I got Sevaal’s head and hands back from my artist today!! Have some shitty cellphone pics set in my messy basement for today. Tomorrow, I’ll break out the DSLR and take Sev and Sayyid somewhere for a nice photo shoot to show off his GORGEOUS FACE UP.

GOD THOUGH. MEENIST IS THE BEST ARTIST. Look at those scars! The eyebrows! She did an amaaazing job and I couldn’t be happier.

Sev looks super frumpy in Sayyid’s shirt.

Wooooooo. Just finished another colored sketch ref sheet!

Meet Sevaal. He is a shadow walker with dominion over all the cat shaped shadow creatures. He uses his minions to obtain information, which he sells to whoever needs it.

He favors suits when he’s in public, but in private he will dress down in frumpy shirts and sweat pants.

His favorite two minions, Sirrush and Hish, love to eat human food, even though they don’t need to. He makes judgemental faces at them whenever they beg for food.

The majority of his minions are more along the size of house cats, as shown. Many of his minions have orange eyes like him, but some have green or yellow eyes, and a few have white eyes, though this is rare.

I couldn’t work on my commission or draw my OTPs being sexy today (I spent the day at my aunt’s house with my young, impressionable cousins watching me draw), so instead I did a quicky doodle of Yosef creeping on Sev and Sev looking 10 kinds of unhappy about the situation.


Woooo Sketch dump! I’ve been too lazy to scan things for weeks, so here’s a bunch of doodles I’ve done since katsucon.

The top pic is Sevaal when he received his scars. He had it a bit rough during the war. (The anatomy isn’t perfect, but whatever)

Second pic is Sayyid.

Third pic is two random headshots (they’re not actually charas, I was just drawing) and Iskil, Zan, and Caim (practicing drawing with shapes more).

Last pic is Ikali and Jojo’s character Fai. I’m not sure why Ike looks so put upon, or if I got Fai right, though.