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Alright, I gotta ask, what are your age (human years) and height headcanons for the UT/US/UF/SF skellies?

I HC that the time of birth doesn’t change between the AU’s.  The circumstances remain, it is merely the environments and characters that are different.  This is why Blue and Black are still the elder brothers.

Papyri: October 20, 1995

Sanses: November 11, 1982

Sans: 5 foot nothing, or 152 cm

Papyrus: 6 foot seven inches, or 200 cm

Red: 5 foot four inches, or 162 cm

Edge: 6 foot nine inches, or 205 cm

Blue: 4 foot eleven inches, or 149 cm

Honey: 6 foot six inches, or 198 cm (but he slouches)

Black: 5 feet six inches, or 167 cm

Puppy: 6 foot 11 inches, or 210 cm (also slouches)

And, interesting fact?  And by interesting I mean heartbreaking.  Life spans vary wildly between monsters.  A turtle like Gerson can live a lot longer than, say, a Whimsum or Froggit.  And skeletons?  Live about 1,000 years.

Except Sanses were overall born weaker.  Small, low HP, frailer bodies.  They are sort of.. a prototype.  And their life expectancy is about that of the average human, with Red and Black living just a bit longer.

Think about the aaaall of the ramifications of that for a second.
The Papyri don’t know.  Don’t tell them.

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okay, you literally made me start tearing up at how beautiful your date was today. I'm so jealous of you, I'd kill to have been you for the day

It’s kinda funny because we both very clearly had the ideal date planned out in our heads with the sunset and the waterfalls and the nature trail and all, but we couldn’t find the waterfalls! The trail was like 500 feet long, it was tiny! We got lost on an abandoned railroad track instead and I introduced him to Ed Sheeran while we walked then we went back to the car and found another park. He was freaking out a bit because he thought it was awful that it didn’t work out, but it was great. We were gonna play on the playground equipment but I was way too nauseous, so we sat and watched the sunset and just talked about life. Not at all the date I expected, but honestly, it was even better. Everybody deserves to have a date like that at least once, and I’m sure you will <3<3<3 

Leo Robert

Five-feet seven-inches and weighing 185 pounds. His arms reportedly measured 19 inches. He stated, “It is with heavy heart I’ve watched steroids take over bodybuilding, a sport that has given so much to me. I’m not talking financial gains, rather the undeniable exhilaration of a powerful, healthy body bound by hard work and discipline.”