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hollyashton  asked:

For unusual asks, 11-20. :)

Hi, Holly!

Unusual Asks

11.) favorite social media

Oh, Tumblr, by far.

12.) what size bed do you have? 


13.) any siblings?

A brother and a sister.

14.) if you can live anywhere in the world where would it be? why?

I would love to live in New York because it’s so beautiful and I enjoy the snow but I’m also comfortable here in LA.

15.) favorite snapchat filter? 

I don’t use Snapchat…

16.) favorite makeup brand(s)

I don’t use makeup 🙈

17.) how many times a week do you shower?

I shower once a day so…seven times a week.

18.) favorite tv show?

Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Parks and Rec, The Office, Once Upon a Time, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt all at the same time. 😁

19.) shoe size?

Women’s 7.5

20.) how tall are you?


Thank you for the ask!


so, with the recent news of Colton leaving Arrow, it’s time for Roy Harper appreciation week number 2. I was hoping this wouldn’t come so soon, but Colton and Roy both deserve a proper send out.

the week will start May 18th, the week after season 3 is over. you are free to join in whenever though! the tag is #royaw so be sure to tag whatever you make with that.

you can make just about anything: gifs, edits, fanfic, etc. just anything to appreciate Roy.

day one (May 18)- favorite arc

day two (May 19)- relationship with a male

day three (May 20)- relationship with a female

day four (May 21)- funniest moment(s)

day five (May 22)- saddest moment(s)

day six (May 23)- favorite outfit(s)

day seven (May 24)- a tribute to this wonderful kid

Introducing Cisco Ramon Ship Week!

↳ When: Monday April 6th- Sunday April 12th 
↳ What: This week is dedicated to celebrate his romantic or platonic relationships with the other characters on the show. Some of the days will focus on the characters he has had the most interactions with, and the others will be far more vague. All fanworks are accepted; gifs, fanfiction, fanmixes, fanvids, go wild. 
↳ Schedule: 

  • Day one (Monday 6th April) → Cisco & Barry 
  • Day two (Tuesday 7th April) → Cisco & Joe 
  • Day three (Wednesday 8th April) → Cisco & Caitlin 
  • Day four (Thursday 9th April) → Polyamory 
    Day five (Friday 10th April) → Rare pair 
  • Day six (Saturday 11th April) → Arrow crossover 
  • Day seven (Sunday 12th April) → Free choice 

↳ Important: Please tag all your creations with #ciscoshipweek within the first five tags so we can easily find it. Good luck! Don’t hesitate to send us an ask if you are having any trouble.