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“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” 💗💪🏻

ladies from the Disneybound community inspired by the art of @amandaniday


Hello guy! I am a big fan of Disney’s films. I love every single movie of this pictures. And this is the logo collection of most of Disney films that I can find on the internet. There is one fact that it is very difficult to recreated some logos. So, I know this collection is not fully completed, but that all I can do. I put them in the order of time. It is included Animated feature films, Hybrid films with live action and animation, Live-action films, True-Life Adventures / Disneynature, and some of other documentary films. Hope you guys like it!

P/s: This is Part 1


Hump Day Hunks

If You Still Entertained Doubts That Argentine Men Are Among The Most Beautiful Men In The World…

Woof, Baby!

I was bored and this happened 

Prayer to the Orisha

May my ancestors continue to guide and protect me

May Elegua open the doors of opportunities and remove obstacles from my path

May Ogun give me courage to overcome my problems and defeat my enemies

May Oshosi bring Justice and Balance to my life

May Orunmila bestow his wisdom upon me

May Obatala bring peace, tranquility and harmony to my life

May Babalu Aye heal my body and soul

May Olokun grant stability to my being

May Yemaya renovate and refresh my life with the powers of her waters

May Chango give me the strength to fight and win my battles

May Oshun fulfil my dreams of love and riches

May Oya bring with her the winds of change and prosperity to my realm,



Peter: I’m kinda training them for Phil. Since I’m the senior hero and all.

Sam: Oh please you’re barely three months more experienced than us!

Ava: He has saved the city twice single handedly.

Daniel: And is a Avengers consultant.

Sam: Oh wow thanks guys. Like he didn’t have enough to brag about.

Luke: He’s still short.

Peter: Hey!

Lorien Legacies Series Suggested Reading Order
  • Here is (what I would consider) the ideal order to read the Lorien Legacies series, for both new readers and those looking to reread it.
  • 1. I Am Number Four: book 1
  • 2. Six's Legacy: novella 1
  • 3. The Power of Six: book 2
  • 4. Nine's Legacy: novella 2
  • 5. The Fallen Legacies: novella 3
  • 6. The Rise of Nine: book 3
  • 7. The Last Days of Lorien: novella 5
  • 8. The Search for Sam: novella 4
  • 9. The Forgotten Ones: novella 6
  • 10. The Fall of Five: book 4
  • 11. Five's Legacy: novella 7
  • 12. Five's Betrayal: novella 9
  • 13. Return to Paradise: novella 8
  • 14. The Revenge of Seven: book 5
  • 15. The Fugitive: novella 10
  • 16. The Navigator: novella 11
  • 17. The Guard: novella 12
  • 18. The Fate of Ten: book 6
  • 19. Legacies Reborn: novella 13
  • 20. Last Defense: novella 14
  • 21. Hunt for the Garde: novella 15
  • 22. United as One: book 7