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Ok so in the seven sins au , who would be the seven virtues?

The Seven Contrary Virtues which are specific opposites to the Seven Deadly Sins
Humility against pride: martha vs george
Kindness against envy: theo vs burr
Abstinence against gluttony: elizabeth vs herc
Chastity against lust: eliza vs alex
Patience against anger: martha vs john
Liberality against greed: dolley vs james
Diligence against sloth: adrienne vs laf

the ladies kick all of the sins /ASS/

Deadly Sins- Sloth & Lust

Relationship: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Reader is sick causing her not wanting to do anything. Convincing Peter to be lazy with her turns into a heated session.

Warnings: Swearing cause I love swearing IRL. Plus Tom swears too :,)

Dominant Peter is going to be a thing \^.^/




Word Count: 1,815  (Sorry it’s short my migraine is killing me and I can’t look at a screen.. I promise the next Lust post will be 2,000 words )

A/N: BTW these are my interpretations of the sins. Of course for Gluttony I’m not going to have the eat a hella ton of food. You will see my interpretations as my pics are posted :) BTW THE OTHER LUST POST IS IN THE WORKS :,)

[Reader’s POV]

   Comfort. That is all you’re feeling right now. It was one of your favorite feelings. Sadly you couldn’t stay in bed forever which you wished that it was possible. It was unlikely due to the responsibilities you have. This one morning you don’t want to move at all. Your body ached and was sore from training and a night with Peter.

“baby girl,you have to get up..” Peter’s voice making you stir in your peaceful slumber.Your body being shaken lightly.

“Five more minutes…” I mumbled snuggling against the warmth he body produced. He felt so warm and cozy. The warmth lulling you back to sleep.You gladly welcomed sleep till Peter opens his mouth again.

“You have been saying that every time I try and wake you up” his chest moves as he laughs.

“shhhh, just stay with me and we can make up a practice session later.. Please Peter, I’ll make it up to you if you stay with me all day today..”  Your leg moving up to his waist pulling him closer. A whimper slips out as you feel how hard he is. You look up to see his eyes a shade darker. His eyes gazing at your lips, his tongue darting out quickly. His lips crash down onto yours in a passionate kiss pulling your body against his.

“darling, fuck” he groans gripping onto your ass tighter. You slowly push your hips again creating a needy friction.The tight grip he had on you made you moan in his ear.

“P-Peter “ you gasp out as his lips leave a path down your neck. The feeling making your eyes flutter shut. You straddle him feeling his cock press against your clothed core. A whimper escaped your lips as you pressed your hips against his. The rocking motion earns you a slap to your ass. His hand coming down against your ass each time you moved your hips.

“god your ass is so red” he moans gripping your tingling cheek in his hand. His hot breath fans across your neck making you shiver. You begin sucking on the base of his neck. A moan slips from Peter’s lips as you turn his skin red. 

“You’re so sinful it could bring a holy man to his knees… and you darling always bring me to mine” He tears your panties off causing you to frown.

Stupid Spider strength..

“Peterrrr those were my favorite” I pout rolling us over and pushing him off of the bed. A thud signalling he fell onto the floor. His head pops up from the edge of your bed making you laugh. His curls messy making him look cute and sexy.

“I’ll buy you new ones babe” he laughs standing up walking away. Sitting up on my elbows I look at him heading to the door. Is he seriously going to leave you here?

“You’re just going to wake me up, tease me then leave?” My voice coming out flustered. He closes the door locking it ,seeing that made your eyebrow raise. A smirk appears on his lips as he slips off his sweat pants. His Calvin Kleins showing a print of how hard he really was.

“Karen turn on the Don’t Bother Us Program, then you can turn back on when I say so” Peter speaks to the ceiling.

 Your sleeping quarters at the Avengers HQ was styled like an apartment so you and Peter could feel at home. A fancy apartment but it still reminded you of Queens. Tony had windows project sounds and views so it was practically a home away from home.

“Turning on Don’t Bother Us Program,engaging soundproof walls, be safe you two” Karen’s voice then turns off. You hear a beep signaling she was offline.

“You think I was just going to walk out of here to practice, rock hard and leave my girl flustered?” His voice getting lower as his strides bring him to the edge of the bed.Peter’s figure radiated dominance as he looks down at you.

“I-I” You were the stuttering one now. Peter is the one to normally stutter but once in the bedroom hes completely different. It was a good different.

“I told you that you could bring a man to his knees,that only man will be me” Peter’s hands grip your thighs pulling you to the edge.My skin felt like heat and fire under his palms. Your chest rising and falling slowly. He spreads your legs lowering himself down to his knees. The eye contact between you two not breaking at all.

“P-Peter..” his name coming out as a gasp. Feeling his tongue slowly licking between your folds. His thumb starts rubbing your clit in small circles. A loud moan comes out from the sensation. His thumb is then replaced by his tongue as he inserts fingers inside of you. Your nails dig into the sheets as you look down at him pleasing you.

“C’mon babygirl, tell me what you want” His hot breath fanning across your core.

 Feeling your stomach tightening as his tongue flicks faster. Arching your back as the pleasure travels in your body. He slid another finger in as your thoughts started jumbling together. Curling his fingers inside you hitting your g-spot when he makes a come hither motion.

“M-more please , I want your cock inside me Peter” you beg as your legs started to twitch. Desperation clear in your voice. The look in his eyes making you on the edge about to cum.

   Flicking his free wrist his web shooter expands onto his hand. A web pinning both your hands to the headboard. His chest rose and fell quicker as he gazed at your body. You looked helpless tied up to the headboard. A groan coming from him as you spread your legs , inviting him to you. You wanted him more than ever.

“How bad do you need it” He smirks crawling onto the bed. Your eyes screwed shut while his hand slid up your legs. His hips lowering down towards where you needed him most.

“S-so bad Peter, please baby” you manage to moan out as his lips pressing kisses in between your breasts. Slowly moving back up to your neck. You gasp as he slams into you without warning. The feeling of him inside you causes you to bite our lip.

Peter’s lets out a low moan tilting his head back. All you wanted to do was to touch him but you were restrained. Peter’s hands dug into your hips as his pace started to pick up. Uncontrollable moans came out of your mouth. He filled you up just right making you pant out his name.


“Look at how your tits bounce as I fuck you” His head tilting back, his veins in his neck showing. Holy fuck. You feel his hands move as he angles your hips up. The new angle making a loud moan come out,he went even deeper hitting the right spot. Grunts coming from him as he continued to pound into your dripping pussy. Thank god for the sound proof walls, you were loud when it came to expressing the pleasure you received. Peter loved hearing you thats why he had the system installed.

“P-Peter untie me please I w-want to touch you” your voice coming out as a whisper. You felt out of breath as you looked down. Watching as he filled you up with each thrust.

“I love seeing you like this “ he whispers running his finger down your chest and down your body. Your breath hitching in your throat.

“Under my control, only I can give you pleasure like this..” he whispers as his thrust becoming slower. Panting you try to rip his webs apart with your nails. All you want to do is touch him and run your fingers through his soft curls.

“You can’t get away from me,you wanna know why?” he grins cockily. Bastard knows his new web formula is tougher. His body gets closer to you if that’s even possible. Feeling your hands become free your hand grips onto his curls. The other scratching down his back. He hisses from the pain as your nails dig into his skin.

“Cause you’re my girl” his hand cups your cheek as he thrusts into you harder causing your head to hit the headboard.

“You’re mine, you got that princess?” His hips slam into you harder and harder. Nodding as a reply you keep eye contact with him. The pleasure feeling so intense you felt like you were going to burst.

Peter tugs on your hair letting out a low growl. “Let me hear that pretty voice, answer me” he demands kissing your jaw in fiery kisses.

“I’m y-yours Peter, please let me cum” your moans and whimpers filled the air as he reached between you rubbing your clit in fast circles.

“C’mon darling, cum for me cum all over my cock” Moans come out of his mouth as his thrusts start to get sloppy. The stamina he had in him had you breathless. Your orgasm causes you to hold tightly onto Peter. Your legs trembling as it coursed through you. Him filling you with his load shortly after, collapsing on top of your body.

     Peter rolls over pulling your body next to his. Your chest was falling up and down. Both of you were panting trying to catch your breath. Your body could just melt into the mattress,exhaustion taking over you.

“Karen, please start the shower and play some AC/DC for me” Peter speaks up a bit due to his voice being shaky from his breathing.

Turning on the shower, Peter you lasted a lot longer than you did the last time should we mark it as your new record?” Karen asks waiting for a response.

He was keeping track of how long he could last?

Peter Benjamin Parker” you sit up looking at your boyfriend. His cheeks turning pink as he sits up.

“Babygirl I-“

“You’re seriously keeping track?” You laugh placing your head in your hands. He is such a dork.

“Y-You’re not mad?” He questions tilting your chin up.

“Now I want to see how fast I can make you cum and start my own record” you grin sitting up heading toward the bathroom.

“I already have a record for how fast I can” Peter stands crossing his arms over his chest with a grin.

“Looks like I have to beat you, next time who ever loses has to clean the training rooms next week” you challenge looking back at him.

“Oh it’s so on, you’re going to cum and beg for me like always” he lifts you over his shoulder towards the shower.

“PETER!” You scream out as he starts to tickle your sides. From serious to childish, what a catch.

Peter is sweet in the street but a freak in the sheets.©

I’ve been hooked on the idea of the seven sins ever since I saw this graphic on the houses of ASOIAF and the seven sins. So, without further ado, TSH characters and the seven sins. (And it isn’t quite fitting? Since everyone is so sinful in the book.)

Henry Winter is pride. Henry honors his own goals and heroism above all others, he dies and lives of pride. Since Pride is considered the most dangerous out of all the seven sins, the perpetrator and the source,  it seems fitting for Henry. He was the one who dragged all the others into his bacchanal, his alibis, pulling them along in his irreversible quest.

Bunny Corcoran is gluttony, and greed. He eats excessively, constantly stuffs himself with food, and he also desires material wealth that he can not pay for. Greed and gluttony can be read close to selfishness, which is a trait that everyone holds in this book, but especially Bunny. He pays for his selfishness with a death that no one truly mourns. 

Francis Abernathy is envy, though technically jealousy would be a more suitable term. He desires Charles’ affection, begging him to look, to please love him, to care for him in the way he does. Francis holds that desperation and bitterness at what he can not have, but he is not strong enough to take what he wants. He helps Charles go to rehab, paying for him, begging him even in the last moment. He needs affirmation that he hasn’t done anything wrong. He is a fragile kind of envy, an envy that he can not afford.

Charles Macaulay is wrath. He seeks to put everything under his thumb: his sister, his alcoholism, and closeted sexuality. When he fails at that quest, he lashes out with a vengeance, destroying himself and everyone else in the process. All he has maintained before falls away and that nakedness causes him to fall into a cycle of self-destruction. He is the ultimate failure of the group, even more so than the others. 

Camilla Macaulay is sloth. She is barely a real person in the books, thanks to fuckboy Richard, but what is evident is her inactivity. She lets Charles and Henry duel with each other, she never confronts anything outright and lets it be. If she seems weak, she chooses to do so rather than act and do the rightful thing. She holds that lazy charm of apathy all throughout the book, that drunken quality of not caring enough to actually do something.

Richard? Richard is nothing. He’s just a fuckboy. Ha ha, just joking. Richard is lust. He lusts after Henry, Charles, Francis, and supposedly Camilla. He is blind to everything, from moral values to his own stupidity, constantly romanticizing everything about the deities he joins during this short and life altering experience. According to Dante’s Inferno, those who commit the sin of lust are subject to suffer by being blown away by winds that symbolize their lack of self control. This is what happens to Richard after his closeted lust of everything, he can only tell the story of the past.

Lust: You are eternally condemned by lost generations. However, you hold use for more than merely sexual desire. For example, a desire for life. A lust for something bigger and more meaningful than oneself, or just something small with little meaning: how their skin feels against another. You are moreso people’s salvation than condemnation. You hold the key to life in many respects. Lust is not sinful, it is the essence of passion.

Gluttony: You want more. So much more for yourself. Many will say you are gluttonous, but is not a negative in all respects. The need to engulf the world whole, to consume everything, to try it all, holds a necessary level of passion. Never allow the jeers of others to make you think you are wrong for your insatiable hunger. Gluttony is not sinful, it is a need for something more.

Greed: Oh, so you want it all? Where’s the problem with that? You want the best of the goods in this world, and you are willing to make it happen. Ambition tucks you in at night, allowing your rest to fall in real luxury. Take it all. The world is your oyster, it revolves around you. If they whisper and gossip of your greed, tell them yes. Be not ashamed of your want. Greed is not sinful, it provides you with a much stronger drive than the best of them.

Sloth: It is time to rest, my dear. You are one that needs the world to move a little slower to keep your head on straight. You need to rest, to sleep, to simply be tired at times and let yourself relax. There’s nothing wrong with breathing the air of a sleepy calmness. It’s smart to stand back and avoid action at times. While others push you to fight, stand firm. Sloth is not sinful, it simply requires a different type of atmosphere.

Wrath: You are angry. Be mad. Be livid. Be rightous. They will tell you that you are too loud, too aggressive, too upsetting; ignore their words. Become the voice you’ve always needed to hear. That anger gives you the voice of change. Do not tread lightly; change the world. Wrath is not sinful, it is a call to make tides to change this state of being.

Envy: You see what everyone else has and you want it. One cannot take issue with the desire to have what another does. They will tell you it’s unhealthy, but a set of goals can be derived from those with a life filled with many pleasures. You will strive to have the best, because you see the sheer quality of life given. Envy is not sinful, it is a way of viewing another’s fortune as a personal opportunity.

Pride: You brag about the things you have accomplished, and you value your reputation. They believe it to be annoying, unnecessary in a way, but they don’t truly understand. You take great pleasure in knowing how you’ve made yourself. You strive to find that which you can accomplish with your own two hands. You know these achievements are great things, your very own, worth every moment of joy. Pride isn’t sinful, it is confidence in yourself.

—  The 7 Deadly Sins may very well be virtues