seven psychopaths (2012)


Calling all psychopaths! Are you mental or deranged? Maybe you’ve recently been hospitalized, but are now okay. Or maybe the world just doesn’t understand you. Yeah, right! Well, I’m writing a screenplay with my friend called the Seven Psychopaths, and if your story is crazy or quirky enough, we might use it for our movie. So please call Billy Bickle at 310-555-01… -Seven Psychopaths (2012)

Just A Bunch Of Movies That People Should See One Day

Alright so I went way overboard but when I set out to make a list of films people should check out I’m gonna take it a little to seriously.  That being said here’s a shit ton of films that I think everyone should check out if they can. I’m definitely missing a lot but every single one of these is in order by year of release. So here it goes.

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The Signs as Colin Farrell Movies/Characters (IMO)

Aries- S.W.A.T as Jim Street (2003)

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Taurus- Total Recall as Douglas Quaid (2012)

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Gemini- Phone Booth (2002)

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Cancer- London Boulevard (2011)

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Leo- Alexander (2004)

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Virgo- The Lobster (2015)

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Libra- Miss Julie as John (2014)

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Scorpio- Fright Night (2011)

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Sagittarius- In Bruges (2008)

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Capricorn- Fantastic Beast as Percival Graves (2016)

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Aquarius- Tigerland as Roland Bozz (2000) 

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Pisces- Seven Psychopaths (2012)

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