seven strangers


So i decided to take a break today and go out with my friend (@querencila) and she brought me to this cafe that sold Kpop, Jpop, and anime stuff and guess what I found ??!?!

The cafe’s called Red Monster Cafe and if you live in the Philippines go and check it out! It’s on the infamous Maginhawa Street in Quezon City too!!

 The Stranger

The Stranger is one of the seven aspects of a single deity. He represents death and the unknown and leads the dead to the underworld. Whilst the Stranger is usually referred and described as male, he is neither male or female. His face is always cloaked and hidden and many believe it is due to him having animalistic features.

Despite, the other aspects of the Seven all being revered and popular, he rarely attracts favour. Most worshippers of the Faith shun him but he has been known to attract the attention of outcasts, some even seeing the Stranger as a kindred spirit. 

Due to his association with death, he has been included in a public shrine of gods and idols of the dead, in the House of Black and White. 


Seven Colours Of Sara: Yellow

She died in the winter. There was some foolish, naive part of him that thought she might come back in the spring. Life always returned then; all colours were reestablished, all hope restored.

For him, those cold, waiting months had been beyond bleak. Even when the sun returned, it was as though his eyes were tinted. He just couldn’t see the light. Couldn’t find the taste in food, when he brought himself to eat. Couldn’t dream. That was the worst part. The whispered blow. That he couldn’t even dream her when he slept, no matter how hard he tried. And he always woke up sweating. Sweating or screaming.

That spring he saw yellow. For a moment, his heart skipped a beat, but it wasn’t the yellow of her hair, or the yellow of her favourite flower (daisies—God, she’d loved daisies). It was the yellow of a manila envelope.

Divorce papers.

Hopper had taken them. He’d barely deigned to touch them before throwing them on the kitchen table; hearing the smack of the heavy stack slapping against the wood. Then he’d walked away.

Four months. That was all it took for Diane. She’d thrown him out; after one too many beers, she’d said, bawling in the way she hadn’t when Sara had died. It was like everything had come rushing out of her at once; everything she’d held back. And he’d stood there in the middle of their living room dressed in the same sweats he’d worn for weeks, taking it all like some impenetrable dam.

She had screamed. Thrown shit at him that she’d once held at value (china plates, those little figurines from her mother’s house, books with flowers still pressed into them that flew out after impacting his chest and cracked in half). And cried. Cried until her makeup looked like dirt falling off her face.

At least she was wearing any.

So he’d packed a bag and drove down to Indiana. Spent a couple of months with his cousin, saved up. Now he had a place. In Hawkins, of course, because there was nowhere else to go. His inner compass had been vandalised until the only direction it pointed was home.

Except that was a lie. Home was a graveyard on the outskirts of the city, where his daughter’s gravestone had been placed under the boughs of a willow tree.

Six days he’d spent fixing up this piece of shit house. Putting in carpet, painting the walls, building a goddamned dresser so he had a place to put his clothes. He slept on a boxspring rather than a mattress, which had to be the most uncomfortable thing he’d ever done. But he couldn’t feel the pain. Nothing compared to the ripping he felt in his chest when he thought of her. When something reminded him of her.

And that ripping… like something inside of him was tearing his chest in two with a knife… it never went away. Everything was a dull throb next to that. His chest was a void and his heart wasn’t even there at this point.

He’d given it to her—for safekeeping. He’d stood at her bedside and held her frail hand which was lined with veins, and kissed her forehead. And then he’d walked away. He couldn’t watch. The edges of the world were fuzzy and his body was heaving and he would not watch his daughter die. The only good thing in the world he’d had. He could not watch her go.

Instead he’d sat on a stairwell and cried. He was a broken man who hadn’t been given the chance to break. The wind had swept his feet from under him, taken away his balance, taken away his sanity.

Taken away his little girl.

The carpet, he noticed now, laying on his back against it, was white. Why he’d chosen white carpet was beyond him. But a rainbow stood out against it from the light shining in through the window, through the glass of whiskey at his right hand.

She’d had a prism in her room. Hanging from a hook so that, whenever the sun was out, there was always a rainbow on her wall to admire. She would have loved this one, he thought, eyes burning.

He looked away, unable to stand the sight. A hot tear fell down his cheek, which made everything so much worse. Made him so much weaker. Took away the dam and let the water fall, rush, destroy. He destroyed.

Suddenly he was sobbing. Clawing at the carpet. At that stupid fucking rainbow, because he hadn’t been able to save her, and that wasn’t fair. He’d promised—after every horror movie and scary story and goodnight kiss—he’d promised. To always protect her. To always guide her and love her.

He hadn’t loved her enough to see her die.

These heaving, gut twisting, breath stealing sobs exhausted him. She was gone. He knew that. Gone, and she’d died alone, and he’d died that day, too.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. “I’m so sorry.”

There was fire in his lungs. But what came next made it burn so heatedly he gasped.

Daddy. Daddy, don’t cry.

Hopper managed to sit up. Managed just that, and that alone, because that was all he needed to know he wasn’t dreaming.


Daddy! It’s dark here.

Dark. Hopper wiped his eyes, burying the heels of his palms into them, and laughing, because all he could do was marvel at how mad he’d become, and think how much he’d like a smoke just about then.

“It’s dark here, too,” he said, to the ground through the gap in his legs. “So dark without you, baby. Like there’s no sun.”

She wasn’t here. He wasn’t talking to her. That wasn’t real. It was torment. And it hurt too much for words.

“I miss you,” he told her. “Every day. Daddy misses his baby, okay? You hear me? He misses you so, so much. And I’m sorry–I’m sorry, Sara—” the tears were spilling out so fast he couldn’t catch them. “I couldn’t handle it. But it wasn’t fair for you to… it wasn’t fair at all.”

There was nothing. No response from his deluded mind. A part of him was let down, because he’d half expected something more. And once again he was reminded that his little daughter who hadn’t even reached seven years old was dead and gone and buried, and he would never see her again.

He sat there for a moment, crying away the last of it all, crying for her. Cursing the whole world for taking her away.

Hopper drew in a deep breath and stood. The sun was hot on his back, and he could feel it, at least. He reached for the pack of smokes on his mantelpiece, took them, unwrapped them carefully. Lung cancer. That’s what had killed her. Hopper slid out a cigarette and placed it between his dry, cracked lips.

“I’m on my way, baby,” he said, and lit up.

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Don’t touch her

A/N: English isn’t my first language, so sorry for any mistakes!

Fandom: Riverdale

Pairing: Reggie Mantle x reader

Word count: 1950

warnings: Just fluff!

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(Y/N)’s life wasn’t very complicated. She had nice friends, she was beautiful and had good grades. It was a friday night, what meant part night. She was on her way to a party from a friend with her friend (Y/F/N). The door opened when they arrived, their friend welcoming them.

“(Y/N)! (Y/F/N) Come in!” their friend said. They both hugged her and walked inside the house. The music was already playing loud, and people were dancing enthusiastically. They greeted a few people and walked to the food table, obviously.

“So what’s the plan for tonight?” (Y/F/N) asked. (Y/N) grabbed a drink and turned around, looking at the crowd.

“Just have fun I guess” She said laughing.

“Noo you know what I mean!” (Y/F/N) returned laughing too. “I’m talking about boys”

“I don’t know” (Y/N) said, still scanning the crowd. Her eyes landed on Reggie Mantle for a moment, and his eyes found hers. They looked at eachother for one second, but then he looked away. She sighed. (Y/N) knew him from school, but never actually talked him. . They had a few friends in common, so they did knew each other a little bit. But he was popular, and she was just normal. But still she always searched for his eyes in the crowd, without an explainable reason.

“Just go after him, or come dance with me” (Y/F/N) said, she clearly noticed the eye-contact. (Y/N) laughed and followed her friend to the dance floor. She pushed al her thoughts away and focused on swaying her hips on the beat of the music.

Hours later (Y/N) was still on the dancefloor, dancing with her friends. She was exhausted and decided to get a drink to gain more energy. She pushed herself through the crowd and walked to the food table, finding the one and only Chuck there. The moment she saw him she turned around, but he already saw her.

“Hey (Y/N), having fun?” he asked, smirking.

“yeah off course, you?” she answered.

“I’m good” he said. (Y/N) felt the awkwardness and wanted to leave badly.

“I’m going to my friends” she said, and she walked away. She joined her friends again, getting a look from (Y/F/N)

“You okay?” she asked, and she nodded. Wanting to forget about the conversation, she focused on the dancing. The music played loud and there were sweating bodies everywhere. Everyone stood close to each other, so she didn’t really paid attention to who was standing next to her.

In all of a sudden, (Y/N) felt hands on her waist. The person stood behind her so she didn’t know who it was, but she put the hands away. But a few seconds later, the hands grabbed her waist again. She turned around, and saw Chuck. A look full of disgust formed on her face and she pushed him away.

“What the hell are you doing?” she asked. He had a little smirk at his face and scanned her body, what made her even more upset. She was about to tell him he had to keep his dirty little hands to himself, when someone shoved him away. Chuck almost fell but kept his balance, thanks to the person who shoved him. (Y/N) looked, and saw Reggie standing there. A warm feeling formed in her stomach, and she mentally thanked him.

She looked closely at his face, and saw pure hate. Chuck really pissed Reggie off with just touching her, and that made her blush.

“Don’t touch her” he said angry. Chuck looked upset for a minute, but then he started laughing.

“relax dude” he said, “I wasn’t doing anything” . Reggie tensed, and walked up to him for one more time.

“Just- leave her alone. I-I”  he said, and left. (Y/N) stayed behind open-eyed. Chuck looked one more time at her, and then he left too. She turned back to her friends, they all looked worried.

“I’m okay, just dance” she said, and her friends mumbled “okay”.

“Come on people, we’re playing seven minutes in heaven!” (Y/N) heard someone say. People were gathering and sitting in a circle, and (Y/N) sat down too.

“The rules are simple, I’m gonna flip the bottle, and the person it points to goes in the closet with someone we choose” someone explained, and some people cheered. “Here we go” she said, and she spinned the battle. It seemed like the bottle spinned forever, but after seconds it landed on… Reggie. Off course. His friends patted his shoulders and cheered for him, while he put his head in his hands.

“So, who is going with him?” many names were called, until someone yelled “(Y/N)!”

She shook her head, but many people agreed. Someone behind her pushed her up, and a stranger held open the door of the closet. (Y/N) walked into the closet followed by Reggie.

“Start the seven minutes, now!” The stranger said, and she closed the door.

“Well, i expected a bigger closet” (Y/N) thought. They stood very close near each other, She could hear his breath. After a minute she spoke, breaking the silence.

“I never got a chance to say thank you” she said, looking at him, “For what you did” . He looked at her.

“It’s fine” he said, and he looked down at his hands. She sighed. He couldn’t even look at her for more than 2 seconds.

“He is a dick” she said. A little grin escaped his mouth and he looked up at her again.

“He totally is”

“Why did you help me?” she asked, but he stayed quiet. “I don’t know you very well”

“I just-” He sighed, “When I saw him touching you, I couldn’t stand it. He has no right to touch you and he should keep his hands by himself. You are too good for him”

(Y/N) looked at him with an open mouth. Did Reggie Mantle just say that? It couldn’t be.

“Do you really think that?” she asked, a little smile forming on her face.

“I do” he said looking at her. Now she smiled broadly.

“Thank you” she said, while she stept a step closer to him. He looked into her eyes, and then he fell. He fell in love with the way her eyes sparkled when she was happy, the way she looked strong but also vulnerable. He had seen her many times, but never really talked to her. And now he regretted that.

He realised this, and laid his hand on her cheek. The other hand went around her neck, and she hold her breath. She felt his breath on her skin, their lips almost brushing. She looked into his wide, dark eyes. And in a matter of moments, his lips were melting with hers, creating an explosion. Her hands landed on his chest, while he was still holding her face softly. The kiss was not rough, or heated, but it was sweat, tender.

They both pulled away slightly, catching their breath. Reggie lowered his hands to her waist and smiled down at her. She grinned, and his eyebrows rose.

“what?” he whispered, since their faces were still close.

“I thought you didn’t like people holding my waist” she whispered back.

“Only if it’s me” he said, a smirk on his face. She lowered her head, now leaning on his chest. She heard his heartbeat, and wished this moment would last forever. But then they heard a knock on the door, and knew the seven minutes were over. She sighed, and let go of his touch. Just before she opened the door, Reggie grabbed her hand. She looked over her shoulder, smiled at him and opened the door. Thankfully, everyone had gone back to dancing, so not more than a few eyes lay on the couple. They walked a few steps, but Reggie pulled (Y/N) to him.

“Do you want to come home with me after this?” he asked, smiling.

“I’d like that” she said, and Reggie rubbed her hand sweetly. But shouts from his friends interrupted their moment, and he let go of her hand. He smiled, but then turned to friends.

(Y/N) brought her fingers to where his breath lingered on her lips, and it felt good.

At the end of the party, while (Y/N) was grabbing her jacket she felt hands on her waist. She turned around and in front of her stood Reggie.

“Hey there” she said.

“Hey” he smiled, “So are you coming?” She nodded.

“Are your friends coming?” she asked, while he searched for his coat.

“No it’s just us” she smiled. they said their goodbye’s and walked outside, holding each other’s hands.

Reggie stepped out of Reggie’s car and he followed her.They walked to the front door, still holding hands, and he opened it. He let her in and she walked through the door, the warmth of the house prickling on her skin. He takes her jacket and she walked in the living room, scanning her surroundings.

“well, this is where I live” he said, putting his arm around her shoulder.

“It’s very nice” she said.

“Do you want to see my room?”

“Off course” she said, and she followed his lead. They walked upstairs and he opened a door, and they went inside. The room was filled with nice furniture, and a very large bed. It was a bit messy, but what else can you expect from a boy’s room.

“I like” she said, and while turning around she got attacked by his lips.

The warm feeling in her stomach rose again and she put her arms around his neck while his went around her waist. He guided her to his bed slowly, their lips still touching. (Y/N)’s back hit the mattress, and Reggie straddled above her.

He slowly broke the kiss, and layed down next to her. He put a bit of her behind her ear and she smiled.

“What are you smiling at?” he asked, now smiling too.

“Nothing, I just never thought i would lay in bed with you in bed one day”

“Well, you were wrong” he said, and kissed her one more time.

“Why did we never talk before?” he whispered creating a little distance between their lips, and she smiled.

“I don’t know” she said.

“Remember (Y/F/N)’s party last year?”

“Yeah off course, it was amazing”

“I wanted to ask you out then, but I didn’t had enough courage.”

“Why? I would’ve said yes!”

“You would?”

“Off course, you dumbass!” and with that said, he kissed her again.

The two talked the whole night. They brought up memories, and laughed about each other’s jokes.

“Hey” he said hours later, and he tilted her chin so she looked at him, “I just wanted you to know that I like you a lot, and I want to be with you” he said. (Y/N) put her hand on his chest and leaned forward, connecting her lips with is.

“Me too” she said, and Reggie pulled her in a kiss one more time. When they pulled away, (Y/N) yawned. Reggie gave her some clothes to sleep in, and she thanked him. She changed in his bathroom and when she got out she got eyes from Reggie.

“That looks good on you” He said, smirking. (Y/N) joined him under his blankets and Reggie turned off the lights. Reggie put his hands on her waist and pulled her close to him. He exhaled her scent and lost himself in her embrace. (Y/N) knew from that moment, she would not let him go.

  • <p> <b>Nancy:</b> Mike, do you like Eleven?<p/><b>Mike:</b> That’s disgusting. And wrong. I don’t even get– why would– I’ve never liked anyone, anywhere. It’s none of your- you have- the nerve, the audacity, Eleven is my friend, technically. And she is terrible, face-wise. And how- how- do I know, frankly, that you don't like her? Maybe you do. Maybe you’re trying to throw me off? Hmm check and mate.<p/></p>


(Nothing more than strangers passing by
Out on the street.)

Isn’t it strange to think that
a single “hi.” lead to this?

Squinting under the dim lights
in that dusty club,
Eyes slowly trailing as you
hypnotize me.

Weeks passed from that night,
and I don’t know when I saw you again,
Or if you’d remember me the way I, you.

But, I took a deep breathe,
and said “hi.”

(Don’t wanna be a stranger,
Wanna be the one you need.)

—  Strangers.

Saeyoung: Ehe! Spread the love, Saeran!

Saeran: (I can’t believe I’m doing this, eugh, please stop touching me—)

The Bangtan Club (Namjoon/Seokjin)

Prompt No.2: “I don’t think anyone could ever be as lovely as you.” (could be funny/sarcastic, or fluff, honestly the writer has free reign). Based off of the Breakfast Club. 

Genre: The Breakfast Club!AU. 

Words: 13K+

Author: Admin Kaycie

Summary: Dear Mr. Lee, 

It is to our understanding that from today’s detention session that you wanted each of us to write a letter of self reflection, detailing our wrongdoings and what we’ve learned from committing such “heinous acts” in the eyes of the school officials; however, after much thought, we’ve decided to tell you the story of who we are as a whole.”

Tags: Namjin, VMin, drug (Marijuana) use, alcohol consumption, smoking, profanity, etc.

*Please read Author’s Note below the read more cut.

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