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Okay, so now let`s assume that The War Games would be going on again some time later, and these are the teams I am very much looking forward to see collide.


“Seven deadly sins are often thought to be abuses or excessive versions of one’s natural faculties or passions.”

James was pride. The source of all the other sins as he was the spine of the Marauders. James was spoiled rotten and he was constantly told that he was the best at whatever he did, it didn’t help that he actually was the best. His ego was fed by the people around him, especially Peter Pettigrew who looked up to the messy haired boy as if he wanted to be him. James was aware of what people thought about him, a popular and a good-looking boy who is also a good Quidditch player with good grades, which was a very rare combination. He was aware that he was close to being perfect only to be stopped by his pride as Lily Evans pointed out several times. James never saw anything wrong with the way he was, in his mind he was telling the truth. Why hide it when it’s clear as day? It was his pride that made him make fun of others or go after the people who he didn’t like, because they were nothing like him, they weren’t even close. James knew he was superior to most of the school, not because of his blood status but because he is James Potter, then why not have some fun with it? He had never gotten in trouble before so why it should change just because he is in Hogwarts? One thinks where his pride was when he met the Marauders but that’s just the thing, he chose them to be his friend so they must be just as good as he is. Unlike Lily who’s choices couldn’t be worse, in James’ opinion hence the bullying. No one told James that whatever was going through his mind was not the right thing, not someone he actually thought was important anyways. Lily Evans was a pass time until his fifth year when he realised that Lily was actually as perfect as he was. It was later in sixth year that he realised he wasn’t anything he thought he was without Lily Evans. It was in seventh year he stopped seeing himself as the Prince of Hogwarts, even though he really was. He was eighteen when he realised he didn’t deserve the red haired girl walking down the altar, he had felt entitled to everything he had up until that moment Lily Evans stood before him. James Potter was twenty-one when he realised he didn’t matter at all if he was without Lily and Harry.

Peter was envy, not that he wanted to be but he just couldn’t help it at this point. He never understood how he got to be friends with the Marauders anyway, he never understood how they befriended him. Sirius was the heir of the Black house when they met and then he was one of the most notorious blood-traitors the history has ever seen. He was also ridiculously good looking. James was the Prince of the school and one of the best students in their year despite all the mischief they got up to. He had heaps of girls (and boys) running after him and swooning at everything he did. Also, he was ten times the Quidditch player Peter will ever be. Remus was a kind soul with a brilliant mind. The only reasons girls didn’t moon over Remus or Sirius was that everyone was aware they didn’t have eyes for anybody else than each other but that didn’t stop people from admiring them. Peter knew what people thought even though the Marauders never made him feel like that, he knew everyone thought he was irrelevant, he knew everyone thought James Potter befriended him because he was a lost case and he wanted to protect Peter. Peter would show them, he would show them that he could be better than his friends. He had high hopes for the Animagi idea, he hoped he would turn out to be a lion but when it was all said and done, he felt small. Marauders told him how he was the most useful one but he was small, as always. However he was determined, he would show them, he could be better like them, powerful, strong and admirable. So Peter did. He really did show them, but none of them could see it. When he was done he didn’t have any friends he could compare himself to.

Sirius was wrath. It came with the family name, he couldn’t control it. He didn’t control it when his relatives called him out for being a disgrace to family name. He didn’t control it when third year Ravenclaws were being mean to Peter. He didn’t hold back when Walburga almost attacked Regulus during Christmas break, he paid for it severely. He didn’t even try to take it under control when Bellatrix insulted his friends during a family dinner, his wand was out in less than 2 seconds, he paid for that, too, and carried the scars with pride. Sirius Black made decisions on the spot without thinking and everyone knew this, but Severus Snape knew how to manipulate it and he was hell bent on finding out what was wrong with that weird Lupin boy. So he pushed every button he knew Sirius had and Sirius didn’t control his impulse, he paid for this one way worse than he did before. He got hexed by James, punched by Peter and Remus shut him out, just because Sirius couldn’t control his anger. It was the turning point for Sirius, he taught himself to calm down, he had to and he stopped blaming it on the family name, this was all him. Sirius’ wrath got the best of him on that October night, too, when he was denied to have Harry he figured he didn’t have anything to lose anymore when he had so much to live for. One moment of giving in and he was being dragged away by the Aurors. Sirius felt like there was left nothing to do, so he just laughed until he couldn’t anymore.

Remus was lust, not him but the wolf that took control ever so often. Remus would never deny how he felt on the nights leading to the full moon. He would only think about Sirius’ skin and all the things he would rather be doing with him instead of staying away. Sometimes he just wanted to let go of the protective instinct he had about the raven haired boy and let the wolf do what he wanted with him because no matter how much he tried to deny it Remus enjoyed it. The small bites and not so soft scratches, silent growls and the complete control he had over the boy who couldn’t be restrained. There was another side to his lust he couldn’t control even if he wanted to, the carnal desire, the wolf’s need to see blood spilling even if it’s just it’s own. Sometimes Remus couldn’t see the thin line between what the wolf wants and what he wants, sometimes he would just want to rip someone’s skin off for being too perfect unlike his own skin which was covered with scars which wouldn’t heal. He wanted all the things he couldn’t have. Sirius kept him at bay, tried to make him love his scars and he admired them when Remus refused. When he was gone Remus let the lust of the wolf take over so it could have all the blood he wanted, dark red and sticky just so he could stop longing for the perfectly pale white skin that used to be his and only his. 





1453  Constantinople is sacked by Muslim forces

1488  Bartolomeu Diaz rounds the Cape of Good Hope

1492  Columbus encounters the Americas (God, Glory and Gold.)

1517  Martin Luther’s posting of the 95 Theses

1520  Diet of Worms declares Martin Luther an outlaw

1524-1525  The Peasants’ Revolt takes place in Germany

1534  Act of Supremacy passed in England → Henry VIII becomes head of the Anglican Church

1545  Council of Trent begins The Counter Reformation

1555  Peace of Augsburg (cuius regio, eius religio →whose region, his religion)

1585-1589  War of the Three Henries in France

1588  Spanish Armada destroyed by the English and “The Protestant Wind”

1603  Elizabeth I Dies → Tudor Dynasty Ends and the Stuart Dynasty Begins

1618-1648  The Thirty Years War (Treaty of Westphalia ends the war in 1648)

1642-1646  English Civil War (Roundheads vs. the Cavaliers)

1649  Charles I is executed → Oliver Cromwell begins his rule

1660  Stuart Restoration in England through Charles II

1688-1689  Glorious Revolution in England→ William and Mary of Orange replace James II and sign the English Bill of Rights

1643-1715  Era of Louis XIV  The Sun King (l’etat c’est moi)

1689-1725  Reign of Peter the Great in Russia

1756-1763  The Seven Years War

1789-1799  Era of the French Revolution (Radical Stage → late 1792-1795)

1799  Napoleon comes to power

1805-1815  Napoleonic Wars are waged

1814-1815  The Congress of Vienna meets (Main principles: Legitimacy, Conservatism, Compensation & Balance of Power)

1819  Peterloo Massacre in England

1830  Belgian Independence

1832  Reform Bill in England Passed

1848  Revolutions break out across Western Europe (France, Austria, Italy and Germany)

1861  Serfs emancipated in Russia under Alexander II

1870-1871  Germany and Italy Unification

1884-1885  Berlin Conference is held (“Scramble for Africa”)

1894  Tsar Nicholas II comes to power in Russia (the last of the Romanovs)

1905  Sunday Bloody Revolution in Russia → “The Dress Rehearsal”

1914  Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated → WWI starts

1917  March and November (Bolshevik) Revolutions in Russia

1918  Treaty of Brest-Litovsk is signed →Russia withdraws from war

1918  WWI ends

1919  Treaty of Versailles is signed

1918-1921  Russian Civil War (Reds vs. Whites)

1922  Mussolini comes to power in Italy and establishes the 1st Fascist government

1922  Russia officially becomes known as the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) → The Soviet Union

1923  Adolf Hitler leads the Beer Hall Putsch in Germany

1924  Lenin dies

1928  Stalin is firmly entrenched as the leader of the Soviet Union → begins the first of several 5 year plans

1929  Stock Market Crash in the US → The Great Depression begins

1933  Hitler comes to power in Germany

1938  Munich Conference (Peace in our time→Neville Chamberlain)

1939  World War II starts with Germany’s invasion of Poland

1945  World War II ends (V-E Day → May 8, 1945 and V-J Day → August 15, 1945)

1945  First session of the United Nations is held

1945-1989  Cold War (U.S. vs. S.U. begins and begins to end in Poland)

POST WW II  Decolonization → European colonies become independent

1946  Winston Churchill gives the “Iron Curtain” speech

1948-1949 Operation Vittles→the Berlin Airlift

1949  USSR successfully tests first atomic bomb

1951  European Coal and Steel Community formed (sounds like the Zollverein)

1953  Stalin dies and is succeeded by Nikita Khrushchev → destalinization begins

1954  French forces defeated in French-Indochina at Dien Bien Phu

1956  Hungarian revolt against the Soviet Union → it is crushed by the Soviets

1957  Rome Treaty is signed → The European Economic Community (EEC) is created = Common Market

1957  Sputnik is launched by the Soviet Union → the first space satellite

1958  The fifth Republic is born in France and Charles de Gaulle becomes President

1961  Berlin Wall built → dividing East and West Berlin

1961  Soviet Yuri Gagarin becomes the first man in space

1962  Cuban Missile Crisis → 90 miles off the coast of Florida

1963  Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique is published

1964  Leonid Brezhnev becomes leader of the Soviet Union

1966  Under President Charles de Gaulle, France withdraws from the common NATO military command

1968  “Prague Spring” occurs in Czechoslovakia → it is crushed by the Soviets

1968  Student revolt in France (Paris)

1978  Pole Karol Wojtyla elected Pope → Pope John Paul II → 1st non-Italian in 455 years

1979  Margaret Thatcher becomes the first female Prime Minister of England (“The Iron Lady”) (Mags loathes no one more than this heinous twat)

1979  The Soviet Union invades Afghanistan (eventually becomes their own “little Vietnam”)

1980  1st independent labor union in the Soviet Bloc formed  “Solidarity” led by Lech Walesa of Poland

1980  Ronald Reagan elected President of the US (calls the Soviet Union an “evil empire”)

1985  Gorbachev becomes Soviet leader (implements policies of perestroika and glasnost)

1986  Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident in the Soviet Union (specifically the Ukraine)

1989  Berlin Wall comes down

1989  The “Velvet Revolution” occurs in Czechoslovakia → Vaclav Havel becomes President

1989  The Soviet Union withdraws its forces from Afghanistan

1989  Romanian leader Nicolai Ceausescu is overthrown and killed

1990  Lech Walesa becomes President of Poland

1990  East Germany and West Germany reunify into one Germany

1990  The first McDonalds opens in Russia

1991  Attempted coup attempt in the Soviet Union → The Soviet Union begins to disintegrate

1991  Boris Yeltsin becomes President of Russia → former 15 republics of the Soviet Union form the Commonwealth of Independent States (C.I.S.)

1991  Yugoslavia begins to break apart

1992  Maastricht Treaty signed

1997  Tony Blair becomes Prime Minister of England → 1st Labor Party leader in 18 years

1999  Eurodollar becomes the single currency of the European Union (EU)


“Every great decision creates ripples, like a huge boulder dropped in a lake. The ripples merge and rebound off the banks in unforeseeable ways. The heavier the decision, the larger the waves, the more uncertain the consequences.”

Doctor Who: Season 25.

Sirius Black x Reader- Only Twice?

Warnings: mentions of alcohol

Summary: The reader is a recently transferred Ilvermorny student and is friends with Lily Evans and Y/F/N. Little does she know about Sirius’s feelings for her

Word Count: 1421

A/N: This lovely fic is not mine, it’s actually the wonderful @about–seven–screaming–birds ‘s work (because her writing is more fun to read). It’s all hers and not mine and I will be posting a little more stuff from her soon.

Originally posted by nellaey

It was the morning before Christmas and because you recently transfered from Ilvermorny you really didn’t have any friends. It also didn’t help that you were in Slytherin and no one really liked you. You were sitting in the library reading a book when you heard someone calling your name.

“(y/n)!” (y/f/n) shouted.

Madam Pince shushed her and in return your friend gave her a sharp look back. (y/f/n) was a Hufflepuff and a quite popular one too along with her friend Lily Evans. You and Lily got along quite nicely which was, of course, frowned upon throughout the school but you three didn’t really care. The two of them decided to stay at Hogwarts for the break when they found out that your parents went back to America and you had nowhere to stay.

“(y/n)” she whispered.

You look up from your book and rolled your eyes. “Do you really have to bother me right now? I’m kinda busy.” She stared at you in confusion and eyed your book.

“You’re reading.” she said.

“Yes but it is quite a nice book and I would like to continue reading.” She opened her mouth to say something when you continued your thought. “In peace.”

She nodded and bounced away when loud laughing filled the library. You look towards the doors and saw a group of boys come in not paying any mind to the angry librarian staring at them. You steered your glance away from the bunch when a voice came in your direction. “I can’t believe them” Lily said.

“I can’t believe you lured them in here.” you fired back

“What is that supposed to mean?” She said sounding a bit offended. You closed your book with a sigh and stared up at the confused red head.

“Do you really think that it’s a coincidence that James Potter, the boy that continuously is asking you out, appears in the library when you happen to be here?”

She looked towards the group of boys and shrugged “I guess they aren’t really the type to read.”

You rolled your eyes and started reading when voices interrupted your focus. “Hello Evans. (y/l/n).”

“Hello Potter.” you said “I guess I’ll be leaving. I know how much room you need for your ego.”

“You know (y/n) if it weren’t for that attitude maybe people would like you.” You stopped in your tracks and looked over your shoulder towards the boy with glasses.

“I don’t need people to like me, I like me.” You quipped, earning a laugh from Sirius and Remus and an angry look from James.

Later that night you were sitting in your common room alone because all the other Slytherins were at home with their pretentious pure-blood families sipping wine from their silver goblets and planning how they were going to take over the world. A knock came from the direction of the entrance interrupting your thoughts.

You got up and walked over to the door and opened it. Standing there was a very excited looking Lily and (y/f/n). “What is it now.” you groaned.

“James is throwing a party and he wants you to come.”

“He wants me to come?” You asked, fully aware of the answer.

“Fine. We want you to come.” (y/f/n) said.

“Well forget it.” You said “I’m not coming.”

“Why not?” Lily whined.

“Because,” you started “I don’t want to.”

“Well that’s not a very good reason.” She said. And with that she grabbed your wrist and dragged you to (y/f/n)’s room where they put you into an incredibly tight, and short, dress and did your makeup.

“Why (y/n), you look beautiful!” Lily exclaimed.

“I look like someone stuffed a potato into a cocktail dress.”

“Oh don’t be like that.” She said slapping your arm lightly. “Let’s go we’re going to be late.”

“And we can’t have that now can we.” You mumbled sarcastically. She gave you a stern look and you three walked out the door and headed to the Gryffindor tower.

You arrived at the portrait hole and Lily mumbled the password and the portrait swung open to reveal hundreds of people squeezed into the small common room.

“Why are there so many people here?” You questioned.

“Well it is a party.” (y/f/n) said.

“There are too many people on this earth.” You said “We need a new plague.”

“Oh don’t be like that.” Lily said. “Look its James!”

“Don’t show your excitement.” You mumbled.

“Well hello ladies.” James said. “Aren’t we looking beautiful this evening?”

“Oh don’t flatter me.” You said throwing your hand over your heart. “You’ll make me blush.”

“Ha ha.” He said. “Drinks are over there. Don’t get too carried away.”

“Don’t tell me what to do.” You said and walked over to the table where all the drinks were. In the corner a couple was heavily making out and not too far from that there was a couple people doing a keg stand and playing beer pong. You grabbed a plastic cup – classy, you thought – and poured yourself some fire whiskey. You went to turn away when you felt a hand on your waist.

“Well hello love.” Came a familiar voice. “Haven’t seen you around before.” You grabbed the hand and threw it off your waist and turned to face him.

“You sure Black?” you said to the astonished man. “Because I’m pretty sure we’ve met multiple times.” You looked at him and awaited a response but he couldn’t find his words.

“I – I’m so sorry I didn’t –“

“It’s fine Sirius.” You assured. “I’m sure that you have plenty of other girls to remember.” You say as you turn to walk to the sofa.

“No it’s not like that.” He called after you. “I’ve just never seen you like,” He sat down beside you. “This”

“Wow how reassuring for a girl to hear.”

“No!” He yelled “I’m trying to say you look nice is all.”

You looked over to him and couldn’t help but giggle. The way his hair fell in his face when he looked down and the way his fingers were fiddling with the hem of his shirt. He looked like a child who just made a wrong decision and hoped no one would notice.

“I’m sorry but are you, Sirius Black, embarrassed?”

“I have no clue what you are talking about.” He looked up at the fire and sighed. “You scare me sometimes.”

“Well if you don’t terrify people a little bit then what’s the point.”

He looked at you and laughed. “Clever as the devil but twice as pretty.”

“Only twice?”

“You know what I mean.” There was a comfortable silence between you two when it was very quickly interrupted by someone squealing. You turned towards the noise where you found a familiar red head pinned to a wall by who other than James Potter. You were about to get up to save her when Sirius grabbed your wrist and pointed out that she didn’t seem stressed. Just then you saw him press his lips to hers and a small smile appeared on your face.

“Bloody git did it.” You heard Sirius say from beside you.

You turned back to him. “How long has he been planning this?”

“For forever.” He said, eyes still on his best friend. He turned back to you and smiled. “But not as long as I’ve been planning this. At that moment he smashed his lips to yours. There were butterflies in your stomach and you couldn’t have been happier. You didn’t realize you had the feelings that were being expressed at the moment. He moved his hand to your waist and the other to the nape of your neck. You reached your hand to his neck and intertwined your fingers in his hair. You two broke away and you rested your forehead on his.

“I’ve only been here for 4 months.”

“Yeah, but what I said had a nice ring to it.” You both started laughing and you heard James whistling in the background and cheering for his friend. “I love you.”

“I love you too Black”


“Of Conduct and Procedure: Multi-Faceted”

Fourth Installment, dedicated to @katiethemstie

Originally, the Eighth Doctor was all over this, but the fic evolved so that he doesn’t actually make himself physically known. He’s just talked about a lot. He’ll be present in a future installment, I’m sure, so for those of you who were looking forward to seeing him, don’t be disappointed. And for my Classic Who fans, look! It’s Seven!

The TARDIS was in between stages. She had changed a lot, under Seven’s watch, and at this point in her timeline, she was still a mix between the more sterile aura that Six had left behind and the dim-lit, paper-and-tea-scented, homey place she would be by time Seven would start losing his hair (which was a terrible shame, considering the Doctor’s tradition of keeping a fabulous head of hair through all his regenerations, but then again, who was Nine to judge?).

At the moment, though, Seven was still in his younger years and still the keeper of a full head of hair. And he was calmly preparing mint tea like it was nobody’s business, which was mostly true, seeing as the only other person in the TARDIS with him was… himself.

“So, what is the matter?” Seven asked. Nine immediately wanted to call Seven out on his placating tone, because I was you and I remember and I practically invented that tone of voice so don’t you dare use that on me, but he found himself… placated. Well, as much as he remembered being Seven, he had forgotten how good Seven was at this. This, being… well, whatever it was. “It must be something important if you crossed timelines to talk to yourself about it.”

“We met a girl,” said Nine.

“Oh, dear, that’s awfully specific,” Seven snarked casually, shifting the kettle. “Please, be more vague so that we can include basically every day of our lives and ninety-five percent of our companions.”

“Shut it. I’m the one who’s supposed to be a snark, not you,” Nine said. He would have been amused if he wasn’t in such a foul temper.

“Hmph. I can be whatever I want to be.” Seven shifted the kettle again, more out of habit than necessity, since moving the tea kettle did absolutely nothing. “So, tell me. What’s so important about the girl.”

“We love her.” Sometimes blunt really was the way to go, especially with one’s own self.

“We do?” Seven looked as startled as he had ever been, which was saying something, considering how many times he had gotten a gun pointed in his face. Really should be a bit more wary of guns, Nine thought, remembering Seven’s unfortunate and honestly stupid end, but it wasn’t as if he could warn his younger self, so he stayed silent on that matter. Seven stared Nine down, looking for some hint as to his future self’s meaning, and he must have found it genuine, because he suddenly went slack in his seat and said, “Oh, my. We do.”


Seven’s eyes darted aimlessly before settling on Nine’ shoe. “So. Love. I never thought….”

“Neither did I,” Nine agreed, bobbing his head in a nod. “But she’s fantastic.”

A small smile lit Seven’s face. “So, did you come just to tell me the big news, or did you need something? Not that news like that isn’t enough. I won’t be able to remember it, but I’ll still have that sensation of looking forward to something. Thank you.”

“S’pose I should tell the others,” Nine pondered, before shaking himself. “But I’m here because… well, I did something stupid.”

“Oh, of course,” Seven groaned. “I may not be particularly knowledgeable of your regeneration, seeing as you do come sometime after me, but I think I can guess that it was something you said. Our talent with words doesn’t seem to last past myself.”

“It does, though,” corrected the Ninth with a sneer. “It lasts through Eight, that’s for certain.”

For a moment or two, Seven was pleased, before he noticed Nine’s sneer of disdain. “Oh, dear. What does this have to do with Eight?”

“Well, y’see, it started…” Nine leaned forward, and so did Seven, both looking as though they were about to divulge the secrets of the universe. “Um… Oh, this is weird. Thing is, she’s human.”

“Human?” echoed Seven, his eyebrows shooting up to his hairline. “Well, I suppose that’s… very much like us, to give our affections to a human. I never really considered it, I don’t think.”

“You will.”

“Hm. So, what’s it like? Loving a… a human.”

“Fantastic.” Nine smiled. “Not like those Gallifreyan ladies. She’s not full of it, actin’ better’n I am ’cause-a station. She’s jus’… her. Wants to see the whole universe. I get to show her everythin’. And she tries so hard, jus’t’be alive. Harder’n any Gallifreyan in history ever bothered to.”

A warm, toasty feeling started to crackle to life between Seven’s hearts. “That sounds… wonderful.”

“Is. Problem, though,” admitted Nine.

Seven turned to gather two teacups from the cabinet. Nine looked at the delicate cups with some level of amusement. They didn’t really suit him or Seven, but they had been around for so long, he couldn’t imagine getting rid of them. He hadn’t dared to take them out around you, but now that he thought about it, maybe you would find them as funny as he did.

“Of course there is,” said Seven, snatching the kettle off the burner (and, really, was that a Bunsen burner? Why did he even own one of those, much less make tea on it?). “Go on.”

“Well, being human, she doesn’t really know about the courtin’ procedures,” Nine admitted. Seven saw where the conversation was going and immediately groaned and allowed his head to bump against the cabinet door with a dull thud. “My thoughts exactly. And the worst part is’at I’m not all that good at courtin’ in the first place. I tried a few little things, messed the last one up horribly.”

“Double down,” Seven mused. “So you want me to help–” and then Seven paused, because the whole conversation clicked in his mind like the final piece of a jigsaw puzzle. “Eight is good with words, you said. You went to him for help.”

“Yeah,” said Nine. “Eight is… well, you’ll understand when you’re him, but it seemed like the perfect plan. He’s good with that sort of… thing. Women, I guess. He practically memorized the courting procedures, and he’s very… charming, y’could say, so I thought it would work.”

“What would work? You didn’t… oh. You did.”

“I took ’er t’see’im,” Nine admitted, scrubbing a palm down his face and covering his eyes. Seven scooted a cup of freshly-brewed tea under the other Doctor’s rather prominent nose. The steam rose up and wetted Nine’s skin. “It seemed like a good idea. He was so lonely, y’know. That body wanted love more’n any o’ the others did, so I thought he would be the most willing to help. Was a bit too willing.”

“Ah.” Seven sipped his tea and instantly regretted it. The liquid was scalding. “So.”

“He was all over her!” Nine exclaimed, suddenly throwing both hands into the air. If he hadn’t been feeling so tired, he might have jumped out of his chair to pace, as well. “I swear, second I told him who she was to us, he practically ran over and snogged her right then and there.”

“Well, you did say he wanted love more than the rest of us, and that’s saying something, considering how much we’ve wanted a… a bond-mate, over the centuries.”

Nine scoffed. “Either way, he was ridiculous. Eight’s very tactile, no sense of personal space, so I was expecting him to get a bit touchy with her, but he had her sitting on his lap. On his lap, hear me? I’ve known her for years, few weeks ago I finally get her to lie down on the couch with me, and in less than five minutes he’s got her on his lap, holding his hand. Oh, n’his hands were everywhere. On her face, in her hair, on her thigh, blast it. And she didn’t stop ’im, either.”

“Why would you want her to?” Seven asked, confused. “He’s us, he was forward enough to initiate courting touches, and she accepted. That’s perfect. What’s the problem?”

“She’s human, Doctor,” said Nine, frowning. “From a Gallifreyan woman, that might have been perfect, but she’s human. To her, it wasn’t me. It was a man who was more handsome and better spoken than me, touching her, and she was fine with it.”

“So you didn’t tell her that you and Eight are the same person? That we’re all the Doctor, despite our differences?” asked Seven, who was beginning to wonder if his counterpart had lost some brain cells through regeneration.

“Of course I did, but–”

“But nothing!” Seven cut his future self off abruptly. “You explained to her that Eight is you, she met Eight, and she accepted his courting offers. Maybe she doesn’t know the first thing about courting procedures, but it sounds to me as if he was making himself rather obvious. If she accepted it from him, then she accepted it from you, just as much as from me and all of us who come before and after.”

Nine was silent.

“I don’t know how your regeneration thinks,” Seven continued, voice much softer, “but I don’t think we would fall in love with a girl who wouldn’t love all of us. If she is who I hope she is, then she knows that we’re all… us. If she accepted Eight, she accepted us all, and that includes you, in case you didn’t notice. Now, stop being a jealous sod and go to her.”

Slowly, Nine eased his way out of his chair. His eyes wandered over the TARDIS’s mixed interior, obviously recalling when it had been his, what had come before and what would come after. Then he looked down at Seven, and Seven saw a light in his eyes that hadn’t been there before.

“I’d better get back to her, then,” Nine said, a smile playing at his lips but not coming all the way through. “Y’know… seems t’me like ya understand it all better than I do, and you haven’t even met her yet.”

“Maybe so,” Seven admitted, shrugging. He dipped his head down to take a sip of tea, but, remembering the perfectly unacceptable temperature, he refrained. “Still, would you give her my love?”

The smile turned into a full grin. “Aye. I’ll do that.”

And just like that, Nine swiftly escaped from Seven’s TARDIS and into the rough terrain of whatever planet they had agreed to meet each other on. Seven knew that Nine’s TARDIS couldn’t be far away, which meant that you were probably close by. He stamped down the temptation to follow Nine, to catch a glimpse of you, or maybe just to hear your voice. He wanted to know. As confident as he had acted for his counterpart’s sake, he didn’t know anything about you, and he wished… he just wanted to know something about you. Anything.

Someday, he thought, sipping the tea that had finally cooled, someday.

He would have to forget all of this. If he didn’t, it would cause a paradox. But there was nothing saying that he had to forget immediately. He could keep the memory for a day, or two. Maybe… maybe, if he kept the memory overnight, he would dream of you. Yes. Just overnight, and then he would make himself forget. Until then, though… he could imagine.


“All over the world fools are poised, ready to let death fly. Machines of death, Morgaine, screaming from above. Light brighter than the sun. Not a war between armies, nor a war between nations, but just death. Death gone mad! A child looks up into the sky, his eyes turn to cinders. No more tears, only ashes. Is this honor? Is this war? Are these the weapons you would use?”

Doctor Who: Season 26.