seven seconds to make a first impression


The Smutty Dragon Age Fanfiction Contest results are in!

The winners of the raffle are:

 1. @scumbag-solas 

 2. @maebyrutherford 

3. @tragicamente 

 And the winners of the writing contest are: 

1. @blustersquall - Two Years, Seven Months, Twenty One Days

2. @halfblood-fiend - Quenching Thirst in the Western Approach

3. (tie) @drinkyourjuicerodriguez - Chocolates

and @shiftylooking-cow - Une Fete dans Mon Pantalon

 Congratulations to all winners! With so many fantastic entries, it was excruciating to pare them down to so few prizes. I added a second runner up slot because I couldn’t decide, but there were seven others that were highly considered, including one from a first time fic writer (!!). I was so impressed by the overall quality of the entries!

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the contest. I hope you all enjoyed reading the wonderful smut, and will enjoy seeing the art based on it! Make sure to send me a quick note if you won a prize. :)