seven of jacks

Things about The Magnificent 7 that need to be shared
  • After the first gun fight when Goody got shot they’re all trying to figure out where everyone is, Goody’s saying something about candles or some shit and Billy keeps staring at his arm (where he got shot)
  • Emma holding that guys hand when Red Harvest is fuCKING Denali uP
  • Sam singing “Bring ‘em in” when Bouge sends those 2 dudes in to get Sam towards the end
  • Teddy Q is precious and must be protected at all costs
  • After Goody left and Horne is talking about how it’s good to be in the service of men he respects he specifically looks at Red
  • UGH when Sam is trying to convince Goody to stay and fight and he goes “You’ll be disappointing more than just me if you leave.” (((BILLY)))
  • When the little girl offers Horne water and he says in the most delicate and pure way “Thank you, miss.” i cRI
  • Obviously Vasquez leading Faraday’s horse (totally in love w/ each other)
  • buT ALSO Red w/ Horne’s body 
  • Teddy Q is so smol and amazing and I love him
  • Billy’s last words are “Goody”
  • no you don’t understand the way he stalked out of that church and unloaded into that guy i don’t have to words to describe what he looked like
  • Red’s horse was actually beautiful
  • also goddam Martin Sensmeier riding bareback is not easy especially riding bareback when you’re hauLING ASS like he was i applaud you
  • Remember Iron Man 3 the “cheap trip and a cheesy one-liner” yea that is literally Joshua friggin Faraday
  • After Billy kills that guy with his hairpin (awesome) there’s a shot of Goody and he smirks and rolls his eyes so fucking fondly like “You couldn’t just shoot him Billy, you had to go for the theatrics, so dramatic, we all know you’re faster than him, ya just HAD to show off.”
  • alSO the fucking way he flicks that godamn cigarrette with such flair
  • the little run that Faraday does when he’s trying to get away with the cash right at the beginning when everyone is freaking out over Sam
  • also really not fair that Red Harvest doesn’t have sleeves because Martin Sensmeier is JACKED 
  • “Je-sus wept.”
  • ALSOalsoalso ho-ly SHIT the shot right before the big battle where Sam is on his horse on the ridge overlooking the town and the sky is this dark blue and everything is dark you can’t really make out details just his outline against the sky and the music is perfect and that fucking shot is so amazing
  • Peter Sarsgaard did a really fantastic job in this movie
  • When Faraday flicks his cigarette at Vasquez
  • ᵐᵐᵐᵐᵐm ºʰ ᵐʸ ᵍºᵈ OKAY so this shot was like super quick but when that lady comes up with Horne’s weird pelt carpet jacket thing or whatever Vasquez is like smiling at him then it cuts back to Horne THEN back to Vasquez and he has this dumb little smile on his face and he bops his head back and forth and its the cutest fucking thing I’ve ever seen Manuel Garcia-Rulfo is a gift to us all
  • off topic of this text post but i refuse to accept the ending of this movie and the only AU i will accept is the one where everyone lives and four out of the seven are gay and they all stick together forever

i just want to yell about these idiot cowboys for eternity


Mc76 Week - Day 7: Alternate Universe

I’m a bit late, but hey! I got it done!

I was giving a lot of thought about AU day, particularly what AU I wanted to do. In the end I decided to combine my two favorite game/game franchises. Overwatch and Fallout.

Specifically I designed what I believe Soldier 76 and Jesse McCree would look if they were thrown in the Fallout universe. The poses are more or less traced from their original character sheets, though the overall design of their clothes and weapons are mine.

Also It’s worth mentioning that I am also working on a three part fan fiction to go along with this. And for AU day I decided to post part one now sooo… ENJOY!!

  • Red Harvest : Imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the items you have lost throughout your lifetime.
  • Vasquez : It would be nice to get my sense of purpose back.
  • Billy : My childhood innocence! Thank you for finding this.
  • Goodnight : My will to live! I haven’t seen this in 15 years.
  • Faraday : I knew I lost that potential somewhere!
  • Horne : Mental stability my old friend!
  • Sam : Kids, could you lighten up a little?


This thing have been running around in my head! An AU where the cowboys were a private soldier who worked with/under Sam. Instead of using horse, they used bikes (cars for Sam and Goody).

Here’s the list of their vehichle :

Sam Chisolm - Chevrolet Covette
Joshua Faraday - Ducati Streetfighter
Vasquez - Ducati 999
Goodnight Robicheaux - Chevrolet Camaro 69
Billy Rocks - EBR 2012
Jack Horne - Harley Davidson
Red Harvest - Ducati Superbike 848 

[Pictures found on goggle :”3]


You know, canon.

Bless these anti-social wilderness babies. Stalking people all day and all night before finally deciding to approach them.

I accidentally turned on a few layers at once and got this adorable huddle. Hahaha.