seven inch records

<b>Fall Out Boy - A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me</b>

Released on the 20th of June 2006.

7" single pressed on pink vinyl.

B-side - Of All The Gun Joints In All The World (BBC Radio 1 Session)


Clifton Hicks - Cold Icy Mountain (“Cold Icy Mountain” (aka Blue Ridge Mountain, Green Icy Mountain, etc. from the playing of George Gibson, Matt Kinman and the recording of Daw Henson. Thumb lead, Early Kentucky Folk Song f#ADAD) New vinyl album (also available as digital download) coming soon: Clif writes of this song: This song is of great importance due to it’s rarity and the likelihood that it dates back to the earliest days of black and white settlement in Appalachia. It has been claimed by different people over the years that “Cold Icy Mountain” came out of the American Civil War period, or that it had originally been composed by those who from Kentucky and Tennessee to fight the Battle of Kings Mountain. I’m going across that cold icy mountain (X2) That’ll be my home, that’ll be my home. Alls I drink are the tears I shed (X2) For I never expect to see you any more Stop and tell my momma howdy (X2) For I never expect to see her any more. Stop and feed my baby candy (X2) for I never expect to see it any more.