seven heroes


Attack on Titan Season 2

My Hero Academia Season 2

One Punch Man Season 2

Ao no Exorcist Season 2

BORUTO anime

Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2

Code Geass Season 3 (which I haven’t seen yet but hype)

Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin Anime & Game

Nintendo Switch

(Potential Fire Brigade of Flames anime ?! :D)

among other things.

2017 should be an interesting year :)

The seven as types of friends

Annabeth: The giant wreck friend. She’s constantly stressing about something.She’s working on four projects, none of which she’s finished. She’s set fire to at least two (2) notebooks and her diet mainly consists of bagels, coffee, and her own tears.

Percy: The protective friend. He’s a sarcastic shit and you can’t always tell if he’s being sincere, but you once saw him break a guy’s nose for insulting his brother and you know he’ll do the same for you. He has approximately twelve (12) bandaids on at all times and he’ll spot you money without ever asking for it back

Jason: The dad friend. He somehow always has water bottles for if you’re thirsty. He’s seen you cry over twenty times but he never brings it up because he’s just too good of a guy. His catchphrase is “I don’t know…” right before talking you out of doing something stupid

Leo: The dying friend. He mostly consists of jokes and witty comebacks. You’re 90% sure he’s dying inside and just uses acronyms and puns to hide it but you don’t say anything because you’re pretty sure he’d rather crawl into a hole than talk about it. He gives oddly good advice and he never fails to make you laugh.

Hazel: The you think she’s innocent friend. She’s somehow convinced everyone she’s naive and innocent when really she’s probably way more experienced in life than you are. She blushes like a maniac and uses “darn” in her everyday vocabulary. She’s an angel until you piss her off. 

Frank: The actually innocent friend. He never swears and instead uses bizarre substitutes that are sometimes worse than the actual swear word. He gives gentle high fives and he awkwardly pats your shoulder when you’re upset. He gives the best hugs.

Piper: The cool friend. You have no idea how you managed to get her as a friend. She messed up so much in her past that she’s now grown and learned beyond her years. She’s the epitome of doesn’t give a fuck. She wears leather jackets that intimidate you and she likes to flip people off. Everyone is secretly in love with her.

Guys what would happen if Frank shapeshifted into a phoenix right before he died

would he be reborn in the ashes of his cursed stick

would he be able to live forever

would he become a newborn every time

death said he would keep an eye on him





[ Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 ]

Vibri (Vib Ribbon) // Demoman (Team Fortress 2)

Hornet (Daytona USA) // Blue Falcon (F-Zero)

Parappa the Rapper // Xoda Rap (Noitu Love)

Gunstar Green and Seven Force (Gunstar Heroes)

Part 6! No Heavy for Team Fortress 2 because he gets plenty love already. I tried emulating the flatness and folding distortions that Parappa suffers in the game but that’s -very- hard to do being 2D and having these color limitations, you have to distort a -lot- to make that effect come across, and when you do, it looks too weird and not easily recognizable. Hopefully some of it still comes across to you?


So I was working on the diversity in my art style with hoo characters instead of fma this time :’) 

“The main thing about ghosts – most of them have lost their voices. In Asphodel, millions of them wander around aimlessly, trying to remember who they were. You know why they end up like that? Because in life they never took a stand one way or another. They never spoke out, so they were never heard. Your voice is your identity. If you don’t use it,’ Nico said with a shrug, ‘you’re halfway to Asphodel already.’


He hated when his own advice applied to himself.”

-The Blood of Olympus

  • Percabeth
  • Annabeth: If i fall...
  • Percy: Then i'll fall with you
  • Jasper/Jiper
  • Piper: If i fall...
  • Jason: I'll always be there to catch you
  • Frazel
  • Hazel: If i fall...
  • Frank: I'll turn into an eagle to catch you
  • Caleo
  • Calypso: If i fall...
  • Leo: I'll make a ship to catch you, even a plane!
  • Calypso: But it will takes a long time, Valdez!
  • Leo: Wait,... oh yeah. You're right.
Pjo music taste headcanons

-will loves the neighbourhood and goes around singing r.i.p 2 my youth while healing patients. everyone loves his voice bc he sounds like an angel

-percy slaying tøp raps whenever nico puts them on

-oh yeah did i mention nico’s in the clique bc he is. nico literally loves anything 70s era and tøp, i mean, cmon, skeleton clique?? nico??? and boy can he scream along with tyler like bOI

-frank is actually a massive fan of classical piano pieces, and listens to chopin, beethoven, the works, while practising archery

-hazel loves old music like her lil bro, and frank sinatra is probably her favourite, although she’ll always have a soft spot for bob marley

-reyna and thalia, aka the otp, are both complete classic rock heads, owning the entire discography of the rolling stones and the beatles in between them

-jason is a big indie fan, with artic monkeys and so playing in his headphones 95% of the time, but he does occasionally indulge in his sisters many nirvana and metallica records bc why not

-piper loves, and i repeat loves lana del rey. eh shes such a hipster, plus ed sheeran and melanie martinez. she does like to indulge in nico’s tøp collection, and the two enjoy yelling the lyrics together

-okay but nico is a flawless rapper and you cannot tell me otherwise

-like, he SLAYS nicki minaj’s verse in monster anytime it comes on (isn’t often but leo has a guilty kanye pleasure)






-so percy. percy likes calming music, but also led zeppelin (its canon guys cmon just look at toa), and quite a few classic rock bands thanks to queen sally jackson

-and annabeth,,,, well, she’s an oldie lover. she collects old records for the vinyl player in the athena cabin, and is a big fan of michael jackson (percy once walked in on her and nico moonwalking to smooth criminal, and needless to say, he was impressed)

-rachel dare, aka my smol asexual bean, is a big fan of the 1975 ok. she will give you ten good reasons they’re a great band if you even so much as question her music taste.




-ok i’m done

-but solangelo.

-they have they’re little songs that they both love. heres a small list
-friend, please by tøp
-drown, tyler joseph
-forest, tøp
-you are my sunshine (obviously)
-young god, halsey
and many others

these have been headcanons

a few things to think about in regards to jason’s eyes matching the sky

hazel dragging jason outside so she can see his eyes turn a bubblegum pink

the seven sitting in a semicircle around a bonfire and taking bets on what color jason’s eyes will be tonight. annabeth always wins 

jason on his way to percy’s place on the subway and a little girl sitting next to him asks him why his eyes look the same as the sky. he wants to tell her its a reflection (to stay on the safe side) but he ends up telling her its magic

on a particular bad day (thanks to zeus) the sky has been a swirl of storm clouds and thunder, but near the end of the day he lets up and the only reminder of the bad day is jason’s stormy eyes. a good ending to a bad day

piper commenting on how his eyes could give van gogh a run for his money

according to leo, the only good thing about visiting percy in the winter is getting to see jason’s signature blushy pink eyes 

(percy’s eyes)


My cousin wanted to do this (she’s in 7th grade)….so this is it….haha

Criteria: I watch so much shit and have so much faves so I just went by the last anime/manga I read/watched and chose my favorite characters from them (also, as you can tell, I got too excited talking about Todo and I messed up in the Kakashi one, the last two lines should be color-switched)

Bonus Killing Stalking ones (I had to)!

my cuz rules

Lost in a crowd
  • [Hazel is lost in a crowd and Nico can't find her]
  • Nico: This calls for drastic measures
  • Nico: Nico is useless and deserves to die!
  • Jason, from the sky: What
  • Leo, in the distance: the fuck
  • Percy, emerging from nearby fountain: did
  • Reyna, brandishing her sword: you
  • Annabeth, from across the street: just
  • Piper, from a helicopter: fucking
  • Frank, turning into a bear: say
  • Will, from cabin 7: you ass?!
  • Nico:
  • Nico: Fuck
What types of students the demigods are
  • Percy: the one that gets in trouble even though he didn't do anything, the stealthy class sleeper
  • Annabeth: the one who gets straight A's without doing a thing and makes everyone mad
  • Piper: the one that fucks with the substitute teacher
  • Jason: the one that never gets called on even though his hand is always up, the obvious class sleeper
  • Frank: The one who's too nice and lets people borrow his pencils and has none left at the end of the first week
  • Hazel: the girl everyone thinks is shy and innocent but then surprises you when they curse
  • Leo: the LOUD sarcastic asshole that somehow never gets in trouble
  • Nico: the one that takes the bathroom pass just so he can wander around campus, the one that listens to music in class even when you're not allowed to
  • Will: the one you think is great at sports but turns out to be more uncoordinated than a baby giraffe
  • Reyna: the athlete who misses half the classes because of games but still manages to keep good grades