seven and a half

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This whole idea came to me while watching Yoongi’s VLive after their second concert in Newark, NJ. I’ve wrote it however so you can have it being whichever rapper in BTS that you prefer. Enjoy!

Somehow you’re loving husband had convinced you before the arrival of the baby you should go on tour with him since they were going to be in your home country after all. That way you could not only be with him but also see your family and friends that you hadn’t seen in almost two years. 

You were somewhere in-between six an half months and being exactly seven months pregnant so standing for long periods of time wasn’t something you needed or even wanted to do. So your husband does something you should’ve seen coming. He made certain you had the perfect spot to watch him and the guys. If you wanted to stand you could stand and if you wanted to sit you could sit.  After their sound check and the fans had left the arena, he showed you exactly where he had them place two chairs for you near one of their guards directly in front of the stage. He explained that if you felt you needed to prop your feet up to do just that and not worry about what anyone else thought.

There you sat in your chair before the concert when you heard a couple of fans giggling to each other, we should’ve thought of that and said we were pregnant so we could have a chair to sit on right in front of the stage. You bite your lip debating if you should explain why you were where you were or leave it well enough alone. “Wait, you were here last night too but standing, right”, you heard one of the girls ask you. Turning around smiling, “yes, I was. I work for BigHit and at the last minute another staff member was unable to attend this part of the tour and since this is my home country BigHit felt I’d be able to help with translation if the guys should need it and Namjoon wasn’t present.” You now understood why your husband kept having you to rehearse the made-up speech of who you were incase anyone asked you and much to your surprise the two girls who you thought were going to end up being very annoying turned out to be two girls who kept asking you if you were doing good. It was so sweet to see how they cared but it was a tad annoying because you were fine until….

The music begins for Cypher and you’re baby boy had been the perfect little baby and not kicking his Momma until the first beat of Cypher and it was one kick after another. He was already determined to be just like his father. You feel a tap on your shoulder, glancing back you barely hear “are you alright?” Shaking your head indicating that you’re just fine, but you’d be better once your husband and his fellow rappers would move on to the next song. Cypher was one of your favorites, but not since your son had decided to respond to the song by kicking you non-stop.

“Hey babe, don’t you think it’s kind of late to be eating donuts”, your rapper asks you as you sit down beside of him on the sofa in the hotel room. Giggling, “well, your son isn’t use to the time change his parents have decided to put him on and too him this is the time we eat when we’re in Korea. By the way, what are you doing?” You weren’t positive he was on your phone but it looked just like yours. Although you two did have the exact same phone and at one time you had matching cases but that got too confusing. “I’m on your Twitter account and I love that picture the fan took of you during Cypher.” What? You had no idea anyone took your picture, there you were sitting on your chair with your hand on your belly in hopes you’re future rapper would calm down…. this is [Y/N], she works for BigHit and her son is all about Cypher. He’s been kicking her non-stop since the song started.

“Did you see the tweet Jiyong sent out to you”, he then asks sounding a little beyond ticked off. Shaking your head as you stuff another mini chocolate donut in your mouth. “Right here, see!?” Glancing over at your phone in his hand you read; Congratulations, [Y/N], you’ll be one amazing Momma! “He didn’t even mention me and he knows we’re together!”

Wiping the chocolate off your fingers after you place the bag of mini donuts on the table in front of you, you turn to the only rapper who has ever ran away with you heart, “you’re the only rapper I’ll ever love, baby”. Snuggling up against him in hopes to reassure him Jiyong was just another Korean rapper in your eyes but the second you touch him he’s up off the sofa. “So, you don’t love the other rappers in the group? That’s a little harsh don’t you think? I mean, yeah sure I better be your favorite, but come on [Y/N], they’re my brothers!” Standing up yourself you quietly walk over to him, sliding your arms around his waist, “I meant I was only in love with this rapper standing in front of me.” Turning around as he wraps his arms around you pulling you as close as he could, “I better be the only rapper you’re in love with. I better be the only rapper you let hold you like this, I better be the only rapper you go to bed with, I better be the only rapper you let get you pregnant and I better be the only rapper you plan to grow old with.” Smiling at his sweet little speech of telling you how it better be you glance up not saying a word just staring into those amazing dark eyes of his, “you and me until the end of time, right?” You could answer with a simple nod or one simple word, but you liked the thought of your lips slowly brushing against his way way better and so that’s exactly what you did.

GMS Fanfiction - Sebastian/MC - Jealousy

Morning fluff, because I write a lot of heavy stuff and I need breaks every now and again. Also, this was partly born from my cat, who gets far too much enjoyment out of waking me up in the morning. I hope you guys enjoy!

A soft meowing was what drew Guinevere from the realms of sleep that morning. She sat up, the covers pooling in her lap, and squinted at the light spilling through the half-drawn curtains. It couldn’t be past seven, from the looks of it.

Guinevere had half a mind to return to her rest when she heard it again. Her gaze flicked to the front of the room, where a small furred creature had just pawed open the door and was padding over the rug.

“Hello, Zoey,” she greeted as the calico made a show of pausing to stretch before leaping onto the bed in a swift, easy motion. “What brings you here?”

Zoey purred in reply, butting her head against Guinevere’s outstretched fingers. Guinevere smiled, stroking over her spine and allowing the cat to crawl up onto her thighs.

There was a grumble from the opposite side of the bed. Guinevere glanced over, surprised, to see a pair of sharp viridian eyes peering at her from under the sheets.

“Good morning,” she said gently, fondness spreading through her at Sebastian’s head of ruffled bed-hair. “Did you sleep well?”

He murmured something, brows knitting with sleepy confusion, and dropped his attention to Zoey as she reached up to press her nose affectionately against Guinevere’s. He frowned.

“What’s the matter?” Guinevere asked, concerned. Had she done something wrong?

Suddenly he was reaching for her, his hand closing over her arm and yanking hard. Guinevere, unprepared for such an aggressive force, was sent toppling onto him with a little shriek, and then she was being drawn beneath the covers and into a warm embrace.

“S-Sebastian?” she asked after the shock had stopped controlling her speech. She stared at him questioningly.

Sebastian’s eyes had closed again, and he said nothing to her apparent distress. He dipped his head, nuzzling his nose into her neck, his hot breaths against such a sensitive area making her squirm.

“Hey,” she whispered, trying to ignore her pounding heart. She shook him lightly. “We really should get up.”

Sebastian made a low, disapproving noise from the back of his throat without opening his eyes. Guinevere sighed, even as she couldn’t manage to wipe off the grin creeping up onto her lips.

Zoey tried to nudge between them, crying for the attention she’d lost, and only then did Sebastian’s eyes open. He narrowed them grumpily.

“What?” Guinevere chuckled at his little scowl. She’d always found him unfairly adorable when he was tired. “She just wants love.”

Sebastian’s gaze burned into her for a silent moment. “Me too.”

Her eyes widened. “What?”

“I want love, too,” he said, clearer this time. His expression never changed as he watched her.

Guinevere quickly grew flustered under his intense scrutiny. “Well-” Then his words sunk in. “Wait. Are you jealous?”

Sebastian glanced away, ears reddening. She swore she saw him pout before it was swiftly hidden again behind his uncaring facade.

The broad smile clung to her face and wouldn’t let go. “Silly,” she said, love thick in the tone. “You don’t need to be jealous.”

The rest went unsaid, but Sebastian didn’t seem to mind. He curled closer, hugging her to him and rubbing his cheek over her shoulder like Zoey had just a few minutes prior.

As Guinevere grew drowsy once again, basking in the glow of tender adoration, she allowed that maybe it would be alright if they stayed like this for just a little longer before the day begun.



heroes of olympus + name meanings

Seven half-bloods shall answer the call,
To storm or fire, the world must fall,
An oath to keep with a final breath,
And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death


PLEASE READ OR ELSE THIS PROBABLY WON’T MAKE SENSE (also spoiler for Unknown’s name and Seven’s route below)

So I was replaying Seven’s route and after the part that Saeran breaks into the apartment, Seven comes in, and he’s supposed to leave, he just… split in half and one half walked away while the other half just stayed behind Seven as he was talking///

I was laughing so hard at the weird glitch and Saeran breathing down his brother’s freaking neck was killing me. I just imagined a poor MC nervously meeting Saeran’s evil eyes behind Seven lol

Roasting me is ineffective because you can’t tell me worse things than I already think of myself.
—  707

Don’t forget there are also:

Stage Five:
They breath the same air oh God they’re sooooo married

Stage Six:
They existed. I SHIP IT.

Stage Seven:
Only half of the OTP is canon. Let’s sell our soul for that ship (a.k.a worship it like there’s no tomorrow)

"No! You can't eat me!"

So running the Caves of Chaos AD&D campaign. We have seven players, five of which are a mixture of elves and half-elves, then a human ranger and a halfling thief. The DM has just decided that seeing as how we can’t hold to one alignment, or well most of the party can’t, that our alignments will be in constant flux depending on our most recent actions. Our Wizard is determined to be Chaotic Evil. She had just killed another player’s character, who instead of introducing himself, decided it’d be a great idea to creepily follow.

Wizard: I cut up the body and get ready to eat it.
DM: Wait what? Nonono don’t do that
Wozard(OOC): I am eating him.
Wizard(OOC): I want to be Chaotic Evil.
DM: fine. You eat him. Your alignment is Lawful Good.
Wizard(OOC): What? NO!
DM: well it’s not like your a cannibal now.
Wizard: *turning to one of the other half-/elves* Can I eat you then?
The rest of the group: NO! Eat the thief! He takes all the treasure anyways!
Wizard: *draws on the thief* Well then, its dinner time~
Thief: Think about it. I’m the only halfling here. If you want to be a cannibal, there other elves right there.

The area soon breaks into chaos

  • Seven: Give me half an hour, and I’ll have that pesky cricket out of the kitchen and inside this gecko.
  • MC: I see. So, we set a lizard loose to catch the cricket? Then what? We get an owl to eat the gecko? Then, we get a tiger to eat the owl? What eats the tiger, Seven, tell me that!
  • Seven: An alligator for one, smart girl! But that’s not going to happen, and you know why? We’ll put a little harness on the gecko, so it doesn’t run away.
  • Saeran: Oh, this just gets better and better.

While bears may be the world’s most iconic hibernators, they don’t all hibernate the same way. Even members of the same species, like black bears, differ in their approaches to overwintering, depending on where they live.

In eastern North America, food sources like nuts and berries stay available longer, so black bears in places like New York and New Jersey don’t start hibernating until November or December. But in the southwestern United States, where food sources get scarce earlier, bears can spend as long as six or seven months a year—more than half their lives!—in hibernation.

Before they settle in for a long winter rest, black bears spend the summer and fall in a state known as hyperphagia, chowing down on just about anything they can get their paws on.

“During this period, a bear will eat and eat and eat, all day long,” says Rae Wynn Grant, Doris Duke Conservation Fellow in the Museum’s Center for Biodiversity and Conservation and an educator in the Science Research Mentoring Program.

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87. Because Thunderbirds love to travel the world they try to pick up various languages, so they like can half-ass speak seven languages and maybe one other foreign language fluently. When they talk to their old classmates their conversations aren't all in one language, but rather a mishmash of languages they all can speak.

-Suggested by anon

  • (In Church)
  • Saeyoung: What's wrong, Saeran? Why are you looking at me like that?
  • Saeran: I just don't wanna miss it when you burst into flames.
Jimin/Jungkook; Coffee Date

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Jimin is tired.

He’s had a shitty week, seven days full of exams that weight half his grade and showcases that can decide whether he’s going to pass this year of college or not. The purple bags under his eyes refuse to leave no matter how many times Jimin pokes at them and all his muscles ache from the extra hours of practice he had to put in to perfect his last choreo. He’s working mostly on auto-pilot by this point, shuffling only half-awake through the aisles of the supermarket in search of the only thing that’s kept him alive and kicking through this hellish week.

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Seven half-bloods shall answer the call,
To storm or fire, the world must fall,
An oath to keep with a final breath,
And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death

I finished this tonight in honor of the end of the semester and I could not be more happy with the end result.

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