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Well I’ll be damned…

I started watching Kobayashi san’s Maid Dragon with any expectation whatsoever, just to make some time before going to bed… and here I find THEY MENTION HERENSUGE.

Herensuge is a mythological dragon in the Vasque folklore

(The Vasque Land, for those of you who don’t know, is a territory in the north os Spain, consisting of three provinces. You may know about it because of the San Sebastian Film Festival, or the many news not so long ago abou ETA, a terrorist organization that wanted the independence of the terroritory from Spain). Weather is generally cold, the landscape is beautiful, food is great and we have our own languange (’Euskera’ or ‘Vasque language’), our own sports (based mostly on farm activities) and, as you can see, our own folklore and legends.

Back to Herensuge. The name translates as “The Seven Times Snake” from the vasque language, and is a seven-headed dragon that appears in many tales from my land.

I can’t recall the one they tell in the anime, were it is killed with an egg without yolk, but there are plenty of tales were maidens are offered to Herensuge, and a brave youg man saves her.

In one, the maiden is the King’s daughter and is saved by a sepherd that sent his dog to kill the dragon. He then cuts the seven tongues of Herensuge and takes the girl back to the castle. But while they are gone, a treacherous man cuts the seven heads of the dead dragon, and takes them to the king, arguing they are proof he killed the beast and that he deserves the hand of his daughter in reward. The King accepts, to the girls disgust, but the sepherd then shows the seven tongues he cut, proving he was the true savior. And so, he marries the girl and they live happily ever after, I guess…

In another similar story, the girl offered o Herensuge is the girlfriend of a blacksmith from the village of Arrasate, who goes against the ritual in order to save her and kills the dragon using a hot iron pike. Since then, a dragon is depicted in the emblem of Arrasate.

And so, thanks to a Maid anime, you know a little more!


At seven they headed back downstairs and into the dining room. Ryleigh couldn’t help but stare in shock at this room too, the entire house was the most extravagant thing she’d ever seen. There were marble statues, suits of armour, old chandeliers, and even a grand piano. Mr and Mrs Benali were already in the dining room when they wandered in. 

“What’s for dinner Mother?” Salim asked as he passed right by her and lead Ryleigh over to the other side of the room where there was a large globe standing beside the piano. 

“Chicken possibly? I’m not sure,” Mrs Benali drawled. “Bernard is in the kitchen if you want to ask him. BERNARD!”

“No mother, don’t interrupt him,” Salim said quickly. “I’m sure whatever he’s making will be fine.”

He stopped next to the globe and turned to grin at her as he opened the globe to reveal a fully stocked bar inside. “Hope you’re not allergic to anything. Want a drink?”

“Not allergic to anything,” she laughed. “But uh … I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to drink any alcohol while I’m here.”

“Really?” he raised a brow. “I’d say it’s a must to get through this dinner. And possibly the rest of the week.”

Suddenly there was a ringing sound from behind them. Ryleigh spun around to see Mrs Benali shaking a small bell and turned her head to frown at Salim who had just turned from the globe bar with a drink in his hand.

“What the does that mean?” she whispered nervously.

“Apparently dinner is ready,” he rolled his eyes. “Nothing every changes around here.”

When everyone is jealous of your amazing Halloween costume but you don’t care because you’re a gorgeous seven-headed dragon ready to party all night long. 

Happy Halloween, fellow humans of Tumblr ! Have fun ! 

About the manuscript :  

Apocalypse, Pierpont Morgan Library, MS M.1043. Copied and illuminated in France, c.1290 - 1299.

Seven-Headed Dragon
  • Seven-Headed Dragon
  • Brian H. Kim
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Diaz Family Vacation

From Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Diaz Family Vacation. Daron and Dominic wanted this scene to be more “weird” than “scary,” so I went with synths that were all bendy. Also, the temp music for this scene was from The Incredibles and it messed with my head so it felt better to do something completely different. (Aside: The Incredibles is my favorite Pixar movie.)

Producer Letter #8 (translation)

To all the Idolish Seven fans out there–

Good day, to all the managers in the nation! We are thankful from the bottom of our hearts that we were able to reach this day with everyone.

On this wonderful day, August 20th, we took our first step to the unimaginably large future ahead of us. And we were able to take yet another step forward!

In this letter, we will be including a summary of what was announced at the Nico Live Broadcast and discussing where the Idolish Seven Project is headed, as well as some further announcements. The letter will be quite long this time as well.

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