seven society

Nāga, female-  nāgiṇī.  In a Cambodian legend, the nāga were a reptilian race of beings under the King Kaliya who possessed a large empire or kingdom in the Pacific Ocean region until they were chased away by the Garuda and sought refuge in India. It was here Kaliya’s daughter married an Indian Brahman named Kaundinya, and from their union sprang the Cambodian people. Therefore, Cambodians possess a slogan “Born from the naga”. As a dowry, Kaliya drank up the water that covered the country and exposed the land for his daughter and son-in-law to inhabit and thus, Cambodia was created.

The seven-headed nagas depicted as statues on Cambodian temples such as Angkor Wat, apparently represent the seven races within naga society, which has a mythological, or symbolic, association with “the seven colors of the rainbow”. Furthermore, Cambodian naga possess numerological symbolism in the number of their heads. Odd-headed naga symbolise the Male Energy, Infinity, Timelessness, and Immortality. This is because, numerologically, all odd numbers come from One. Even-headed naga are said to be Female, representing Physicality, Mortality, Temporality, and the Earth. (x)

Lust - we were teenagers. There wasn’t a moment we were together that wasn’t tinged with lust. Everyone around us could just feel it. I’m not sure if it was my back handed comments or your smirk, but there was always lust in the air.
Greed - we were greedy in our own way. I wanted all your time and attention. I wanted all of you, all of the time. You wanted to have all of me, without doing any of the work to keep me happy.
Envy - I envied your freedom and confidence. The way you could act in public,  like you were bullet proof. You never cared if all eyed were on you. I envied your I don’t five a Fuck attitude. I didn’t realize till later that it was all just covering up the fact you cared way to fucking much.
Sloth - the week we broke up, i slept 12 hours a day and wished I wouldnt wake. I drank away our memory and burned cigarettes like candles.
Wrath - you had anger issues, always. I learned to not step on your toes when it came to self care, for either of us. The one time you yelled at me in person I burst into tears and Ill never forget. You also taught me the meaning of being able to love and hate someone at the same time.
Pride - the sin that finally destroyed us. You walked away one too many times for me. You really underestimated how much pride I had and how badly you fucked it over
—  Me, you, and the 7 deadly sins
  • The Godfather   
  • The Godfather: Part II      
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Schindler’s List        
  • Goodfellas      
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly  
  • Apocalypse Now  
  • Casablanca      
  • The Shawshank Redemption        
  • Citizen Kane    
  • Taxi Driver     
  • Psycho  
  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
  • Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back  
  • Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope
  • Singin’ in the Rain     
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • The Dark Knight
  • Chinatown       
  • Metropolis      
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey   
  • It’s a Wonderful Life   
  • Raging Bull
  • North by Northwest      
  • The Silence of the Lambs        
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring       
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers   
  • Alien   
  • Toy Story       
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King   
  • Saving Private Ryan
  • Back to the Future
  • Pan’s Labyrinth
  • Annie Hall      
  • Some Like It Hot        
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless
  • Wall-E
  •  Aliens  
  • Amadeus
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  • Das Boot        
  • L.A. Confidential       
  •  Cinema Paradiso
  • Blade Runner    
  •  A Clockwork Orange      
  • The Shining     
  • Fargo   
  • Reservoir Dogs  
  • Unforgiven      
  • Memento
  • Brazil  
  • Solaris
  • The Lion King   
  • Jaws    
  • Gone with the Wind      
  • The Usual Suspects      
  • There Will Be Blood     
  • The Departed    
  • The Deer Hunter
  • Do the Right Thing
  •  Terminator 2: Judgment Day      
  • American Beauty
  • No Country for Old Men  
  •  Fight Club      
  • Full Metal Jacket
  •  Inception       
  • Dog Day Afternoon       
  • This Is Spinal Tap
  •  Se7en   
  • Rosemary’s Baby
  • The French Connection
  • Die Hard        
  •  Finding Nemo    
  • Let the Right One In    
  • Oldboy  
  • The Princess Bride      
  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  •  Young Frankenstein      
  • Blue Velvet    
  • Forrest Gump    
  • The Graduate    
  • Boyhood
  • The Terminator  
  •  Night of the Living Dead        
  • The Matrix      
  • The Right Stuff
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2  
  •  Indiana Jones and the Last
  • Good Will Hunting       
  •  King Kong
  • Toy Story 2     
  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial      
  • Jurassic Park   
  •  American History X      
  • The Big Lebowski        
  • The Iron Giant  
  • Halloween       
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind      
  • Stand by Me     
  • Monsters, Inc.  
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon  
  • The Thing       
  • The Avengers    
  • The Exorcist    
  • Gravity
  • The Truman Show
  • Inglourious Basterds    
  • Shaun of the Dead       
  • Her     
  •  Platoon
  • The Dark Knight Rises   
  •  Scarface        
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas  
  • The Bourne Ultimatum    
  •  Being John Malkovich    
  • Million Dollar Baby     
  • Groundhog Day   
  • Argo    
  • Boogie Nights   
  • Aladdin
  • Almost Famous   
  • Evil Dead II    
  • Mulholland Dr
  • Batman Begins   
  • Casino Royale   
  • The Prestige    
  • Star Trek       
  •  Invasion of the Body Snatchers  
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  • The Incredibles
  • Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi      
  • Hot Fuzz        
  • Ghost Busters   
  • Fantasia        
  • Guardians of the Galaxy 2014    
  • Dazed and Confused      
  • Blazing Saddles 1974    
  • The Hurt Locker
  • The Green Mile  
  • Black Swan      
  • Dirty Harry     
  • Boyz n the Hood
  • The Sixth Sense
  • Iron Man        
  • The Fugitive    
  •  Casino  
  •  A Christmas Story       
  • Drive   
  • The Lego Movie  
  • Mad Max 2       
  • Rain Man        
  • The Birds       
  • The Breakfast Club      
  • Twelve Monkeys  
  • Catch Me If You Can     
  • Edward Scissorhands     
  • True Grit       
  •  Glory   
  • The Last Emperor        
  •  The Fighter     
  • Suspiria        
  • Little Miss Sunshine    
  • Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and  2       
  • True Romance    
  • Battle
  • JFK     
  • Brokeback Mountain      
  • Silver Linings Playbook
  • Shrek   
  • Deliverance     
  • Planet of the Apes      
  • M.A.S.H.        
  • A Bronx Tale    
  • The Piano       
  • Juno    
  • Run Lola Run    
  • Doctor Zhivago  
  • Gone Girl       
  • Kramer vs. Kramer       
  • District 9      
  • Malcolm X       
  • Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • Donnie Darko    
  • The Magnificent Seven   
  • Dead Poets Society      
  • Traffic
  • West Side Story
  • Serenity        
  • Moneyball       
  • Say Anything…
  • American Graffiti       
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past
  •  Braveheart      
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban        
  • The Blues Brothers      
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off        
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  • The Warriors    
  • Kung Fu Hustle  
  • 127 Hours       
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s  
  • Gran Torino     
  • United 93       
  • High Fidelity   
  • The Untouchables        
  • When Harry Met Sally…
  • Stanley Kubrick’s Lolita        
  • Kill Bill: Vol. 1       
  • The Fly
  • The Evil Dead   
  • Rocky   
  • Ip Man  
  • Ghost World     
  • Mystic River    
  • Scarface        
  • Nightcrawler    
  • Tangled
  • Mommy   
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  • Apollo 13       
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  • Zero Dark Thirty        
  • Snatch
  • Prisoners       
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
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  • Dances with Wolves      
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  • A Beautiful Mind        
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  • Ex Machina      
  • The City of Lost Children       
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  • Star Trek Into Darkness
  • South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut       
  •  Interstellar    
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  • Minority Report
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World     
  • Casshern
  • Frozen  
  • O Brother, Where Art Thou?      
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  • Menace II Society       
  • Gosford Park    
  • Precious        
  • The Taking of Pelham 123      
  • Munich  
  • Re-Animator     
  • A Few Good Men  
  • American Hustle
  • Moulin Rouge
  • Black Hawk Down
  • Dumbo   
  • Dawn of the Dead        
  • Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
  • The Abyss       

seven thirty and my windows have given us ecstasy
violet sunset milk spill through my textured panes
glinting through your soft coppers
i ask you, “how would you talk about the colours?” 
the clouds of smoke seem tangible 
like you could chew through the curtain with your teeth
like where the exhaust met the sun turned to stone
and i listen through the concrete 
i press my ear against your exhale like i am listening for the echo of your voice
“i’d call them as they are.”

six am and i could feel your ache through your fingertips 
on the back of my ears,
across my protruding bones,
whisking over my eyelids
i slept while you were near
and it came

five fourty three and it came
like an earthquake from your hometown
seismic, this was the only thing about us that was not soft
i was not blown into the current of you gently
we broke into each other in a fury

DONE WITH MY DYING | a The Last of Us cullrian AU | chapters [ 3 ] & [ 4 ]

[please read all warnings in the ao3 notes! early update this week & expect another on thursday]

The world ended seven years ago, society destroyed by the Cordyceps infection. Dorian survived. It’s summer, and he’s alone in the empty grasslands of southern Alberta, walking. Towards what, he couldn’t say.

During the pause, Dorian takes in their surroundings. The red barn is heavily fortified, employing old farming equipment and bales of hay as barricades across the doors and windows, in addition to two-by-fours with copious nails affixing them in place. Natural light filters down from high windows and one open hatch in the ceiling.

Stop living in other people’s worlds.
You can’t be bothered to shave your legs, but you do it anyway because you want to wear a skirt tonight? You’re living for somebody else. You’re living for the girls that ask you if you don’t care about your appearance and the boys that tell you that nobody will fuck you if your legs are hairy.
The only people who think those things are the ones that you don’t need in your life.
The only reason that you stand in the shower on a friday evening, legs spread, shaving cream all over your arms, razor poised and ready for action, is out of the fear that same asshole will question why your priorities are not the same as theirs.

Stop living in other people’s worlds.
You want to smoke forty cigarettes a day, but you give it up for lent anyway? Why?
Does it make you happy to wake up, go to work, get berated by your boss, then force yourself to chew an overpriced piece of nicotine gum that tastes like your grandma’s ashes?
Or are you doing it so that the girl in the office who eats strawberries for lunch and feels so invigorated after her yoga sessions with her instructor ‘Serenity’ will tell you how proud she is that your making the right choice? That it means you’re adding five years to your life?

Stop living in other people’s worlds.
So you fucking love carbohydrates, but all of your best friends are on the goji berry diet? So you’re going to throw away all of the junk food in your cupboards, buy a blender, and go to the pretentious deli in that weird part of town to buy twelve different fruits that you’ve never heard of, and some bread made out of organic, free range, no fat, low GI, zero calorie, save the whale whole grain. Why? So you can hate every meal but feel like you’re a successful member of society because seven people liked the instagram picture you posted of your egg white and red pepper omelette?

Stop living in other people’s worlds.
Every single fucking time that you change your mind about a choice that you would make as yourself, you are choosing to change who you are based on the perception that a stranger, a co-worker or a friend might have of you. Why? Will they go home and tell their family how proud they are that you quit smoking? Will they text their boyfriend and let them know how well you’re doing with your diet? Or will they politely smile and continue to think that you’re a slightly chubby smoker who can’t quite get the hang of liquid eyeliner?

Other people live in their own worlds. Every single person you have ever met, no matter how close you are to them, is living in their own unique, selfish world, and the second that you realise that and start doing the same, instead of changing your own little world to fit in with theirs, is the second that you truly start living. The most that you can expect from existing solely for the acceptance of others is to have every single person that you know express an interest in the 10% of your personality that you have catered to their interests. Do you want that? Really? Because your other option is to fuck everybody else’s opinion and live entirely for yourself.
Piss people off with your cigarette smoke. Make people jealous when you eat chocolate cake for lunch. Refuse to care. Because in your world, your priorities are not the same as anybody else’s, and you should never compromise them. No matter what.

Stop living in other people’s worlds.

—  ‘Stop living in other people’s worlds’

UVA Trivia

Here is something I never knew much about. Secret Societies. UVA is supposed to have the second most largest number of secret societies in the US, second only to Yale. During my tour (which was many days back at this point), the tour guide showed us the symbols of 3 of the societies. These societies tend to leave their mark on pretty much all the buildings. The IMPs are the least secretive and people can pretty much guess who they are. I’ve seen the most IMP graffiti on Grounds (with a capital G), mostly on walls and some on the grounds (with a small g). Then he told us about the Zs. The “Z” is usually painted on stairs. The Z’s reveal themselves the day they graduate. The 7s are the most secretive of all. They only reveal themselves when they die. No one knows anything about how they “tap” into the student body to recruit, but usually it involves some sort of a treasure hunt for messages that lead you to other messages that lead you to somewhere at a certain time. You get the picture.

You’re seven colors.

Red as anger, orange as thunder, yellow like the sun, and green, all lives fall under. You’re as blue as a poet’s words, indigo… deeper to bring everything a heart thought was absurd. You’re violet; the color of an empress that’s gracefully elegant, your people’s hearts you steal and their respect to you is definite.

At age five her dad smacked her in the mouth for smarting off and called it love. Never mind the red mark in the shape of his hand spreading on her cheek like a bird’s wing spreading across the sky – it was love, pure and simple. Just love.
At age twelve she got tangled up with a sixteen year old from the high school up the street, a sixteen year old who wore leather jackets in the constant heat of summer and smoked cigarettes in front of the convenience store and wore sunglasses inside. When he was taking off her blouse in the backseat of his car late Saturday night he called it love; even as she opened the car door, tears flying down her face, and ran into the night, he yelled after her that it was love. Just love.
At sixteen she cautiously let herself fall for an eighteen year old, the captain of the varisty football team, Mr. Congeniality. When he won games, it was great; when he lost games he’d yell and hit and break and then leave, and she would be left on the floor, picking up the broken pieces and looking at the bruises in the bathroom mirror and telling herself to let him hit her one more time, it was all for love – just love.
At eighteen she met a boy in her Anatomy class – he was quiet, mild-mannered, with light in his eyes, but by then she had been trained to look for the darkness hiding beneath it and wasn’t going to give him one chance in a thousand. She told herself this over and over again until the first time they kissed; she jerked away and he put his forehead against hers and said ‘What are you afraid of? It’s just love.’
‘That’s what I’m afraid of,’ she whispered. ‘Love. Just love.’ Because love was pain and suffering and it was all in the little things – the twinge in your heart when you know it’s not right, the bruising as his class ring hits your cheekbone, the frostbite his fingers give you as they go where they don’t belong. Just love meant just pain. Plain and simple.
But little by little, slowly but surely, he redefined love.
They’d be sitting by the fire under a blanket, his hands would stay right where they were supposed to, they’d be laughing, and she would think, This is love.
They’d be at the beach, she’d be in her bikini, and although every other eye on the beach was on her curves, his eyes would focus on her smile and her eyes and the freckles sprinkled across her nose, and she would think, This is love.
She’d be shuddering in bed at night, trembling with the exertion of breaking free from the past, and he’d curl his arms around her and murmur in her ear until she was asleep, and the last thought she’d have before dropping off would be, This is love.
She’d wake up to a fresh cup of coffee steaming, waiting for her on the stove. This is love.
She’d find notes in the randomest places, at the randomest times. This is love.
He’d give her roses because he wanted to see her smile. This is love.
He stuck the ring on her finger and said ‘This is love.’
She smiled. ‘Yes. Just love.’
—  This is love (Abby, also Day 47)
Diyos Ko! Bakit Mo Ako Pinabayaan?

“Nang mag-aalas tres na ng hapon, sumigaw si Hesus, ‘Eli, Eli, lema sabachtani?’ na ang ibig sabihin ay, ‘Diyos ko, bakit mo ako pinabayaan?’ “ - Mateo 27: 46

Marahil, karamihan sa atin ay nakapagtanong na minsan sa ating buhay ng mga katagang “Diyos ko? Diyos ko? Bakit mo ako pinabayaan?”

Sa mga puntong iyon ng ating buhay ay para bang nararamdaman nating wala ng Diyos o kung meron man, siya ay natutulog at nagpapabaya sa atin. O isang sadistang hinahayaan na lang ang kanyang mga nilikha na maghirap, magkagulo, at lamunin ng problema.

Totoo nga bang may Diyos? Totoo nga bang hindi natutulog ang diyos? Pero kung totoong nandiyan siya, bakit niya tayo pinababayaan?

Hindi kaila sa atin na sadyang mapagbiro ang tadhana. Dumadating ang mga pagkakataong para bang tayo na ang pinaka-abang tao sa mukha ng lupa. Na kahit ano mang bagay ang ating gawin para ito ay masolusyonan ay tila baga wala pa ring kahihinatnang malinaw na solusyon sa ating mga problema.

Dito pumapasok ang buhay at kaisipan ng kawalang pag-asa. Naiisip nating “Diyos nga ay walang pakialam sa akin at hindi ako tinutulungan, ako pa kayang hamak na tao ang makagawa?” Dito pumapasok ang buhay sa kadiliman. Ang buhay pagpapabaya. Ang buhay na malayo sa Diyos. Ilang beses na nating inakusahan ang diyos ng pagpapabaya sa atin? Kawawa naman si Lord, kahit walang sawang nagmamahal, lagi na lamang sinisisi sa mga hindi magagandang nangyayari sa buhay ng tao.

Ito ang isang klasikong halimbawa. May mga taong nasa banig ng karamdaman na halos isumpa na ang langit at lupa at ang Manlilikha. “Diyos ko! Bakit niyo naman ako binigyan ng ganitong sakit?”, marahil ang ilan sa mga linyang kanyang bibitawan. Ngunit naitanong na ba niya sa kanyang sarili, ano ang aking ginawa kaya ako nagkasakit? Ano ang aking naging lifestyle kaya ako nagkakaganito ngayon? May mga taong sinisisi ang Diyos sa lung cancer, chain smoker naman ng halos 40 taon; may mga sinisisi ang Diyos sa sakit sa puso, walang preno naman kung kumain at hindi nag-eehersisyo; sinisisi ang Diyos dahil sa karamdamang kung minsan - o madalas - bunga din naman ng sariling pagpapabaya.

Dahil sa mentalidad na “wala namang diyos” (kahit meron naman talaga) ay nabubuhay tayo sa isang buhay na walang direksyon at walang kaliwanagan. Sa pagtahak natin sa ganoong klase ng “trip” sa buhay, hindi maiiwasang may mga tao tayong isasama at hahatakin doon sa “kakaibang trip” na iyon. Imbes na maging tagapagdala ng liwanag at pag-asa, dahil nga tayo ay nabubuhay ng malayo sa Diyos, tayo ay nagiging instrumento pa upang mapariwara ng landas ng iba. Imbes na tayo lang ang nakakaramdam ng “pagpapabaya ng diyos” (kahit hindi naman talaga), ipinaparamdam pa natin ito sa iba. Ilang beses na ba tayong naging instrumento para ang ating kapwa ay “mabuhay sa kadiliman?”

Bakit nga ba kapag tayo ay malayo sa Diyos, tayo ay nabubuhay sa kadiliman? Ito ay sa kadahilanang Diyos ang siyang nagbibigay ng liwanag. Diyos ang talagang nagbibigay ng ilaw dahil ang Diyos ang ilaw, ang Diyos ang liwanag (1 Juan 1:5). Mas maliwanag pa ang diyos kumpara sa ilaw na ibinibigay ng Meralco. Mas Masaya, mas maganda, kapag may liwanag ang buhay. At ang liwanag ng buhay ay atin lamang makakamit sa diyos. Walang ibang nilalang ang makakapagbigay ng ganap na kaliwanagan bukod sa diyos (katunayan nga, ang Diyos ay hindi isang nilalang dahil wala naming lumalang sa kanya). Kung kaliwanagan ng buhay ang kailangan mo para sa madilim mong buhay, Diyos ang kailangan mo.

Sa katunayan, kapag dumadating ang mga “kadiliman” sa ating buhay, hindi naman ito talagang ganap na kadiliman. Sabihin na nating, isa lamang itong “kulimlim” ng buhay. Kung atin itong ikukumpara sa ating buhay at Diyos ang “araw”, hindi naman talaga nawawala o nagpapabaya ang Diyos, “nakakubli” lamang siya sa likod ng mga ulap ngunit hindi siya nawawala. Kung inaakala nating nawawala ang araw, o nawawala ang Diyos sa ating buhay, iyon ay isang pagkakamali. Tayo ang nawawala, hindi ang araw. Tayo ang lumalayo sa Diyos, hindi Diyos ang lumalayo sa atin.

Hindi naman kaila sa atin na may mga taong hindi naniniwala sa Diyos. At may mga taong walang pakialam kung may Diyos ba o wala, basta’t mabubuhay sila ayon sa kanilang kagustuha at kaginhawahan.

Minsan ay naitanong ko sa isang kakilala kung bakit hindi siya naniniwala sa Diyos. Sinagot niya akong, kung may Diyos, bakit may paghihirap? Bakit may nagugutom? Bakit may sakit? Bakit may namamatay nang hindi ma lang nakatikim ng hustisya at kaginhawahan sa buhay.

Kasama sa pag-aaral ko sa Pilosopiya noong Kolehiyo ang pag-aaral tungkol sa katotohanang may Diyos at ang problema ng imperpeksyon at kasamaan sa mundo. Madali sa aking intindihin kung bakit nangyayari ang mga ganoong bagay. Hindi naman kasi kayang ‘kontrolin’ ng Diyos ang kalayaan ng tao. Binigyan niya tayo ng kalayaan - o free will - bilang mga nilalang. Malaya ang tao na gawin ang gusto niya. Ika nga, maituturing na free will ang ‘kahinaan’ ng Diyos.

Ang mga paghihirap, pagkakasakit, at mga trahedya ay hindi dahil ito ay ginusto ng Diyos. O dahil walang pakialam ang Diyos. O dahil wala naman talagang Diyos. Ito ay dahil tayo ay may kalayaan ang tao. Maaaaring ang paghihirap ng isang tao ay bunga na din ng kapabayaan at pagsasamantala ng kapwa niya tao. 

E bakit pa kinakailangang magkaroon ng mga “kulimlim” na parte ng ating buhay?

Ang buhay ng tao ay hindi palaging puno ng kasiyahan. Natural sa buhay ng tao na dumadating ang mga problema at pagsubok ng buhay. Ang mga pagsubok na ito ang nagdadagdag ng “kulay” at ganda ng buhay. Masyadong “patay” ang isang buhay kung pare-pareho na lamang ang kulay at lasa nito.

Paano nating masasabing masaya ang ating buhay kung wala tayong punto ng pagkukumparahan nito (point of comparison)? Nakakasawa ang isang buhay na punong-puno ng kasiyahan at walang halong kalungkutan. Perfection is boring. Masasabi kasi nating mas nagiging ganap ang kasiyahan ng buhay kung ang kasiyahang iyon ay ang pakiramdam ng tagumpay ng paglampas sa pagsubok ng buhay. Nakakaumay ang palaging matamis na buhay. Paminsan-minsan, kailangan din nating makatikim ng maalat, mapakla, at mapait na lasa ng buhay.

Ang buhay ay parang tiklada ng piano. Hindi lamang puro puting tiklada ang ating pinipindot, kinakailangan din nating daanan ang mga itim na tiklada. At alam ng mga musikero na ang kombinasyon ng mga itim at putting tiklada – na parang kombinasyon ng kaligayahan at kalungkutan ng buhay – ang siyang mas nakagagawa ng kaaya-aya at de kalidad na tunog.

Bukod sa pagbibigay ng lasa at kulay ng buhay, bakit kinakailangan pa nating maghirap? Bakit pa kinakailangang magbigay ni Lord ng mga pagsubok ng buhay?

Ang diyos ay diyos na kahit wala ang mga nilalang. Hindi dagdag o kabawasan sa pagiging Diyos niya ang mga nilalang. Kung tutuusin nga, hindi na niya kinakailangan pang lumikha dahil diyos na siya. Ngunit dahil sa kanyang pagmamahal ay nilikha niya tayo. Nilikha tayo ng Diyos dahil sa pagmamahal niya sa sanilibutan. Bilang mga nlalang, natural lamang na ibalik natin ang pagmamahal na iyon sa diyos na siyang unang nagmahal at lumikha sa atin.

May mga pagkakataon kasi na sa kadahilanang masyado na tayong nagiging makasarili bunga ng ating tagumpay, nakakalimutan na nating magpasalamat sa diyos. Paminsan-minsan, kinakailangan tayong “kalugin” ng diyos upang magising tayo sa katotohanang mayroong diyos na pinagmumulan ng lahat ng tagumpay at ganap na kaligayahan.

Gayundin naman, ang Diyos ay umaakto bilang mga “traffic signs” sa “highway ng paglalakbay natin sa buhay.” Huwag natin itong ituring bilang mga balakid sa paglalakbay sa buhay, bagkus, ituring natin ang diyos bilang isang gabay upang makarating tayo sa ating paroroonan ng ligtas. Dahil sa bandang huli, Diyos din naman ang patutunguhan nating lahat. Ang diyos ang simula at katapusan ng lahat ng mga bagay. Siya ang Alpha at Omega ng sanlibutan at ng ating mga buhay.

Ang plano ng diyos para sa kanyang mga nilalang ay palaging “happy ending.” Kung sa istorya ng buhay natin ay para bang gusto na nating sumuko dahil sa mga pagsubok at problema nating hinaharap, alalahanin na nating hindi pa iyon ang “happy ending” na itinakda ng Diyos para sa atin. Iyong mga iyon ay ituring nating “pampagana at pampaganda” ng istorya ng ating buhay.

Sa bandang huli, nais kong sabihing hindi naman talaga nagpapabaya ang Diyos.Kung sa tingin nating parang “nilalayasan” tayo ng diyos sa ating buhay, sana ay sumagi sa ating isipan na “nagtatago” lamang ang Diyos ngunit palagi pa rin siyang nagmamasid at gumagabay sa atin.

Nawa, ang ating isigaw sa buhay ay hindi ang “pagpapabaya ng diyos” kundi “DIYOS KO! DIYOS KO! SALAMAT AT HINDI MO AKO PINABAYAAN!”

Ano pa mang mga pagsubok ang dumating sa atin, kakayanin natin ito dahil alam nating may plano ang Diyos sa atin.

Pag-ibig, pagkakaisa, at pagmamahalan ang nawa’y sumaating lahat. Padayon!

This was originally written in 2009 but I tweaked it this year to tackle the issues of today. I decided to repost this one to reach wider audience. Have a blessed Good Friday everyone!

NES Box Art: Mega Man

  • It’s Mega Man versus the powerful leaders and fighting forces of Monsteropolis - that strange multi-layered land of robot-like humanoids created by the wrongly-performed experiments with human beings by Dr. Wily.
  • Mega Man - the chosen defender of the human race. For he dares to single-handedly penetrate Monsteropolis’ seven separate societies to stop the rapid expansion of strange misrepresentations of humans.
  • Mega Man’s goal is monumental. He must infiltrate seven separate heavily-guarded empires. By himself, he must break down and destroy the following empire leaders: Cutman, Gutsman, Iceman, Bombman, Fireman, Elecman, and Dr. Wily. 

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The Window, Chiswick (1929). Mary Potter (British, 1900‑1981). Oil paint on canvas. Tate.

Potter was an early member of the Seven and Five Society, a group whose work is characterised by clear colours, an interest in light, and a certain freshness and simplicity. This is a typical example in which a table-top still life is set against a curtained window looking out onto a view of the river Thames, near Chiswick. The view is from her own sitting-room.

Light’s Guide: Engineer Coaxes Photons & Smartphones to Reveal Hidden Worlds

by Michael Keller

It is appropriate to call Aydogan Ozcan a wizard who uses light as his magic. Pulling from what seems to be a bottomless well of creativity, the 37-year-old electrical engineer and his team at UCLA are bending lightwaves to transform healthcare and measurement.

Ozcan focuses on the science and applications of generating, detecting and controlling the particles of light called photons. It’s a highly specialized field called photonics, which brings together physics, engineering and optoelectronics to create society-changing technologies like LEDs, lasers, fiber optics, medical imaging and many of the devices that make modern telecommunications possible.

While these are disruptive technologies that loom large in the narrative of humanity’s progress, Ozcan’s use of light happens on a scale that is very personal—transforming devices that fit in the hand or that are worn on the face into powerful instruments. In the process, the Stanford-trained PhD is miniaturizing once heavy, expensive laboratory equipment so that it can slip into a pocket and not break the bank.  In one celebrated innovation, his lab turned an ordinary smartphone with a camera into a microscope capable of revealing disease-causing viruses and bacteria. In another, they used a common flatbed scanner for biomedical imaging and sensing. And from the much maligned Google Glass, his group has crafted an instrument that lets the wearer detect diseases like malaria, HIV and prostate cancer in blood samples or, in a different application, see chlorophyll to understand a plant’s health. Learn more about his revolutionary innovations below.

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