“Do you understand why you were called here today, Knight Ato’rin?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Tell us.”

“….I broke the Code. In- In a very major way.”

“Yes, you did. You came very, very close to Falling completely on Balmorra. And you could have run. You could have hidden, or joined the Balmorran Rebels. Yet, you returned here, to the Temple, to face judgement.”



“It-…. It was- my-…. My responsibility, I guess. To my master, my men, my… oaths.”

“How long have you been a Knight?”

“Officially, Master Satele?”

“In your mind.”

“Well, when my master was killed in action at the Trashyards. I led the assault after. And I was the only Jedi left. That was… Three years ago. I was seventeen.”

“You could have requested a transfer.”

“Not really- they needed me. The men, the tacticians. Even the Rebels we worked with.”

“So you stayed, for nearly three years, in that warzone. Correct?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Tell us about the Slaughter of Gorinth.”


“Knight Ato'rin?”

“Combination of things. Bad intel. On my part…. Arrogance. Thought I knew the area well enough to- but I didn’t. They- They…. There was a…. A Sith there. He had done something to… There are these bugs on Balmorra, colicoids, vicious and nasty to begin with, claws that stab through plate armor. Turned them into monsters, I could feel how wrong they were in the Force. Then the… The Sith… He stabbed me. Broke my legs. Made me….. Watch as he- as he killed them all. My boys. Killed them all and fed them to his pets.”

“And then?”


“Knight. Stay with us, please.”

“I- Sorry, Masters, I- Sorry. Repeat the question?”

“What happened after he made you watch?

"I…. I don’t really know how to describe it. I just… It was like everything went silent and… and red and black. I don’t- It’s hard to remember. I just… snapped. I guess. I- I dunno. I know from droid cameras that I… I got up, like my legs were fine, and just- killed. Everything. A-A-And then, I- I f-found the n-nearest Imperial Outpost, and-……………………. I killed them, too. I didn’t… I woke up, and scavengers were- were burying the dead. Thought I was one of them. I… I dug my w-way out of the m-mass grave and went back t-to base. C-C-Contacted you." 

"Knight Ato'rin, you gave into your anger and touched the Dark Side. You killed in fury, not in defense." 

"Y-Yes, Master." 

"What do you think should be done?”

“…………………………………………… The only thing that- that can be done. Exile. From the Order. I- I guess I wasn’t fit to- to be a Jedi after all. I’m a- a danger.”

“We do not believe so.”


"It is true that you did something very, very wrong. But there are other factors at work. For instance, no padawan, however skilled, should be left alone in a place such as that. It was an oversight on out part, and one we hope you can forgive. There are many excuses, but they are irrelevant. You are a skilled leader, tactician, and yes, Jedi. If you wish to resign from the Order, that is your right: but you are not to be exiled.”


“Instead, I reccomend remaining here for a time. Reconnect with the Force, learn from your mistakes, meditate, and seek the counsel of our healers. When you feel ready, come to us. We will administer a final test, pass or fail. The Force will judge you accordingly. Is that acceptable?”

“I… I don’t- I… Thank you, Master. I’m- I’m not sure I deserve it, but- thank you.”

“You are welcome. In the meantime, we will be reviewing our own policies. Your old room has been prepared for you. Eat something. And rest.”

“Yes, Master. I will." 

-Transcript from the hearing of Jedi Knight Sevachi Ato'rin, re: the Slaughter at Gorinth.


Well, that was an interesting little diversion, Jedi Knight Sevachi Ato'rin thought to herself. The Republic fleet loomed in the viewport as their transport ship limped back home, ambassador safely aboard, despite the efforts of one Moff Kilran to take her into Imperial custody.

She and her new padawan had prevented that from happening.

Sev glanced at his broad back, turned away from her and robed in white and goldish armor. A few scorches and stains here and there marked thier inability to change between locations; she sported much the same on her battered blue heavy gear. 

Fighting together as they had, taking down that Sith… She’d learned a few things about him, perhaps more than he suspected. It gave her a starting point, at least, for what otherwise seemed like a task she was ill equipped for. After all, she was NOT the best example of a Jedi, under any circumstances.

But he was her test- and more importantly, he NEEDED the guidance of SOMEONE who didn’t look at him and see just red skin. 

Vindrell Kren had several strengths. As a combatant, he was formidable and skilled. He sliced through droids and Imperial forces with ease. Stealth granted him a unique advantage, one she never got the hang of, and his control of Force techniques was pinpoint fine. He was intelligent, too, and they slipped into a remarkable  synergy when they fought, almost without even trying.


He was reckless, sometimes stupidly so, and he had a temper, there was no denying it. Moody could also be added to the list, as could ‘chip on his shoulder the size of Alderaan’. He was down on himself, constantly, in a self depreciating grumpy kind of way. Vin’s tolerance for bullshit was borderline zero, which wouldn’t be so bad if he wasn’t so damn BLUNT about letting people know exactly what he thought of them. 

She had her work cut out for her. 

Still… Sev remembered how he was appalled at the first officer’s attempts to bribe them; how he refused to leave the engineers behind for the sake of efficiency. Those were good signs, all of them. 

She remembered the way he moved, grace and power with a sharp savage edge to it, flipping and leaping around the enemy, how his chin pokey bits stabbed at her palm as she made him look at her, and the shuttered expression on his face. 

Her stomach flipped in vague unease as she realized that it would be her example that he followed; that it would be within her power to see him succeed or fail. He tries so hard, she mused, a little sadly. SO damn hard. 

I promise, Vin- I may not be much of a Master, but I’ll be the best blasted Master I can for you. Even if- if I fail this test, you deserve to be a Jedi. All the raw materials are there, they just need a bit of refinement. I can do that. 

I hope.


Jedi Knight Sevachi. Mid twenties, half Chiss, comes with a full and complete set of her own issues including the whole bastard child business, the occasional assassin, that Thing on Balmorra and associated trauma…..

….Worst of ALL is the ultimatum the Council gives her, in the form of a broody, older, smoking hot Sith Pureblood- as her padawan.


SWTAW: Lessons

She warned him. She really did.

But Sevachi’s grumpy former Sith of a padawan simply refused to play well with others, senators specifically. While she understood it, and his reasoning, he HAD to learn there was a time and a place to tell the ambassador from Alderaan just exactly what he thought about his current war strategies.

But how to teach it?

Vindrell Kren was… Touchy, very sensitive indeed, required careful handling. She didn’t want to drive him back into his shell, not when they were finally getting beyond the monosyllabic yes master stage.

Finally she decided on something harmless, but memorable. It took her two minutes to implement, though the results would not be visible until the morrow….

….When she heard a loud screech from his room next to hers. Sev smiled. The emerald dye would wear off in a day or two, but until then, he was stuck with it. And with such remarkable hair, maybe he would learn that there was a time and place to comment on things by example.

She did warn him, after all.