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A nice little documentary released in ‘84 (filmed in ‘83). Highlights include fragments of live performances of The Reflex, New Moon on Monday and a bit of Is there something I should know (here’s an extracted NMoM and Reflex). There’s also short interviews with John, Nick and Simon. 

Everyone’s favourite question on how long they expect the band to last gets asked I get emotional cause even back then they wanted to stay together 5ever

Simon steals the show telling the blood curling tale of the murderous wombat. Here’s the Duran Duran and Australian animals segment he mentions, the wombat M.I.A by that point, only the kangaroo and possum left.   


“All over the world fools are poised, ready to let death fly. Machines of death, Morgaine, screaming from above. Light brighter than the sun. Not a war between armies, nor a war between nations, but just death. Death gone mad! A child looks up into the sky, his eyes turn to cinders. No more tears, only ashes. Is this honor? Is this war? Are these the weapons you would use?”

Doctor Who: Season 26.

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Big Finish

1. More experimentalism. That’s the main reason I haven’t been following BF as much lately–it feels like they’ve been playing it too safe. There’s nothing on the level of Shearman’s work, or even a fascinating train wreck like Zagreus. They should take some more risks like they did in the earlier days.

2. It’s 2016, let Ace kiss some girls for goodness sake. (I’d particularly like her to have a girlfriend who’s trans, and probably a princess of some sort, considering the character she’s named after.)

3. Get more people who aren’t white men to write the stories.

4. In particular, let Rona Munro write some Seven-era stories. (This also relates to point 2.)

5. Give us a boxed set about Clara and Me’s adventures in time and space.


“Every great decision creates ripples, like a huge boulder dropped in a lake. The ripples merge and rebound off the banks in unforeseeable ways. The heavier the decision, the larger the waves, the more uncertain the consequences.”

Doctor Who: Season 25.

“My elderly grandfather and I just recently discovered a similar passion for old Disney movies. He’s a movie buff, but I never thought he was much into Disney until we talked on the phone for half an hour about Snow White, Fantasia, and the package films. He’s sick and lives on the other side of the country, and I am constantly kicking myself for not bringing them up around him sooner”

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Send me your URL and I’ll tell you // @amaziingrace // accepting

My Opinion on;

Character in general: The Doctor Who Movie from 1996 is actually one of my first approaches I have done with Classic Who (quite the movie is like Eight, a middle between Classic and New Who) after had watched The Tomb of Cybermen (and liked Second and Jamie without have saw any episode of them) and The Time Meddler (I fall in love immediately with First, Vicki and Steven and curious about what happened before this episode and what will happen after). With the distance, I realized it’s my first introduction to the regeneration version Classic Who which had passed well, in the sense, now I watched the Seven era, I’m  conscious how cruel his end his. Let’s be honest: after the watching, my opinion had been mixed (before when Eight is inside my favorite and top Doctors I can’t decide between Seven and Six — Five being the ultimate favorite so he doesn’t count) but — GRACE IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER INSIDE THIS MOVIE. Without Grace, the Doctor, freshly regenerated wouldn’t had ended up dead soon enough in the movie, with the Master giving another try of ‘how killing the Doctor post-regeneration for be where he is the most vulnerable’. It’s similar of Castrovalva in a sense, when Five need to relay to his companions but with a meaning higher. True, Grace kill accidentally Seven to be under the shock and the incomprehension of what happened to him, then dealing with amnesiac Eight in a very bad state at the wrong time. The presence of the Doctor disturb entirely her life associated they hadn’t lot of time between us. What Grace actually do? She takes care of Eight, she ended up attached to this alien who fuck up a bit her life, she tries to make him remember, she tries to understand him and they quietly appreciate deeper as the movie goes on. GRACE ACTUALLY SAVE THE LIFE OF THE DOCTOR TO THE PRICE OF HER LIFE. FEELS! Also, the last scene they have, when Grace refuse to travelling with the Doctor for the sake of her mental health and he showing her the position of Gallifrey, accepting her situation is touching and heartbreaking at the same time. Grace show the potential of an amazing and great companion, as Eight will meet with Charley and Lucie inside the audios (among another friends Eight have) and I’m sure the partnership between them would had been BEAUTIFUL. Two years later, I’m still frustrated she didn’t end up be a full-time companion, adorable Eight would be so happy to her side. 
How they play them:
YOUR PORTRAYAL OF GRACE IS JUST TOTALLY PERFECT SINCE DAY ONE. Honestly, since I read the various threads you have, I literally fall in love with her. You keep her entirely IC inside every reply filled with a love for her who is feeling inside the words you use, and the atmosphere when you read. It’s like have truly Grace in front of us: giving him a second chance with Eight with her feelings she has towards him, her curiosity about him, her curiosity about the aliens, the consequences she knows with the Doctor, her compassionate and caring soul, her independent and working woman knowing what she wants and opened her horizons. AWW. For the thread we have between each other, I smile each little time I read your reply, and I love how a small conversation without delicate topic exposed ended up to get an opened Fifth Doctor pretending he doesn’t know that much, create such an immediate partnership between them somehow? It’s amazing. Also, @theidealiist and you ruin my feels : you make me ship hard Eight/Grace
The Mun:
We hadn’t talked ooc yet. For what I had saw in my dash you’re a very friendly person full of love and care filled with a deep passion for your characters <3 

Do I:

RP with them: YES!

What is my;

Overall Opinion:

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty

GD the type to hoard and brag about his BTS merch.

“Oh yeah, I have three copies of their first album, a jimin plushie, a namjoon body pillow, every episode of eat jin downloaded into this computer hard drive, seven V posters, danger era of course, three suga sweatshirts, jungkook in my basement, and six coppies of j hope’s mixtape.”

“Wait what was that second to last one?”

“Oh, my sweatshirts? Yeah, I have a whole bunch of colors and everything.”


“Think about me when you’re living your life one day after another, all in a neat pattern. Think about the homeless traveller and his old police box, with his days like crazy paving.”

Doctor Who: Season 24.

But imagine that the original run of Doctor Who had gone on for at least a season longer, and that in that extra season, Ace had officially come out as non-heterosexual.  And the Doctor would be totally okay with it, wouldn’t even bat an eye really, and think of the young fans who were confused or conflicted about their own feelings who might have been SO REASSURED BY ALL OF THAT.

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What if Martha and Ace were working together to help alien refugees on Earth

“Now remember,” Martha said as they snuck up on the warehouse.  "They’re scared.  They could be hostile.“

"I’ve handled worse,” Ace said confidently and just a bit too loudly.  "Me and the Professor, we-“

Martha shushed her with a finger to her lips as they approached the door.  ”We’re here,” she muttered.

Inside the warehouse were about three aliens, congregated together.  As Martha and Ace crept closer, they could see them more clearly.  Practically luminescent as they reflected the light, they had dark eyes and long arms and were about… six inches tall?

"They adorable!” Ace exclaimed running towards the aliens.  "Martha, we’re going to have no trouble-“

Martha only had time to shout, “Ace, don’t!” before one of the aliens, falsely sensing a threat, grew in size to seven feet.  Ace stared up at it, unfazed, before exclaiming “wicked!” and shooting Martha a big smile.

"Get out of there!” Martha called.  "We’ll have to try a new tactic to calm them down.“

"Hey there,” Ace said, backing up slowly, “we’re not here to hurt you.”

“Ace!” Martha called again, exasperated.

“I’m doing my job!” Ace called back, then turned back to the alien.  "We just want to find you a home.“

Martha ran and grabbed Ace out of the way just as the alien pounced, and as they fell backwards she heard a whoop from Ace’s direction.

"Another fun one, eh Martha?” she said between laughs.  "We’ve got our work cut out for us.“