seven sisters waterfall

My House is...Quiet ~With the Trolls~
Iwasaki Masami
My House is...Quiet ~With the Trolls~

Norway’s voice is so soothing…

The call that he makes to Iceland indicates that he and Ice were singing their songs at the same time~ Brothers really are bonded…

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My House is…Quiet ~With the Trolls~ English Translation

深い森のずっと奥 散歩にでかけるべさ

Far behind the deep forest, let’s go for a walk.

ブルーベリーを摘んでな ジュースにするべ

Picking blueberries, let’s make juice.



Both the water and air are clear,


The water temperature here has been on the news


Hey, do you have any spare time?

手紙 お願いな。

Please, send a letter.



The Seven Sisters Waterfall, would you like to see it?

ガイランゲルフィヨルドは いちおう世界自然遺産な

Geirangerfjord is tentatively a World Natural Heritage.

お土産はこれな トロール人形

Here are some troll dolls for souvenirs.

Vær så god

You’re welcome.


ひらりひらり オーロラが ゆっくり 揺れてんべ

The fluttering auroras shake slowly.

のそりのそり トロールが こっそりいたずらしてら

Sluggishly, heavily, the trolls sneakily make mischief.


Oi…next to that fool, it’s very noisy, but,


My house…is quiet.


「おー それなー ばーんてしとけー。」

“Ugh…that guy…it’s like he’s banging on something…”


At Bergen’s fish market:

サーモン カニ エビ タラ サバや

Salmon, crab, shrimp, cod, and mackerel


Whales and caviar are available too.


It’s easy to get lost in there.



Colorful, triangular roofs match the greenery.

ブリッゲン うつくしくてため息がでるな

Letting out a sigh, Bryggen is so beautiful.


ハダンゲルフィヨルドの断崖絶壁 名物な

Hardangerfjord’s cliffs of specialty,

トロールの舌っていうんず …ん?

I should probably be speaking troll tongue…hm?

写真 おめぇも一緒に入んないかい?

Would you like to take a photo together?




メララメララ 世界一大きいキャンプファイヤーの

Crackling, burning, are the world’s largest campfires.


The Festival of Ålesund is amazingly impressive.


Oi…it seems to reach to the heavens,

炎 幻想的

What a fantastic flame…



“Speaking of which, there was good news the other day,


Listen to it for a bit,


Maybe I should ring him…”



“Oh, is this Ice?”


“What? It’s not my birthday today.”


“I heard that you stopped building a highway to protect the fairies.”


“Yeah…so? …What is it?”


“Mm, I just think it’s a good story.”


“Eh, is that it?”

「ん じゃな」

“Yup, bye.”

「ん アイスんとこの妖精も…喜んでるべさ」

“Yes, these fairies will be…pleased with Ice.”



Thinly, lightly, it comes into view,


A cool, handsome ghost,


Wearing a Nordic sweater


With a small Santa Claus too


“Everyone…is a friend.”


ひらりひらり オーロラが ゆっくり 揺れてんべ

The fluttering auroras shake slowly.

のそりのそり トロールが こっそりいたずらしてら

Sluggishly, heavily, the trolls sneakily make mischief.

Oi…となりのあんこ, 今日もやかまし

Oi…next to that fool, today too is noisy, but,


My house…is quiet.

Seven Sisters Falls, Norway
is the 39th tallest waterfall in Norway. The waterfall consists of seven separate streams, and the tallest of the seven has a free fall that measures 250 metres (820 ft). 
 The falls are about 6.5 kilometres (4.0 mi) west of the village of Geiranger. It is part of the Geiranger World Heritage Site (UNESCO).