying to get the other to admit to wanting to bang the other.”

“So it was a date then?” Spencer asked, a smile playing on his lips. 

“I guess it was.”

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If i remember correctly, a couple of months back somebody asked you about bruce and jason; if they'd ever have a normal, deep conversation addressing their problems. How it'd go? I mean... do they maybe find themselves at a bar after some very peculiar set of events? We're never gonna get a truthful conversation with those two so i'm relying heavily on you to satisfy my curiosity. You're free to make me ache all over from the pain since you can do that well. :D

“If you wanted to watch the game with me, you could’ve just invited me to the manor,” Jason says as he opens the door to the bar. Better food, less drama, and more comfortable seats make Gotham Knights on the 200" batscreen more real and enjoyable than actually being at the stadium. There’s something to be said about the occasional bat flying past your head, but you get used to it. The alternative is some greasy guy’s saliva sprayed all over your hair while he’s screaming to some player to stop dragging his feet.

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