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Rika’s Secret Drawer

by shmu_h

Mystery Route
  • Yoosung★: Ooh MC started playing again
  • ZEN: Did we get another DLC?
  • Jaehee Kang: I wonder whose route she'll pick this time.
  • 707: Idea~!
  • 707: Whoever she picks has to say 'Surprise, motherf*cker'
  • Yoosung★: Some pies, motherf*cker
  • 707: All rise, motherf*cker
  • Jaehee Kang: Stop trying to bump the game's rating up.
  • Jumin Han: I don't understand the reference.
  • ZEN: =.= How can you not know that vine?
  • Jaehee Kang: Looks like she's chosen someone.
  • Yoosung★: Aww she didn't pick me
  • ZEN: Me neither
  • Jumin Han: Not me.
  • 707: Nope, so it's prolly Jaehee
  • Jaehee Kang: Erm... I didn't get picked.
  • Yoosung★: ??
  • ZEN: But then who
  • V: Surprise, motherf*cker
  • MC: Heart eyes, motherf*cker

What if Mystic Messenger was a fairytale ?

I just can’t stop comparing them with fairytale characters after I played every route xD

Seven as Cheshire Cat in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ because he stalks MC everywhere, anytime. He’s kinda crazy too (he even meows sometimes <3).

Zen as The Wolf in ‘The Little Red Riding Hood’. No need to explain why~

Jumin as The Beast in ‘Beauty and The Beast’ because he’s over-protective about things he likes (Elizabeth The 3rd, MC). He wants to lock them up to protect them from any trouble. //my fave <3

Yoosung as Cinderella in ‘Cinderella’ because he’s kinda bullied by his own mom (pretty strict, goodbye freedom, goodbye LOLOL) and by the bodyguards (they don’t like dirt and think the apartment needs to be cleaned). Poor Yoosung… Don’t worry, MC is there to make your dreams come true~


“Then what do I do about my feelings for you?!”

Seven’s route is hard.  (ಥ﹏ಥ)

I made two versions of this, one with dialogue (and spoilers for 707′s route, obviously) and this one with no dialogue, which you can still tell when in the game this takes place if you’ve played it before, but doesn’t give it away for those who haven’t yet.

This was SUPPOSED to be just a short doodle comic, buuuut of course I got carried away, as usual.  XD  Here’s the (SPOILERY) version, put together into a video.  HUGE thanks to @fluttershadowed for her wonderful cover!!!

I also decided to include the name I used in-game for the main character during Seven’s route, Faith, instead of calling her “MC” like I’ve seen in a few other comics.  I felt like it made this particular comic feel more emotional and personalized.

Comments about this comic (and obviously some spoilers) under the cut:

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  • 707: That’s my way of doing things. When life gives me pain, I take that pain and push it down. And if the pain starts to come up again, I push more pain down on top of it. Why confront something when you can avoid it? lolololol
  • Yoosung: you need a hug?

Mc76 Week - Day 7: Alternate Universe

I’m a bit late, but hey! I got it done!

I was giving a lot of thought about AU day, particularly what AU I wanted to do. In the end I decided to combine my two favorite game/game franchises. Overwatch and Fallout.

Specifically I designed what I believe Soldier 76 and Jesse McCree would look if they were thrown in the Fallout universe. The poses are more or less traced from their original character sheets, though the overall design of their clothes and weapons are mine.

Also It’s worth mentioning that I am also working on a three part fan fiction to go along with this. And for AU day I decided to post part one now sooo… ENJOY!!

anonymous asked:

Hi, I really like your profile. Could you maybe do one where they see MC for the first time in a strapless and short dress?


  • goes RED IN THE FACE
  • if you look carefully enough, you might notice his soul leaving his body
  • can’t look you in the eye for the first 2 minutes
  • he’s so embarrassed to the point where you get secondhand embarrassment 
  • poor child worries that you’re going to get cold wearing just the dress
  • can’t even get a full compliment out because he keeps tripping over his words
  • in the end, you have to grab his hand and lead him out the door before you’re both late for the dinner reservations
  • literal puppy during the entire date
  • he was right you got cold but it’s okay since he carried around an extra jacket for that very moment


  • almost choked on his cup of water when you walked out of the room
  • had to step outside on the balcony for a few seconds to calm down 
  • when he walks back in, he makes a beeline past you and into your room
  • reemerges with an armful of jackets and dresses
  • “babe, you should change into something else”
  • “what, why? is this one bad?”
  • “n-no, it’s great;;; so great i don’t want any other men seeing it”
  • “but zeeeen i’ve wanted to try this dress on for a long time”
  • “….then at least wear a jacket”
  • even without looking, you could feel him giving the stink eye to anyone who even tried to glance at you
  • “yes, i made reservations here for me and my giRLFRIEND”
  • he showers you with compliments during the dinner though, which made you really happy


  • she actually got really flustered
  • reflexively turned around so she wouldn’t see
  • “jaehee… i’m not naked, you know”
  • “oh… i didn’t mean to offend you, i was merely surprised”
  • “does it look bad?”
  • she cleared her throat before turning back around, giving you a once-over before smiling and saying that you look great
  • once she got past the embarrassed stage though, she wouldn’t stop staring at you
  • it’s one of those appreciative and admiring stares that you thought she only reserved for zen
  • insists on you having outerwear as well, to keep yourself warm when needed


  • froze for like 5 seconds before striding over towards you
  • “…shall we spend the evening at home instead?”
  • “what? why?”
  • “i’d like to be the only one who can see you like this”
  • “but… the restaurant reservations” cause food is life
  • “if you’d really like to go, then i have no choice. however, bring something to cover yourself while we travel. it’s chilly at night”
  • he tried taking a picture of you during the meal
  • but all he got was a blurry mess he decided to hire a photographer for next time
  • watches you like a hawk to make sure you’re comfortable
  • sneezing because your dress is a bit too short? he’ll nearly rip off his jacket so you can cover your legs
  • loves your dress though, and hopes you wear more like them for future occasions


  • this idiot takes it as a competition
  • dashes back into his room and reemerges wearing a dress of his own dear god it’s way too short for a man
  • “what do you think, MC? this one really shows my legs doesn’t it?!”
  • oh my god, you are not going out like that”
  • “haha are you worried i’ll look better than you? don’t worry, your outfit is on par with my hacking skills!! i could never beat it!”
  • “never mind that, that dress is shorter than mine! aren’t you cold?!”
  • “… well, i do feel a slight breeze down–”
  • he really thinks you look great, though
  • looks all smug and giddy while walking with you outside
  • you noticed him carrying around this big folded fabric in his arms, and ask him what it was
  • he says it’s for when you get cold and you tell yourself to never let him know you’re cold
  • because it’s this horrifying shade of green and is littered with sleeping kittens it’s kind of cute but it’s not
  • he actually brought it to cover you when he thought too many guys were making eyes at you so when he suddenly unfolds it with a flourish and drapes it around you like some cape you’re mortified
  • wait, i’m not cold!!”
  • “hmm~ it’s a precaution! did you feel it? that breeze just now!”
  • that breeze was from when you flapped this blanket thing!
  • “this isn’t a ‘blanket thing’! it’s a fortified defense against wind chill and low temperatures!”
  • in the end, you gave up and trudged around with the monstrous cape while he happily rambled on about what other plans you two have for tonight the blanket was actually really warm but you’ll never admit it

Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmastime Parade by disneylori

  • MC: I'll make the coffee just like you!
  • 707: Bitter? Tasteless? Dark? Not up to societies standards?
  • MC: ...I meant sweet

A Christmas Fantasy by Disneyland_lover


consider this: jumin taking care of saeran as the two love birds are away… ended up dating and zen suffering