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You didn't say which hoe
  • Yoosung: Everyone pretend to be gardening.
  • Jaehee: Zen, grab that hoe.
  • Zen: *grabs Seven's arm*
  • Yoosung: Not that one-

God Seven Valentine’s Day surprise So this is my share for the Valentine’s Day half of things but keep reading to find out what happens next…
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Anyways, massive love for Saeyoung! (〃ω〃)

Gabrielle [Part 1] (Gabriel x Reader)

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A/N: Hello! *waves* 😀 So…

I’M ALIVE!!! 😁😁😁

It feels like it has been forever since I’ve posted an actual one-shot/two-shot. College is insane and is taking up a lot of my time. And I also happen to be kinda planning out a whole new fanfic. So that’s also something that’s been taking up my time.

I’m actually sorta procrastinating on doing homework right now, but I wrote this a few months back and never posted it. So, I thought I’d go ahead and do that now. :)


Enjoy! 😘

“Are we almost there, mommy?” Y/N’s seven and a half year old daughter, Gabrielle, asked as they were riding in the car.

Y/N smiled as she drove an old classic cherry red Cadillac. It was one they had found in the Bunker garage, and it was also one that had become Gabrielle’s favorite. She loved its cherry red color.

Y/N glanced in the rearview mirror to see her daughter looking at her. “Yes, sweetie, we’re almost there. Did you have fun staying at auntie Bess and uncle Garth’s?”

Gabrielle nodded, smiling. “Yeah! Auntie Bess said that the next time we come over that i can help pick out a name for the baby.”

Y/N smiled at that as she pressed a button on the garage remote, making the Bunker’s sizable garage door begin to slide open.

It didn’t take long before Y/N was parking the car next to the oh-so familiar 1967 black Chevy Impala.

“I guess the boys aren’t out on a hunt.” Y/N thought to herself as she got out of the car and began to help Gabrielle out of the back seat. Y/N had taken Gabrielle and gone off and stayed at Bess and Garth’s for a few months while the boys tried to finish sorting out the whole Casifer and Darkness business. The deciding factor that had made Y/N decide to take off with Gabrielle had been when the boys had tried to exorcise Lucifer from Cas. When Amara had taken him hostage was when Y/N and the boys had decided that getting Gabrielle away from all the conflict was probably the best and safest decision. After somewhere around four and a half months, Y/N and Gabrielle were finally coming back home to the bunker because Dean had finally called and said that everything was finally done and over with.

He wouldn’t give her much more information than that. Just that she could come back and that everything would be explained better.

“Here you go, Gabby.” Y/N said as she handed her a small backpack from the trunk.

Once Y/N got all the rest of the bags, she and Gabrielle made their way over to the small staircase that led from the garage and up into the Bunker itself.

“Sam! Dean! We’re home!” Y/N called out to them as they walked to the entrance that led into the war room from the hallway. “Please te–”

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And For Once

(anyways I’ve got TWO (2) requests left before opening reqs again- bur I’ll probs finish only one and leave the other until I finish the bad end the person requested the HCs be based off on… for the meanwhile, have this small lil narrative from Seven’s POV!)

Pairing: 707/MC (gender neutral MC as usual!)

Warnings: Seven reminisces of the past and some spoilers? -> ( It’s hinted about the abuse he received while a child, and the memories of that )

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Master list

I always wanted to do a master list <3

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Seven act with an MC who is kinda awkward

Yoosung + Seven + Saeran React to an MC who gets bullied by a guy shorter than her.

Yoosung + Jumin + Seven React to a feminist mc

Jumin + Zen + Seven with singer s/o   

MC and Seven are childhood friends

Seven + Jumin + Yoosung React Mc runs into the rfa member and they don´t recognize each other until the day of the party.

Jaehee + Saeran reaction to their girlfriend who’s a total badass but actually gets scared easily

Seven + Jumin + Yoosung React to a beatboxer MC

V´s recovery  

Mini Seven´s fic: MC’s father being a secret agent like Seven (Finnish I think?)

Part 1

Part 2

Saeran´s Fic “Perfect Boyfriend”  (in progress)


RFA SONGS (the PERFECT songs that I think are perfect for each character)

RFA Psychological diagnosis

  • Rika
  • V (in progress)
  • Jumin (in progress)
  • Searan  (in progress) 

It´s not that much but It´s what I have.I hope you like it.

Special Agent 606, Out.If you want to request here are the rules: HERE and Matchups: Here

Twelve Hours

Summary:  The RFA+S wake up before MC.  In my Ideal World.  Not that long after Seven’s After Story.

Pairing:  Saeran x MC/Reader

Genre:  Slice of Life; Fluff

Rating:  M, for a little swearing and a little steaminess.

Word Count:  Approx. 1800

A miracle happened, that day.

Saeran woke up before you did.  That never happened.

To earn a living, your boyfriend did freelance coding and internet security algorithms, and the work usually brought him late into the night.  He had incredibly erratic sleeping hours, either sleeping in late, or taking random naps throughout the day.  More often than not, you ended up going to bed by yourself.  

However, the night before, Saeran had fallen asleep with you.  You had drifted off to sleep in his arms and he hadn’t wanted to disturb you.

It was your phone’s alarm that had awakened him.  It was an annoying, almost whining sound; you had picked it specifically because it irritated you and you would want to turn it off immediately.  Unfortunately, you had set that alarm ages ago; now, you were a little bit too used to the sound.  Abruptly roused, Saeran glared at the phone in question, then looked down at you, still with your head on one of his arms.  You didn’t move; your boyfriend smirked a little to hear you snoring lightly.

He hesitated, then reached over you to your phone, hitting the ‘snooze’ button for you. You always set your alarm too early.  A couple more minutes of rest couldn’t hurt.  Saeran wrapped you more comfortably into his arms, and kissed the top of your head.  

All mine, he thought, resting his chin in your hair.

He knew you had work, that day, but he never liked seeing you leave.

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  • <p> <b>Me as a doomsday prepper:</b> yeah so i have all of my essentials there's seven black stila stay all day liners here and a couple boxes of lucky charms<p/></p>

caffeinomorphism  asked:

♨ : Does your muse have good table manners? How do they feel about bad table manners?

We haven’t seen much in TAG to support this but I’d like to think Scott would have pretty good table manners. He’s the eldest and I like to think that Lucy and Jeff would’ve set out with good intentions. They would’ve made an effort with him because he was the Precious Perfect First Born and their son wasn’t going to be like those other children.

But then by the time Alan comes along, it’s a free for all in the mornings because there’s seven breakfasts and three schools and NASA and hopefully amongst the noise and the chaos, Scott’s there teaching his youngest brother how to eat peas with a fork.

And twenty years down the line, there’s nothing Scott likes more than a sharp suit and a restaurant he’d have to book three months in advance if he wasn’t a Tracy. Excellent table manners would be expected and I think he’d be pretty embarrassed if someone made a major faux pas. Not like, eating with the wrong fork or anything, but I think if he took you to the finest restaurant in town, he’d expect you to recognise the waiter as a human being.

  • Jumin: MC, where's Luciel? I need him to fix my computer. It has been lagging for a while now.
  • MC: Hold on, I got this.
  • MC: *deep breathes and cups hands in the mouth*
  • 707: *from the other room*
  • Yoosung: Oh my gosh. Seven, have you seen my phone? I can't find it!
  • 707: *stares at Yoosung's hand, where his phone is literally there*
  • 707: I'll help you look, my boy Yoosung, if you give me $50.

“Then what do I do about my feelings for you?!”

Seven’s route is hard.  (ಥ﹏ಥ)

I made two versions of this, one with dialogue (and spoilers for 707′s route, obviously) and this one with no dialogue, which you can still tell when in the game this takes place if you’ve played it before, but doesn’t give it away for those who haven’t yet.

This was SUPPOSED to be just a short doodle comic, buuuut of course I got carried away, as usual.  XD  Here’s the (SPOILERY) version, put together into a video.  HUGE thanks to @fluttershadowed for her wonderful cover!!!

I also decided to include the name I used in-game for the main character during Seven’s route, Faith, instead of calling her “MC” like I’ve seen in a few other comics.  I felt like it made this particular comic feel more emotional and personalized.

Comments about this comic (and obviously some spoilers) under the cut:

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