seven sins

  • Lust: Write a detailed sexual fantasy your character has had about someone else. Could be their lover/boyfriend/girlfriend/one of their friends or some random stranger. You may specify the person if you wish.

  • Gluttony: Write about the one food or dish your character would eat every day if they could. Describe why they like the taste or what got them into this particular dish. Is it a family recipe or something they read/watched being demonstrated elsewhere? Would they cook it for their lover and/or friends?

  • Greed: If your character suddenly won a vast amount of money, list all the selfish/self-centered purchases they would make.

  • Sloth: Your character has nothing to do all day. No work, homework or upcoming projects. Even their friends aren’t answering their phones. So how do he or she spend their lazy afternoon?

  • Wrath: Give us a blow by blow instance of where your character was so angry they couldn’t contain it or deal with it in a normal fashion. Time for some good old fisty-cuffs, whether it’s against another person or an inanimate object, sometimes it helps to just hit something.

  • Envy: Describe a time where your character wanted something so desperately that it drives them to distraction. Could be another person’s possession, lover, position, etc. Get creative as to what your character would desire most and how they would react to see someone else enjoying it instead.

  • Pride: Describe the one thing your character takes great pride in. What would they give everything else up for, but will hold sacred this one thing. It could be a personal attribute, their friends, lover or a belief. Simply put, make them lose everything save this one thing and make them fight to keep it.