seven caves

Chicomoztoc, “the place of the seven caves”

An Illustration from the Historia Tolteca Chichimeca, A post-Cortesian codex from 1550 written by the people of Cuauhtinchan to sustain their right to their lands under the Spanish Colonial authorities. They wrote their history from A.D. 116 through 1544 using a mixture of European and prehispanic styles.  

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Nahuatl legends relate that six tribes lived in Chicomoztoc, or “the place of the seven caves”. Each cave represented a different Nahua group: the Xochimilca, Tlahuica, Acolhua, Tlaxcalan, Tepaneca, Chalca, and Mexica. Because of a common linguistic origin, those groups also are called “Nahuatlaca” (Nahua people). These tribes subsequently left the caves and settled “near” Aztlán, or Aztatlan.

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Tehuacalco is an archeological site located near the city of Chilpancingo, Guerrero, Mexico. It was the first archeological site associated with the Yope people to be excavated, in the 2000s. The site is on a hill surrounded by mountains, which were worshipped by the Yope. Four marked the cardinal directions and one, Compuerta, was used to mark solar events such as equinoxes and solstices as the sun rose behind it. Tehuacalco was occupied as a ceremonial site from about 400CE to about 1100CE. The site was opened to the public in 2008.


The name of the site comes from the Nahuatl phrase “tehuacalli” which refers to holes bored into stones to be used for ritual purposes. It can be interpreted various ways such as “place of the stone box,” “house of priests” or “house of the sacred water.”[2][4]

While mostly associated with the Yopes, it is not completely certain. There may have been Yopime or even Tlapaneca settlements here as well.[1][2] Occupation of the site began around 400CE with its height between 650 and 1100CE. At this time, the population center covered about eighty hectares and the ceremonial center covered twelve.[2] Most of the structures were built when the Toltecs were at the height of their influence.[3] The Yopes of Tehuacalco were sedentary farmers with different social classes with classes of rulers and priests on top, followed by warriors, merchants and artisans. The diet consists of meat from hunting and corn. The Yopes thought of the mountains as repositories of water and seeds. These mountains were worshipped as a way to ensure good harvests. The sun was thought to be devoured by a monster at the end of the day and had to fight in the underworld to arise the next morning. It was considered obligatory to “feed” the sun to help it return.[3]

The area around the site was named Yopitzingo in Nahuatl, and it was one of the few areas that the Aztecs could not conquer in the late Post Classic period even though by then the Yopes had become semi nomadic practicing intermittent agriculture.[2][4] However, after the Spanish Conquest, the Yope were decimated by European diseases. They did not submit completely to Spanish rule and had one major rebellion. However, this was crushed with the Spanish scattering the remaining Yopes to other settlements.[3]

Tehuacalco is the first site related to the Yope to be extensively explored, which was done in the 2000s.[5] Nineteen structures have been discovered so far, mostly by field work performed in 2006 and 2007.[4][1] Afterwards, forty million pesos were spent to ready the site for tourism and it was opened to the public in 2008.[5] It is one of twelve sites opened to the public during the Calderon administration from 2006 to 2012.[4] There is a welcome center with explanations about the site in Spanish, but the explanatory signs on the site are in Spanish and English.

Composition of the Site

The site is located on a hill surrounded by taller mountains. Four of these mountains, Compuerta, Capulín, Tierra Colorada and Gavilpan, mark the cardinal directions. The site hill was considered to be a “fifth” direction, where power was concentrated.[1]

The site has four aspects, areas with rock etchings, the surrounding mountain terrain, pyramidal structures and caves in the hills with offerings.[2] The rock etchings include the Piedra de los Pies Pintados, with markings of feet and Monument W which has circular patterns used to counts lunar cycles.[5] Fifty seven caves on the sides of Compuerta have been explored with findings of offerings such as braziers and incense burners. These caves were related to the worship of the sun.[4][3] The site possesses various characteristics related to archaeoastronomy .[4] The site is oriented towards the Compuerta Mountain. This mountain and smaller peaks on each side were used to mark equinoxes and solstices, as the sun rose from behind them.[4][3]

The site was a ceremonial center with a plaza surrounded by various pyramid bases and other structures.[2] The site has a distinct construction style, which consists of boulders with spaces between them filled in with layers of flat rock and red clay. This allows the structures to withstand earthquakes.[5] Of the discovered structures, eight are considered major complexes with the rest minor.[3] The most import of these is four large pyramidal structures and a Mesoamerican ball court. Some of the pyramid bases are in unusually good condition.[2] The four main structures are Encinera or Main Temple, the Palace, the Templo del Espejo de Agua and Platform W.[1]The Palace, also denominated as Building Five, is the largest on the site, with a base that measures eighty meters on each side. It has sunken patios and various courts.[3][4] The La Encinera is twenty meters tall and was the site for various rituals performed by priests and rulers. The ball court measures 37.8 meters long.[4]Platform W had residences for the elite with internal patios and drainage systems. However, the most sacred part of the site is a hill dedicated as sanctuary for the worship of water and rain.[4] Some of the minor structures include the Templo Verde, the Templo Rojo and La Anona. The last two form the Solar Group.[1]

“… the Dunbonnet was another o’ the men who got away from Culloden. He came back to his own estate, but because the Sassenachs were hunting men all across the Highlands, he lay hidden there in a cave for seven years.”

Hearing this, Brianna slumped back in her chair with a sigh of relief. “And his tenants called him the Dunbonnet so as not to speak his name and betray him,” she murmured.

“Ye ken the story?” Fiona asked, astonished. “Aye, that’s right.”

“And did your grannie say what happened to him after that?” Roger prompted.

“Oh, aye!” Fiona’s eyes were round as butterscotch drops. “That’s the best part o’ the story. See, there was a great famine after Culloden; folk were starvin’ in the glens, turned out of their houses in winter, the men shot and the cots set afire. The Dunbonnet’s tenants managed better than most, but even so, there came a day when the food ran out, and their bellies garbeled from dawn ’til dark—no game in the forest, nay grain in the field, and the weans dyin’ in their mothers’ arms for lack o’ milk to feed them.”

A cold chill swept over me at her words. I saw the faces of the Lallybroch inhabitants—the people I had known and loved—pinched with cold and starvation. Not only horror filled me; there was guilt, too. I had been safe, warm, and well-fed, instead of sharing their fate—because I had done as Jamie wanted, and left them. I looked at Brianna, smooth red head bent in absorption, and the tight feeling in my chest eased a bit. She too had been safe for these past years, warm, well-fed, and loved—because I had done as Jamie wanted.

“So he made a bold plan, the Dunbonnet did,” Fiona was continuing. Her round face was alight with the drama of her tale. “He arranged that one of his tenants should go to the English, and offer to betray him. There was a good price on his head, for he’d been a great warrior for the Prince. The tenant would take the gold o’ the reward—to use for the folk on the estate, o’ course—and tell the English where the Dunbonnet might be taken.”

    ~ Voyager,   Diana Gabaldon

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Learning How to Love Chapter Seven, Day Nine Part Two: Ultimatum

Hello everyone! As promised, here is the next chapter of Learning How to Love! It’s been a long time, and I’m terribly sorry for that. To those of you that may be uncertain as to whether or not I plan to continue this fic, know that no matter how long it may take me to complete each chapter I have no intention of giving it up.

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Our precious manchild is growing up!

Chapter Seven, Day Nine Part Two: Ultimatum

The day began on a rather unsettling note, with Seven instructing MC what to do should he not return from their ‘picnic’ within five hours of his leaving the chatroom. Perplexed and alarmed, MC demanded he be safe and take care wherever they were before she wished him the best of luck. Shortly after he exited the messenger, Jaehee appeared with equal concern about his behavior, though there was a healthy level of exasperated skepticism that accompanied it. Though MC was aware Seven was prone to histrionics, she couldn’t help but worry with so little information about what was happening on their end.

MC then asked about how Jumin was doing, hoping her gentle nudge this morning would help him get through the day’s tribulations without her. Jaehee explained that he had gotten in touch with her and said he would be at the office soon; as he had chosen to complete a quick errand before going. She went on to mention that Director Han was planning to confront Jumin about the Sarah that afternoon, and that she had placed Sarah’s credit report on the chairman’s desk in the hopes that it would make him reconsider who the true victim of the situation was. MC would have to remind Jumin to thank Jaehee for everything she did, the aforementioned gesture of pure empathy as touching as it was practical. Even if Director Han wasn’t convinced, at the very least Jumin would know Jaehee remained on his side. For that, MC was grateful.

Jaehee went on to express her unease about Jumin’s refusal to talk about MC’s return to Rika’s apartment. MC wasn’t all that surprised or worried, as she was more than happy to stay as long as he needed her. She was growing more fond of him with each day, and she had a feeling Jumin wasn’t quite ready to stand on his own just yet despite his remarkable progress. So she simply asked Jaehee to be patient too and give him the time he needed. Jaehee insisted MC try to change his mind–and MC promised to do her best–but she knew this was something that only Jumin could decide for himself. Only he could come to terms with his own fears and discover what she had already known since the beginning: that he could overcome them. Because she had already decided that she would never let him feel alone again in this life, no matter what form that would take. She would always be here if he needed to talk, if he needed somebody to listen, if he was confused, if he was tired; whatever it may be. As soon as he understood that–no matter how near or far she was–that would never change, she had a feeling he would be much more open to discussion about the subject.

Not to mention the safest place in the world for her at this point was probably Jumin’s penthouse, considering the circumstances and the security detail. She had never felt more protected in all her life, and the guards were remarkably skilled in terms of noninvasive monitorization.

Relieved, Jaehee agreed and asked MC to take care of Jumin in the meantime. To which, MC smiled at the screen and replied that she could do no less. After a short farewell, she put the phone back on the nightside table and tried to work on her draft for a while. But her mind kept wandering back to Jumin and Seven, worrying and wondering and hoping things were all right. She barely managed to type out a few coherent sentences before she forced herself to take a break, thinking a change of pace might help. Gathering her spare set of clothes, she moved to the guest bathroom to take a shower and unwind. Under the scalding, enormous showerhead–God had she ever told Jumin he had marvelous taste–she let her mind wander, humming a little tune to ease her fraying nerves. Half an hour later she stepped out feeling refreshed, confident that things would work out okay for them both and that the best thing she could do was focus. After drying off and getting dressed, she re-entered the living room to find her phone blinking silver.

She opened the messenger to find Zen pouting about using Jumin as inspiration for his current acting role. Rolling her eyes with a smile, MC encouraged the endeavor in the hopes that it might help him understand Jumin a bit better. As the famous saying went: you can only understand a man when you’ve walked a mile in his shoes. But before Zen could grumble his acquiescence, Yoosung crashed into the messenger and flooded the chat with crying emojis and panicked words, ranting about how Seven was forcing him to keep quiet about something. MC asked if she should call Jumin, certain that he would deploy any help the two might need to get out of the situation safely, but Yoosung declined. Zen demanded an explanation despite Yoosung’s hesitant refusals, and continued to rail him until he figured no amount of pressure or safety hazards would make Yoosung betray Seven’s trust. Zen then proceeded to guess at their location with frightening accuracy, describing the area in enough detail to leave Yoosung speechless. MC could hardly believe it herself, and hastened to assist Zen in pressing him for a picture of where they were. She understood Yoosung wanted to be loyal to Seven, but there were some instances in which safety trumped lethal promises.

Tired, afraid, and worried about Seven; Yoosung caved and sent the photo. Shoving past her disbelief at Zen’s arguably prophetic vision, she and Zen immediately spotted Elizabeth the Third and asked Yoosung to retrieve her. Zen advised him to report back before he disappeared, and MC felt her chest tighten with fear, biting her lip. Please be okay, please be okay. For a short while all both she and Zen could do was sit there, numb with disbelief and flooded with secondhand adrenaline as they wondered what on Earth Elizabeth the Third was doing in the middle of nowhere. Zen logged out to quell a headache while MC stared at the swimming fish across from her; as if their lazy circuits and unpredictable trajectories could hold the mysteries of Elizabeth’s kidnapping and the danger into which Seven had waltzed with Yoosung in tow.

She barely had time to process before Jaehee returned to the messenger, equally shocked about Zen’s dream and hoping for their safe return with Elizabeth. She came to tell MC that Jumin’s father moved their meeting to the conference room, rather than their original plans for tea. Jaehee was convinced it had something to do with the files she slipped into his pile of documents, but the change just made MC uneasy. Why would he bump up the meeting if he didn’t have something urgent to say? She had faith in Jumin; she knew he would remain level-headed and try to solve this as peacefully as possible. But his father? She had more than enough reason to believe he would not be remotely rational about Jumin’s relationship status.

MC didn’t have time to ask her further before a triumphant Yoosung returned to the chat, attesting to his safety and that of Seven and Elizabeth. As excited as they all were, Jaehee advised that she inform Jumin after the meeting with his father, to which MC agreed. He had enough on his mind at the present moment. If they overwhelmed him with too much too soon, he was susceptible to retreating into himself again. Yoosung cheerfully agreed to take care of Elizabeth for the time being, but he did mention that Seven’s was behaving strangely and driving erratically. Jaehee advised them all to be safe as she took off to prepare for the meeting.

Yoosung was effervescent as ever, proud to be the RFA hero of the day for saving Elizabeth. MC could only smile and repeat what Jaehee said, immensely relieved that they had escaped more or less unscathed. Seven’s abnormal behavior was suspicious and a cause for concern, but she figured that his survival had been more crucial than anything else. MC advised Yoosung to use his energy to keep Seven awake upon the first mention of sleep, her heart having stopped enough times in one day. Yoosung departed with the promise that he would be vigilant, leaving her to play some relaxing music and return to her writing, partially relieved of her earlier anxieties. But without knowledge of how Jumin had fared with his father, they weren’t out of the woods just yet.

Jumin stepped into the conference room on the defensive, approaching his father with caution. “Why did you suddenly change the meeting place?” Jumin asked a few feet away from him, unimpressed by the somber look on his father’s face.

Director Han hesitated at the sight of his son’s distrustful, guarded look. He hadn’t seen that expression since Jumin had been a teenager. “…Because I had something to show you. I heard you were very rude to Sarah and thought about having a chat over tea, but I received something from my assistant during lunch.”

Jumin blinked, though he had a feeling he knew what his father’s latest ultimatum was about. “What did you receive?” He prompted.

“Apparently, someone who works for you must have done some research on Sarah. Here, take this.” His father handed over an envelope, much like the ones seen all over the building, filled with familiar credit scores and financial reports on a woman by the name of Sarah Choi. None of it came as a surprise; he had already witnessed the woman’s voracious spending habits. He froze when he skimmed several other documents detailing her debt under the name of her phony company. Then he closed the envelope again and set it on the table, crossing his arms as his father granted a futile explanation. As if Jumin had no ability to read and comprehend simple data, or understand what this newfound information further intimated about Sarah’s intentions.

“It’s Sarah’s credit report. She must have a lot of debt. And I called a couple places to check myself, and I could tell there are multiple loans under the company’s name.” No shit, Sherlock, the wry thought came unbidden.

Jumin’s reply was flat, working to keep the ice out of his tone at the sight of foolhardy sympathy suffusing his father’s features. “Assistant Kang found this,” He clarified, “although I didn’t know about the company’s financial situation…I was aware of her personal credit situation.”

“Why didn’t you let me know if you knew?” His father demanded, shocked.

Jumin gazed at the other man with deadpan disbelief. “Because I never intended to marry her in the first place.” Because it wasn’t my choice to begin with. “And I was preoccupied.” He added as an afterthought.

“Preoccupied? You mean your missing cat. I was going to talk about your ads anyways…It’s simply too much. Think of the company’s reputation…! It’s nothing to go see the TV’s network head for.” His father looked to him with ample disapproval, as if his son had shamed him irreparably.

Jumin, however, remained calm. It wasn’t the first time a person had decided he was strange, and he certainly wouldn’t be the last. “There was a reason I had to find that cat. You would not understand, father.” At the time it had seemed vital, extreme anxiety and fear clouding his mind. He felt no traces of that earlier panic now, only a steadfast calm. MC was waiting for him. The sooner he could reconcile this discrepancy and finish his work, the sooner he could return to her company. He wanted to live up to her confidence in him.

“A reason…” Director Han scoffed, looking for all the world like a tired parent instructing a foolishly stubborn child. “You care so much about that cat but not about finding someone…I cannot understand you, son.” He shook his head. “All I want is for you to meet someone and be happy…”

He knew his father meant well as he watched his brows crease with worry, but blind sentiment could only extend so far when faced with reality. Not to mention his father’s definition of happy was absurdly narrow. “Can you still say that after seeing the credit report of the woman you wanted me to marry?”

“I’m sure Glam didn’t know about Sarah’s financial situation. And just because she has financial problems, it doesn’t mean she’s a bad person.” His father chided.

Jumin’s eyes widened as he stared at him with open incredulity. “Christ. Are you being serious?” He demanded. Was his father truly convinced that these women, or at the very least Sarah, had no ulterior motive whatsoever under the weight of so much debt? “If I were you, father, I would never let those women hide their financial situation before talking about marriage. This woman is still hiding the facts. You know that she is not to be trusted!” Jumin refuted, appalled.

“This is quite shocking, but we can solve their financial problems for them. Everyone has one or two flaws they want to hide.” His father replied calmly, as if he was imparting great wisdom. “You have to let some things go if you to live in this world.” He finished with a shrug.

Jumin pursed his lips, trying to think of some way to get through to him. “Father…do you realize what you are saying? You say all the wrong things and call it advice.” It was his turn to shake his head. “I am very sad to see that you’ve lost your good judgement…”

“I’ve not lost my judgement. Sarah was recommended by Glam…I trust that she is a good woman.” He seemed so confident about Glam that Jumin had to wonder how she managed to elicit his trust in such a short time. “Sarah may have some problems but we can still accept her. Glam is so worried about her that she barely sleeps at night.”

Over an engagement? Something about that revelation made his skin crawl, gripping his forearms a fraction tighter than before. “So ultimately, all you care about is that your girlfriend is happy?” He clarified.

“Of course, I know that you’re not fond of Glam. But you didn’t like any of the women I’ve been with…It is nothing new.” Jumin was somewhat amazed that his father never thought he had a reason to be wary of the women he brought home on a monthly basis. “Anyways, I wish you’d respect my opinion regarding this marriage.”

And I wish you’d respect mine, Jumin thought with acerbic disdain. “God…” Jumin pressed two fingers two his temples. “Father…I understand why you are acting like this.”


“As you’ve said, I have never liked the women you’ve met. Because I knew that they were never truthful to me…they always wanted something from me.” He grimaced slightly as he remembered a variety of uncomfortable encounters. “So I could never understand the relationships you so desired. It all seemed like making a deal to me.” Cold, empty, and parasitic were the first words that came to mind. “But I respected that you were different from me, so I never said anything about who you were with.” He explained, levelling a penetrating gaze at his father.

“Hmm…” His father couldn’t meet his eyes, something about Jumin’s explanation making him uncomfortable all of a sudden.

“But I’ve realized something recently…after meeting someone.” Jumin began reluctantly, knowing his father would explode on him for ‘cheating’ on Sarah.

And at a speed that would put any ravenous gossip to shame, “You mean you are seeing another woman?!” There it is.

Jumin sighed, hands falling from their suspension across his chest while one lingered at his hip. “I realized what it feels like to have your heart filled after being with her.” He continued as if he hadn’t been interrupted. “Thanks to her, I’ve understood what you are like when you’re with someone. A beautiful woman who understands me and cheers for me…wanting to give her all my love and care…” His lips curled slightly at the thought of her, fighting a smile as he remembered her encouragement a few hours prior. So cute… “And also being irrational and stubborn–being blinded by love–just like you are now.” He admitted with a frown, remembering his less than ideal behavior.

“That doesn’t sound too good.” His father looked to him with a brow raised, perplexed. “Why didn’t you tell me if you were seeing someone?”

“I planned to tell you in time.” He replied easily, as it was the truth. He didn’t like concealing things from his father unless he had little choice. “And…the things I’m about to say now, please consider them words of truth from a loving son to his father.” He tried to break it to him as gently as possible.

“What more do you have to say?” Director Han couldn’t remember the last time Jumin had ever been so open and talkative, or if he ever had since the day he was born.

Jumin’s answering voice was low. “Most of the women you’ve chosen were never ready to truly love you. They were only busy trying to fill their greed.”

“There were people like that in my past, Glam is different.” His father retorted immediately, waving him off.

Jumin’s lips twitched at the sheer irony. He might have smiled if his future didn’t depend on his father realizing that this infatuation with Glam was disillusioned at best. “You were always blinded, every single time…That is your weakness.” He insisted. “Glam Choi, Sarah…both women are no different from the women you’ve met until now.”

“Glam is not like that…! All she does is worry about you.” Not in the way you’re thinking, I’m sure. “Besides, Sarah is polite and bright. The more you see them, the more you’ll realize they are different.”

Jumin frowned, as if he had any desire to see more of them after Sarah’s last ‘visit’. “No, they are not. And you are simply being so irrational that you can’t accept the evidence that’s right in front of your eyes.” Jumin held firm.

“Hasn’t it occurred to you that you’re only rejecting Sarah because you love someone else?” Director Han retorted, equally obstinate, as if it was the only rational explanation for Jumin’s behavior.

Something about his father demoting MC to the position of convenient scapegoat made the blood in his veins turn to ice. “I don’t know. At least she doesn’t try to trick me or do things behind my back, so I haven’t thought about it.” He shot back before he cooled his ire, appealing to logic instead. “When I was upset over losing my cat, Sarah shamelessly brought a fake photo of my cat to act as if she’d found her.”

Director Han looked genuinely taken aback. “I never heard about that.”

How convenient. “Besides, she went to Assistant Kang’s home to ask her about me. You don’t know this, but apparently, Glam was with her.” If he had to be brutally honest with his father to convince him, then so be it. Sugarcoating wasn’t getting him anywhere.

“Glam…?” The word was a dubious question.

“The information I have is easy to acquire.” Jumin assured, revealing his hand. “If you continue to insist on Sarah, then I will make my move as well. I will give you all the evidence I can find showing you how greedy and ambitious those women are, until you accept the truth.” Jumin was frank. “It will be a waste of time on my part, but my relationship with you is important.”

“Stop now!” His father snapped, incensed at Jumin’s flagrant disobedience. “You are insulting me by talking like this.”

“It is the same for me. It’s very sad…that you can’t understand how I feel.” He didn’t know how to articulate the heaviness in his heart. His father’s denial was vexing, but that didn’t mean Jumin was going to enjoy systematically erasing Glam and Sarah from their lives at his expense. He didn’t want to be the one to crush his father’s hope to be genuinely loved again.

His father seemed at a loss for words. “…Sad?”

“I no longer wish to fight with you about such a pointless subject…Can you not understand how I feel?” Jumin implored, unable to help the raw feeling in his voice despite the control with which the words were delivered. He didn’t want to fight with his father, he didn’t want those women endangering MC anymore than the hacker already was, and he didn’t want a marriage with a woman that looked at him as a butcher looks at plump cattle. All he wanted was to remove two variables making everybody’s lives harder than they already were, why couldn’t his father see that?

Director Han looked his son up and down, expecting to find some inconsistency that would prove the man before him an imposter. “Jumin, it’s very unlike you to say that.”

Perhaps it was, Jumin thought as he adjusted his tie out of habit. Grasping the fabric renewed the memory of MC earlier that morning, bright and playful, pulling him down for a kiss. But then, if choosing to feel meant being able to love her, did that really make it a bad thing? “Father…if you feel my sincerity, please accept my suggestion. Please stop insisting on this marriage so I don’t have to dig more up on Sarah… and let me be in peace. As your son…I only wish for this horrible situation to end.”

“…” Taken aback though he was, his father had no ability to deny his honesty. Because for once in the entire history of their relationship, Jumin chose to tell him how he felt rather than resorting to tactical refusal and evasion.

It was uncomfortable, but liberating. “And please, take your time to be more objective about the situation. I’m begging you, father.” He continued, watching as the words that tumbled out of him effectively weakened his father’s resolve.

His father let out a long breath, crossing his arms as he deliberated. “Fine…Alright.” He conceded. “I won’t mention Sarah again, but don’t say anything about the woman you’re seeing now.”

Jumin grit his teeth at the flat-out unwillingness to acknowledge MC, but otherwise chose to compromise. Responding with anger would only destroy the progress he’d made in changing his father’s mind about the situation. “…Alright. I suppose that is the best you can do.” He agreed.

“I’m sorry.” His father replied slowly, eyeing Jumin carefully. “Regardless of what’s happened, I feel I’ve upset you.”

“I’m fine.” Jumin shrugged, hoping to ease his guilt. As long as his father understood this wasn’t what he wanted and stopped strong-arming him into marriage, he saw no reason to remain upset. “I understand how much you care for Glam.”

“Yes…Still, I see that this has been very hard for you…for you to express your emotions like that…” Director Han blinked, as if he was still dazed by the sheer impossibility of it. “I will think more on it. Let’s stop this talk for now, I should be going back.”

“Alright.” Jumin gaze shifted to the man standing dutifully at the door to the conference room. “Please take my father back, chief of security. And…please tell Assistant Kang to come in. And I’d like for all the bodyguards to give us some privacy.”

“Yes, sir! Mr. Chairman, this way sir.” He was glad to see the chief was no longer hesitant to obey his commands, likely due to the sight of his father’s uncertainty regarding the situation.

Jumin nodded his farewell to his father and turned to look out at the city littered with towering buildings, mulling over his next move.

“Mr. Han…! Did the talk go well?” Assistant Kang asked as soon as she stepped inside with uncharacteristic exuberance.

Jumin sighed in frustration, but didn’t turn around. “It’s not over for good… but those women won’t be able to manipulate my father for the time being.” His lips pursed into a white line, the next phrase a muttered afterthought. “Glam must have more influence on him than I thought….I was a bit surprised.”

“Alright…” Her voice was crestfallen at the sound of his partial victory, disappointed her research had accomplished so little. “Will you need all the information I’ve managed to find?”

“Yes. I should at least know about it so send them to me.” He replied, only paying partial attention.

“Yes, alright.” She agreed, her earlier haste and excitement returning. “And I have something to tell you!”

Jumin raised a brow, turning his head to look at her. Her sparkling eyes just made him more confused. “What is it?”

“They found Elizabeth.” She blurted, as if she had been waiting for hours to say so.

Jumin stared at her blankly, electing to process the development later despite his initial shock. It would only serve as a distraction. “…Really? I’m glad to hear that.” He managed before he turned back around.

Assistant Kang blinked at his tepid response. “Yoosung is with her right now.”

“Alright.” He replied offhand, gathering the documents his father left.

“Should we go to Yoosung’s house right now?” She was amazed that she needed to be the one to suggest it.

“No. She is in good hands. Just make sure she doesn’t run away again.” He replied, unperturbed as he looked at each one more closely and one of the older statements caught his eye. Wait a minute…did that say….Sarah Choi? Does that mean…? Jumin withheld a grin. Gotcha. He needed to run this by Seven and the chief of security. He memorized the heading of the page before his father’s secretary returned to collect what he’d left behind in his mystified stupor.

She couldn’t help the answering outrage at his complete dismissal. “What?! You don’t want to bring her home?”

“I said I want to give her back to V.” Jumin explained as he returned his gaze to the evening sky, it’s darkening hue reminding him of MC’s eyes. He needed to finish his work and fact check quickly if he was to see her before she fell asleep. Would she be excited to see him? Perhaps it was foolish to hope after everything he’d done.

“St–still, you don’t want to see her?” Assistant Kang continued, unable to believe the radical change in Jumin’s behavior.

Jumin rubbed his temples. He had just achieved some measure of peace, but there always had to be something scrambling his brain this week. He didn’t want to think about Elizabeth the Third right now. “I feel like I’ll have useless thoughts if I see her. It’s a bit complicated.” 

“But still…” She protested weakly.

“Assistant Kang.” He turned to address her with a measure of finality, changing the subject.

“Yes…” She looked to him, brows furrowing at his sudden engagement.

“I ignored your efforts when you were doing your research… but it helped. I admit I was wrong. I apologize.” Despite his flat tone, his sincerity was warm and clear. “It must have been very difficult for you to find all of that. Thank you.” He gave her a small smile filled with gratitude before walking past her to finish the piles of work surely waiting at his desk. “Then I’ll get going.”

“Difficult…? Thank you…?” She repeated, certain this was some strange alternate dimension. That, or the man in front of her was surely not Jumin. He was being…considerate? And…grateful?

Jaehee walked out of the conference room in complete stupefaction, opening the messenger robotically to let MC know about the latest developments as she walked to her own desk. Though she was still concerned about Mr. Han dodging his responsibility to take care of Elizabeth–and she had no idea how she was going to break it to Yoosung– she had to wonder if MC had noticed his uncharacteristic behavior.

MC grinned at the other woman’s bewilderment from within the penthouse, elated. Jumin was growing more comfortable expressing himself bit by bit, even without MC’s encouragement.

“Feels as if spring is in the air?” She asked, well aware of the change.

“Spring in the air…” Jaehee halted abruptly on her path as she tested them. “Yes.  I agree…the comforting wind that silently comes to you…“ She added, just as the man of the hour unceremoniously arrived. “Mr. Han;;” She acknowledged with a measure of exasperation. The man was surprising her on all fronts today.

“Jumin!” MC laughed at his sudden entrance, delighted. “I heard the meeting went well.”

“MC, here you are.” The words were fond; thankful that she was There in the messenger. “I’m about to leave soon, so will you wait?” MC smiled at the request. Of course she would, she’d been excited to hear from him all day. She always appreciated Jaehee’s updates, but she wanted to hear the grand tale from Jumin himself. She also sensed a slight melancholy behind the words, as if he was certain he would receive an irritated rebuff for leaving her home alone for so long. Silly man, she couldn’t help but think, you didn’t do anything wrong. She was just fine in his absence, spending her time working and preparing for the RFA party approaching in little more than a day. It was sad to see how certain he was that he didn’t deserve any level of acceptance or acknowledgement, even something as simple as a greeting upon his arrival at home.

Jaehee tried to address what Elizabeth the Third’s living arrangements would be again, but Jumin evaded the subject entirely, saying that they could address it later. He went on to mention something he forgot to address at the meeting earlier, telling Jaehee that he wanted to give her a vacation as thanks for everything she’d done to help him change his father’s mind. Jaehee was largely incoherent for the rest of the conversation as he asked for potential dates, offering her time to mull it over before he returned his attention to MC.

“I miss you so much I can’t stand it.” Appeared in his signature blue heart adorned with roses, charming as ever.

Her heart was melting at the sight of his unrepentant affection, as sure as he was sincere. “I miss you too.” She reassured him.

She could almost feel his desire to dash straight home and forget the tasks that he had planned to complete as soon as she reciprocated the sentiment. “Just wait a bit more.” He implored, though she had a feeling the words were more for himself than they were for her. “I have to visit a couple places…but I’ll go there as soon as I can.” He promised. “Thinking of seeing you at home makes me excited.” He added with a smiling emoji before he took his leave.

MC bid him farewell as Jaehee insisted it all must be a dream. She congratulated her frazzled friend and assured her it was indeed real, beaming at the sight of her joy. When Jaehee exited the messenger to finish her work MC’s gaze lingered on the black screen, a soft smile reflected in the low light. She was so proud of him for paying attention to Jaehee’s efforts and acknowledging what would make her happy, instead of defaulting to what he assumed everybody wanted from him. It was a sure sign that he was beginning to understand how to care about others properly, and why it was so important to develop that understanding.

MC grinned at the door. She was so going to tackle Jumin the second he stepped inside.

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MYTH BATTLE 2 . the kingdom

AZTEC / MEXICA MYTHOLOGY . the body or collection of myths of Aztec civilization of Central Mexico. The Aztecs were Nahuatl speaking groups living in central Mexico and much of their mythology is similar to that of other Mesoamerican cultures. According to legend, the various groups who were to become the Aztecs arrived from the north into the Anahuac valley around Lake Texcoco. The location of this valley and lake of destination is clear ( Mexico City ) but little can be known with certainty about the origin of the Aztec. There are different accounts of their origin. In the myth the ancestors of the Mexica/Aztec came from a place in the north called Aztlan, the last of seven nahuatlacas to make the journey southward, hence their name “Azteca.” Other accounts cite their origin in Chicomoztoc, “the place of the seven caves,” or at Tamoanchan (the legendary origin of all civilizations). insp .

According to written and oral accounts, Aztlán is the mythical homeland from which the aztec/mexica migrated, along with other nahua tribes, at about AD 1113, to reach the valley of mexico in the 13th century. The term aztlan means “the place of whiteness” or “the place of the heron”.
Aztlán: myth or historic place?
the migration of the Aztecs from their homeland is narrated in many indigenous and colonial sources. modern scholars have long debated whether Aztlán was a real place or simply a myth. The mexica/Aztecs told the spanish that their ancestors had reached the valley of Mexico about 300 years before, after having left their homeland Aztlán-chicomoztoc, traditionally located far north of tenochtitlan. In aztlán, the mexica ancestors dwelled in the place of the seven caves called chicomoztoc (chee-co-moz-toch), where each cave corresponded to one of the nahuatl tribes which would later leave that place to reach, in successive waves, the valley of mexico. these tribes, with slight differences from source to source, were: the xochimilca, chalca, tepaneca, colhua, tlahuica, tlaxcala and the group who were to become the mexica. oral and written accounts also mention that the mexica, and the other nahuatl groups, were preceded in their migration by another group, collectively known as chichimecas, who migrated from north to central mexico some time earlier, and were considered by the nahua people “less civilized.”

archaeology and historical linguistics actually support this traditional account. it seems now clear that the mexica were the last of many tribes who migrated toward the valley of mexico from what is now northern mexico and/or the southeastern united states due to a period of serious droughts, between 1100 and 1300 ad. this evidence includes the introduction of new ceramic types in central mexico, about the same time of the mexica arrival, and the fact that the nahuatl language, the language spoken by the aztec/mexica, is not original of central mexico


Do you want me to do nothing even though (s)he’s a threat to killed Madam? I’ll kill him.

anonymous asked:

Thanks for clearing the book excerpt thing up for me. I know they never thought they'd see each other again so there is nothing wrong with them having sex with others no matter the circumstances but at same time its like no thank you ya know. Didn't Diana say that Jamie only had sex with 3 women (Mary, Geneva, and L) during those 20 yrs. Its kind of funny that during 20 yrs he actually had more sex with himself then anyone else. I assume when he made that monk comment he was picturing those 3.

Right?! Like, yeah, he had sex with three women and Claire only had sex with Frank. But two of those were one and done, and from what is in the books we know he and Laoghaire didn’t have a very good sex life. So like the dude basically did live as a monk for most of the 20 years… Like he quite literally lived in a cave for seven years. That’s like ascetic shit.

daliciouslyours replied to your post “Nothing to See Yet”

Is Fergus in love with Faith or what??!…^^

Nope. He does love her but she is his little sister and that is all that lies between them. 

The jealousy comment has to do with the fact that Faith is easily the most important person to Fergus in his life. Jamie and Claire were (are) parents to him but Jamie lived in a cave for seven years and it’s been about another six years since then. Claire’s been gone for thirteen years and Fergus doesn’t know what happened to her (except for the fairy stories Faith used to chatter about when she was still pretty much a toddler). The constant in his life has been Faith, almost since the day she was born. The most time he’s spent away from her was the ten-ish months between when he left with Jamie and Claire to go to fight and when Jamie sent him home with the deed of sasine. 

Faith calls him out on being jealous because she is paying attention to someone other than him. Especially because it’s a young man, she believes he’s feeling threatened. She is right but no, there’s no romantic feelings on either side of that relationship.

anonymous asked:

I hope I don't sound like an idiot I just want to clear something up. When Sam says they have to shorten some for a few eps we are still keeping the yrs in cave, prison and helwater the same just showing snippets so we can see all of it over shore period right. Also the eps they'd have to shorten would be 2,3, and 4 wouldn't they? I got to admit I love the fact they let him remember Culloden on show where he doesn't in book. Doing that won't hurt story much if at all and he can still have PTSD.

There’s a lot that happens in the books that we’ve had to shorten, obviously, in a certain few episodes.

I’m guessing he’s referring to them covering a bunch of years in single episodes and needing to condense what happens in each chapter of his life without Claire? Because like he’s in the cave for seven years, but it’s probs only going to be one episode. And a bunch of stuff happens at Ardsmuir, but that’s probs also only one episode so they can’t show everything… It could also be referring to tightening up and streamlining the shipnanigans in the second half of the book, but the rest of the answer seems to be focused on pre-reunion stuff so  *shrug*.

And yeah, I’m glad we’re getting Culloden up front too. Mostly to get closure regarding BJR. And while he doesn’t remember the BJR stuff in Voyager, he does remember some things about the battle (the production keeps making it seem like he remembers nothing in the book…). He tells Claire about it on the ship, I’ll throw it below the cut.

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Claire Goes Back Pt. 3

Part 1 & Part 2

    Warm, cozy and still in the early state of still sleeping yet almost conscious I did not want to fully come back to reality. The sounds and smells of Lallybroch were so tangible and just as I remembered. I felt myself smiling at the thought, I knew that in a moment I would wake up to find the cold, sterile bedroom in Boston. Frank’s side of the bed untouched, a happy squeal from Brianna to fully rouse me and the bustle of cars would be heard shortly. I so wanted my dream to be real, I could almost feel Jamie laying behind me, I could smell his unique muskiness— sweat, smoke and whisky. Sighing I resigned myself to the fact that my dream of bringing Brianna back through the stones, back to Jamie was just that, a dream, and opened my eyes. The blue walls of the Laird’s room in Lallybroch greeted me. The solid wood four-poster surrounding me, and Jamie really was there sitting up beside me holding a smiling Brianna on his lap.
   I bolted upright taking in the sight of my daughter, smiling, laughing, playing, sitting with her father.
    It wasn’t a dream. I was in Lallybroch, Bree is with me, we made. Oh thank the Lord we did make it!
    “Good mornin’ Sassenach.” Jamie said to me and leaned over to kiss me. All I could do was smile.
    “MAMMA!” Brianna launched herself off her father’s lap and into mine.
    “Ooof!— Good morning Bree.” Brushing back her sweet, unruly red curls I marveled at the moment we were having. A family moment; Our first morning as a family.
    “Have you been having fun with your father?” Her little face scrunched up, nose wrinkled and a scowl on her face strikingly similar to Jamie’s.
    “Da told me to call him Da, no father.”
    Laughing I hugged her to me, “Well alright then, have you been having fun with Da?”
    “Yes!” Her little voice squealed as she launched herself back at Jamie and snuggled up against his chest giggling.
    “We’ve been playing and talking a little bit while you were sleeping. We dinna wake ye did we, mo nighean donn?”
    “No you didn’t wake me, though I wish you did. I love seeing you with her.”
    “This, ye being here with the bairn is more than a dream. I woke this mornin’ swearing it wasna real, that I was back in my cave dreamin’ ye were here.” His face looked so wistful and forlorn, tears were forming in his eyes as he continued. “I’ve dreamt of ye many times Sorcha, you and the bairn. To wake up and be able to touch ye,” shaking his head, “that’s something I’ve ne’er been able to do before. Then to look over to see this bonnie lass babbling away on the o’er side of me… I canna lose ye again Sorcha.”
    Tears streaming down my face understanding exactly what he was talking about, the feelings he was experiencing, I couldn’t lose him again either. Placing my hand to his cheek I told him just that. Bree sensing the swell of emotions from both her parents wrapped her little arm around Jamie’s neck and the other hand grabbed my arm where it was still extended touching Jamie’s cheek.
    “Mo nighean rudiah, mo ghaol ort.”
    “Wasat mean Da?”
    “It means I love you my red haired lass.”
    “Mo ni, mo ni”
    “Mo ghaol ort.”
    “Maul goo,” Bree’s face scrunched up with concentration, “maul goo or-or-”
    Laughing Jamie kissed the small crease between her eyebrows, “We can start our Gaelic lessons later, mo nighean rudiah.” Looking up at me I could see the tears flowing again from Jamie’s eyes. The longing for a family, the love he never thought he’d be able to physically share shining bright in his eyes.
    “I believe ye said ye brought me something Sassenach, or was I making up something in my tiredness?”
    “No—no, you weren’t imagining things. Give me just a moment and I’ll get it for you.”
    Reluctantly leaving the warmth of the bed, I walked over to the small pouch I had carried with me on the journey. Softly handing him the leather pouch, Jamie readjusted Bree so she was centered between his legs and his arms framed her as he opened the pouch in front of her. First he pulled out the wrapped and framed copies of Bree’s first pictures, he smile brightened as he traced the small black and white newborn photos. A handwritten copy of Bree’s birth certificate was next, listing her birthdate in 1746 and one James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser as her father. Jamie’s hands shook when he saw the document tracing her name and his below.
    “Even on the birth certificate from 1948 I had your name on the father line. She wasn’t Frank’s and never could be.”
    “Thank-you Sassenach.”
    “There’s more.” I urged him.
    Reaching into the bag he found the one custom of the 20th Century I wanted to bring back with me, a male wedding band.
    “It’s a bonnie ring, but why give it to me?”
    “Look at it closer, Jamie.”
    Around the band was the same intricate celtic pattern as my own silver wedding band, on the inside was engraved:

     ‘…So We Two May Be One - C&J’

    “In my time men also wear a ring as a symbol of their fidelity for one woman, that they are spoken for eternally. Will you wear it?”
    Smiling Jamie slipped it onto his left ring finger. “I’d wear it to match yours but as ye can see my right hand still gives me trouble.” Grabbing his hands I kissed the stiff ring finger and then the one holding my brand. “I was wondering about that. I haven’t taken this ring off since they day you placed it on my hand. Will you take it off of my right hand and place it on my left?”
    Bewildered, Jamie slowly nodded, “Aye, I can do that. What about your other ring?”
    Handing him my hands so he could see for himself, only one ring was present— his.
    “Ye said you’ve never taken this ring off?” Nodding to him I watched as he slowly pulled the ring off my finger, “Then have ye no seen the inscription?”
    “Aye, something extra I added just for you.”
    Handing me the ring, I looked inside the band and sure enough there it was,
      ‘Da mi basia mille…’

    My hand went to my mouth to cover a sob. The poem we received as a wedding present from Hugh Monroe etched next to my skin without me ever knowing.
    “Oh Jamie…”
    “I wanted ye to ken even then that I loved ye and I would do anything for ye.”
    Thrusting my left hand to him I asked, “Will you put it on the finger it’s meant to be on?”
    Nodding Jamie slipped the silver wedding band onto the finger it will stay on forever.
   “Thank-you. It wouldn’t have felt right to move it there myself. You’re the one who gave it to me, it had to be you to move it.”
    “You’ll ne’re have to worry about moving mine, Sassenach. It’ll stay where you put it just as ye have stayed in my heart since the day I met you. I will say it is a different sort of tradition, but not one I dislike. They already know I’m yours but showing them in another way wilna hurt them.” Smiling, a large cat who got the canary, smile Jamie gathered me into his arms squishing Bree between us, eliciting giggles from her.
    “Thank-you Sassenach, truly. You came back to me, brought back my child, and these wee gifts of love. I canna ask for more.”
    “Well I can ask for more.”
    “Yes. I want us to live as a family.”
    “That will be difficult right now with the Red Coats patrolling looking for me. As often as I can I will come home to ye both.”
    “James Fraser, I did not come all this way for you to still live in a cave!”
    “I canna have you in danger, you or Bree. I’ll stay away to keep you safe!”
    “We could leave…”
    “Go back to France. We could be together and you wouldn’t be hunted in France.”
    “Maybe no, but I’ll no risk the family. You said I would be in the cave for seven years, then the Red Coats will be less prominent and then we can take our place as Laird and Lady for good.”
    “We’ll shall see. This discussion is not over, but if we continue Bree will not be happy for missing her breakfast.”
    Nodding Jamie handed Bree to me, quickly donned his kilt, picked Bree back up and headed towards the kitchen. In the kitchen with Mrs. Crook was like stepping back in time. The look, the feel, the smells all resonated within me saying, ‘Welcome home.’
    Jamie came around from behind me and circled my waist in his arms, kissing the side of my head.
    “Dinna think you’ve won this battle, Sassenach.” He whispered, kissed me again and smarted me on the bum before grabbing a few bowls of parrtich to take to the table for Bree and himself.

part 4