seven summers
A camp tries to reinvent the Hebrew language, so transgender kids can fit in
What does a non-binary kid call themself in a gendered language?

Some of the important bits:

When Zev Shofar, a 14-year-old from Takoma Park, started going to Jewish summer camp seven years ago, the children all learned the Hebrew words to introduce themselves. “Chanich” means a male camper; “chanichah” means a female camper.

But what if Zev didn’t feel male or female — neither a chanich nor a chanichah?

Zev’s camp didn’t have a word that worked for Zev. In fact, the Hebrew language doesn’t have any words. Like many other languages — Spanish, French and Russian, for example — Hebrew assigns each noun a gender.

In Israel, or anywhere else that Hebrew is spoken, there’s no linguistic solution, either. But now there is at camp. Zev is a chanichol.

The seven Habonim Dror camps, spread across North America, are pioneering a new gender-neutral form of Hebrew this summer. They hope to set an example that Hebrew-speakers worldwide might someday follow.

Those cheers have had to be rewritten this summer to fit the new gender-neutral Hebrew. Plural masculine nouns in Hebrew — including any group of people that includes at least one man — typically end in im, while feminine nouns end in ot. At Camp Moshava, all groups of both boys and girls now end in a blend: imot.

In Israel, some LGBT communities have adopted the –imot plural, but few seem to have decided on a non-binary singular.

So Habonim Dror decided on its own that –ol would be its singular non-binary ending, based on the word kol, which means “all.”

?אני אישל

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Let’s be friends, guys!

and there was a time
when I, too, wanted to
escape to the moon

(was it escape or exile?)

the moon palace is your home
and all you have left on earth
cannot be found
in the universe’s empty eyes

(do you remember being human?)

symphonic cicadas,
seven thousand fireflies,
summers melt into sunsets,
and I wonder
if you ever look back

(was your heart too heavy to carry?)

I see meteor showers
silver tear stains
too quick to grasp

(do the heavens weep for you?)
(or do you weep for us?)
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What the seven + others are doing at the beach
  • Percy: annabeth. Wait. he is the beach
  • Annabeth: Reading and giving the death glare to Percy when the waves come up too close to her
  • Piper: SURFING
  • Jason: shocking Percy in the water
  • Hazel: screwing with all the noobs with metal detectors
  • Frank: drowns himself in sunscreen then gets drenched by Percy so he has to start over
  • Leo: building sand castles over his crotch
  • Nico: doesn't even touch the sand with his bare skin but is getting sand out of his ass for the next week
  • Reyna: Hitting Jason or Percy or both with projectile beach balls
  • Will: summoning dangerous UVB rays onto his enemies