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It’s weird to think that less than a month ago I had barely heard of The Adventure Zone, and now I’ve listened to it through twice, made a series of posters, and can without a doubt say it is my favorite narrative. 

I plan to make a triptych for Story and Song since there’s so much, but having the relic arcs as well as the Stolen Century done by the finale was a goal I set pretty early on.

All of these, as well as the eventual Story and Song and lunar interludes, can be found in my shop. 

Endgame as foreshadowed by Jon VI and Sansa IV in A Clash of Kings- Part  #2

Part 1

The chapter immediately following Jon VI is Sansa IV (I think we’ve all been here long enough to know that “coincidental” and “GRRM” cannot, in good consciousness, exist in the same universe). In it, we run into an interesting theme regarding Sansa’s storyline which I will illustrate with the following examples.


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Top 7 Crystals for Divination

This list is by no means an authoritative or comprehensive list of which crystals are known for their assistance with divination. Rather, it is a list of the stones that have assisted me the most in my own journey. Always remember that you may experience these crystals differently and that’s okay!

• Clear quartz. In my experience, it not only makes things clearer (no pun intended), but it also is a transformer of energy. It’s a crystal revered for its divinatory talents worldwide, perhaps because it’s such a plentiful stone. Others have hypothesized that since quartz gives off its own charge, it’s a good stone for workers of all experience levels. It’s essentially a powerhouse and it deserves the opening spot on this list!

• Amethyst. Known in many circles for its relation to the crown chakra of Eastern philosophy, this stone’s relation to prophecy, divination, and dreams is a fairly American concept. From my research, it seems that most Europeans tend to attribute love, energy, and protection to this purple stone. Other known attributes include knowledge, travel, and enhancing psychic abilities. In my experience, its energy is also fairly easy to sense for beginners, making it another divination classic.

• Blue Goldstone. I’ll be honest with you, this one is based on preference and personal experience. For me, this starry looking gem helps with interpretation of dreams and symbols. It’s an aid during my analysis of my readings, not necessarily during the actual reading.

• Obsidian. Usually, I think of scrying when I imagine a diviner using obsidian, but lately I’ve found that its grounding and absorbing properties have been helpful during my readings. I’ll use it to help soak up the excess chaotic energy a client may have, so that the root of the issue can be brought to light. Its grounding properties are useful to help maintain a sense of reality during my readings and recently, I’ve realized that it helps me get through the veil a little easier.

• Labradorite. A stone of strength and transformation, this gem has been a real friend to me as I’ve grown in my reading skills. It not only protects my aura (and my spirit) from the negative energies a client may have lurking around them, but I’ve found that it also makes it easier for me to get a read on their aura! It’s also known for raising consciousness and grounding spiritual energies, so it’s a helpful little thing.

• Selenite. In addition to the fact that selenite is self cleansing (a blessing if there ever was one), its higher vibrations help us to get in touch with our spirit guides and higher selves. Its cleansing properties also help the reading stay untainted by spiritual gunk.

• Super 7. So, I don’t know if this is a real stone or what (obviously, that doesn’t matter to me since I use goldstone- glorified glass), but I do know that it’s suuuuuper high vibrational. This stone has been my go to for just about everything lately, from tarot to Akashic Record reading. It just cuts through all of the crap and gets right to the point. It’s like one of those “get you in touch with Universal Oneness” kind of stones. Awesome stuff.

Anyway, I hope this post gives you all a little insight as to what role crystals play in my divination practices! As always, I encourage you all to take my experiences for what they’re worth. You may find that completely different stones work for you in completely different ways than they do for me, and that’s okay! There’s no right way to feel energy. You do you, friends.

Ways Tintin's Almost Died:

(In chronological order)

In the Land of the Soviets:

  • Bomb (happened in 6 different adventures).
  • Being held at gunpoint and/or shot at (I lost count of how many times this has happened throughout his adventures).
  • Getting hit by a train (happened in 3 adventures).
  • Getting beaten to death (too many to count).
  • Assassination attempt: Getting shot in his sleep.
  • Trapped in a sewer.
  • Car explosion.
  • Being tortured to death.
  • Firing squad (happened in 3 adventures).
  • Freezing to death (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Bear attack.
  • Falling through ice into a frozen lake.
  • Sentenced to death (unspecified how he’ll die).
  • Getting locked in a room full of dynamite.
  • Plane crash (happened in 5 adventures).
  • Death by tiger (happened in 2 adventures).

In the Congo:

  • Shark attack (happened on 2 adventures).
  • Crocodile attack.
  • Lion attack.
  • Shot at with arrows (has happened on 2 adventures).
  • Python attack (happened on 2 adventures).
  • Tied up and left to be eaten by crocodiles.
  • Death by leopard (happened twice in the same adventure).
  • Enraged elephant.
  • Falling down a waterfall (has happened on 4 adventures).
  • Falling off a cliff (has happened on 3 adventures).
  • Attacked with spears.
  • Trampled by buffalo.

In America:

  • Car crash (happened on 3 adventures).
  • Falling off a skyscraper building.
  • Assassination attempt: Knocked out and thrown into the sea.
  • Assassination attempt: Machine gun through window.
  • Sentenced to death by throwing axe.
  • Buried alive.
  • Train accident that ends with the train exploding.
  • Hanged.
  • Forest fire.
  • Tied to train tracks with a train approaching.
  • Getting crushed by a giant rolling rock (happened on 2 adventures).
  • Getting pushed into a cow meat-grinder.
  • Stabbed in a sword fight.
  • Tied to a weight and thrown into the sea.

Cigars of the Pharaoh:

  • Stranded at sea (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Grenade.
  • Stranded in the desert (happened in 3 adventures).
  • In a plane, getting shot at (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Attacked with a ceremonial punch dagger.
  • Stranded in the jungle, caught in a rope trap.

The Blue Lotus:

  • Poison dart (happened in 3 adventures).
  • Drive-by shooting (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Getting beaten to death in prison.
  • Drugged/poisoned tea.
  • Having his head chopped off with a sword (happened twice).
  • Poison injection.
  • Assassination attempt: Hidden gun.
  • Sentenced to death by beheading.

The Broken Ear:

  • Getting purposefully run-over (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Hit by lightning ball (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Dynamite next to building.
  • Attacked with a throwing knife.
  • Sentenced to death: Firing squad at dawn.
  • Driving off a cliff (happened twice in the same adventure).
  • Jumping off a bridge into a river.
  • Being used as a human sacrifice.
  • Piranha attack.
  • Drowning (happened in 2 adventures).

The Black Island:

  • Bullet wound (chest area).
  • Forcing Tintin to fake his suicide by jumping off a cliff.
  • Attacked by a Great Dane (happened in 2 adventures)
  • Leg cut off in a man trap (in the some publications, it’s made of rubber instead of metal, and therefore, wouldn’t be lethal).
  • Being taken to an asylum where he’d be “accidentally” killed during “special treatment”.
  • Trapped in burning building.
  • Getting hit by a train tunnel (while standing on the roof of a moving train).
  • Killed by plane’s propeller.
  • Death by gorilla.

King Ottokar’s Sceptre:

  • Thrown out of a plane.
  • 2 different assassination attempts.
  • Attacked with swords and knives.
  • Accidentally hit by a car.
  • Plane he’s flying is shot down.

The Crab with the Golden Claws:

  • Death by falling crate of sardine tins.
  • Assassination attempt: Being tied to a lead weight and thrown overboard.
  • Death by drunken Captain Haddock (happened multiple times in this adventure).
  • Shot at by plane (happens in 2 adventures).
  • Raider attack.
  • Falling chandelier.

The Shooting Star:

  • Earthquake.
  • Thrown overboard during a storm.
  • Getting stranded on an island/meteor sinking into the ocean.
  • Falling giant apples.
  • Attacked by giant spider.

The Secret of the Unicorn & Red Rackham’s Treasure:

  • Stabbed by sword.
  • Almost accidentally run over by a car.
  • Getting accidentally shot by monkeys playing with a rifle.
  • Running out of oxygen for his scuba gear.

The Seven Crystal Balls and Prisoners of the Sun:

  • Falling out of a tree (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Jumping off a moving train into a river.
  • Attacked by a condor/vulture.
  • In an avalanche (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Alligator attack.
  • Sentenced to death by being burnt at the stake.

Land of Black Gold:

  • In a jeep that crashes through a building.
  • Trapped in a room filled with lit fireworks.

Destination Moon and Explorers on the Moon:

  • Death by mother and papa bear.
  • Bullet wound (in head area).
  • Killed by the pressure of leaving the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Pulled into a meteor’s gravitational pull.
  • Hit by a meteorite.
  • Driving a tank off a cliff.
  • Jumping off a cliff whilst shouting, “Into the hands of fate!”
  • Dying in space from lack of oxygen.

The Calculus Affair:

  • Flying a helicopter while being shot at.
  • Multiple vehicle collision.
  • Driving off a steep hill.
  • Shot by an anti-tank gun.
  • Driving over mines.
  • Trapped in a tank with a crate of lit thunderflashes.

The Red Sea Sharks:

  • Burning airline plane belly lands.
  • Attacked by bomber planes and tanks.
  • Trapped in a ship on fire (happened twice in the same adventure).
  • Hit by a torpedo.
  • Ship mine.

In Tibet:

  • Getting stranded in a blizzard.
  • Falling into a crevasse.
  • Death by True Friendship. (“Either we’re both saved, or we die together!”)
  • Being pulled off a cliff.
  • Strangled by his scarf.
  • Death by yeti.

Flight 174:

  • In an airline plane that almost hits a ship.
  • Lava.
  • Giant whirlpool.
  • More lava.
  • Lot’s of lava.

The Castafiore Emerald:

  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Picaros:

  • Getting shot “by accident” in the middle of faked rebel attack.
  • Attacked by a tank.
  • Death by crocodile and python.


  • Having liquid polyester poured onto him until it’s hardened.

“Watch it, Weasley. So long as you’re staying in my house, keep your hands off my goddaughter.”
“Sirius, you fail to remember that Crystal isn’t your goddaughter. She is mine.”
“No, Moony. I distinctly remember agreeing with James that if Lily still wanted you to be the godfather when she was born, that I would be her godmother.”

Crystal Euphemia Potter - Fred Weasley/OC

first real post here…! inspired by my own tabletop hobby.

MM imagines + Tabletop Gaming Night

Yoosung - Dungeon Master

  • the one who started this mess
  • Has never DM’d before but by god is he going to do a Good Job. Has all the source-books and has read them back to front and back again. This boy can study, and he’s funneled all of his absurd potential into memorizing every aspect of Dungeons and Dragons.
  • He’s also decided to make this grand, sweeping, awesome story that’ll blow everyone away, inspired by all his favorite games and the fantasy novels he loves to read! It’s going to be so great!
  • He wants everyone to be SUPER COMFY so he sets up a table and pillows for people to sit on and he gets snacks and oh man uh what kind of snacks?? does everyone like to eat??
  • hey Seven hook me up with some Honey Buddha Chips my man, please, it’s for a good cause.
  • He gets one of those ridiculous folding screens so people can’t see his ~diabolical DM plans.~ It makes him feel really silly though so after a few games he drops it.
  • Tries to properly voice all the NPCs, but bless his soul he’s not very good at it.
  • He writes scripts and big long passages of dialogue to read to during conversations but it’s just so… stiff and stilted… and it seems like he’s going to collapse and give up after the first session because running a tabletop game is hard.
  • 707 and Zen help him out a lot, and they start getting the banter going, help things flow naturally, and generally force everyone to have fun.

Zen - Bard 

  • honestly wasn’t into it the idea until Yoosung told him that tabletop games are basically like acting a character but with other people.
  • Of COURSE he rolls a bard, of COURSE he has an 18 in Charisma, and of COURSE he has Disguise, Bluff, and every single social stat in the game.
  • In the ‘appearance’ section of the character sheet he elaborately describes every aspect of his incredibly, staggeringly handsome half-elf. He also gives him an incredibly tragic backstory, and he ends up filling out piles of ‘get to know your character’ questionnaires. He gives this all to Yoosung, who is understandably overwhelmed.
  • He always reminds Yoosung about how handsome he is and uses this to his advantage at every opportunity.
  • Despite being one of the least interested at the start, he’s the one who gets the most into Yoosung’s story. He finds the struggle of the seven sages trying to find the seven elemental crystals to save the world deeply compelling and bothers Yoosung for spoilers at every opportunity.
  • He gets really attached to NPCs, and Yoosung introduces a princess that Zen’s character ends up in a relationship with. It’s… actually surprisingly sweet and compelling roleplay? Though he’s weirded out by Yoosung portraying this princess at first, he gets into it. Zen always mentions that his character brings presents back to her, tells her stories about the world outside the castle, and stops flirting with other girls because of her. 
  • Whenever his character sings songs in battle, Zen ACTUALLY sings - at least, until Jumin starts flicking pretzel sticks at him.

707 - Wizard

  • fact one: wizards start off pretty under-powered at first but get STUPIDLY GOOD later
  • fact two: magic is just a limitless supply of stupid funny bullshit
  • ok let’s GO
  • 707 uses his telekinesis spell to tug at diplomat’s clothes during important meetings. he uses shocking grasp like a hand buzzer. he uses feather fall instead of taking the stairs and min maxes like crazy to be incredibly powerful.
  • He’s looking over his spells one day, and then he realizes two important pieces of information. 1.) he has a spell called Summon Creature that can conjure just about any large animal you can imagine. 2.) he has a spell that can teleport him over a mile in any direction. ANY direction. 3.) he has a spell that will slow him down and allow him to safely fall from any height.
  • After pausing a moment to contemplate his genius, 707 calculates the terminal velocity of a blue whale.
  • He presents his math to Yoosung when the group is trying to figure out how to take out an enemy base. If he teleported himself a mile into the air, summoned a blue whale, and then let it drop on the base, it would strike the ground with a force equivalent to a MOAB.
  • Yoosung is crying at this point. There was a boss battle in there. He’d planned complex encounters with clever mechaniCS AND SEVEN DROPS A FUCKING WHALE ON IT
  • Immediately after that the gods curse Seven and take away his ability to summon creatures. Seven is okay with that. He did it. 
  • There’ll always be some new trick to pull.

Jumin - Sorcerer 

  • Only vaguely interested in this “commoner” game. He’s the one that buys all the dice for the group.
  • he picks sorcerer because they’re ~special~ magic users who get their powers based on their blood. also, they function off of charisma.
  • His familiar is a cat. (Of course it’s a cat.)
  • He chose to be an elf. (Of course he’s an elf.)
  • Jumin is honestly only doing this because V really, really wanted to play, and V’s having a lot of trouble seeing so Jumin wanted to be there for him and give him confidence.
  • After acquiring some gold, Jumin realizes just how many cats he can buy with 50 gold, and It Begins.
  • Jumin buys cats.
  • Jumin buys lots of cats.
  • Jumin starts investing in cat businesses and, because of his absurd charisma stat and magical abilities, he actually rolls high enough to make them work.
  • he spends so much time drafting up proposals to implement various cat projects and telling yoosung exactly what he’s doing in-between sessions that, before long, he has an extensive cat empire that is actually?? bringing him profit?
  • Only in a fantasy world can Jumin live out his dream.
  • he doesn’t stop with cats. He invests in farms, he invests in livestock, he reinvests that money into other businesses. jumin’s character becomes terrifyingly wealthy and there’s nothing Yoosung can do.
  • jumin rolls a natural 20 on a bluff roll and convinces an entire town that a cat is suitable for being the mayor.
  • he starts a cat cult, which blossoms into a full-on cat religion.
  • jumin han - with his alarming amount of capital and disgustingly powerful magic - destroys the entire economy and brings about a societal collapse which culminates in him becoming king.
  • shit.

Jaehee - Monk

  • none of these losers have actually rolled a melee class, okay, let’s be a monk. She likes Tae Kwon Do. She appreciates the work ethic of the class. Let’s Do This.
  • Jaehee puts in about as much reading the rules as Yoosung does, which means she is an absolute expert.
  • She reads forums, she does research, and she stumbles upon an interesting fact about the rule-set they’re using - with the right buffs from Zen, merits, and items, she can do upwards of 20 damage in one hit, and she gains an ability that gives her progressively more hits in a single turn.
  • Jaehee adjusts her glasses.
  • Jaehee is ready to play.
  • She doesn’t talk a lot during dialogue scenes and doesn’t really understand how to act out her character, but she’s the eternal voice of reason for everyone.
  • please don’t blow that up, saeyoung
  • please don’t kill that man, saeran
  • please, jumin, no more cats
  • No one listens. poor Jaehee.
  • For a long time, no one really notices how OP Jaehee is. Everyone else is taking up the spotlight with their bullshit, and Jaehee never feels the need to use all the items she’s stockpiled up.
  • One encounter, though, everyone’s been knocked out, tied up, or otherwise eliminated. It’s just Jaehee and the boss, and everyone is miserable, except Yoosung who is happy he FINALLY knocked this ungodly party down a peg. People are telling Jaehee to run, telling her to go get help…
  • Jaehee rolls up her sleeves.
  • Jaehee tells Yoosung what items she uses.
  • Jaehee asks Zen to buff her up and start singing for her…
  • Jaehee rolls to attack, lands a critical hit, and punches the boss so hard that it’s been taken from about 75% health to less than zero.
  • Everyone stares. Yoosung throws up his hands in the air. Jaehee smiles softly and leans back in her chair.
  • Jaehee has made One Punch Man.

Saeran - Barbarian

  • He thinks this is all really, really stupid, and continually asks “can I kill this guy”, “can I burn this building down”, and “I don’t want to help them, let’s just leave.”
  • He’s That Guy who always tries to kill his teammates and take the nice items. Unfortunately, he’s super under-powered compared to everyone else because he didn’t really read the rules, so Seven keeps having to save him from getting killed.
  • At some point, his character - a huge, burly, viking man - ends up getting a dog during a quest.
  • Yoosung takes special care to describe how much this dog loves Saeran’s viking man. How his tail wags, how he licks his character’s hand, how he sleeps outside his tent and guards it…
  • There’s no reaction for awhile, but during an ambush, a bandit tries to attack Saeran’s dog.
  • He flips.
  • Saeran’s character goes rage mode and is the most useful he’s been all campaign.
  • In the town after that, he mentions getting his dog a ‘cool leather collar’ so nobody steals him or anything.
  • Under his possessions, Saeran writes, ‘1x Dog - Cloud’.
  • No one ever mentions it, but that Christmas, Saeyoung gets his brother a stuffed toy dog with a dog tag that says ‘Cloud’. 

V - Cleric

  • Spent a long time working with Yoosung about his character, his backstory, and the god his character follows.
  • Every time they’re in town, V’s character spends his time helping the poor.
  • V just wants to heal people. He always immediately tries to treat the party’s injuries after combat, and he’s always worrying after everyone’s characters.
  • When Zen’s character has a fight with the princess, V’s character is there to comfort him.
  • Jumin helps him with his character sheet at first, but after a few sessions V’s got a pretty good handle on dealing with it. The game becomes a lot more descriptive because V needs it to be able to picture the map, and it ends up getting everyone into it a lot more.
  • Yoosung gets really into describing the environment - the sights, the sounds, what the enemies look like and the rooms that people go into - and even starts setting up playlists of atmospheric music to get everyone into the mood. It starts actually turning genuinely cool from a story perspective, even though everyone’s character is stupid and ridiculous and Zen and Jumin keep fighting over cats.
  • V always mediates these fights.
  • All the NPC children in the villages they visit love seeing V’s character, who’s craft is making toys.
  • 707′s character gets in on this, and they start a toy business on the side.
  • V really likes roleplaying, and he does it with Zen a lot.
  • V’s character ends up adopting an orphan girl whose village gets destroyed by orcs.

Vanderwood - Rogue

  • Always slipping notes to Yoosung about the secret stuff they’re doing on the side… and they’re ALWAYS doing secret stuff on the side.
  • They team up with Seven a lot to do really stupid, ridiculous bullshit, but they also spend just as much time undermining his character for shits and giggles.
  • Their character is always sassing the situation and providing witty commentary and banter - so basically they’re just roleplaying themselves. Yoosung never calls them on it, though.
  • Yoosung never seems to call them on anything, really? They don’t really need it. They seem to behave, don’t do anything SUPER absurd, and generally obey the rules of the game. Most of the time, they stay on track and actually herd people into doing the mission…?
  • People kind of forget Vanderwood is there a lot of the time, because they’re so caught up in all of the other squabbling.
  • Vanderwood is still passing notes to Yoosung.
  • After a few months, things seem to be wrapping up with the campaign. The big bad is right where the party wants him. The princess Zen’s character is in love with is about to use her special power in combination with the Rainbow Crystal to seal him away forever. It seems like a happily ever after is just around the corner, and Zen is already planning his character’s wedding when…
  • Vanderwood: My character steps out of the shadows, picks up the princess, and uses a teleport scroll to escape.
  • Everyone is stunned. What are you doing, Vanderwood? What the hell? We need the crystal to defeat the bad guy! Without it, he’s invincible!
  • Vanderwood, you’re joking, right?
  • Vanderwood?
  • They just steeple their hands and grin. Just. Grin. And Yoosung is grinning too, and just. Just giggling about it.
  • Jumin realizes it first.
  • Vanderwood has been in cahoots with Yoosung the entire time. Their character is actually the final boss, they just betrayed the entire party, and there’s an actual possibility of a total party wipe because the current boss they’re facing is now invincible without the special rainbow gem they spend the entire game making.
  • thanks, vanderwood.

Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door (2004)

Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door is a role-playing video game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo for the GameCube. The Thousand-Year Door is the second Paper Mario game. The Thousand-Year Door borrows many gameplay elements from its predecessor, such as a paper-themed universe and a turn-based battle system with an emphasis on action. 

For the majority of the game the player controls Mario, although Bowser and Princess Peach are playable at certain points. The plot follows Mario’s quest as he tries to retrieve the seven Crystal Stars and rescue Peach from the X-Nauts.

The Thousand-Year Door has a unique visual style. The graphics consist of a mixture of 3D environments and 2D characters who look as if they are made of paper. At different points in the game, Mario is “cursed” with abilities that enable special moves in the overworld, all of which are based on the paper theme. 

Mario can fold into a boat or a paper airplane by standing on a special activation panel, and roll up into a scroll of paper or become paper-thin. The game’s environments also follow this theme; for example, illusory objects that conceal secret items or switches can be blown away by a gust of wind due to the environment’s paper-like qualities.

Battles in The Thousand-Year Door borrow elements from Super Mario RPG and the first original Paper Mario game. The turn-based system, in which players select an attack, defense, or item from a menu, is augmented by timed button presses that can result in substantial attack or defense bonuses when performed correctly.

Outside of battle, the game contains some strong role-playing video game traditions. For example, Mario’s strength is determined by multiple statistical fields and status-boosting items that can be used in and outside of combat. The effects of these items range from healing Mario or his partner to damaging the opponent.

Nancy Drew MiniGame Apps

Here are a variety of apps that are similar to puzzles in the ND games, or just games I thought could help our minds stay sharp during the wait for Midnight in Salem. I pulled this together fairly quickly, so I know there are puzzles I didn’t think of or could not find. Please feel free to reblog with any additions! (if anyone can figure out how to find something like Aggregation that would amazing!)

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Here are some of the wallpapers from HeR that you can’t find in the downloads section of the game page. These are either from a minigame, special occasion, or have been removed.

Note: The two from Danger on Deception Island are poor quality, which may be why HeR removed them.