1) So I go back to work tomorrow. Not happy or sad about it. That’s the real world and vacations are not. 

2) I saw lots of TV during my vacation. I also saw two movies in the theaters. I had one night of drinking and I caught up on my sleep. I hope I can keep the good sleep going while working. I tried to write but I couldn’t. Ideas are there. I just need to get them together and onto a sheet of electronic paper.

3) I spent time with @nomadic-egg which was damn wonderful. She starts work tomorrow too. She’s great. I am very proud of her and what she has accomplished. I’m very excited for her. 

4) So many great things are happening in the Land of Geekdom. It’s a great time to be alive. If all this stuff existed when I was a kid, I would had never graduated high school. Honestly, I don’t know how I keep a job these days. There’s so much stuff to digest. 

5) During my vacation my job contacted me twice; once to tell me that the Yankees shouldn’t go on “sell mode” and to ask if I did some sort of a certification thingie (which I did before I went on vacation). The first time they contacted me I was too drunk to respond and the second time they contacted me I was too hungover to respond. They have great timing. 

6) I have awesome plans for next Sunday so next Sunday, please hurry up and get here. 

7) I have to sleep. Work tomorrow and whatnot. I’d like to return well-rested and full of whatever it is that will make me get through the week as quickly as possible. 

Hope everyone’s had a wonderful weekend. Good night! 

Type 0 week 2016 - Day 1, Dawn or Resolution
(Dawn as in “time of a new day and start of new possibilities)

Sice/Seven. Another night on their way to their next destination is over and Sice and Seven slowly rise from their slumber. Happy Ending AU. / AO3

(Yes hello, new year, new Type 0 week! This year different from last year, but I tried. Nothing better than to start this week with fluff.)

A quiet night hung in the air – a soft wind blew and barely made any noise, a few leaves rustled here and there in the wind, but it wasn’t much. Not many local animals were awake at this early hour of the day and grazed their surroundings with their sounds. The first birds already chirped not far away, announcing that the day would start soon, but that was it.

Sice stirred in her sleep.

Huddled in warmth she silently stretched herself, not moving too much from the spot she lied on inside the sleeping bag. With her arms safely wrapped around the warm body in front of her, she sighed at the embrace, inhaling deep the scent of her girlfriend. Skin on skin she lied inside this single sleeping bag with her, feeling every breath of her, every tiny stir she made.

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