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Tastes like a push-pop!

Orange Blossom Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt. Round and juicy with the scent of a fresh orange blossom. The full flavor comes from combining two of @jenibrittonbauer’s favorite orange essential oils: tangerine and neroli (the blossom of the bitter orange tree). We add tartness with our buttermilk frozen yogurt base—a combination of organic yogurt from Seven Stars Farm and cultured buttermilk—to draw out and highlight these scents. For a flavor you can taste and smell. Ultra creamy, Orange Blossom Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt tastes a lot like an orange push-pop. Some even say it reminds them of orange Pez!

Teenage Phil’s Mix Tape

“Cool Mix” from 2002

#1: Every You Every Me by Placebo

#2: Numb by Lincoln Park

#3: Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm

#4: Seven Nation Army by White Stripes

#5: This Love by Maroon 5

#6: The Rock Show by Blink 182

#7: In Too Deep by Sum 41

#8: Creep by Radio Head


Ultramarine Blue BFY. As Jeni walked through the Matisse Cut-Outs exhibit at MoMA a few years ago, she couldn’t believe how intense the colors were. They were so alive that she could taste and even smell each vibrant hue. How she imagines Matisse’s signature Ultramarine Blue tastes is encapsulated in our electrifying wild blueberry buttermilk frozen yogurt. It’s a flavor we describe as “spacefruit”—a term we use for something that tastes both alien and familiar. It’s also tart and very creamy, made with fresh cultured buttermilk and organic yogurt from Seven Stars Farm in Pennsylvania. Originally released as part of our spring 2015 Colors Collection. What does color taste like?

RWBY and JNPR, what's your favorite pokemon? (Asked by anon)
  • Ruby, clutching onto her head: A fa-fa-favorite!? You mean people can choose one!?!
  • Weiss, shrugs, slightly confused: I never really...was allowed to get into that kind of stuff.
  • Blake, scratching her head: Well...I did nab myself an old, old gameboy. Had pokemon...crystal? I think. It was fun though, kept me occupied inbetween protests. For a favorite I'd have to choose Umbreon.
  • Yang, ponders, tapping her chin: Hmmm....a favorite eh? Let's see...probably Ninetales.
  • ~~
  • Jaune, shrugging: I grew up on a farm with seven sisters. The point being my family didn't have all the money in the world. So I was never able to get into that stuff.
  • Nora, jumping up high: Voltorb and Electrode!!! EXPLOSION!
  • Pyrrha, bows slightly: I was much to busy as a child to get involved with those types of things. Training to become the perfect little my parents put it...
  • Ren, polishing StormFlower: I must say my favorite would be Xatu.

Thunderstorm - A story told on one very long piece of paper

by Arthur Geisert
Enchanted Lion
2015, 1 page, 10.2 x 12 x 0.5 inches
$15 Buy a copy on Amazon (Note - the link has been changed to go to the single-page version. The old link was for the 32-page version)

I tried to take a photo of this book with its one long page unfolded on the floor, but I ran out of room. Arthur Geisert’s wordless (other than a timeline at the bottom) story of seven hours on a farm in the American midwest chronicles the arrival and departure of a disastrous storm. The continuous drawing is seamless and an effective way to present the storm as a flowing phenomenon of nature and how it affects the family that survives it. – Mark Frauenfelder

June 17, 2015