seven p.m


A little week-long project that I wanted to do for fun!
I hope you enjoy it!


Chapter 5: Oh, the Guilt! (Part X)

‘Here is the espresso aaaaand one cherry mouse. Have a great day!’

Věra waved at the regular, waiting until he was way out of the door before returning to the tablet resting by the coffee machine. She licked cinnamon powder off her pinkie while scrolling down the page, until she found what she was looking for and opened a file under the photo of the author. What? It wasn’t stalking as long as she didn’t use Facebook and twitter, right?

She was thumping her fingers against the tablets battered edges as the page loaded, biting at her bottom lip. It was nearly seven p.m. and Coffee Lovers, the little sandwich and coffee bar she worked at, was filled with students and tourists, talking over their coffees and home-made pies. The whole shop smelled of cinnamon rolls, freshly ground coffee beans and apple pie. Corinne was still sitting at the back, working on her thesis, joined by their friends Mari and Pascal, who were arguing over the importance of time-travelling rabbits. Věra could hear them all the way to the front, where she and her colleague Sasha went about their shifts.

The page opened, showing a handsome black and white photo of long aquiline nose, high royal cheekbones and messy black hair, falling into pitch black eyes, just as a voice in front of her asked, ‘So what’s up with you today?’

She jumped guiltily, looking over at Pascal, who watched her with amused brown eyes. ‘Nothing at all. Why? Do I seem off?’

‘Well, usually you’re competing for the title of the worse barista ever by sitting at the table with us and letting Sasha do all the work,’ he explained. ‘Yet today here you are, greeting customers and sending them on their merry way as quickly as you possibly can before returning to your tablet. So what gives, Vávra?’

‘For someone who is enjoying his Erasmus money and doing absolutely nothing, you seem terribly insulted by my lack of work ethic.’

Pascal lifted his hands in defeat, shaking his head. ‘Careful there, you’re going to cut someone with that bitchiness. Corinne told me you found a way to pass the year. Somehow I expected you to be happy.’

‘Yeah. I found a way to pass the year,’ she grunted. ‘By giving up on my summer. I can go on and sell my Rock for People tickets right now, because by the time Evanescence get on the stage I will be sitting at my desk in room 110, listening to some random Englishman unveil the mysterious psyche of Percy B. Shelley to me. I’m over the moon excited.’

‘Ah, come on. Can’t be that bad. Corinne said he is some big shot Cambridge graduate. She even showed me her autographed copy of his book. Not that I asked to see it…’

‘Yeah, she is his biggest fan girl or something. But hey, how are you doing? Prepared to leave Prague forever and never return? ’

‘No. But I’m fully prepared to go back home, present my thesis and return here on the first plane.’

‘I like your determination, Frenchman,’ she cooed, filling a jar up with chocolate chip cookies.

‘You do realise I will need a proper Czech wife once I return, right?’

She snorted, quirking an eyebrow. ‘Too bad I’m a filthy American mongrel. Otherwise I would be all over you.’ He said something then, but she was already far too consumed by the research waiting on the screen of her notebook to pay much attention. A short article she found gave a brief summary of the book Corinne hugged to her chest and with it the person who wrote it.

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Hannigram/Lovers AU (Part Two)

Pairing: Hannibal x Will
Summary: Will always had a weekness for his college professor Hanniba Lecter. Now, three years after he finished his studies, he comes back to Rigminton College to teach,…
Words: 809

A/N: We hope u all like the second part of our FF. Again @brokenfannibal was our beta reader. We are so grateful for her help!


Nervousness can almost cause pain. Especially if you bite your lower lip until it bleeds. But Will enjoyed the pain and the metallic taste. For some reason it calmed him a little bit. But not enough. Hannibal Lecter would soon be standing in his kitchen and prepare food. Will had never been alone with his former professor for a whole evening. He was not sure whether he should be looking forward to it or be afraid. It was seven p.m. It would take another hour until Hannibal would be at his house. Will decided not to spend any more time waiting. He decided to take his dog Winston for a walk, the fresh air and exercise might take his mind off the upcoming event. Will didn’t take a dog leash, because Winston loved to play around without it.

As they reached the edge of the forest, dusk was falling. It was getting colder. The sunset was amazing and Will took a few minutes to enjoy it.

Suddenly a bark echoed from not far away
WINSTON! Will followed the whining sound of the dog. After a short while he found him. At first Will was afraid that it could have been a bear trap, but it wasn’t. He cut his paw. Possibly on a shard of glass. Will wasn’t sure, but it didn’t matter anyway. One way or another, he had to carry Winston home.

When they finally arrived at Wills house, Hannibal Lecter was already waiting.
“WILL!”, Hannibal called. “What happened?” He looked at Will’s grimy, blood-stained shirt.
“I guess Winston cut his paw on a shard of glass.”, Will answered.

“Let me have a look”, Hannibal suggested.
They put Winston on the couch and Hannibal examined the paw.
“Do you have a first-aid kit?”, he asked.
Will ran his hand through his hair and thoughtfully looked at the moving boxes.
“Of course I have, but I don’t know in which box.” He looked at Hannibal in despair.

The older man nodded knowingly. “No worries, Will. I’ll be back in a minute.” He quickly ran to his car to pick up bandage and disinfectant.
“The cut has to be sewn”, Hannibal stated, after he had cleaned the wound. “We should call Alana.”
“Alana? Alana Bloom?”, Will asked.
Hannibal looked at him briefly. “Yes of course. You know she became a vet. She has a practice in Downey Road.”
Will tried to ignore the unpleasant feeling inside him. “You are still…”
Hannibal’s gaze was inscrutable. “No. We tended our relationship years ago. But we are still friends.”
All Will could do was to nod. The love affair between Alana and Hannibal was the main reason why he left Rigminton years ago. If he thought he was over it, he knew better now.

Twenty minutes later they arrived at Alana’s practice. Alana was still as pretty as he remembered her.
“Will! I’m so pleased to see you!”, she called, hugging him tightly.

Will never liked touching people, therefore he felt very uncomfortable. He cleared his throat and she released him from the embrace. “Nice to see you again, Alana. I’m so grateful that you can help poor Winston.” Only now she became aware of the dog in Hannibal’s arms.
“Put him down here.” Alana pointed at the examination table. She looked at Winston’s paw. “I have to sew him. Would you assist me, Hannibal?”
Hannibal joined her and took off his jacket.
Will looked at them. Jealousy overwhelmed him. Maybe it was a mistake to come back. He tried not to stare at them while they worked together without having to say a word.
“Will, are you alright? Why don’t you take a seat?”, Hannibal said thoughtfully.
Alana smiled at him. “Don’t worry, Will. Your dog will be alright soon. We will be done in a few minutes.”
Will didn’t reply. He felt Hannibal’s worried gaze on him.
Alana hadn’t promised too much. Five minutes later Winston’s paw was medically cared for.
“What were you planning for the evening?”, she asked Will after she had washed her hands.
“Oh, Hannibal and I wanted to celebrate my first lesson. He wanted to cook something for us. But then Winston got hurt.”
Alana’s face lit up. “What a fantastic idea! We will celebrate your return to Rigminton and I am able to look after Winston.” She cheerfully followed the two men.

Will tried his bestnot to show his disappointment while Hannibal’s face showed no emotion. Ofcourse not! Why should it? But who did Will want to fool? Three years ofabsence didn’t change the situation. He was still in love with Hannibal. And hewas still jealous.